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Brian S. Geraci State Fire Marshal

PIKESVILLE, MD (December 17, 2013) – Although rare, fires occurring when dispensing gasoline into ehicles and appro ed containers can result in a sudden flash fire directl! resulting from a static electricit! spar"# A spar" caused b! static electricit! can $uic"l! ignite gasoline apors in or around the fuel fill site# %hen dr! (low humidit!) conditions e&ist, the potential for static electricit! rises# 'tatic electricit! de elops while entering and e&iting !our ehicle# (t is ad ised to touch a metal area awa! from the fill location on the ehicle to discharge an! static built up from contact with the seat before touching the no))le# Although it is a best practice to a oid re*entering !our ehicle after beginning the refueling process, if !ou find it necessar! to enter the ehicle again, touch the e&terior metal area of the ehicle before handling the no))le# “Serious injury or death can quickly change the outcome of a seemingly simple task when dispensing gasoline”, stated 'tate +ire ,arshal -rian '# .eraci# “Please educate yourself and share the following safety tips with others when filling vehicles and containers”.        /lease follow the safet! instructions pro ided on decals located on the gas pump housing# Alwa!s turn*off ehicle engine when refueling# 'ta! near the no))le during the refueling process# 0efrain from re*entering !our ehicle# (f !ou must re*enter the ehicle, discharge an! static charge b! touching a metal area li"e the car door before touching the no))le# %hen filling appro ed containers, alwa!s place the container on the ground, ne er fill containers on a ehicle or trailer# 1eep the no))le in direct contact with the appro ed container while filling# (f a fire occurs, do not remo e the no))le# 2ea e the area immediatel! and call for assistance#

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3he 4ffice of the 'tate +ire ,arshal is an agenc! of the Department of 'tate /olice dedicated to helping protect citi)ens from fire and e&plosion through a comprehensi e program of education, inspection, in estigation and fire protection engineering# +or more information on fire safet! call 1*500*626*3127, log onto our website at8 www#mdsp#org9firemarshal and9or http899faceboo"#com9,ar!land'tate+ire,arshal#
,edia contact8 -ruce D# -ouch, Deput! 'tate +ire ,arshal: 773*327*;57;

1201 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, MD 21208