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a es u" Acuerdo e#a e"tre usted $ So%t4Boost Ltd. so&re os Productos corres'o"d!e"tes de So%t4Boost Ltd. Le ro#a(os )ue "o co'!e* !"sta e o use os Productos de so%t+are o&,etos de 'rese"te acuerdo de !ce"c!a -e" ade a"te de"o(!"ado e .Acuerdo./* a"tes de )ue ea co" ate"c!0" os t1r(!"os $ co"d!c!o"es de este Acuerdo. Cua )u!er %or(a de re'roduc!r $ red!str!&u!r os Productos de so%t+are* as2 co(o cua )u!era de sus co('o"e"tes %uera de os t1r(!"os de 'rese"te Acuerdo est3 r!#urosa(e"te 'ro4!&!da $ 'uede co" e5ar 'e"a !6ac!o"es ad(!"!strat!5as $ cr!(!"a es. De%!"!c!o"es: Productos de so%t+are s!#"!%!ca" e !"c u$e" e So%t+are So%t4Boost. E so%t+are So%t4Boost co('re"de todo e co"te"!do de os arc4!5os -'ro'orc!o"ados e" %or(a de descar#a e ectr0"!ca* e" u" so'orte %2s!co o &!e" (ed!a"te cua )u!er otro (1todo de d!str!&uc!0"* d!sco-s/ duro-s/* CD-ROM-s/ u otro (ed!o a )ue se ad,u"ta e 'rese"te Acuerdo/ )ue se e"cue"tra" e" a '3#!"a +++.so%t4&oost.co(. E So%t+are So%t4Boost se d!str!&u$e &a,o !ce"c!as 53 !das e" u" so o orde"ador. Cada 7"!ca !ce"c!a ad)u!r!da ser3 as!#"ada a u" orde"ador deter(!"ado $ 'er(!t!r3 usar e So%t+are So%t4Boost e" este (!s(o orde"ador. De !"sta ar $ usar o re!"sta ar e So%t+are So%t4Boost e" otros orde"adores* usted de&er3 co('rar u"a !ce"c!a ad!c!o"a 'ara cada orde"ador. S! ca(&!a de orde"ador* de&er3 ad)u!r!r u"a !ce"c!a ad!c!o"a . Todas as (e,oras $ actua !6ac!o"es de So%t+are So%t4Boost ser3" #ratu!tas 'ara u" usuar!o a o ar#o de 'er2odo de 5a !de6 de a !ce"c!a So%t4Boost. Sus derec4os $ de&eres res'ecto a a ut! !6ac!0" de So%t+are So%t4Boost* as2 co(o cua )u!era de sus co('o"e"tes est3" e"u(erados a co"t!"uac!0": Usted 'uede: 8. Usar u"a co'!a de So%t+are So%t4Boost o cua )u!era de sus co('o"e"tes* as2 co(o sus res'ect!5as actua !6ac!o"es* e" u" so o orde"ador a o ar#o de 'er2odo 'ara e )ue usted t!e"e ad)u!r!da a suscr!'c!0". 9. :acer u"a co'!a de se#ur!dad de So%t+are So%t4Boost o cua )u!era de sus co('o"e"tes $ a (ace"ar a e" cua )u!er d!s'os!t!5o o so'orte )ue o 'er(!ta. ;. Usar e So%t+are So%t4Boost de"tro de u"a red oca * e" co"d!c!o"es de )ue usted te"#a u"a co'!a !ce"c!ada de So%t+are So%t4Boost !"sta ada e" cada orde"ador )ue %or(a 'arte de d!c4a red oca $ 'ueda te"er acceso a So%t+are So%t4Boost a tra51s de e a* a o ar#o de 'er2odo 'ara e )ue usted t!e"e ad)u!r!da a suscr!'c!0". No se 'er(!te co('art!r a !ce"c!a de So%t+are So%t4Boost "! usar a e" 5ar!os orde"adores a a 5e6. 4. A'ro5ec4ar os ser5!c!os de as!ste"c!a t1c"!ca 'or correo e ectr0"!co 'ara so !c!tar a$uda $ reso 5er 'ro& e(as )ue 'ueda" sur#!r de a ut! !6ac!0" de So%t+are So%t4Boost a o ar#o de 'er2odo 'ara e )ue usted t!e"e ad)u!r!da a suscr!'c!0". Usted "o 'uede: 8. Usar* co'!ar* (od!%!car o tra"s%er!r co'!as de So%t+are So%t4Boost de cua )u!er (a"era* e<ce'to o 're5!sto e" e 'rese"te Acuerdo. 9. =u!tar (arcas de 'ro'!edad de So%t+are So%t4Boost. ;. Rea !6ar act!5!dades de !"#e"!er2a !"5ersa* desco('! ar* des(o"tar o rea !6ar cua )u!er desarro o der!5at!5o a &ase de So%t+are So%t4Boost -e<ce'to e" e caso de

