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Larra Cuffley Red Carpet Reading at the Library Award Winning Book Club Proposed Program: A monthly book

k club for children in grades 3, 4 and 5 that will focus on award winning texts both fiction and non-fiction, with a greater emphasis on non-fiction text in order to assist children with the standards of the Common Core Curriculum. We will choose books from a variety of award categories, including Caldecott, Newbery, Edgar, Wilder, Coretta Scott King, and Sibert. The Sibert winners, which are informational text, will be a main focus of the ongoing programs. Purpose: The mission of the Howard County Library System is education for all. This series of classes would strive to complement, rather than compete with the curriculum of the school system. In an effort to assist students with the transition from county and state standards to the new Common Core, a series of book club meetings will strengthen the skills of intermediate readers in a setting that can be both fun and educational. Additionally, a goal is to spark interest in discovering award-winning books, including famous winners in several categories. Potential Partners: Howard County Public School System and school media specialists. Event Set-Up:
One quarter prior to class: -Meet with supervisor to obtain permission for the program and discuss format, class number maximum and goals. -Reserve branch meeting room or childrens classroom. -Submit description of class for Howard County Library Systems event publication, Source. One month prior to class: -Request/reserve additional copies of book selections from other HCLS branches, if necessary. -Order award posters from ALA.org to display and use for a springboard for future book selections and discussions. Two weeks prior to class: -Print fliers for display in lobby and at childrens information desk. -Verify that information in Evanced is correct and ready for open registration. -Secure any necessary materials or office supplies for class. One Week Prior to Class: -Registration opens/monitor sign-up data -Ask childrens, adult, and customer service staff to promote class to age appropriate customers. Day of Class: -Set up tables/chairs in an arrangement conducive to a book discussion small group. -Arrange materials and books in an aesthetically pleasing display, set out bottles of water for refreshment. -Prepare nametags.

Evaluation: Ideally, students will show growth over time in the areas of reading, speaking and listening as they apply skills in the reading and comprehension of challenging informational text as defined by goals of the Common Core Curriculum.

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Red Carpet Reading at the Library Award Winning Book Club
Contact: Larra Cuffley Telephone: 410.313.5579 Email: larra.cuffley@hclibrary.org Location: Glenwood Branch of the Howard County Library System *April 17, 2014 at 7:00pm Ages: Children is grades 3, 4 and 5.

Join us as award-winning books make their red carpet debut at the Glenwood Branch! This series class will provide an introduction to a wide variety of award winning non-fiction and fiction text. Have you seen the glossy Caldecott and Newbery posters on display here in the library and in your school media center? Maybe you have also noticed the shiny, metallic round medal stickers on the front of some books? Do you know what these awards represent and how do the books even win the awards? How many winners have you read? The Caldecott and Newbery name is probably familiar to you, but what about the Edgar Awards, the Wilder Award, the Coretta Scott King Award, and the Sibert Award? Join us in exploring award winners from several categories, including nonfiction, informational category winners. Registration is required and will be limited to 15 participants. For more information, call 410.313.5579 or visit www.hclibrary.org Visit our facebook page for announcements about this class and other great events at the library.
*For the purpose of this press release, dates and times have been estimated. Actual program is in development for a future date.