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EDUARDO AND EVA ARRIAGA, Missionaries in Morelos, Mexico

Mrs. Maria E. Beach, TRANSLATOR, Delta, Colorado

RIVERTON CHRISTIAN CHURCH,,Mr. Hrs. Joe Turner forwarding" agent

To the ends of the Earth

NEWSLETTER #13, February 1. 1982

^ ^ i T^. j My Dear Brethren and Friends:
The churches in the State of Morelos send
, . their

to the Center of the City.
Give to Support Our Missionaries who are going Into all the world with the Gospel.

love to you; and my family and I send our best wishes

and gratitude for your interest and support. Your ex

pressions of love enable the work of the Lord to keep going in this area. It also gives me and my wife the strength to continue with the work during difficult times. May the Lord bless
all of you.

The problem that.,1 mentioned in ray last newsletter hurt the church very much. It was an occasion for the unbelievers to point the finger at us and say, "that doctrin is not good". My wife and I cried many times and wondered, if perhaps, we did not teach them right. But,the

Lord has answered our prayers and yours. Two of the five families who left the church have re financially until the oldest son found a job.
The church again has started to bloom.

turned. In one of these fdmiiies, a man left his family and the Yecapixtla congregation helped
I was pleased to see this.
?lew .people have arrived and in December the Lord

added a hew member through baptism. Something else I want to ghare with you is: a brother and^y^ ' sister,who are school teachers and got a job last year,gave their first salaries to the church: )

Things, like this, make our heartache worth while.

and problems are small, compared to our enormous feeling of satisfaction, as we see the Holy//

The Lord is in their hearts.

Our tears A

Spirit working and convicting. Praise the LordI We are convinced that the Lord wants a church/ here, but He wants her pure. If she is pure, she will be strong, and if she is strong, she
will last forever.

^J2ecember brought a lot of activijties. From the 18th to the 23rd, I took 31 young people to a Christian Youth Camp. These young people are from our three congregations in Yecapixtla,
Jumiltepec, and Zacatepec, I had to make 3 rond trips, 3 hours each# The young people leam very much and the many miles and time are beneficial. The camp is very pretty and the cost is about 50<;: American money per person per day. Eva was busy with the costums and dramas for our
Christmas programs. -This-time r we could-notinclude the congregation-from Jumiltepec, because,

we did not have room for them.

Jumiltepec on the 25th.

We had our Christmas program in Yecapixtla on the 24th, and in

' NewO^ear's Eve was a great time! It seemed that the people in the town forgot everything and cam^ tb~bur service. We had a nice crowd. By this time, we had bought some plastic and put it on top of us like a roof to protect us from the mist.
Besides our New Year's service, we had,a Silver Wedding Anniversary service for Faustino and Reina Tinoco. Two dedicated members and a great help to us. During the ceremony,Mr. Tinoco was so nervous that it seemed like he was getting married for the first time. I'?hen I gave him 'the rings, he dropped them and we couldn't find them until later. Everyone got a kick out of


(This is the second time that I was in charge of a Silver Wedding Anniversary Service.)

,, Everything went very well. We started at 7:30'p.m. and finished at 1:00 a.m. the first day of 1 1982, After the services we had stole, tamales, cak^s and coffee. The coffee felt good, the
,night was cold.

We are still mgel^ng outside under the tree.

Since the days

are colder,

peopel aren't

anxious to come. They ar^ afraid of catching colds, and we understand as my wife and I are recovering from bad colds. We desperately need inside facilities. We need around $8,000 to purchase the land. We can then construct a building ourselves. It might be rustic, but it

will be adiquate.
with the Spring.
keep praying.

I-Jhat concerns me more than the cold weather, is the rainy season that comes
But, if the Lord takes care of the soarrow. He will take care of us. Just

