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The city of Guautla is located approximately 7^

miles Southeast of Mexico City, It is located in the

State of Morelos and is a typical Mexican city of 88

thousand. Among the residents of the city you will


The Eduardo Arriaga family.

Eduardo and his wife, Eva, have three children;


age 14, Eduardo Jr. age 11, and Efien age 6. Unless you would o"bserve the lifestyle of this
family, it would be impossible to tell the Arriaga family from other families in the city, since they are Mexicans. In fact, Eduardo and Eva were bom-in the State of Morelos.
Since the major religion in Mexico is Catholicism, it is no surprise to realize that

part of Eduardo's early training was

from that background.

It wasn't until 19^3 that Ed

uardo 's life took on new meaning and he began going in a different direction. It was close to Christmas and Eduardo was working for the Ford Motor Company in a town near Guatemala, Mexico, He had a two week vacation coming, therefore he decided to visit his sister, Maria, and his hometown girlfriend, Eva. Maria and Eva had become Christians and were attending Colegio Biblico in Eagle Pass, Texas. While Eduardo was there, he had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. He not only accepted Christ as his personal Saviour, but he surrendered to Him as the Lord of his life. He quit his job and enrolled in Colegio Biblico for the
January term.

Eduardo not only kept busy with his studies, but he also began helping Agustin Ortega, who was then teaching on the college staff and serving with a new work at Altamira. When Mr. Ortega left the faculty of the college, Eduardo took over the work at Altamira.

In May, 1965 Eva graduated from Colegio Biblico. She and Eduardo were married in Aug ust of that same year. Eduardo graduated from Colegio in 196? and continued working with
the church in Altamira until 1970His next work was in the State of Jalisco. At Christ

mas 1971 they went to Baya, California, and Eduardo worked as a director with an orphanage until he felt God was leading them to Cuautla in 1978. Cuautla has many small towns and villa^s close by. have three congregations they are ministering to.
At the present time, the Arriagas

It was in September of 1978 when they beg^-n the work in Yecapixtla,about 12 miles from Cuautla. It was a very meager beginning with the congregation consisting of one woman and the Arriaga family. Prom the beginning, the congregation met in the back room of the wom an's house, a room which measures 12' by 12*. Today, there are approximately 50 members plus other attenders in this congregation gathered in the crowded room each Sunday for wor
ship. The adults use this same room for their Bible school while the children have their

classes in two other homes plus on a patio. There is a piece of property they would like to

purchase for a church building, but the cost is $2,211.00-in American money. The building itself would cost around-T$2.500.00 and this would be with the men doing all the work them selves. These people have managed to save $120.00 in a building fund. This money will be
used to extend this 12' by 12* room by about 6 feet. A small building fund of $100.00 has also been started here in America for a future church building.

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Eduardo Arriaga

In the early summer of 1979, the Arriagas received an invitation from a group in Jumiltepec, which is approximately 12 miles from Yecapixtla and around 25 miles from Cuautla,
to come and teach them. This is the second congregation they work with.

Just last year, I98O, a group of people from Zahuatlan, a suburb of Yecapixtla, be^n
meeting with the congregation in Jumiltepec.

la. A Christian brother from Mexico City bou^t a house in Telelcingo and are letting these

At the end of I98O, a third work was started in Tetelcingo, around ip miles from Gi^utpeople use it for church services. The main attendance is children plus one family.
month. In 1979, two of his main supporting congregations, and some individual supporters,

In 1979, it became evident,with the expansion of the work that Eduardo needed some tjpe of transportation. They had been taking the bus and the fares alone were averaging $40.00 a

accepted the challenge to purchase a pick-up truck for him.


This has aided his ministry

It has been necessary for the Arriagas to combine their work of evangelism with socia^ un-rTr. The areas where they are working are remote not uncommon. They do not have sewers nor a public water supply. The proBlerTTe^eclally bad during the hot season. Eduardo*s sister-in-law has helped them a great deal in the area of hygiene since she is a specialist in that area, and is also a nurse. She has held classes that are open

not only to the members of the congregation but anyone who woiJld like to attend.

works with the women to teach them better nutrition. Eduardo has used some of the knowledp

Eva also

he gained while in the United States to help the people construct sewers and some septic
However, it is very difficult work since the ground is very hard and rocky.

