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1. May bien ap kho THIBIDI THIBIDIs Cast Resin Transformer 2. ng dung Applications 3. Cau truc Construction 4. Phu kien Accessories 5. Cong nghe Technology 6. Th nghiem Quality Assurance 7. Lap at va Hoat ong Intallation & Operation 8. Van chuyen va Lu kho Handling and Storage 9. Vn hnh & Bo dng Commissioning and Maintenance 10. c tnh k thut Technical Specification 11. Yu cu thng tin t hng Inquiry, Order 3 4 5 6 8 9 9 17 18 20 22


1. My bin p kh THIBIDI THIBIDIs Cast Resin Transformer

1.1. Chu la Fire resistant
Cuon day c uc bang nha Epoxy vi ac tnh khong bat la, t dap tat la va chong chay do tia la ien. The cast coil with Epoxy resin with non-flammable characteristics has a self-fire-extinguishing performance, to be free from a fire from electrical sparks.

1.2. Lc ngn mch cao hn Higher short circuit strength

Cuon day uc nha Epoxy co sc ben c va ien cao ket hp vi ket cau may vng chac chu ng c lc do ngan mach gay ra, do va cham be ngoai va cac rung ong khac thng. The cast coil with Epoxy resin with the high electrical and mechanical strength is manufactured in a robust structure against an electromechanical force occurring during short circuit, external impacts, and abnormal vibrations.

1.3. Chng m Moisture proof

Cuon day uc nha Epoxy lam tang sc ben chat cach ien va khong lam giam tnh cach ien chat do hi am gay ra va nhng phan ng lam lao hoa vat lieu cach ien, ngay ca sau mot thi gian dai khong bao dng. The cast coil with Epoxy resin has an enhanced dielectric strength and doesnt suffer from the deterioration of dielectric property due to humidity and the aging effects of insulating materials, even after a long term without maintenance.

1.4. Kch thc gn Compact size

Kieu dang nho gon va trong lng nhe c the hien qua mau thiet ke, qua hnh dang cuon day c uc nha Epoxy di moi trng chan khong va vat lieu cach ien tot. Compact size and lightweight type can be embodied by designing and manufacturing the coil by casting in a high vacuum using Epoxy resin and insulating materials with good dielectric strength.

1.5. Kh nng qu ti cao High overload capability

Cuon day uc nha Epoxy co he so thi gian gia nhiet cao v the co the chu c s qua tai cao hn. The cast coil with Epoxy resin has a high thermal time constant factor, therefore it can endure much higher overloads for a short time.

1.6. Tn tht thp, n thp Low loss, low noise

Ton that thap, o on thap c the hien bang viec s dung tole silic t ton that va vat lieu cach ien tot. Low-loss and low-noise are embodied through the optimal compact design using silicon steel of lowloss and good insulating materials.

1.7. Bo dng d dng Maintenance free

Khong can kiem tra mc dau cung nh th nghiem mau dau. No checking of oil level or no dielectric test oil. Cuon day uc nha khong lam giam ac tnh cach ien do am t va o am, v the de dang kiem tra va bao quan may bien ap ke ca cuon day. The cast coil with Epoxy resin doesnt suffer from the deterioration of an insulating property due to humidity and moisture, therefore it is easy to inspect and maintain a transformer including the coil.

1.8. Mi trng an ton Environmentally safe

Khong phat sinh dau hay kh oc vao kh quyen. No emit of oil or toxic gases into the atmosphere. oi vi may bien ap dau th de b o nhiem moi trng hn do dau chay r ra. Comparing to an oil-immersed transformer, it is free from an environmental pollution due to oil spill.


2. ng dng Applications
Trong ta nh Inside buildings Trong ng hm In tunnels Trong nh my ch bin thc phm In food processing plants Trn tu b On ship Trn khu cu trc On cranes Trn sn ngoi khi On off-shore flatforms


3. Cu trc Construction

1. Mc cu my Lifting lug 2. Li tole Core 3. Cun dy -Winding 4. u ct cao p HV terminal 5. Chn my Base channel

6. X kp li tole Frame 7. Thanh ni pha Phase connection lead 8. u ni iu chnh Tap terminal link 9. Cn m Spacer


4. Ph kin Accessories
4.1. Ph kin c bn Standard Accessories
u ct bn cao HV terminal u ct bn h LV terminal

Mc cu Lifting lug

u ni iu chnh c np bo v - Tap terminal link & protection cover

Thanh ni pha Phase connection lead

Tip a Grounding terminal

m chng rung Anti vibration pad

ng h o nhit k thut s Digital thermometer


4.2. Ph kin ty chn Optional Accessories

Bnh xe 2 chiu Bi-directional wheel Qut lm mt Cooling fan

V t bo v Enclose


5. Cng ngh - Technology

5.1. Li t
Loi t c lam t nhng la tole silic a c nh hng c bao ve bang oxit vo c. S chon la cap tole, mau cat tole va phng phap lap loi tole giup giam toi thieu mc ton that va dong khong tai cung nh tao nen o on rat nho. Sau khi lap tole, e bao ve chong an mon s dung nha alkyd cap F c say trong lo. Cat cheo 45 o, xep lp Khong co ot lo tren xa, ket cau tam noi