About ourselves...Well, besides our colds, we are fine. Soiritually, we are enthusiastic again about our work. Things look so much better now. Except for the price of gasoline. It

went up to $6.03 pesos a liter the 21st of December. I used to pay $2.83 pesos a liter. Again, I say, '"Lord, what am I going to do"? I used to spend $160,00 a month for gasoline and oil. The gas and oil money is deducted from the $370.00 a month that I depend on and receive each

month. ($350.00 monthly is received via my forwarding agent in post-dated checks, and $40.00
every two months from ny good friend, Mr. Paul Black. In addition to this, my fon-^arding agent
sends what ever additional funds accumulate.) After deducting the gas and oil expense,the bal

ance goes for rent, electricity, food, and whatever comes first; like school expenses, medical and dental care, etc. Sometimes the pick-up needs a new part, sometimes she has a flat tire,
and sometimes those things come first. The pick-up is something very important in our work and I have to keep her running. If she stops, the rhythm of our work is interrupted. Thanks to the Lord, He always has provided when there is a major repair problem. For example: Some nmoiiths ago, the forwarding agent sent us the money that had accumulated over and above the $350.00 a month that I depend upon. This extra money was given by God's children, you my dear friends

to use for whatever was needed the most. Shortly after I received it, the pick-up needed to have the suspension system fixed. I was able to pay for it with your generous offerings.
We are still living in the same place, but we still need to move. We need to have around $200.00 a month besides our budget to be able to pay the rent. Lets see what the Lord says. Now, my daughter, Carmen, wants to say something about her birthday. I just want to thank everyone who contributed to make my special birthday extra special; and not only by birthday but my whole year. With the money I received, I was able to buy something very important to me: ny school uniform and shoes. I think I should explain to the Ladies Group of Shades Mountain Christian Church since they sent me $25,00 to buy a dress for my birthday. Please, dear ladies, don't be disappointed, I needed the uniform very much, and my father had not been able to buy one for me. The one I had was quite old and it did not fit well any longer. For my birthday, I used a dress that my Aunt Maria gave me sometime ago. I use my uniform everyday and it makes me think of you all the time. With the rest of the money my mother made me a cake euid invited some of my friends over for a small celebration, then we had a service of thanksgiving.

The following sent money to me to be used for whatever I needed 6 to help make my special birthday extra sp.ecial; The Omegan Youth Group at Buchanan Christian Church - $50.00, First
Christian Church of Center Point - $25.00, Mr. Mrs. King - $25.00 even tho it got lost in the mail, I appreciate your thoughts. Also, to Mr. Mrs. Turner for the watch.

Thank you for making me feel so special.

In His love,^,^armeny'

I will close by telling you that last November, I was one year older. That makes 39 years. Seventeen of them belong to the Lord, and seventeen years I have been working for Him. I .'.look around and I don't see too many possessions: no house, a little furniture, an old pick-up 6 the hand of the Lord. One dries my tears, others make me laugh, and the third sustains me day

by day.

Quite a team*.

And it is this team, my friends, that in my 39 years, in spite of some

think about us when you pray. May God bless you all.
In His Service, Eduaa:do Arrlag^.

adversities, always makes me feel like a WINNER!

Take good care of yourself,

State of

MORiXOS, i43X, #

Additional mission work


Mr f
vt; ' is

Ohristians live in this area,

!Due to his schedule, he has not

been able to minister to them.



* As of Jan. 28, 1982, there is $809^6 in the

* *

Designated Offerings:

Building Fund Savings Carmen' s birthday

72500 75 00

Riverton Christian Church Morelos Christian Mission Building Fund savings account. All secretarial work is done voluntarily by

Christmas gift
Truck repair
Vacation Bible School


* * *

the forwarding agent. All office supplies, phone calls, stcimps, etc. are donated with no charge to 3duardo.

General Offerings

Total designated offerings

^5. 69^.00






1 182
EDUARDO AND EVA ARRIAGA, Missionaries in Horelos, Mexico


Mrs. Maria E. Beach, TRANSLATOR, Delta, Colorado

RIVERTON Christian church, Mt. 6 Mrs. Joe Turner
forwarding agent


forwarding agent's report, February 25, 1982

Dear Christian Friendsi

supported Bduardo and Bva during this past year. Your prayers and financial help have enaUed
them to continue as fUU time missionaries.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have^so very faithfully,

As their forwarding agent,it has Ijeen a thrilling e:^rience to see how you, the Lord's pe<^le,have res^nded to the physical and i^iritifial needs of this fiaithful^^misstonary family.
had to move. His landlady has now told him, "that he must PgPINITBlLY be moved by the end of March". There are two problerasi 1. A deposit of $750.00 is needed before he can move in.
2. The monthly rent of $250.00 needs to be raised.
This is a big increase.

You will remember that Eduardo reported,

in his November 12, 1981 newsletter,

that he

Bduardo has been paying $80.00 monthly for rent. It has been impossible to find anything
for less than $250.00 for his family of five.