)ue est1 e<'resa(e"te autor!6ado a desco('! ar de co"%or(!dad co" a e#!s ac!0" 5!#e"te/. 4. Arre"dar* a )u! ar* su& !ce"c!ar* as!#"ar "! ceder sus derec4os so&re e So%t+are So%t4Boost o cua )u!er co'!a de a (!s(a* co('re"d!da toda a docu(e"tac!0" re ac!o"ada. >. Se'arar os co('o"e"tes de So%t+are So%t4Boost 'ara usar os e" (3s de u" orde"ador. ?. D!str!&u!r a c a5e de !ce"c!a de cua )u!er (a"era. @. I"te"tar descu&r!r de cua )u!er %or(a e c0d!#o %ue"te de So%t+are So%t4Boost. EACLUSIBN DE CARANTDA. So%t4Boost Ltd. se d!s'e"sa e<'resa(e"te de #ara"t2a a #u"a 'ara e So%t+are So%t4Boost. EL SOFTWARE SOFT4BOOST* ASD COMO TODA LA DOCUMENTACIBN RELACIONADA SE PROPORCIONA .TAL CUAL. SIN CARANTDA DE CUAL=UIER TIPO* EA SEA DE FORMA EAPRESA O IMPLDCITA* INCLUIDAS* AUN=UE NO DE MODO EACLUSIFO* LAS CARANTDAS IMPLDCITAS O LA COMERCIABILIDAD* O LA IDONEIDAD PARA CUAL=UIER PROPBSITO EN PARTICULAR. USTED ASUME TODA LA RESPONSABILIDAD DERIFADA DEL USO DEL SOFTWARE SOFT4BOOST. NO SE ASUME NINCUNA RESPONSABILIDAD POR DAGOS CONSECUENCIALES. EN NINCHN CASO SOFT4BOOST LTD SERIN RESPONSABLES ANTE USTED POR CUAL=UIER DAGO ESPECIAL* INCIDENTAL* INDIRECTO O CONSECUENCIAL -INCLUEENDO* SIN LIMITACIBN* PJRDIDA DE BENEFICIOS O A:ORROS* INTERRUPCIBN DE NECOCIO* PJRDIDA DE INFORMACIBN* O CUAL=UIER OTRA PJRDIDA PECUNIARA/ DERIFADOS DE LA UTILIKACIBN O IMPOSIBILIDAD DE USAR EL SOFWARE SOFT4BOOST. NOTA DE COPERIC:T. Co'$r!#4t-C/ So%t4Boost Ltd* Todos os derec4os reser5ados. =ueda" reser5ados todos os derec4os "o e<'resa(e"te co"ced!dos e" 5!rtud de esta "ot!%!cac!0".


A. Software License B. OpenCandy End User License Agreement (EULA) A. Software License You shou d carefu y read the fo owing terms and conditions which go!ern your use of the software. By c ic"ing on the Accept #utton at the end of the terms and conditions you agree to #e #ound #y the conditions of this icense. $f after reading the fo owing terms and conditions you do not wish to proceed with the use of the software you shou d not proceed to insta % copy% down oad or otherwise use the software. &A'( A) *E+E'AL CO+,$($O+S -.$C. A&&LY (O COOL/E,$A SO0(-A'E 1 ,E0$+$($O+S $n this License Agreement% un ess the conte2t otherwise re3uires% the fo terms ha!e the fo owing meanings)