Their efforts have begun to bear ftuit. Eduardo reported that the people are slowly learning their responsibilities as Christians, including giving tithes and offerings. He
doesn't mind their slowness as long as they continue to learn. Some of the fruit includes the conduct of the men. In Mexico, the men are often very cruel to their women. He has

tau^t them that the woman is a gift from God to man.

She is a fragil vessel and should be

meager beginning to the point that they now have three Sunday school departments. Eva is presently translating Bible school material they received this past summer from En^ish to Spanish. The members are also starting to take a more active role in the work. One man.
and preaching, who desire to multiply his efforts for the cause of Christ.

treated with love and consideration. He has witnessed the men treating not only their wives but their children better. He has also watched the congregation in Yecapixtla grow from its

Brother Flavio, preached while Eduardo and Eva were sick for a period of several weeks. They also have two young people at Golegio, the fruit produced by God throu^ Eduardo *s teaching
As we see this fruit from Eduardo*s labor, he can say as Paul, "I know I have not worked
in vain".

// be tau^t by Mexican preachers like Eduardo Airriaga. A couple of years ago, he was called I in by the government for questioning. They wanted to know why he was receiving money from / the United States. They had a pile of his mail they had confiscated. He showed them his cre
dentials and e:q>lained he was a minister of the Gospel.
is sure if he receives all his mail.
that country.

^^he traditions of Catholicism run deep. The government has also hindered the spread of the )/ Gospel by placing restrictions on missionaries from entering Mexico. However, the Gospel can

Mexico is not an easy country to spread the New Testament message.

The teachings and

He was not charged but he no longer

Thexeare also restrictions on radio ministries within

Edviardo and Eva Arriaga need our continued support.

They are carrying forth the Gospel

message on a meager budget.

We would urge you to lift them up in your prayers. Additional

A^nt, Riverton Christian Church, 7th and Allen Drive, Riverton, Illinois 6256I

information about their work can be obtained by writing to Mr. & Mrs. Joe Turner, Forwarding

Arriaga Serves Hexioo (Kar 18, 61

( Ploture
The Ediuupdo Avriaga family ere involved in starting three new
ohorohes in the State of Horelos,

Hexico \ghere they were bom,


first congregation was started in

a home 12 miles from i^ere they

live using a ro<sD 12* by 12*,


the attendance has gz^wn and they

are trying to put 30 members in that

room, A building lot is available

for S2,211,00 and the building would cost around $2,500.00 with the
men doing all of the work thamselves*

^e second congregation is 2$ miles

away and the third congregation is

around four miles. None of t^ese

congregations now have buildings.

Sheir mission activity include^

teaching9 preaching, training leaders, translating and preparing literature
and social service. !hey report:

**Hexico is not an easy country to spread the Hew ^Testament message.


Tke tea<^nga ^l^the traditions of

Catholicism run deep." Bduardo Arriaga was hozm

Hovember 16, 19^? in !I?etecala, Horelos,

( Page - 2 - Arrlaga Serves Kexx. -Mar 18f8I WEH)


While employed by the Ford

Motor Gompany, he went to visit his

aister Haria and hia girl friend ii^ra

during the two week Christmas vacation.

These girla were students at Colegio
BiblicOf Sagle Pass* Texas. While

there Eduardo had the opi>ortunity to hear the Gospel. Kesult: he

accepted Christ as his personal

Savior and surrendered his life to

Him as the Lord.

He quit his job and

enrolled in Colegio Biblico for the

January term.

He was graduated in

While in school he started

preaching in 1963*

He continued till

1971 when they went to serve with

the "lUjfiht oi*phanage at Ensenada* B.

California, }lex)^co. They worked there
until 1978 when they moved to their
present work some 7^ miles southeast

of Mex^ico City. They are recommended

by the elders of: Hiverton Christian Church, Riverton, 111.; JTirst Christian Church, Hugoton, Kansas; first Christian
Church, Brownstown, 111. and Shades fountain CSiriatian Church, Birmingham, Alabama. Also, Professor Harold P.