Many of you missionary partners have called or written to us arcing, "what can we do for Eduardo". First of all, pray concerning his rent. Second, talk to your Missions Committee, Sunday School Glasses# Youth Groups and your frtends to help increase his monthly support.

ings account here in Riverton. To date there is $809As the money comes in and the secur
ing of land is at hand, we will keep you posted as to the progress. The Yecapixtla congre
gation is still meeting under a mango tree and the rainy season will soon be upon them.

Others of you have been sending special love offeriLngs for Eduardo's building fund sav

If any of you have questions, we will be most happy to answer them. Thank you all^in \:1:. name of Jesus,for your concem,prayers & support for Eduardo & Eva Arriaga. God bless.
Love in Christ,
Joe & Linda Turner

P.O. Box 759

Riverton,n. 62561

Designated offerings!


Bed because they did not have one


Building Fund savings retained in Riverton Bank- 725*00 Carmen's birthday 7500 Truck repair 200.00

Christmas gift


TOTAL designated offerings





(this includes all designated offerings)

Monthly truck e^^nses for church workt

$ ^75*3^

Gas for truck before increase (as of 12-21-81 gas

increased from $2.83 pesos a liter to $6.03)-$l60.00

Lubrication 20.00

Plus whatever repairs are needed

Mli^IMUM truck expenses for church work

Monthly living esgsensest

$ 80.00
5*00 20.00 50.00

House rent monthly during 1981 (this house rent will increase to $250.00)
Electricity - variable
Gas for stove - variable School for Carmen - firm School for Lalo - firm

MINIHUM living expenses*350.00

MONTHLY BALANCE for food,doctor etc, whatever comes firsts

$ 125.3*1'

All secretarial work is done voluntairly by forwarding agent with no charge to Eduardo for any office supplies, phone calls, stamps, etc.

EDOARDO AND EVA ARRIAGA, Missionaries in Itorelos, Mexico

Hrs. Mapia E Beaoh-TRANSLATOR, Dalta, Colorado RIVERTON CK^STIAN church, Mr. S Mrse Joe Turner, FORWARDING AGENT'S REPORT, April 21,
Dear Ctaristian Friends;

MflY I 2 J9g2

WowlGod in his magnificent wisdom does provide for the needs of his children. There is a time S season for all things &only God knows the schedule S holds the timeclock.

ber, he reported that he found a lot 180*X50* costing $6,000.00 The good news is....now the price is $2,000.00....and $2,200.00 has been sent to him to purchase the land! Isn't that
fantastic!! An additional $100.00 will be sent later to help with unexpected fees.

This past weekend, we heard from Eduardo S Have good news to share. As you will remem

You might be wondering, where did all this money cone fx^?

It came from God's people,

from these churches designating mon^ for Building Fund: First Christian Chxirch, Brownstown, II. ---$600.00 First Christian Church of Center Point, Birmingham, Al. 200.00 Shades Mountain Christian Church, Birmingham, Al. 1,500.00

At this writing,wd have not received all the monthly pledged amoimts. Therefore,we can not report to yoa what the exact monthly expected support will be for the coming year. How ever, when Eduardo was at the border, we put full trust in God S his poeple, you^ Eduardo's supporters, and sent him post-dated checks in the amount of $500.00 each. These checks are dated for the end of each month beginning Feb. 1982 and concluding Feb. 1983. Anything over and above this $500.00,that accumulates in his checking account, will be sent to him. All mon^ marked building fund will be put in his "Building Fund Savings Account" here in Riverton to draw interest as it accumulates. Eduardo needs $500 monthly for LIVING LINK personal expenses - rent, food, doctor, etc.; and $300 monthly for SERVICE LINK church work expcr:!:c3
- truck repair, gas oil, etc.

Concerning these post-dated checks. It should be mentioned that Eduardo has not always received his mial. Because of this, two years ago we began sending post-dated checks to him when he comes to the border. This vay he does have money coming in regularly, and an amount
he can depend on for the necessities, or whatever comes first. God has always provided the

money to cover the checks before the dates on the checks. Not only does Eduardo appreciate your consistent faithful monthly si;qpport,but we also appreciate it, because if the financial support is not received monthly we must supply whatever amount is short each month to cotst the checks. As you know,no money is ever taken out for office supplies,phone calls, ^^^tage
or etc.

