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By Dexter Livingstone 11/12/13

I would say right about now that we are half way between WALKING AWAY and RUNNING AWAY. The difference between now and the next detent slot between RUN and FLEE occurs just 15 minutes before 9am on a rapidly approaching Monday morning. The CYPRUS OUTBREAK was the result of a disease, a plague and a virus eating away at the stress compacted brains of Central Financial Planners. When will the next outbreak of BANK ZOMBISM hit and how widespread will its effects be? All I can assure you is that it will be VIRAL SPECTACULAR! Epidemiology is the study of how disease and viruses spread in man. Human like us were IMF officers (Advocates of the One-off Capital Levy/Theft from the Rich & Poor) and Central Bankers (Bootlegging Al Capones with warehouses filled with perpetual motion printing presses). Immune to this virus however are BILLTILLIANS (Billionaires with highly developed reptilian centers of their brains) like our deified and venerated George Soros (God of Sorrow). We are playing a game of FINANCIAL RISK for real and most dont even know the rules or the game like George and us! I invited this gorilla funder of Human Rights ($8bil) and breaker of the Bank of England for a TTM for strategizing and toasts! What we dont know he can tell us! Not that we always need to win like him all the time; its just that no one wants to lose any marbles when RUN suddenly turns to FLEE! (ATM Panic attack!) The victims of BANK ZOMBISM are you and me. (Actually probably just you now!) BANK ZOMBISM hit Cyprus right out of left field like the proverbial knife in the back! On this line you could say that Brutus came back spectacularly and Caesar slept on a cool damp bed of clay rather than on his own warm and comfy sumptuous bed of roses. Sure I speak allegorically, but none of us will ever forget the surprise and anguish the day that the dream of a new utopian ROME DIED! This Ship of States was apparently sold to the naive masses without a copper bottom! (Public spending Hull Rot piling up public debt as Captains carelessly run their Administrations aground!) The disease of BANK ZOMBISM continued to manifest in Europe when the largest European bank suddenly froze all gold deposits in the vaults and offered to pay depositors in freshly printed zeros; I mean Euros. Dumbfounded Millionaires watched their carefully placed REAL ASSET personal hedge funds vaporize and be replaced by dancing digits on a screen that they could see but not touch. Newly crafted CAPITAL CONTROLS suddenly made it impossible to move more than 1,500 Euros a day out of the bank and then flocks of TAX VULTURES suddenly materialized and were given new powers to seize assets on the premise that there just MIGHT be a tax issue and the owners would have to account for every mite in DOCUMENTS. (Submitting False or misleading financial documents are indictable offenses punishable by FORFEITURES and PRISON TERMS!) The above carriers of the BANK ZOMBIE VIRUS that caused these outbreaks were Humans; highly evolved and manicured bipeds with the capacity for INTELLIGENT and STRATEGIC PLANNING. They make careful decisions and can hide their tracks and have the ability to blind and stun their prey. They are hunters rather than the hunted and are endued with the skills and instincts of thousands of years of criminality. When a human like this carries the BANK ZOMBIE VIRUS the effect is sure to be calculated for maximum damage like a bolt of sheet lightning striking a stunned crowd in a spectacular PERFECT STORM! This I guarantee (I AM the Witch Doctor Livingstone!)

Every illness has a cure, every disease has a medicine, and every evil plan has a brilliant counter-plan!

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