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Children are the hope of the nation.

It is up to the elderly whether they would shape a generation of miscreants, or have an idea that their time spent was worthwhile because of success through their children. Love your children today. Do not let them walk away from the path of righteousness just to be dubious juvenile deliquents. Let us unite in stopping the decrease of the age requirement today. I disagree with decreasing the age requirement for juvenile deliquents because of a few reasons. Inferior children would surely be abused, one could probably destroy a child s character in doing so, and after jail time, children may just continue a life of felony. !ecause of numerous criminals inside juvenile grounds, it is certain that young members are to wind up to trouble. It is inevitable that they are to undergo bullying simply because of their minor state. "hen, various unpleasant activities go in like rape not only to girls, but also boys and some boys may submit to their feminine side because of this. Injuries may also occur, like broken bones or wounds that are inconvenient to just about anyone that has not died just yet. Lastly, theft might also occur when it comes to juvenile provisions like toothbrushes, shoes and other necessary provisions to be used to get through the day. #ne should not put the children in the thunder dome of abuse, but also risk them in losing their character. $ebellion may occur because of the thirst for vengeance due to an unpleasant environment. $ecklessness may also be a result because of intense fights in jail and terrible role models. %urely, jail time would also result to depression that can be caused by home sickness, emotional issues and bullying inside the premises. &ail can never be a place for younbg minors and the weak for they would only be pummeled to the ground. 'fter some time in prison, some children may just turn away their lives and live a life of felony. !ecause of mind(breaking stress, young children would surely just turn to drugs for comfort. 'lso, because of dominant bullying, they could lose themselves and pick on the weak for self enlightment. "his type of lifestyle may later on lead to murder if given the certain level of conflict. !ecause of these vices, young children with under(developed mindsets may never see the light of day and continue life as a narrow(minded adult who turns to crime for a living. %ome people may disagree with my point of view. It is possible to see this entire topic at a different perspective depending on certain e)periences. %ome concerned and strict adults may permit this law because it my cause beneficial effects to society and lower the crime rates at the streets. !ut as an individual that is concerned with the welfare of the children, I believe that it is not practical to send young ones to dangerous environments. I believe that sending them to jail and opening their world to juvenile environments is very much immoral. It is not a bad idea to discipline young and na*ve individuals. It is just impractical to take their punishment to the ne)t level that would e)ceed moral discipline and cause damage to them that would prove to be a nuisance in the future. Children deserve love and prosperity among the domain of adults. +veryone needs emotional nourishment from others. "ake a leap of faith and let us love one another for the sake of a better tomorrow.