The Building Fund Savings account will remain open,here in Riverton and will retain ad-ditional designated offlings that you send. This mon^ wil.1 accumulate-until-sueh^tiaae-that enough money has been received to begin building. The economy in Mexico changes month to month, and it is difficult to know exactly the amount needed for a building. A building goal of $5,000.00 has been set. A work crew of volunteers will be going to Mexico to work with our b^thren at Yecapixtla to help construct a building. Anyone that would like to go and work will be welcome. A building date will be set after the property is purchased. Here is an update on Eduardo's housing situation. In response to his $750.00 oiergency

rent deposit. $l,<f62.06 has been received by the Forwarding Agent and Eduardo tias sent $750 The $712.06 balance will be sent to help with inflation cost for his monthly living. Since
the family has been sick with colds and flu, no doubt some of this will be used for medical expenses. Since God's people provided more than was asked of them, God must have plans for its' use. In addition to the above, some of you pledged to increase your monthly support to enable Eduardo to meet his monthly personal living expenses for his family of 5. Romans 8:28 "...all things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose". Think about this as you read the following. There was a problon after Eduardo received the $750 rent deposit.When he took it to the

instead of $250 monthly. This indicat^ he now would need $900 for the d^Msit S he received
only $750 for the deposit. Eduardo suspects the new landlord discovered he is Evsra^Glic^^*^ instead of Catholic. Therefore, an undesirable renter. Since this was the only available housing Eduardo could find, the only alternative was
^to^ta^Uc-^o the old^landlord.

new landlord, Eduardo was told the rent had increased to 10,000 pesos monthly or around $300

would not put th^ out in the street,but they had to move.Eduardo deposited the $750 in the bank and will save the money for rent deposit when something is found. Keeping the above scripture in mind, no doubt,God has something special planned for Eduardo and this situation and we must remember Psalm 37:7 "Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him;..."
When you pray, remember Eduardo and his work in Mexico. Petition God for adequate hous ing and guidance for the securing of the property and construction of a church building. In addition to this request, please pray for protection to Mexican minister Juan Maceda,who has been iinprisoned in Oaxaca,Mexico because he will not stop preaching the Gospel. This is only
250 or so miles fvm where Eduardo lives and serves.

-She was furious and very upset.


it was-agreed-she

If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. your interest. Also, thai^ you in the name of Jesus for all you do for Eduardo.

We welcome

Serving Him,
Joe Linda Turner P.O. Box 759

Riverton, II. 62561

MAY m982

Mrs. Maria E. Beach, TRANSLATOR, Delta, Colorado




NEWSLETTER #16, May 5, 1982

Dear Brethren:

Greetings, again, from this beautiful place in ny country; the State of Morelos, Down here, when a place is beautiful, we say, "God has been here". In Morelos, God has been here.
First of all, I want to thank every one who helped us with our moving expenses. Your

response to our need really touched our hearts.

that I put in the bank.

Unfortunately, the deal with that house did not come through.

Thank you very muchi

I received $750.00

man raised the rent and I don't think hie really wanted to rent us the house. I wish he had told us in the beginning. So, we found ourselves with no place to move into. Our landlady

was not very pleased about the situation,'but she will not put us in the street.

I ^ very

sorry for causing her so much trouble. I guess, we will move into the first house available i and then we can keep looking. I't is important that we find the right house, with the right landlord, because we want to hold services in it. I suppose, this can give anybody a headacliG, but I don't think we should loose our patience over it. Everything has a time and a season, and prayer makes the season the right one. Pray with us. Thank you for your help
and concern.
one of you.

I don't know what to say to express our gratitude.

May the Lord bless every

Things in our country are not doing well economically.

Our peso has devaluated again.

V'o used to pay 25,00 pesos to a dollar, now we pay ^9.90 to a dollar. Prices went up, poople I don't know what is going to happen if things keep going like they are. ei'Q Jispleased.

But, not everjrthing is gloomy. I have TERRIFIC NEWS. I found some land! With the de valuation of our peso, the peice of land that used to be $6,000.00 now is $2,000.00 Land is
ono of the things that has not gone up in price, yet. I think now is the right time to buy. Thi.s piece of land is a little bit smaller than the one for $8,000.00, but big enough^ for a

chui-ch building.

Would you like to come and help us build?

We are very excited about it!

So, if everything comes
This letter is

legally this"land has to be nationalized and belong

to the Government. The Government

t-rll.l r;ct accept the property alone, it must have a building on it.

l-;i3?ov:gh, I will put the land in the name of three people, members of the church, and when we

finish the building we will nationalize it.

krcw if this is the land that the Lord

I am asking for your prayers again, so we might

(Translator note:

wants us to have.

d'^.layed 3 weeks, due to the mail.