1.1 4 Coo /edia4 means Coo /edia Ltd trading as Coo /edia and its successors and assigns. 1.5 4re ated items4 means manua s and documentation whether in hard copy or otherwise supp ied #y Coo /edia re ating to the software. 1.6 4software4 means the software product identified in the product order form which is a!ai a# e for insta ation% use or down oading and which is the su#7ect of this agreement. 5 L$CE+SE 5.1 Coo /edia grants you a non8e2c usi!e% non8transfera# e icense to use the software and the re ated items in accordance with the ,es"top (Section B)% Ser!er (Section C) or ,e!e opment (Section ,) software you ha!e purchased. 5.5 A sing e copy of the software may #e made #y you for #ac"8up purposes on y. You must on y use this copy as a #ac" up and it shou d not #e insta ed in a form which is capa# e of use. 5.9 E2cept as permitted in this agreement you may not ma"e or permit any other person to ma"e a copy of the software and you sha ta"e a reasona# e precautions to pre!ent any other person from #eing a# e to ma"e a copy of the software. 5.6 You may not assign or transfer the icense to the software to any other party without the written permission of Coo /edia. 5.: E2cept as permitted in this agreement% you must not re!erse engineer% decompi e% disassem# e% modify% trans ate% ma"e any attempt to disco!er the source code of the software% or create deri!ati!e wor"s from the Software. 5.; Coo /edia reser!es the right to modify the terms and conditions of this icense in its so e discretion at any time #y posting a re!ised !ersion of the icense on its we#site or #y otherwise ma"ing such re!ised terms a!ai a# e for re!iew to you. Any such modifications to this icense% inc uding any modifications to the warranty disc aimers or imitations of ia#i ity% wi supersede a prior !ersions after the re!ised !ersion has #een posted to the we#site or otherwise made a!ai a# e. Your continued use of the software after the !ariation constitutes your consent to the !ariation of the icense. 9 $+(ELLEC(UAL &'O&E'(Y 9.1 Su#7ect to c ause 9.5% you ac"now edge that Coo /edia is the proprietor of a industria % commercia and inte ectua property rights inc uding the copyright in the software and the re ated items and inc uding a !ersions or adaptations of the software and the re ated items. Coo /edia e2press y reser!es a such rights in accordance with internationa copyright aw e2cept those e2press y granted to you in this icense. 9.5 You ac"now edge that the software may incorporate or refer to products in which the Coo /edia is not the proprietor of the inte ectua property. Coo /edia ma"es no warranty as to the use or suita#i ity of such products and the inte ectua property rights of those products remain the property of their respecti!e proprietors.

-A''A+(Y A+, ,$SCLA$/E'

Coo /edia warrants that the software wi #e free from defects for a period of fourteen (16) days from the date of de i!ery of the software to you. Your so e remedy in the e!ent of a #reach of this warranty wi #e that Coo /edia% at its option% wi rep ace any defecti!e software returned to Coo /edia within the warranty period or refund the money you paid for the software. Coo /edia does not warrant that the software wi meet your re3uirements or that operation of the software wi #e uninterrupted or that the software wi #e error8free. (he a#o!e warranty is e2c usi!e and in ieu of a other warranties% whether e2press or imp ied% inc uding the imp ied warranties of merchanta#i ity% fitness for a particu ar purpose and non8infringement. (his warranty gi!es you specific ega rights. You may ha!e other rights% which !ary from country to country. ,isc aimer of damages 'egard ess of whether any remedy set out in purpose% in no e!ent wi Coo /edia #e ia# conse3uentia % indirect or simi ar damages% data arising out of the use or ina#i ity to has #een ad!ised of the possi#i ity of such ia#i ity e2ceed the purchase price for the this agreement fai s its essentia e to you for any specia % inc uding any ost profits or ost use the software e!en if Coo /edia damages. $n no case sha Coo /edia software. app y regard ess of whether

(he disc aimers and imitations set out a#o!e wi you accept the software.

: (E'/$+A($O+ :.1 Coo /edia sha #e entit ed to terminate this agreement at any time if you #reach any term of this agreement. :.5 $f this agreement is terminated for any reason% your copy of the software and the re ated items% together with any other copies or reproductions or su#stantia reproductions of the software sha #e returned to Coo /edia and at the re3uest of Coo /edia you sha certify that a such copies% reproductions or su#stantia reproductions ha!e #een returned or destroyed.

&A'( B) CO+,$($O+S -.$C. A&&LY (O COOL/E,$A ,ES<(O& SO0(-A'E You may on y use the software for the ma2imum num#er of users icensed to use the software at any one time which was specified in the product order form.