5.1. Magnetic core

The magnetic core is made from laminations of grain oriented silicone steel insulated with mineral oxide. The choice of the grade of steel, the cutting pattern and the method of assembly minimizes loss level and no-load current with the effect of a very low noise level. Once assembled, it is corrosion protected using a class F, oven-dried alkyd resin. Mitred type adopts 45 degrees cuts, multistage step-by-step stacking. No punching holes on yokes, connecting plate structure

5.2. Cun dy
Tat ca cuon day ha va cao c lam bang ong la hoac nhom la. ien ap gia lp la thap, trong khi kha nang chu ng lp la ln. ien ap chu xung cao. ien khang cua ien ap cao va ha la giong nhau. Khong co goc xoan. Ampe vong cua day cao va ha c thap nhat, cuon day chu kha nang ngan mach. Do o chung van hanh tin cay. uc nha epoxy luc chan khong cao, cuon day ha va cao co hieu suat ien va c tot. Phong ien cuc bo thap hn 5 PC. Cuon day ha va cao co the trang b thong gio qua theo yeu cau s tieu tan nhiet. Nha cach ien be mat day trung bnh la 2 - 2,5 mm, am bao s tang nhieto va sc ben cua cuon day va vng chac tho 30 nam. Bi v bot thach anh vao nha epoxy va si thuy tinh ben trong em au va ngoai cuon day, chung co kha nang tieu tan nhiet, chong c o am va chong c ngon la. Khong can lo lang ve ton thng. Chung co the lam viec bnh thng di o am 100%. Hieu suat chong -8-

5.2 Windings
All the low and high voltage windings are made up of copper bands (foils) or aluminium wire (foils) .Voltagebetween layers is low , while layer capacity is great . Its lighting impulsewithstand capacity is high . The reactance of high and low voltage is the same . There is no helical angle . For ampere turns of the high and low voltage windings are best leveled, the windings are capable of withstanding short circuit . Therefore, they have high operating reliability. Molded with epoxy resin at high vacuum , the high and low voltage windings have well electrical and mechnical performance . Partial discharge of them is less than 5pc. High and low voltage windings can be equipped with ventilating air passages according to requirements for heat dissipation. The isolating resin on the surface is 2.0-2.5mm thick in average , ensuring the temperature increase and strength of the windings and securing the 30 years service life . Because of quartz powder on the epoxy resin and the glass-fiber net banded inside and outside the windings , they have high heatdissipating ability , humidity-resistance and flame resistance . There is no need to worry about cracking . They can work normally under the humidity of 100% . Their flame-resistant performance accords with the Britain BS7806F2.

c chay chap nhan theo BS7806F2. Ben trong cua cuon day ha va cao c han t ong va ngan nga xung ot vi chay nho. Mc cach ien cap F va H. Gii han nhiet o soi va s ket hp thiet ke theo yeu cau cu the khach hang.

The interior of low and high voltage windings are creadibly welded automatically and protectively by argon with low resistance .

F and H stands for the two insulation levels . The temperature-rise limitation and voltage combination can be designed according to the customers specific requirements.

6. Th nghim - Tests
Tiu chun c cng nhn Recognized Standard (ISO 9001) Routine tests Th nghim thng thng 1. Measurements of winding resistance 1. o in tr cun dy 2. o t s v th t u dy 3. o in tr cch in 4. o tn tht c ti v tr khng 5. Tn tht khng ti v dng khng ti 6. Th in p ngun ring bit 7. Th qu in p cm ng 2. Calibration of voltage ratio and voltage vector relationship 3. Measurement of insulation resistance 4. Measurement of short circuit impedance and load losses 5. Measurement of no-load losses and current 6. Separate-source power-frequency voltage withstand test 7. Induced over discharge

Th nghim in hnh 1. Th xung 2. Th tng nhit

Type test 1. Impulse test 2. Temperature rise test

Th c bit 1. Th dng ngn mch 2. Th n Th c bit khc Nhng th c bit khc c th thc hin theo yu cu ca khc hng.

Special tests 1. Short circuit test 2. Noise level test Others Other special tests could be carried out per requirements of customer.


7.Lp t v hot ng - Installation & Operation

7.1. Tng qut
Do khong co chat ien moi long va cach x l chay tuyet vi, khong can e phong chay nhng can lam theo nhng quy nh sau: Khong nen at may bien ap vung co nguy c ngap lut. o cao khong qua 1000 met tr khi co o cao cao hn th c xac nh vao luc tham do. Nhiet o moi trng gii han trong khoang sau: - Nho nhat: -250C - Ln nhat: +400C Nhiet o moi trng cho may bien ap kho tieu chuan c thiet ke theo IEC726: - Ln nhat: 400C - Trung bnh cua ngay: 300C - Trung bnh cua nam: 200C V tr thong gio phai giup tieu tan ton that tong cua may bien ap. Trong khong kh o nhiem nang (dau may gia cong kim loai, bui dan ien) khong kh vao tiep xuc vi thiet b nen c lam sach neu co the (qua bo loc, loc au vao cua khong kh ben ngoai qua ng ong). May bien ap ngay ca co vo bao ve IP21 cung c thiet ke e lap at trong nha. Nen d phong cho cac au noi va cac lo ket noi. Khong co vo bao ve (IP00) (Hnh 1) Trong ket cau nay, may bien ap phai c bao ve chong lai nhng tiep xuc, va cham trc tiep. Ngoai ra: Phai can than tranh nhng ni co nc ri vao may (v du: hi nc ngng tu t ng ong at ben tren) Duy tr khoang h toi thieu en tng xay, theo bang sau ay:

7.1. General information

Due to the absence of any liquid dielectric and the excellent fire behaviour of transformers, no anti-fire precautions are necessary providing the following guidlines are followed: The transformer should not be installed in a flood hazard area. The altitude should not be above 1000 meters unless a higher altitude is specified at the time of inquiry The ambient temperature for the transformer to be within the following limits: - Minimum: 250C - Maximum: +400C Standard transformers are designed in accordance with IEC726 for an ambient temperature of: - Maximum: 400C - Daily average: 300C Yearly average: 200C The local ventilation should allow the dissipation of the transformer total losses. In highly polluted atmospheres (metal machining oil, conductive dust), the air coming into contact with the device should if possible be cleaned (filtering, inlet of outside air via a ducting) The transformer even with IP21 metal enclosure is designed for an indoor installation. Provision should be made for access to connectors and tapping links. Without enclosure (IP00) (figure 1) In this configuration, the transformer must be protected against direct contact. In addition: Care must also be taken to eliminate risks of water drops on the transformer (example: condensation from overhead pipings). Maintain minimum clearance to the walls according to the following table:

- 10 -

Cp cch in Insulation (kV) 12 17.5 24

Kch thc Dimensions (mm) Li thng gi Tng bao bc Full wall Ventilation grill 120 300 220 220 300 300


Hnh 1 - Khong cch lp t khng c v bo v IP00 Figure 1 Installation distance without enclosure IP00

Co vo bao ve (IP21) (Hnh 2) Duy tr khoang cach toi thieu la 200mm t mat ngoai vo bao ve en tng xay dng e am bao u lam mat.

With IP21 metal enclosure (figure 2) A minimum distance of 200mm between the exterior of the enclosure and the walls of the building should be maintained to ensure adequate cooling.

200mm 200mm

200mm 500mm

Hnh 2 - Khong cch lp t c v bo v Figure 2 installation distance with enclosure

- 11 -

7.2. Thng gi
Xac nh chieu cao va dien tch lo thong gio Trng hp lam mat t nhien (AN), s thong gio cua tram hay vo bao ve phai am bao tnh oi lu t nhien, lam tieu tan nhiet sinh ra do ton that tong cong cua may. Trng hp tram khong u thong gio, s thong gio thch hp bao gom lng khong kh mat lay vao qua tiet dien S ay tram va lng khong kh lay ra qua tiet dien S pha oi dien ben tren, ng vi o cao H so vi loi khong kh vao (Hnh 1 va 2) e am bao lam mat co hieu qua cho may bien ap va s lu thong khong kh u, th can phai gi mot khoang khong di ay may toi thieu la 150mm, bang cach lap nhng banh xe hay nhng con nang tng ng. Chu y rang s lu thong khong kh b han che se lam giam cong suat qua tai va cong suat thc cua may. Cong thc tnh thong gio (Hnh 1):

7.2. Ventilation
Determination of the height and area of ventilation grills In the general case of natural cooling (AN) the ventilation of the substation or of the enclosure must ensure by natural convection the dissipation of the heat produced by the transformers total losses. In case of a no sufficiently ventilation substation, appropriate ventilation will consist of a fresh air intake opening of S section at the bottom of the local and an air outgoing opening S located above on the opposite wall at height H meters above the intake opening (figure 1 and 2). To ensure efficient cooling of the transformer and sufficient air circulation, it is essential to maintain a minimum height of 150 mm under the live section, by installing castors or an equivalent booster It must be noted that restricted air circulation reduces the transformers continuous and short- term overload capacity. Formula for ventilation (figure 1):


0.18P H


0.18P H

Va S=1.10xS P = Tong ton that co tai va khong tai, tnh bang kW 1200C S = Dien tch cua lo thong gio lay vao, tnh bang m2. S = Dien tch cua lo thong gio i ra, tnh bang m2. H = o cao gia lo thong gio lay vao va i ra Cong thc nay phu hp vi nhiet o moi trng trung bnh la 200C va o cao di 1000m V d: - May bien ap co cong suat 1000kVA - P0=1780W, Pcc(1200C)=9140W, ngha la P=10.9kW Neu o cao gia 2 lo =2m, th dien tch be mat lo thong gio lay vao can thiet la S=1.4m2. Neu chung ta tng tng co tam li can tr - 12 -

and S=1.10xS P = sum of the transformers no-load and load losses expressed in kW at 120C. S = area of the lower air intake opening (allow for mesh factor) expressed in m2. S = area of the air outlet opening (allow for mesh factor) expressed in m2. H = height difference between the two openings expressed in metre. This formula is valid for an average ambient temperature of 200C and an altitude of 1000m Example: - one single transformer 1000kVA - P0=1780W, Pcc at 1200C =9140W, i.e. P=10.9kW If the distance between the grills=2m, then S=1.4m2 of net surface area necessary. If we imagine a grill obstructing the air inlet by 30%; the air inlet grill surface area should

30% luong khong kh i vao, th dien tch be mat cua lo thong gio lay vao la 1.4mx1.4m va dien tch cua lo thong gio i ra la 1.4mx1.5m. Thong gio cng bc (Hnh 2): Can thiet neu nhiet o moi trng tren 200C hay phong nho va kem thong thoang c ng dung cho viec qua tai thng xuyen. Quat co the c ieu khien bi bo cam ng nhiet va hoat ong nh la quat hut thong gio at tren tran cua phong Lu lng cua dong kh (m3/s) 200C =0.1xP; Trong o: P = Tong ton that co tai va khong tai, tnh bang kW 1200C.

then be 1.4m x 1.4m, and that of the air outlet should be 1.4m x 1.5m.

Forced ventilation (figure 2): Forced ventilation of the substation is necessary for ambient temperatures above 200C or small or badly ventilated rooms for applications with frequent overloads. The fan can be controlled by a thermostat controlled and operate as an extractor in the top part of the room. Advised flow (m3 /second) at 200C =0.1xP P = sum of the transformers no-load and load losses expressed in kW at 120C.


Hnh 1 - Trm thng gi t nhin Figure 2 Substation natural ventilation

Hnh 2 - Trm thng gi cng bc Figure 2 Substation forced ventilation

- 13 -

7.3. Cc u ni
Cac au noi HV va LV i vao co the at ben tren hay di ay. au noi ben MV c lam bang cap dan ien. au noi ben LV thong thng c lam bang cap dan ien, nhng cung co the bang cach khac rat an toan dung Thanh ong tien che (PBT). Cac trng hp cho thay dung day cap hay thanh ong phai c nang tranh ng suat c tren cac au cot HV hay LV, hay cac au cam HV. au noi HV nen at ben tren thanh noi tam giac. au noi LV nen at tai phan tren cua may. Chu y: - Khoang cach gia day cap HV, thanh ong noi va be mat cua boi day toi thieu la 120mm ngoai tr tren be mat ben HV o khoang h toi thieu se c an nh bi au cap HV. - Khoang h en thanh tam giac HV ben ngoai cung phai toi thieu la 120mm. - Lp phu nha pha ngoai, hay s dung au cam plug-in khong bao ve chong lai tiep xuc trc tiep va khong c cham vao may bien ap khi no co ien. May khong co vo bao ve (IP00) Tieu chuan au noi HV va LV - au day LV ra (hay vao) co the at pha tren hay pha di (hnh 1 va 2) - au day HV ra (hay vao) co the at pha tren hay pha di (hnh 1 va 2) Trong trng hp au day ra (hay vao) t pha di th can phai at mot mieng em Noi HV bang au cam plug-in (hnh 3) Noi LV bang ong dan ien tien che (hnh 4) V tr lap at n gian hoa that nhieu neu co the, e viec ieu chnh, lap rap va thao d de dang. - May bien ap khi ban trang b san thanh ong tien che - Kha nang ieu chnh lap at nay khoang 15mm cho 3 hng - Viec noi va thao mat khoang mot gi giup dch vu cung cap lien tuc.