FA note:

We sent Eduardo $2,200,00 to purchase the


and have receive wbi^ that lie did receive~lt ^ "therefore hopefully," the transaction-ia being

We had a tremendous revival the 3rd week of March. Marcos Northrup, was the evangelist and his wife, Magdalena, are missionaries in Saltillo. Marcos and I went house to house cal
ling, giving out literature in the towns of Jumiltepec 6 Yecapixtla.Unfortunately, Zacatepec

is too far away.Besides that, we visited the homes of our members and talked about different and important subjects, individually. We did not have any confessions of faith, but it was a time for spiritual strength and growth for the congregation. Magdalena and Eva, my wife,
were classmates in Colegio Biblico and were part of a popular trio, in those years.

We are getting ready for our VBS S are expecting a couple from Colegio Biblico,

Juan 6

Rosaura Garcia,that will be coming in May and stay with us till June. They will help us with
VBS. Talking about Vacation Bible School the material yoU: sent us has been very helpful and has been stretched as far as it can be stretched. If you need a project, why nbt keep-this
in mind and collect items for us. We need construction paper,glue, pencils, markers, crayons


pictures to color,

and all your left over VBS material.

I will be at the border

tha first of next March and can pick everything up then.

I am proud of my Youth Group and must say a word about them,they are a fine group. Some of them are teachers in our Sunday School and work hard. During the summer, they work along
vjith me 12 hours a day. Sometimes, we don't even eat. Sometimes it is too hot, or 'b6C"5e

v:e fo2?get our lunch,or because we thought we were going to be invited someplace 6 wera< not. V.'^^staver the situation,these are long hours 6 the young people are beautlful.'I don't feel m ol.d 33 I am when we are together and sometimes I even act younger. But most of all, it is.^a
wo;2dr:!.?ful feeling to see my daughter. Carmen, being a member of this Youth Group.

Thank you for the things you sent to the border.

My wxfo loves the toaster.

Everything is useful and appreciated.

I tease her about the alarm clock, telling her that now she does
I am a lucky man.

not have an excuse for not getting up on time (she always does). Talking about ny wife, July 23rd is her birthday. Remember her in your prayers. She, in her silent way, accomplishes
things that I could not be able to.

Well, my friends, I will say goodby for now. Keep this mission and my people in yowc hearts. They need the Lord and we need your prayers. Come down and see us! If we get the land, we can use some help to clean it up. It is beautiful down here, "God has been here".
May God bless each one of you.

In His service, Eduardo and Eva Arriaga





Prepared material for classes.

Made 31 Pastoral calls, ^prospect calls, 7.

in the family.

calls (home, hospital etc)

This month, I have not had too many activities due to my trip to Eagle Pass and sickness

A lot of people in the congregation have been sick,and I had to take several of them to
the hospital.



Receipts: Postdated check from Forwarding AgentAcc\amulated monies for this month-
Contributor #1


150.00 100.00

Contributor H2 ($40.00 from Women's Council, Shades Mt. Church is not in cluded because it was sent specifically for my children.

downpayment. TOTAL RECEIPTS

I bought a dresser for Carmen using the $40.00 as the

I still owe $60.00)

Total operating money for the month ending March, 1982


" ---$640.00


Personal living expenses: Rent (They are still charging the same.---$ 44.54
The dollar exchange helps us)

water and sewer

88-53 3'+*89

Food S personal items--
school doctor

travel - personal use

15.81 oil

trip to Eagle Pass - gasoline

personal expenses- 50.00 tithes ^ TOTAL LIVING LINK EXPENSES for the month ending March, 1982 "'"T'T a T'oe\ BALANCE AFTER LIVING LINK EXPENSES (deficient 5 -1.35;

Church related expenses: Truck gas (They did not raise the price of $ 89.00
" oil gas 6 oil, so the $ exchange
also helps here.)




license (Every year)


Government tax for having a vehicle




($192.05) ($193.41)


^EDUARDO AND EVA ARRIAGA, Missionaries in Morelos, Mexico

Mrs. Maria E Beach, TRANSLATOR


NEWSLETTER #14, August 30, 1982 ffy dear friends;


2 Jg^p rMUM Irit


iVIission Fjelcis

Always praying that the peace

again. ' '

and the love of the Lord may be with you,

I say hello

Time passes fast^ and the days are not long enough for me to accomplish everything I want to accomplish. So many things to do, so many people to see, so many incidents and happenings, I have been very busy, my friends. My people are suffering from a very dry season. The fields are dry, the crops are burnt, and the wells where they get their water. During the month of April, I carried water from a spring close to .the volcano Popocatepelt for the church in Jumiltepec, because they did not have water. That condition now is a
little better, but it is sad to see the farmers so down and desperate.
is better now, thanks to the Lord.