&A'( C) CO+,$($O+S -.$C. A&&LY (O COOL/E,$A SE'=E' SO0(-A'E You may on y insta and use the software on the ma2imum num#er of ser!ers icensed to use the software which was specified in the product order form. A ser!ers which use the software must #e icensed.

&A'( ,) CO+,$($O+S -.$C. A&&LY (O COOL/E,$A ,E=ELO&/E+( A+, 'U+($/E SO0(-A'E A+, ASSOC$A(E, 'E,$S('$BU($O+ '$*.(S ,e!e opment rights) You may insta the software on one computer on y for de!e opment. A other

computers used for de!e opment must ha!e a separate de!e opment icense. You may customi>e the software for specific re3uirements. You agree that Coo /edia retains ownership to the software. (he customi>ed software may not #e reso d or used for any third party de!e opment% commercia % distri#ution or production purposes other than in accordance with the 'edistri#ution rights #e ow. 'edistri#ution rights) $f you distri#ute your app ication(s) which incorporate the software% its components and any modifications of them made under a ,e!e oper License (4'untime software4) to third parties you must comp y with the fo owing re3uirements) L You must purchase a separate 'untime icense for each app ication you distri#ute to third parties? L You are so e y responsi# e for support% ser!ice and other technica assistance re3uired #y those third parties in respect of the 'untime software or your app ication? L You sha ensure that a such third parties consent to the terms contained in this icense agreement? L You sha indemnify Coo /edia against any c aims or ia#i ities arising out of the use of your app ication #y the third parties? L You wi maintain comp ete records regarding your use and distri#ution of the 'untime software and your app ications and upon reasona# e notice a ow Coo /edia to audit your records to determine your comp iance with this agreement (inc uding for a period of up to 5 years after termination of this agreement). Competiti!e &roduct 'estrictions 8 You may not customi>e or integrate the software or distri#ute 'untime software into or with an app ication that is genera y competiti!e with any of the Coo /edia product offerings.

B. OpenCandy End User License Agreement (EULA) ,ate of ast re!ision) /arch @% 5A15

&LEASE 'EA, (.ESE (E'/S BE0O'E &'OCEE,$+* -$(. (.E $+S(ALLA($O+ O0 (.E SO0(-A'E. BY A*'EE$+* (O (.ESE (E'/S YOU A'E *'A+($+* US &E'/$SS$O+ (O &'O=$,E 'ECO//E+,A($O+S O0 (.$', &A'(Y SO0(-A'E $+ ACCO',A+CE -$(. (.E 0OLLO-$+* (E'/S A+, (.E (E'/S O0 OU' &'$=ACY &OL$CY. 1. -hat -e ,o (he de!e oper of the software (4Software4) you are insta ing has chosen to use the OpenCandy +etwor" (4-e4) to pro!ide recommendations of other third party software. A third party software participating in the OpenCandy +etwor" must adhere to strict po icies that ensure on y comp iant software is recommended. $n the e!ent an OpenCandy recommendation is shown% the recommendations wi on y occur once during the insta ation of the Software. 5. .ow Our 'ecommendations -or" As part of the insta ation process% a temporary fi e transmits anonymous% non8 persona y identifia# e information a#out your computer system in order to he p us determine what third party software wou d #e appropriate to recommend. $f a recommendation is shown and you choose to insta such recommended third party software% then the third party software wi #e down oaded and insta ed. $f a