7.3. Connections
The incoming HV and LV connections can be made from the top or the bottom. MV side connections are made by cables LV side connections are made conventionally by cables, but can also be made using the very safe alternative using Prefabricated Busbar Trunking (PBT). In all cases shown the cables or busbars must be supported to avoid mechanical stress on the HV or LV terminals or HV plug in connectors. The HV connections should be made to the top of part of the delta connection bars. The LV connections are made at the top of the transformer. Warning: - The distance between HV cables or busbars and the surface of the winding should be at least 120 mm except on the flat face of the HV side where the minimum clearance will be set by the HV terminal. - The clearance to the outer HV delta bar should also be a minimum of 120 mm. - The resin coating, or the use of plug in connectors does not give protection against direct contact and the transformer must not be touched when it is energized. Without metal enclosure (IP00) Standard HV and LV connections - The outgoing (or incoming) LV conductors can be made from above or below (figures 1 and 2). - The outgoing (or incoming) HV conductors can be made from above or below (figures 1 and 2) In case of an outgoing (or incoming) conductors from below it is necessary to put a spacer HV connections with plug in connectors (figure 3) LV connections using prefapricated electrical ducting (figure 4) On site installation is simplified as far as possible, with very easy fitting, assembly and dismantling: - The transformer is delivered pre-equipped with the PBT connection interface - The possibility of adjusting on site by 15mm in all directions - Connection and disconnection is achieved within an hour at most proving optimum continuity of service.

- 14 -

Cp Cables support LV n HV Thanh m Spacer

HV 120 min 120 min

Hnh 1Tiu chun u ni HV & LV pha trn Figure 1 Standard HV and LV connections from above

Hnh 2Tiu chun u ni HV & LV pha di Figure 2 Standard HV and LV connections from below

Cp Cables support LV n HV

120 min

120 min

Hnh 3Ni HV bng u ni cm plug-in Figure 3HV connections with plug in connectors

May co vo bao ve IP21 Tieu chuan au noi HV va LV (Hnh 1&2). - au day LV ra (hay vao) phai i hng len t au cot va nam di nap vo bao ve. au day LV khong bao gi i qua cuon day cao ap va vo bao ve. - au day HV ra (hay vao) co the i qua ben tren (hnh 1) hay pha di (hnh 2). Noi au day HV t pha di - au day HV ra (hay vao) co the i pha di en trc tiep au cot noi (hnh 2). Trong trng hp nay au day i vao c a qua canh ca pha di ben phai nam pha HV. - 15 -

With IP21 metal enclosure Standard HV and LV connections (figures 1 and 2) - The outgoing (or incoming) LV conductors must go upwards from the terminals under the enclosure cover. The LV conductors should never pass between the HV coils and the enclosure. - The outgoing (or incoming) HV conductors can pass above (figure 1) or below (figure 2). HV connection from below - The outgoing (or incoming) HV conductors can come from below directly to the connection terminal (figure 2). In this case incoming conductors are passed through the removable flap door located at the bottom on

- Day cap HV phai c gi chat ben trong vo bao ve bang cai kep (hnh 2). Nen xac nh tnh kha thi loai au noi e co s tng quan gia tiet dien va ban knh uon cong cap vi cho trong trong vo che bao ve. Noi HV bang au cam plug-in (hnh 3) Noi au LV bang ong dan ien tien che (hnh 4) Ch : Can xac nh tnh phu hp cua hang muc bao ve IP21 sau khi a khoan tam em cach ien cho HV, LV va nhng phan khac.

the right HV side. - The HV cables must be fastened inside the enclosure on clamp (figure 2). It is advisable to verify the feasibility of this type of connection in relation to the section and the bending radius of cables and the space available in the enclosure. HV connection by plug in connector (figure 3) LV connections using prefapricated electrical ducting (figure 4) Warning: It is necessary to verify conformity with the IP21 protection index after having drilled the insulation gland plate for HV, LV and others.