It's going to be a

hard year without a crop. The price of tortillas went up 100%. Besides all that, we had an epidemic of Rubeola in Yecapixtla. Lots of people were sick, among them my wife. She
Concerning the property for the church building; the deal did not come through. As

soon as we got the money, some men from our congregation and I went to see the owners of the propeirty. All together we went to the Administrator de Rentas Office in Yecapixtla.
Before giving the money to them, I asked them to show me the title. It was a private deed. I told them I did not want that kind. I wanted a public deed with the seal of Secretaria de Haeieda (Internal Revenue) on it. Without that seal,no deed or paper is legally valid. They told me that they could not give me a public deed now but they would do it in the future, because there were some little details that they needed to work on. I asked what kind of little details and they contradicted themselves. So, I told them that the proper

thing to do was to go to Cuautla to a Public Notary, because I wanted to know every single
detail about the property. We did, and I found out that the property does not belong to

anybody. It belonged to a lady who died some years ago, and she did not leave a will. The relatives,legally, can't sell it until they have everything.in order. As the Public Notary said, "it takes money and time". We told them we will wait, and we did for a while. I
talked to them again,and they had not done anything about it,but they did want some money. ,1 said, no. I can't risk tjie;.Lord's money. If they were not honest the first time, they might not be honest the.;Second.time. (Remember, these.people don't know the Lord, and that . ijS why I am here. ; Maybe ;in the future, they .will also come to church). That is why the deal did not gO;through. The congregation decided not to buy the smaller lot. We heard froin another .one and we_-are-_going_-to look at it this week. Sometimes; in the night, when

I go to, bed, I think and I say, "Lord, do you really want a church here"? Next morning when I see His congregation, and I see their smiles, I get the answer. Of course He does, but He is waiting for something & I wish I knew what. One of the members. Brother Rounelo, built a little room on the place where we get together. It is not big enough,but at least is something where we can get under when it rains. (That has not been a real problem this

In April, after Easter, I took the youth group to a Christian Camp. The youth group from the Methodist Church, in Cuautla, also wanted to go along, -so I took both groups. I

have been talking to the minister of this Methodist Church, for some time,
to go to Colegio Biblico.
and little son.

and he decided
He said good-bye

He is a good man. ,

His name is Jose.! Torres.

to his congregation and he is leaving without any financial support. He is taking his wife
Please, pray for him.

In May, I went to the Men's Christian Convention in Saltillo. I was asked to talk about missions, and I did. Also, in Hay, we moved. We finally found a house. It is not

in the city limits, but it is close to the high school where Carmen goes.
$200,00 a month.

We are paying

In June, we had the epidemic of Rubeola that I already mentioned.

the doctor back and forth several times.

I took people to

In July, we had our VBS in Yecapixtla, Jumiltepec and Zacatepec, In Zacatepec, the average attendance was 60. Last year, we had just a few. As you know, this is the newest and farthest mission. I am glad to see the difference. Our missionary offering from the
congregation was sent to Colegio Biblico.

I found a helper for the mission in Zacatepec I!

have heard about him. He lives in Cuenauaca

Joaguin Renz,

I am sure some of you

We;-are woi?king

and has a Christian Press,

together and we bring people from several villages surrounding Zacatepec. "We have people in Jojutla, Zapata, Galeana, Nava, but we need to find a place in between tp. get all these people-together. I am sure we will find it, when the Lord thinks it is the Hrime for it. Some time ago, I met a young doctor. He belongs to the Methodist Church -in Jojutla, He says he likes what I preach, that Christianity should be' like that. He already has a
group and he wants me to teach them, I said I would.

The mission in Cuautla is starting to grow. . We have five families and a nice youth

group of 12.

I think it is time to start Sunday Services in Cuautla.

Please, keep my work in your prayers ' .. .

I just need to find

. ^

the way to do it.

