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Action Online
a web based resource
for diabetes health care
World Health Organization
The Diohetes Progromme
Ahout Diohetes Action Nou
Ahout the Diohetes Unit ot WHO
Ahout the 1nnoootioe Core for
Chronic Conditions 1romeuork

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E-muII: dIubeLeswIo.InL
World Health Organization
Diabetes Action Now- A joint IDF- WHO initiative
Department of Chronic Disease and Health Promotion
20 Avenue Appia
1211 Geneva 27
The best possible care for persons with diabetes
Diabetes Action Online
is a new web based
initiative by the
Diabetes Programme of
the World Health
As one of the 5 key ar-
eas of Diabetes Action
Now (DAN) initiative,
this website will provide
centralized access to all
resources available on
improving diabetes care
in low resource settings.

The main objective of the website is to
support health care planners in the
implementation of national diabetes
programme, particularly in low- and middle-
income countries.

This site will be developed to cater to the
informational needs of
Health care professionals - At all levels of
the health system
Policy makers - Ministries of Health /
nternational bodies
Scientists and researchers
Health care organizations / NGOs
The website wiII incIude a seIection of
Guidance documents on Diabetes care.
Assessment tools to measure present
state of diabetes care-quality and
Tools to develop identified areas for
Practical evidence based examples of
cost effective interventions.
Case studies presented in detail of
diabetes care delivery with access to
contact details for more advice and
An Advisory Panel consisting of a group
of experts selected to provide advice on
the content and design of the website.
What is Diabetes Action Now (DAN)?
Diabetes Action
Now is a joint
programme of the
World Health
Organization and
the nternational
Diabetes Federation which aims to raise awareness
about diabetes and its complications, particularly in
low and middle-income countries, and to stimulate
effective measures for the surveillance, prevention
and control of diabetes.
What is the WHO Innovative Care for
Chronic Conditions Framework ?
The WHO nnovative Care for Chronic
Conditions (CCC) Framework is based on a
two year
review of
health care
and best
around the
world. t
provides a
'road map'
for health
who want to improve their health system's
capacity to manage chronic care.
The CCC Framework will be developed to
address diabetes care specifically and will
shape the contents as well as the organization
of the website.
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E-muII: dIubeLeswIo.InL

World Health Organization
Whut is iubetes Action Online ?
This web based
resource caters to
health planners and
policy makers alike.
DIubeLes AcLIon Now- A joInL D- WHO InILIuLIve
DepurLmenL oI CIronIc DIseuse und HeuILI PromoLIon
zo Avenue AppIu
1z11 Genevu z;
The Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions