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Springfield College Daily Lesson Plan

Name: Ryan Boddie Date: 11/26/13 Time: 909-956 Lesson #: 3 of 4 Grade: 9-12

School: Agawam High School Facilities: Big Gymnasium

Class Size: 20-30

Unit/Theme: Indoor Games Generic Level: proficient and utilization Equipment: 1. Soft gator ball 2. 4 mats 3. 4. 5. 6. Focus of Lesson: Indoor games Student Performance Objectives (SPO): (NASPE #___; MA CF #___ ; Task/Activity #___)
By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

(P) Demonstrate the ability to use proper kicking skill cues during the game (NASPE 1 MA CF 2.17 throughout the entire game). (C) State the proper skill cues for kicking before the game starts (NASPE 2 MA CF 2.17 Informing/instruction). (A) Cheer your team on in a positive way throughout the whole game (NASPE 5 MA CF 7.12 All game long). Check each objective is it specific? Is it achievable? Is it developmentally appropriate? Teacher Performance Objectives During the lesson the teacher will: Actively participate in the activity to set the mood for the students. Give feedback to the students even though I am in the game. Special Considerations What are the safety concerns? What is unique about the students in this class? Use communication to avoid running into each other while going after the ball or running around the bases. References: Mayors Youth Council. (n.d.). Mat ball rules. Retrieved from http://www.sfyouthforum.org/Mat Ball Rules.htm

5 minutes

SEQUENCE OF LESSON Attendance and changing time Warm up- 3 minute run and 10 sit ups, 10 push ups, and 10 jumping jacks



5 minutes


5 minutes

S Introduction/Informing: My name is Mr. Boddie S S S and I will be your teacher for this weeks lesson. Today we will be playing a game of Mat S S S Ball. T S S S Rules: S S S 1. Each team will keep track of their own score 2. After 6 outs teams switch 3. Players must go around the bases two times in order to score a point. 4. Players must tag up on a fly ball that is caught. 5. You can catch the ball for an out off any object in the Gym except the floor. 6. If you step off the base you must run to the next. 7. You can only hit people with a thrown ball below S S S the waist. 8. Arguing will result T S S S S S S in an out being called against

your team. All calls are decided by the teacher and are final. 9. The ball must be kicked forward of home plate. 10. Close calls at the base will go to the runner provided they hustled to get to the base. 11. One foot must be on the base at all Times or the runner must run to the next base. 12. A kicked ball that hits the ceiling is an automatic out. If a kicked ball hits the ceiling 13. Sliding into base is an automatic Out. 14. Teams must keep the same running order or it will be an automatic out. 15. If you are kicking S S S you are the only T S S S runner. S S S 16. Home Run is if you hit the back wall on a fly or it is kicked into the hoop 17. No Bunting 18. Cheer your team on the whole time Ask the students to state the rules just to make sure that they know what

the rules are and are not just saying they know. 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 Review some of the skills that will be used T 1-2 1-2 1-2 during the lesson by asking the students if 1-2 1-2 they know the skill cues 1-2 1-2 for each skill being used. Transition: Have the students get with a partner who is of the same kicking ability as they are. Then have each student choose a number 1 or 2. 1 will be hitting and 2s are in the field. Once the teams are split up and when they are hitting it will be boy girl order and they have to remember who they bat after. Play the game- 3 outs then switch- repeat process until time is up Transition: bring it to the middle of the gymnasium for closure Closure: What skills were utilized in todays lesson? Name 5 rules for todays game. Name 2 skill cues that go along with the skills discussed.
6 minutes

3rd 2

2 2 T

2nd 2




4 minutes

18 minutes

2 minutes


3 minutes

Transition: Go change

and get ready for the next class