Gibbs of Colegio Biblico, Eagle/Pass,

^ (Page - 3 - Arriaga Serves Hex. ~ flar* 18 81 W^}

Texas and Paul and Mrs. Beverly Black, Springfield, 111, recoauaend this couple.
rirs. Eva Inchaurregui de Arriaga

was born July 22, 19^5 at Cuautla,

Morelos, Mexico. She completed her She

secondary school there in 1961.

had four years at Colegio Biblico,

Eagle Pass, Texas and she was graduated in Hay, 196^. She married Eduardo

on August 1, 1965 in Mexico City with Francisco Casas officiating,

^ey have three children bom in

Mexico: Carmen Arriaga born November

5, 1966; Eduardo Arriaga born July

25, 1969 and Sf^en Arriaga born

January 17, 1975* 2va works with


Z0 mi

the women and children in Bible

studies and S.S* classes, she leads singing, translates Bible lessons

from English to Spanish, teaches nutrition and hygene and assists

her husband however she can.

Funds may be sent through their

forwarding agents: Hiverton Christian

Church - Morelos Christian Mission, Joe and Mrs. Linda Turner, 820 E.

Washington (P.O.Box 651), Riverton,

IL 62561 phone (217)629-715^. Hieir

^ ( Page - 4 - Arriaga Serves HeXo - Maro 18, 81 WKK)

field address is: Muardo and

]^a Arriaga, ApdOo Postal 2279 Cuautla, Horelos, Heslco*

le End

^miiSTTiSR - May 30, 1981



I AG A EVA (Krr ,









ILLINOtS 62561


First of all, I want to mention that I have already sent thank you letters of appreci ation to everyone who sent boxes and things to the border* (Hopefully these letters have been received by you.) I understand that liy April newsletter did not reach the Unite<t States.
I was told that you have not heard from me in a long while.

($2.00) to register a letter, perhaps not much but I wish we had better service. Please be

I have to pay 550.00 pasos

patient with us.

In March, we went to the border to the Bilingual Christian Convention in Sa^e Pass, Texas. It was a great time with good messages, visiting old friends including my sister,
Maria, and her husband.

We were able to pass through Mexican customs with everything that was sent to us with no problems. Thanks to all of you for thinking of us and for your interest in this mission.

Everything sent to us is veiy much appreciated. Items frwn a school supply store were do nated and some congregations sent teaching material that has been very useful with Sunday
School activities. Thank you to Mrs. King from Shades Mountain Christian Church, Binaingham, Al, for the guitar. Carmin, our daughter, is just era ay about it. She wants to learn to play the guitar since a piano is too expensive. She will then help with the music in church.
When we came back from the border, the church in Yecapixtla greeted us like we had

been gone for a year.

They fixed a big meal to welcome us and we sang hymns together.


is nice to be missed and much nicer to know these people love us as much as we love them.

In one of my letters, I mentioned that we had a construction fund that we wanted to use to purchase land and build a church. It has been necessary to have a dbber building right now, so we used that money to enlarge the place we are now using* V/e asked our land
lady to let us enlarge the room and she gave us 2,40 meters more. Construction work was

begun in March, stopped in April for a little while because the money ran out, but now it is finally finished. Now we have a little more room and it makes a big difference. Right now our greatest need for this congregation in Yecapixtla is to purchase land and build a

Our work in Jumiltapec has started to bear fruit.

A congregation is being formed.

It took more


is still small but I remember how it was in Yecapixtla when it first began.

than a year to build that congregation.

once in a while some adults.
God for i t .

In the beginning there was a lot of children and

The Lord answered...
I thank What an answer and what a blessing:

We had the Lord's Supper by ourselves many times and many

times I asked the Lord, "do you want us here? Am I wasting our time?"

In April, the Yecapixtla congregation went to Jumiltepac every week to help support this new congregation spiritually and to help strengthen their faith, also to let them know
that they are not alone - that we are family.

Also, in April we had 4 additions to the church with all 4 of them being baptized.
One was our dau^ter, Carmen. continued on page 2

Edikrdo Arriage NMSLlSTTfilR #9 - May 30f 1981

lowship was shared at our church dinner.