Cp Cables support

Cp Cables support


Hnh 1Tiu chun u ni HV & LV pha trn Figure 1 Standard HV and LV connections from above

Hnh 2Tiu chun u ni HV & LV pha di Figure 2 Standard HV and LV connections from below

HV LV Cp Cables support Cp Cables support

Hnh 3Ni HV bng u ni cm plug-in Figure 3HV connections with plug in connectors

Hnh 4-Ni LV bng PBT v v bo v Figure 4-LV connections with PBT and enclosure

- 16 -

8.Vn chuyn v Lu kho - Handling and Storage

V n chuy n
May bien ap c trang b cac phan d phong e van chuyen an toan. Nang chuyen bang day (hnh 1) Dung 4 lo moc cau e nang may bien ap khong co vo bao ve va 2 patte cau cho may bien ap co vo bao ve. Day nang khong c tao thanh goc trong ln hn 600. Nang chuyen bang xe nang (hnh 1&2) Trc tien kiem tra cong suat nang cua xe nang. Neu phu hp, a cang nang vao di ranh chan may sau khi thao ri con lan ra. Keo day Khi keo may bien ap co hay khong co vo bao ve nen keo t chan may ben di. V muc ch nay nen moi ben cua chan may co lo ng knh 27mm. Co the keo theo 2 hng: doc theo truc chan may hay vuong goc vi truc chan may Lap rap con lan Ca 2 viec nang chuyen bang day (hnh 1) Hay nang chuyen bang xe nang (hnh 1 & 2) V tr cang nang luon nam di chan may - at go ke cao hn chieu cao con lan va may bien ap ta len go ke. - nh v nhng cai kch oi va lay go ke ra. - Lap con lan vao ung v tr (con lan hai chieu). - Ha thap va e cho may bien ap ta len nhng con lan cua chung.

The transformers are equipped with provisions for safe handling. Lifting with slings (figure 1) Lifting is carried out using the 4 lifting holes for a transformer without an enclosure and by 2 lifting lugs in the case of a transformer with an enclosure. The slings should not form an inside angle greater than 600. Lifting with a fork lift truck (figure 1&2) The lifting capacity of the fork lift truck should first be checked. If suitable, the forks should be inserted inside the base channels after removing the rollers. Towing Towing the transformer with or without enclosure should be done from the underbase. For this purpose hole of 27 mm. Diameter are provided on every side of the underbase.Towing can be done in two directions: in the axis of the underbase and perpendicular to that axis. Fitting the rollers Either by lifting with slings (figure 1) or by lifting with a fork lift truck (figures 1 and 2) In this case position the lifting forks in the underbase channels. - Place timbers of greater height than the rollers under the channels and lower the transformer on to them. - Position jacks and remove the timbers. - Attach the rollers in the desired position (bidirectional rollers). - Lower and remove allowing the transfomer to rest on its rollers.

Lu kho
May bien ap phai c bao ve trong kho tranh nc ri vao va cong viec phat sinh bui (xay dng nha, lam ng v.v...). Neu may bien ap khi giao hang co nap nha th phai gi nguyen nap nha nay trong thi gian lu kho. May bien ap co the lu tr nhiet o xuong en 250C.

The transformer should be protected in storage from water drops and dust generating work (masonry, sanding etc). If the transformer is delivered with a plastic cover which should be kept over the equipment whilst it is in storage. The transformer can be stored at a temperature down to 250C.

- 17 -

60 maximum

Con ln

G k

Tim bers
im nng ca xe nng

Kch i


Fork lift truck lifting

Hnh 1-Nng bng dy v xe nng Figure 1-Lifting with slings or fork lift truck Hnh 2-Lp rp con ln

Figure 2-Fitting the rollers

9.Vn hnh v bo dng - Commissioning and maintenance

a vo vn hnh
Kiem tra ni lap at may bien ap kho ieu kien lap at: ni lap at phai sach va tranh b ngap nc, ac biet la khong at vao vung nc ri t tran nha. Phai co bien phap thong gio e giai thoat nhiet phat ra t may bien ap. Kiem tra may can cham soc trong thi gian dai: khi nao bui bam tren may bien ap tuy theo thi ky cham soc, loai tr bui nay bang may hut bui hay thoi het bui bang may nen va lam sach bang may hut bui. Bao boc nha e ngan can bui, inh oc, boulon, vong em lot vao v.v... phai gi (duy tr) en khi ong ien (cap nguon). (khi noi au cot th nhat va th hai, xe rach tng phan).

