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LESSON PLAN - ENGLISH LESSON : 25th April 2013 (Thursday) : Form 2 Kemboja : 35 / 35 : Intermediate : 80 minutes (double period) : Environment

: Earth Alert (Pollution and effects of pollution) : Writing : Reading and Speaking : 2.0 Language for Informational Use 2.1 Obtain information for different purposes by: b. reading materials such as articles in print and in electronic media. 2.2 Process information by: a. skimming and scanning for specific information and ideas; 2.3 Presenting information to different audience by: a. writing directions, instructions, recounts, announcements, using appropriate format and conventions;

Date Class Number of Pupils Level Time Theme Topic Main Skills Integrated Skills Curriculum Specification

Learning Outcomes/ Objectives : By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: i) Rearrange correctly at least 3 out of 6 jumbled words in the worksheet given with the help of pictures included. ii) iii) Recite the poem in the worksheet given with at least 80% correct pronunciation. Answer the multiple choice questions in the worksheet given with at least 4 correct answers out of 6 questions. iv) Write a speech about 150 words based on the points and format given within 20 minutes.

Language Input Teaching Aids Moral Values Educational Emphasis

: Verb : Worksheet, Poem and Notes : Gratitude and love for the environment

Stage / Time


Teaching and Learning Activities Teacher Student



Set Induction (10 minutes)

Picture-stimulus worksheet

1. Teacher distributes worksheet. (Appendix Week 5, Lesson 1b)

1. Students will complete the worksheet given.

- To engage students attention to the topic of the lesson.

Resources: Worksheet

2. Teacher asks students to complete the worksheet.

3. Students give their opinion about the topic.

- To instill awareness on the effects of pollution to the environment.

4. Teacher introduces the topic and asks students opinion about the topic. Activity 1 (30 minutes) Poem reading 1. Teacher distributes a poem 1. Students read the

To train students pronunciation.

Resources: Poem

and a worksheet. (Appendix: poem loudly and Week 5, Lesson 2b. 2. Teacher asks some students to recite the poem in front of with correct pronunciation. 2. Students


the class.

complete the worksheet.

3. Teacher asks students to complete the worksheet containing 6 MCQs questions. Activity 2 (10 minutes) Grammar practice 1. Teacher distributes notes on the topic verb (Appendix: Week 5, Lesson 3b) 1. Students listen to teachers explanation on the topic verb. 2. Teacher asks students to work on grammar worksheet. Worksheet To refresh students grammar on verb. Resources: Notes

2. Students answer the worksheet given.

Activity 3 (25 minutes)

Writing a speech

1. Teacher briefs on how to write a speech. (Appendix: Week 5, Lesson 4b. 2. Teacher asks students to produce a simple speech based on the points given.

1. Students listen to teachers explanation on the format of speech. 2. Students work on writing a speech using all the points 4

Resources: Notes


given. To reinforce students understanding on the topic.

Closure (5 minutes)


1. Teacher asks students about the lesson. 2. Teacher distributes worksheet as homework to students. (Appendix Week 5, Lesson 5b) 3. Teacher praises the students.

1. Students give feedback about the lesson.

Resources: Worksheet