PS-Se 2

The first Sunday in May was the third anniversary of the church in Yecapixtla. A minister from Mexico City came to bring the message. It was a time of joy and great fel
May 8th some students from Golegio Biblico and a teacher held a three day revival for

us. The purpose wad to interest the young people to go to Golegio Biblico to prepare them
selves as missionaries or leaders for our congregations, we need both. I always emphasize

that to these people* Also, leaders are needed to open new missionary fields. Several of these young people have expressed a desire to attend Golegio Biblico. I mi^t lose the
youth group, I hope so if they will serve the Lord.
I would like to take a little comer of this letter to tell you a little bit about our

dau^ter. Carmen. She is a shy and quiet girl who helps us a lot in the church. She is very re^onsible and we can depend on her for many things# She is going to be 13 years old on November 5th. To be 15 years old here in Mexico is a BIG in a girl's life. It is more important than the "sweet sixteen" in the United States, as I understand it. In Mex ico, to be 15 is a jump from childhood to womanhood. At age 15, girls can get married if they want to and many of them get married very young. (I don't think I have to woacry about that yet) Most of the girls at 15 have a big fiesta on their birthdays. I know she is not

expecting that because she knows we can not afford it.

her) But like every girl, she has dreams.
Take good care of yourselves my frlneds.
much for your financial help.

(I hope I can afford a new dress for

Thank you so
In His service,

I pray that those dreams are according to the

Never stop praying for us.

Lord's will and may the Lord make those dreams come true.

God bless you all.

iDduardo & family

The following shows the amount of money Riverton has received for likluardot

1981 January - J221.00 Pebruaiy - 2^.00

*April *llay
March - .15^3.00

There is $100.00 in a building fund savings account in Riverton.

- 1^5*00 (includes $50.00 designated for a bed) - $585.00 (includes $55*00 designated for a bed)

*aIduardo and Eva do not have a bed.

Enclosed: photo of building addition to church


AUGUST, 1981

Following is part

of a letter that



received this week



Greetings from Alabama r wduL"^ to thank you for everything, and I wish I could see you all. I have baptized 73 people in Yecapixtla since I started the work in Sept
of 1978.Three families have moved that took 12 of these 73. Three decided not

(A r

who stand back of our

missionary minded women.


to follow the Lord any more. Now there are 59 baptized people in the church, one was a transfer. There tween 12 and 23 years old.

are 23 adults with 36 young people be There are

^also 6 that have made their convession

of Christ that are being taught about baptism by immersion. The attendance to Sunday School has an average of 75 people. In The Worship Services we have more adults and the same number of children, with the average of 90 people. These people are very un-predictable.
There have been times when we have had 200 people in our services, and

there have been times when only 35 showed up. This does not happen very often, but it happens. The x>oom we used to have, because we don*t have it any more, was 19x12 feet. Now we meet under a mango tree. The reason why we can no longer use this room is that the elderly lady who owns the property got veiy sick. The children divided the property among themselves and will not allow us the use of it any longer. We noW go to the house of another member whose house is too small inside,so we gather outside on the patio
and under a tree.

The house we are living in

will be torn down

and a commercial build

ing built, so we must move.

cheepest thing





a month




have found is an

upstairs apartment. for $180.00.a

feel so. I believe everything will work out for the better. Please pray
for both of these situations.


these things may sound bad,and maybe they are, but I

(Romans 8:28)

do not

Take care of yourselves and God bless.

In His love, Eduardo Arriaga



he harvfest is^oo4
Bm 1tie har\/gst m?fsr
15 send out laborers,

My dear Friends;
We pray that all of you are well, and that the Lord is blessing your lives. My family and I are fine, always grateful for your spiritual and economical help.

gatt^r ^ ^

We are very



the growth
to share

of the church here

and I want



with you.