Check points when installing a cast resin transformer Installing conditions : installing place must be clean and free from care of submersion under water, especially not exposed water drops from a ceiling of it. There must be a ventilation means for getting rid of the heat generated from a transformer. Check of a transformer being taken custody for long term : When dusts are deposited on a transformer according to long term custody, eliminate dusts by a vacuum cleaner or blow away dusts by compressor, and wipe it by a dry duster. A vinyl package for preventing from inserting of dusts, screws, nuts, washers and etc, must be maintained until power is on after installation. (when connection of 1st and 2nd terminals, tear off partly)

Momen xoan au cot noi ong Torque for copper Terminal connection n v - unit (N.m) Bulng Bolt Mmen Torque M10 10 M12 20 M16 35

- 18 -

Momen xoan au cot noi thep - Torque for steel Terminal connection n v - unit (N.m) Bulng Bolt Mmen Torque M10 20 M12 35 M16 80 M20 160

Kiem tra trc khi a ien vao Lay bao boc nha, va kiem tra tnh trang au noi, khoang cach canh ien, co nhng chat la hay khong, trang thiet b co b h hai hay khong, va momen cua boulon. Kiem tra au noi ieu chnh phu hp vi nhan may hay khong.

Check points before receiving power Get rid of a vinyl package, and check connection status, insulating separation, distance, whether alien substances remain, whether a component is damaged, and bolt torque. Check whether tap connections accord with that of a label.

o ien tr cach ien s dung ong ho o ohm (DC 1000V Megger) nh sau: Measure insulations using an insulation ohmmeter(DC 1000V Megger) like below: V tr o Measuring point Cuon cao at High voltage coil grounding Cuon ha at Low voltage coil grounding Cuon cao - cuon ha High voltage coil Low voltage coil Gia tr gii han Limit value 250 Mohm 50 Mohm 250 Mohm

When measuring values are below than above Khi gia tr o c thap hn cac gia tr values, check humidity, and if it is, get rid of tren, kiem tra o am, neu ung, say kho humidity by dryer, and measure an insulation lai, va o ien tr cach ien lai lan na. resistance again. Nevertheless if a measured Tuy nhien neu viec o ien tr cach ien insulation resistance is below than the limit van thap hn gia tr gii han xin lien he value, contact with the A/S (after-sale service) department. vi dch vu sau ban hang. Bo dng Maintenance Trong tnh huong may ang van hanh, thoi sach bui bang may nen kh kho moi nam. Thi ky lam sach tuy thuoc vao hoan canh. Kiem tra cac boulon bat may bang c-le can lc trong luc thc hien cong viec bao dng. In case of general operating circumstance, get rid of dusts and blow away over deposited dusts by dry compressor every year. Cleaning term depends on circumstances. Check engagements of bolts by a torque wrench during performing a maintenance work

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10.c tnh k thut Technical Specifications

Tiu chun ch to : IEC-60076-11-2004 Manufacture Standard:IEC-60076-11-2004

Cng sut : 400kVA n 2500kVA Tn s : 50Hz in p s cp : 22-15KV hoc 22KV hoc 35 KV in p th cp : 0,4kV iu chnh : 2x2,5% Cp cch in : Cp F tng nhit : 1000K

Capacity : 400kVA to 2500kVA Frequency : 50Hz Primary voltage or 35KV : 22-15KV or 22KV

Secondary voltage : 0.4kV Tappings : 2x2.5% Insulation class : F class Temperature rise : 1000K

Cng sut KVA

Dng in

(Rated Current) (Rated Capacity) 400 I1 (22kV) I11 (15kV) 10,5 15,4 I2 (0,4kV) 909,3

in p Tn hao Tn hao Trng khng ngn mch ngn mch lng 0 ti 120 C Uk(%) Pk120 G(kg) (Impedance P0(W) (load (Weight) voltage) (No-load losses) losses)

Kch thc bao (mm)

(Main dimensions) W 920 L 1610 H 1630 A 820





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560 630 750 1000 1250 1600 2000 2500

14,7 16,5 19,7 26,2 32,8 42 52,5 65,6

21,6 24,2 28,9 38,5 48,1 61,6 77 96,2

909,3 909,3 1082,5 1443,4 1804,2 2309,4 2886,8 3608,4

1660 1660 2050 2415 2785 3255 3990 4680

5135 6500 8500 10000 11500 13500 15000 18500

5,3 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

2350 2350 2450 2950 3600 4460 5200 6200

920 920 920 920 920 920 1170 1170

1610 1610 1650 1680 1840 1990 2060 2230

1630 1630 1760 1800 1860 1930 1950 2040

820 820 820 820 820 820 1070 1070

Cng sut KVA

in p Trng Tn hao Tn hao khng ti ngn mch ngn mch lng 0 120 C P0(W) Pk120 G(kg) Uk(%) (load (Rated (Rated Current) (No-load (Impedance (Weight) losses) losses) Capacity) I1 I2 voltage) (35kV) (0,4kV) Dng in A 750 1000 1250 1600 2000 2500 12.3 16.4 20.6 26.3 32.9 41.2 1082.5 1443.4 1804.2 2309.4 2886.8 3608.4 2430 2700 3150 3600 4230 4950 8400 9660 13400 14100 16600 20000 6 6 6 6 6 6 3500 4100 4640 4970 5940 7210