recommendation is not shown% or you choose not to insta such recommended third party software% then no third party software wi #e down oaded or insta ed. 'easona# e efforts are made to ensure any temporary fi es created are automatica y remo!ed after the insta ation process is comp eted% regard ess of whether a recommendation is made% and regard ess of whether you choose to insta any software. & ease note% howe!er% that some fi es may not #e a# e to remo!e themse !es unti the ne2t system restart. 9. 'ecommended (hird &arty Software You are +E=E' re3uired to insta any recommended third party software% and you wi not #e re3uired to insta any third party software as a condition to insta the Software. -e wi ne!er insta any third party software without your e2press consent. 'ecommended third party software is a so su#7ect to its own separate icense agreement(s). 6. .ow -e Use Your ,ata -e are strong ad!ocates for consumer pri!acy% and we do +O( co ect or store any persona y identifia# e information. Any information transmitted to our ser!ers is anonymous and may #e stored in the aggregate to he p us impro!e our ser!ices. A information is co ected and used in accordance with our &ri!acy &o icy% a!ai a# e at) http)BBwww.opencandy.comBpri!acy8po icy. :. ,$SCLA$/E'? L$/$(A($O+ O0 L$AB$L$(Y -E &'O=$,E ALL 'ECO//E+,A($O+S O' (.$', &A'(Y SO0(-A'E 4AS $S%4 4-$(. ALL 0AUL(S%4 A+, -$(.OU( A+Y -A''A+(Y -.A(SOE=E'% A+, ,$SCLA$/ ALL -A''A+($ES% EC&'ESS O' $/&L$E,% $+CLU,$+* A+Y $/&L$E, -A''A+($ES O0 /E'C.A+(AB$L$(Y% 0$(+ESS 0O' A+Y &A'($CULA' &U'&OSE% ($(LE O' +O+8$+0'$+*E/E+(. -E A'E +O( L$ABLE (O YOU O' A+Y O(.E' &E'SO+ 0O' A+Y $+C$,E+(AL% CO+SEDUE+($AL% S&EC$AL% ,$'EC(% $+,$'EC(% &U+$($=E O' ECE/&LA'Y ,A/A*ES $+ CO++EC($O+ -$(. A+Y 'ECO//E+,A($O+ O' (.$', &A'(Y SO0(-A'E. ;. /isce aneous

(hese (erms are go!erned #y and interpreted% construed and enforced in accordance with the aws of the State of Ca ifornia% United States of America% without respect to its choice of aw pro!isions. Any action is su#7ect to the e2c usi!e 7urisdiction of the state or federa courts in Ca ifornia% and you irre!oca# y su#mit to the persona 7urisdiction in such courts. @. (hird &arty Software Uninsta ation

-e ensure that a OpenCandy recommended third party software which may #e insta ed a ows for simp e uninsta ation without harming your computer% and without ea!ing fi es or app ications #ehind. $f you ha!e any feed#ac" or 3uestions% p ease emai icenseEopencandy.com. us at)

Free WMA to MP; Co"5erter 58.8? README.TAT Mod!< Tec4"o o#!es Ltd. E(a! : su''ortNMod!<.co( We&s!te: 4tt':OO+++.Mod!<.co(O+(a-(';-co"5erterO

Creet!"#s* a"d t4a"Ps %or us!"# Free WMA to MP; Co"5erterQ T4!s %! e co"ta!"s a 5ar!et$ o% !"%or(at!o" $ou s4ou d read &e%ore us!"# Free WMA to MP; Co"5erter* !"c ud!"#: I"troduct!o" I"sta at!o" Tec4"!ca Su''ort

I"troduct!o" RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Free WMA to MP; Co"5erter ca" co"5ert W!"do+s Med!a %! es to MP; %! es +4!c4 ca" &e ' a$ed !" MP; P a$ers. T4e %o o+!"# %or(ats are su''orted: W!"do+s Med!a Aud!o -S.+(a/ W!"do+s Med!a F!deo -S.+(5/T Ad5a"ced Strea( F! e -S.as%/T Free WMA to MP; Co"5erter !s a %ree+are a"d does "ot co"ta!" a"$ %or( o% (a +are* !"c ud!"# &ut "ot !(!ted to: s'$+are* 5!ruses* tro,a"s a"d &acPdoors. I"sta at!o" RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Ru" t4e %ree-+(a-(';-co"5erter.e<e t4at $ou 4a5e do+" oaded to !"sta Free WMA to MP; Co"5erterr. T4e !"sta at!o" +!6ard +! #u!de $ou t4rou#4 t4e !"sta 'rocess. P ease c4ecP our +e& s!te occas!o"a $ %or u'dates. Se5era e"4a"ced %eatures are ' a""ed %or %uture re eases.

Tec4"!ca Su''ort RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I% $ou 4a5e 'ro& e(s* co((e"ts or su##est!o"s* ' ease %ee %ree to 5!s!t 4tt':OO+++.Mod!<.co(O+(a-(';-co"5erterO to

#et 4e ' or co"tact us +!t4 E(a! : su''ortNMod!<.co( .