We (You & I)
Best of

are like

a team that has come a long way

in the Lord's work in this area.

all, it is not only us working alone any more, but the new congregation, too. This gives me a wonderful feeling that we are doing something right, something the Lord is blessing that will last for a long time. Because love and hope last forever, and this is what these people now have: love and hope. Praise the LordI These wonderful people are doing a won derful job in spreading the Good News. June 7th, 3 people confessed Christ

and 2 were baptized. In 6 months, the Lord added 8 people to His Church in Yecapixtla. God knows how difficult this field is. I think this is a good

Yecapixtla is growing tremendously.Last month a Methodist family of seven placed their fellowship with us. They live in Cuautla. The father teaches high school,the mother is a good helper to ny wife,and two of the daughters also teach. They opened their home to hold services and we meet on Tuesday
We have met three times with good results,even tho all the people that have

shown up are relatives on this family. Thank you for the confidence we have praying for us.

Please, pray that somebody

for this new start. beyond the border is

However, having a lot of help does not mean we have less things to do. We are trying to start a new mission in Zactepec, a town about 74 miles from Cuautla. A family from Mexico City moved to Zacatepec and there is no
Christian Church there. I heard about them and we went to visit. They were very glad to see us and invited us to return. They also offered their home in which to hold regular services. I accepted. It is a little far

from Cuautla.

I pray this pick-up of mine does not break down.

Lately it

is not working well. Something is wrong with the motor and it uses a lot of oil. I have to clean the spark-plugs every week. We have a lot of ac tivities in July with Vacation Bible Schools. July 6-15 in Yecapixtla, July 20-25 in Jumiltepec, July 27-Aug 2 in Zacatepec. Also, on Aug. 14th

I have to take

some of our young people

to the border.

They are goin^; to

Colegio Biblico. going to do.

So if my pick-up does not respond I don*t know what

As oxxr activities grow, our expenses grow too. It is impossible for us to save enough money for doctor, dentist, truck repair,etc.If we have money to do one thing, we usually don't have money to do the other. I just took Efren to the dentist to have some teeth pulled because they were crowded. Another thing I want you to pray about is the church building in Yecapixtla. We have outgrown it. We added 2 meters to the room we were using and we are crowded again. We can't find a larger place. Financial means of the congregation are too limited to purchase a lot and build. In my next letter I will give you some round numbers of how much money it will take to build a church down here. It is a little frustrating to bring people to worship with us and not have a place to put them. I am not complaining. The Lord knows how happy we are with this crowd of people. Four years ago this was just a dream, like oiir church building now is. I know the Lord has answered your prayers and mine, and He will answer again. I would like to take a minute to talk about one of the three young men that is going to Colegio Biblico. His name is Saul Lagunez and he is a fine young man full of faith. He is a Idstecnition with excellent grades
in school. He has decided to serve the Lord and seems to have his mind well

made up. If there is a ladies group, a Sunday School Class, or somebody to help him financially on a monthly basis, it would benefit him greatly. If you would like more information, please write to Riverton Christian Church.
Thank you.

We have had a lot of rain recently. The rivers have flooded and it vei^ hard for the farmers to plant. Besides that, the fields and the mountains are just beautiful. Have a wonderful siammer season, my friends.

Thank you once again for your offerings.

They not only



for our table, but also the Bread of Life for the ones who do"not kave God bless you all.

In His service, Eduardo Arriaga and family

Eduardo and his family live approximately 900 miles from Eagle Pass,Texas where Colegio Biblico is located. Yecapixtla is twelve miles from Cuautla, Jumiltepec is aro\ind 25 miles from Cuautla, and Zacatepec is 74 miles from Cuautla. These roads are not like our highways, but many are gravel, rough bumpy and winding mountainous roads, Eduardo and his family have no accident nor health insurance; also they
do not have auto insurance. Mexico does not have government agencies that give aid to their people like we have in the United States.


3C- 1^

People of every nation need the gospel.

Gk>d Calls To

J : 1981

@ Go as a missionary. 0 Give so others can go.

@ Pray for these who are sent.

The Scattered onesTTliiitr iTiTinTiiinnniwriifi^^

& word." Acts 8:4



Mr. 6 Mrs, Joe Turner

Missionaries in

Morelos, Mexico

7th and Allen Drive, Riverton, II. 62561 NEWSLETTER #12, November 12, 1981

Mrs. Maria E. Beach, TRANSLATOR

361 Sixteen Hundred Road

Delta, Colorado 81416

& s'{ f{ A A A ft it j'; s'j s' ft * A ft A ft A A ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft

My Dear Friends;

Greetings in the name of our Lord.