Kch thc bao (mm)

(Main dimensions) W 960 920 920 1170 1170 1310 L 1880 1940 1970 2030 2120 2240 H 1740 1890 1980 2140 2280 2280 A 820 820 820 1070 1070 1070

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Cac dung sai theo tieu chuan IEC - Tolerances in accordance with IEC standard +10% tong ton hao 1. a. Tong ton hao b. Ton hao khong +15% ton hao khong tai hoac co tai vi ieu tai hoac co tai: kien la dung sai tong ton that khong vt qua. 2. T le ien ap T le ien ap danh Di cac gia tr sau: nh ( nac nh a. +0.5% gia tr nh mc) mc qui nh b. ty le phan tram cua t le ien ap qui nh tng ng 1/10 cua phan tram ien ap ngan mach nh mc o c T le ien ap nac +1% tr cac trng ieu chnh khac: hp ngoai le ac biet 3. ien ap ngan mach 10% tai dong ien nh mc 4. ien ap ngan mach 15% gia tr cho phep tai nhng nac ieu oi vi nac ieu chnh nay chnh khac +30% dong khong tai 5. Dong khong tai qui nh Khong co dung sai 6. Mc o on 1. a. Total losses b. load or no-load loss: +10% Tolal losses +15% of each load or noload losses, provied that the tolerance for total losses is not exceeded

2. Voltage ratio Rated voltage ratio (on The lower of the folowing principal tapping) values: a. +0.5% for principal value b. 1/10 of actual percentage impedance on the principal tapping

Voltage ratio on other +1% except special cases tapping 3. Short-circuit voltage at 10% rated current 4. Short-circuit voltage at 15% rated value for this other tappings tapping 5. No-load current 6. Noise level +30% rated no-load current No tolerance

11.Yu cu thng tin t hng Inquiry, Order

Tit mc Loi Cong sut So pha Tan so ien ap s cap ( KV) Nac ieu chnh ben s cap ien ap th cap (KV) Phng phap ieu chnh To au day ien ap ngan mach (%) Ni dung KVA 03 50 Hz 15 22 35 Hoac khac 5 2x2,5% Hoac khac 0.4 0.69 Items Type Rated capacity Number of phases Frequency HV rated voltage (KV) HV tapping rang LV rated voltage (KV) Changing method Connection symbol Short-circuit impedance(%) Content KVA Three phases 50 Hz 15 22 35 others 5 2x2,5% Hoac khac 0.4 0.69



Khong bo ieu chnh Co bo ieu chnh Dyn-11 Yyn-0 Yd-11 Ynd-11 4 6 8

With off-circuit tap changing With on-circuit tap changing Dyn-11 Yd-11 4 6 Yyn-0 Ynd-11 8

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Cap cach ien Phng phap lam mat Cap bao ve F H T nhien Quat cng bc IP00 IP20 IP30


Insulation class Cooling method Protection degree Enclosure material

F H Air natural(AN) (AN)/Air-forced(AF) IP00 IP20 IP30


Vat lieu votu ong ho nhiet o va hop ieu khien nhiet o

Thep vi sn tnh ien Thep khong r ong ho nhiet o ong ho ieu khien nhiet o Khong Co Khong Thong thng Khac Thap hn hoac bang 1000

Steel sheet(with static paint) Stainless steel sheet Temperature thermometer Temperature controller None Yes No Conventional Other 1000 and lower

Quat Hnh thc cua ien ap ha i ra Tnh o cao trang so vi chung mat nc bien Nhiet o ln nhat Nhiet o nho nhat Trong nha/ Ngoai tri ong goi So lng at hang ( May) Thi gian giao hang Phng tien giao hang Van chuyen iem giao hang ac iem khac

Fan Form of outgoing Service conditions



-5 ( trong nha) tri) Trong nha


-5 (indoors)


Ngoai tri



Packing Quantities ordered(unit) Time of delivery Delivery taking Transportation Delivery point Miscellaneous

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