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-vision- mission and 5 core values

-SPC History (Handbook)

-Basic prayers and Holy Eucharist

-God's call and revelation to Abraham (p. 96-111)

I. A. identification 10 pts

(All lessons)

B. Fill in the blacks 5pts

Prayers during the morning rites -Memorize word for words. If there is any missing
conjuctions, it is wrong.

II. Multiple Choice 5pts

SPC history and Abraham

III. Application 10 pts

5 core values

IV. Analysis 10 pts

Basic prayers and Holy Eucharist

V. Essay 10 pts

Bring your coloring materials


1. reading comprehension -Ebalon

2. vocabulary
3. grammar -pronounce and subject-verb agreement
4. Literature - analysis
stories: Lam-ang, Bernardo Carpio, Maria Makiling, Ebalon
1. wika ( kahulugan, kasaysayan, katangian)
2. alpabetong filipino -ortograpiya at tuntunin sa panghiram ng salita
3. ponemang segmental -diptonggo at klaster- pares minimal at ponemang malayang
4. ponemang suprasegmental -tono, haba, diin at antala
5. morpolohiya- morpema- pagbuo ng salita- pagbabagong morpoponemiko
6. Sintaksis- uri ng pangungusap ayon sa anyo - payak, maylapi, tambalan, at inuulit
7. talambuhay - kahulugan
A. Lesson 1 to 5
1. Definition of terms
2. conversion: pixels to inches and inches to pixels
3. computing for pixel dimension
4. environment and features of photoshop CS4
5. Functions and uses of tools
6. Application of option toolbars: New selection, add selection, subtract selection,
intersect selection
7. identifying the shortcut commands using MAC-OC and keyboard
NOTE: Bring coloring materials.
1. History, Benefits and Limits of Biology
2. Branches of Biology
3. Scientific Method
4. Inorganic and Organic Compounds
5. Characteristics of Living Things
6. Cell Structures
7. Cell Transport

Lessons 1,2,3,6,8,9,10

1. Understanding oneself and others
--definition of terms
-- philosophy, goals, attitudes, values, physical and non- physical composition,
individuality, self concept, developing proper self concept
2. Home Family and Living
--family formation, roles and responsibility of family members, rights of children, the
Filipino family, structural arrangements, values and traits observed in a Filipino family
3. Time and Money Management
4. Housing and Family Economics
--Characteristics of adequate housing, kinds of house, location, budget, elements of
design, phsychological effects of colors and lines
5. Food and Applied Nutrition
--Food nutrients (functions, sources)
--Nutrition, malnutrition, good eating habits