I understand you have not heard

from me since August.My sister was unable to translate my last two letters

Please, be patient with her. She comprehends my exact Spanish and can put it in the correct English meaning. I appreciate and realize that it takes
time to do this translating.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow,

TERRIFIC summer!!1

God is so good!11

We had a
There were

Our Vacation Bible Schools were great!!!

lM-0 children in Yecapixtla, 35 children in Jumiltepec,

and 15 children-in

people from Cuautla that went every day to Yecapixtla for V.B.S.
them up and returned them every day.

Zacatepec. As you know, Zacatepec is our newest mission and we thank God for this good start. Besides this, there was a group of children and young

I picked

The youth group from Yecapixtla helped a lot this year. They divided
the towns in four sections and the week before V.B.S,, they went calling and visiting in the three places. I am very proud of these young people. The Church in Yecapixtla paid for the refreshemnts served in all thrc3 places. Our V.B.S. activities finished the 2nd of August in Zacatepec

We pray that

our work with these little ones

was not in vain,

for th'e years

and that
to come, I

what we taught them may remain in their hearts since we might not see some of them again. I would like to share some sad news with you.

In my last letter,

told you that three young people from the Yecapixtla congregation would be going to Colegio Biblico. Two are brother and sister. In their home,
there was a tragedy and the parents are getting a divorce. These two

young people decided

for this situation.

to stay with their mother and not attend Colegio

Biblico. The third person, a girl, did not want to go alone, therefore, no one went. Only the Lord knows v/hy these things happen. Please, pray From August 14th to September 13th,
sister and brother-in-law

I was in the United States. them. I

My took

asked me to help them move from Alabama to Col


Since they paid for my expenses, I went to help

the opDortunity to visit my friends

from Shades Mountain and Center Point

in Birmingham, Al. I had to rush back to Mexico.because the person I left in charge of the preaching had problems in his job and he was unable to preach on Sundays. Except for that, everything was fine. Everybody seemed happy to see me return, and they were happier when I gave them the things you sent: clothes, toys, shoes,etc. Everything you sent found a home and a person to use it. Thank you, it means a lot to these Christians, knowing
that their brothers 6 sisters in the Lord them and share their blessings. from the United States remember

I personally want to thank you for making Carmen's birthday unforgetable. I know it is going to be a nice birthday for her. I will let her tell you everything about it in my next letter. Special thanks to those of you that gave money for our bed. With the money you sent, I was able
to make one and also some chairs. God bless you.

We are still having our services at Yecapixtla under a tree. nights have begun to be cooler, but the attendance has not dropped. I have been inquiring about

The The

idea of having a building sooner than we ever dreamed makes us all excited
and have found out that people down here sell

by lots. A lot 30 x 40 meters would cost approximately $200,000.00 pesos ($8,000.00). This is only an approximation, prices vary according to the people you are dealing with.Sometimes,they are difficult to deal with. If you are not going to buy the land immediately, they don't want to give you
much information. I am also finding out that some people don't want to

talk to us about selling their land because we are "protestants" (if you are not Catholic, you are Protestant). The men in the church advised me
not to make a down payment on any land,because we may loose our money. I am sure we will find some land, if the Lord wants a church building here, he will have one. God knows the right season for everything. We keep

praying and saving and if you help us to do that, we will have a place for
v/orship soon.

Some months ago,

asked us to move

our landlady,

who happens to be
I had two problems:

my sister-in-law,


she v/ants to build

a commercial building.

gave us until November. We started looking and we found an

$4,000.00 pasos ($180.00) a month.



One: They wanted

that I

3 months of rent

in advance:

$12,000.00 pasos,

did not have.


How was I going to pay for it every month?