My brethren, I need helpII The missionary lady (my pick-up) is dying. The people of the church have named my pick-up La missionera . (Missionary lady)-, , This la.^ is getting tired and mor tired every day. April 27th, I had a Wr^ck. The brakes did riot work 6 we crashed against some rocks and trees. I had people with me,nobody was hurt badly, but they were very scared. I hauled it to Yecapixtla with a tractor and it cost $210.95 to fix it.

Again, the last day of VBS, on our way back to Cuautla, it died on the road. It was loaded with people, so everybody pushed it. Fortunately, we were not very far away from my house.' It broke down again and this time was the chasie, I could not even move it this time. Next day, Sunday,..we had to go to Yecapixtla by foot. There is no bus service. We could not go to Jumiltepec. It is running again, but not very well. It worries me because I carry
people in it, and I don't want anybody to get hurt. It is very important for me to have a vehicle that I can depend on. A vehicle is very necessary in ray work, and I need to re place the one I have. Four years ago,it cost around $3,000 for the pick-up. Prices have increased tremendously, and even with the devaluation of our peso, I am expecting the cost to be around $i+,000.00 for a used one in good shape. Cars are one of the things that have gone up the most. But I have not looked into it yet. I can't afford to buy another pick up, and that is why I am asking for your help again. Please,help me to buy another'vehicle I need it desperately. Please, keep us in your prayers about this matter. I told the churches that we might have a lot of visitors next summer. I told them you

are coming to help us build our church building. Boy, they were excitedI!

I know you will

be more than welcome. They are already worried about what to feed you. If you want to stay

with a family or in a motel, let me know to make the arrangements or reservations. It will be no problem at all. I can't wait for you to meet His children in this part of the world.
I want you to see their faces, their smiles,their houses,and their children.
to know them, you will love them as much as I do. Take good care of yourselves, and may God bless every one of you. In His service, Eduardo Aggiaga and family

When you get

P.S. The money for the property is in the bank.The gasoline price went up to $10.11 pesos.

Sermons preached
Funerals Pastoral calls



0 92

0 ?

1 0 72 60

Prospect calls
Sick 6 shutin calls





Prepared material for classes Miles traveled in church related work

15 1,776

13 1,552

13 1,863

14 3,775

In April, every Sunday, besides ny family, a family of 7 went with us to Yecapixtla, plus some youth on some Sundays. I always carry people to the services in Jumiltepec. Sunday,April 11th,I preached a special sermon in the Methodist Church in Cuautla. During April, I carried water for the people in the Jumiltepec once a week. In May, the first week, I taught a class in the Men's Christian Convention in Saltillo. May 16th,I had to leave the service in Yecapixtla at 6:00 pm to take a child to the hospital. He was bitten by a scorpion. June 6th,I preached in the Methodist Church.June 20th I preached in the Pentecostal Church. During July, I transported 20 people each day for 4 weeks of VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL.

Greetings in Christ, Exciting and wonderful things are happening in Mexico. Eduardo is busy preaching teach ing the saving grace of Jesus, while God is

i:i:To provide o plan for mon's = redemption cost more then any
other moverent in human history.

giving the increase. People are slowly re sponding to the Gospel. This is a very dif ficult work and requires many prayers, much patience and time. Many are faithfully sending monthly support to help the Arriaga family remain full time

To create the world, God had only to speak a wore.

To save men out of that world, ccet God His Son,
Qirist His life. Heaven its Prince.

missionaries. Also,some are regularly sending to his building fund savings.$3,102.06($902.06

that was over S above his needed rent deposit

$2,200.00 from the BF savings)has been


That Salvation is FREE To All Who Will Receive

To give of their strertgth, time, and tolent To toke Christ's Messoge; to win others to Him

by the Forwarding Agent and deposited in the bank in Mexico.It wi3J. remain there until pro perty is purchased. Thank you God bless each of you for your faithfulness. July 4-15,'83 has been set to go to Mexico and construct a church building. White Fields Min

istries will be active in this project, both financially physically. A goal of $5,500.00 has been set to purchase building materials. Please continue to designate your offerings,
for building fund, if you want to help. Also, you are all invited to join us as the workcrew that goes to help. More details later I! Please, continue to pray daily for Eduardo




N O W7

his family.

Thank you, in the name of Jesus.

Joe Linda Turner

P.S. Word was just received that Eduardo's truck is completely broken down and they are walking or riding the bus. Please pray con cerning this.