I receive post-dated checks for $350.00 a month every six months.Plus some personal offerings that I receive from individuals which I appreciate

so very much.But it is $350.00 that I count on,and 1 could not pay $180.00 for housing and live on $170.00. So,I didn't rent the apartment. I hoped my income would increase a little, but the checks from August 1981 - March
1982 are for $350.00. Nevertheless, I just got a check for $500.00 from my Forwarding Agents representing the money that has accumulated from July

- September. That was a nice surprise and a tremendous help. (The Lord's way of telling me to trust Him a little bit more next time). It increases my budget to about $435.00 a month. Still, there are some things we need
that we do without, but when those needs become a must, the food budget

gets hurt, or gasoline, or rent, or sometimes even medical care, I am not complaining, I just want you to know how things are down here. I want to live inside my means, and that apartment was out of my means. I talked to my sister-in-law and she said she will wait. So, I'm looking for a house again. Please, keep us in your prayers in this matter. I don't want to tire you out with so many words. I will close this letter telling you that the 1st of August was my 16th wedding anniversary. Sixteen years married to this wonderful woman of mine, always so patient
with me. To whom I have not been able to give much, except all my love and a lot of headaches. Not even a roof that she can call her own. It

kind of hurts my man's pride, even when I know she shares with me the same feelings about working for our Lord. I know deep in her heart she would
like to have a house. Every woman does. And maybe it is time to settle down. I believe the Lord will show us the right place and time, and when

He does.

He will also provide.

Then I will be able to build her a home,

a little place that she can call her own.

Thank you for being patient with us. Please, don't forget about us. We don't forget our responsibility toward the Lord and toward you, so,

keep us in your hearts.

Take care of yourselves in this cold season, we

We love you all.
In His service, Eduardo Arriaga

will try to keep ourselves warm.

O WITNESS /ff^^''


({I V]

do and so mile time

Into Atl Thz WoAZd And Tke Go-6peZ To EvuAy

l iOAk 16'>15




It is thrilling to see God working through the efforts of EduardoIII

We praise and thank our Heavenly Father for always providing the needs of
this missionary family through the gifts of our dear Christian friends. Without your dedicated prayers and financial support, this work would not be possible. In the name of Jesus, thank you for your faithfulness.
Here is some exciting and wonderful news that we would like to share

with you. Several weeks ago,World Mission BuildersCa part of White Fields

Ministries)was contacted for consideration of assistance in helping us to build a church building for the congregation in Yecapextla, Mexico. (As you will remember, this group of Christians are now meeting outside under a tree for their services. Their attendance for Sunday School averages
75 with the average of 90 for worship. They have had 200 in attendance with more adults than children.) Our request for help was granted and they will be happy to assist! I Perhaps, you are familiar with the work the Lord is doing throughout the world via Ed and Reggie Thomas. At this point,with Eduardo having difficulty finding property, some
one will be visiting him and help in the securing of property at the best possible price. Next the property must be nationalized. There is so much
to do while we s t i l l have time.

Just last week we received a letter from an American missionary that is working at the border of Mexico.Here are a few words from his letter, "Yes, it is illegal to be a missionary in Mexico. Foriegners are not al
lowed to officiate in the Mexican church services....Christian radio is

banned....Importing Bibles is banned, they are smuggled in...,"

Purchasing land and constructing a building does cost money.The Yec-

apixtla congregation has saved $570.00 and there is $325.00

account in Riverton.

in a savings

This is a very good beginning and we will trust God

to provide the finance if it is His desire that a church is built at this

At this particular moment, housing for the Arriagas is of the utmost


They have been living on a meger income thank each and every
Eduardo needs $500.00

one of you that has been generous with your gifts.

a month Living Link support for his personal living expenses.Plus ,$300.00
a month Service Link to cover travel and other expenses related to church work. He has been using approximately 1/3 of his personal income for gas for the truck and related expenses for his church work. Increased support

is needed to enable Eduardo to effectively carry on his work for the Lord We will appreciate any help you can give. Please send your gifts for Ed ~ uardo to us,his forwarding agent.Please designate how you want your money used;personal Living Link expenses,Service Link - church related expenses or Building Fund savings for the church building in Yecapixtla. If you have questions or suggestions that you would like to share, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome your letters.
In the name of Jesus, thank you to all and God bless.
In Christian love, Joe S Linda Turner P.O. Box 759, Riverton, 11.62561