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I joined WFCC just over a year ago with the goal to improve my health (being Type 1 diabetic), trans orm my body (i!e lose weight) and become a better role model or my young daughters! I reali"ed that I have had to ma#e major changes to my li estyle and that o my amily, in order to reach these goals! Wor#ing with personal trainers, I have improved my heart rate, balance, strength, endurance and overall wellbeing! The evidence being music time with my $ and % year old girls! &reviously I wouldn't dance with them, I would sit and clap along, out o breath! (ow I can dance easily or at least )* minutes with them and laugh and enjoy every moment+ ,espite these ama"ing changes, my si"e hadn't really changed! -o in (ovember, I decided that perhaps our household diet was not as balanced as I believed! We don't eat processed meals! We don't use pre.made sauces, grab and go snac#s We ma#e our meals rom scratch using resh ingredients! We eat at the table three times a day, have small snac#s in between! /eally, what could be wrong with our diet0 It wasn't until I started the 11 wee# (utritional program with 2ona and I started trac#ing everything I ate, the activity that I did, how much water I would drin#, that I reali"ed how much sugar was hidden in our ood choices that would hinder my goals! It became evident that some o my eating habits were putting stress on my body and in short, preventing me rom seeing change! 2ona's program has introduced me to healthier ood choices, while not really sacri icing anything I that I loved! 3es, I had to eliminate some avorites, li#e bread at night or a snac# or potatoes with every dinner4 chocolate is now something that I thin# twice about be ore devouring! 5ut I don't even miss those things any more! I have ound alternatives that are better or my body, but still satis y my cravings! I have essentially changed the way I shop and am more conscious o the ood labels and what it is that I need! 2ona has provided such a wealth o #nowledge or oods to buy, oods to avoid, vitamins and supplements that I should be ta#ing because my body can't get what it needs rom ood that are speci ic to my li#es and needs! -he provided me with a very in depth analysis o my health, created a personali"ed plan o action and has supported me along the way so that ma#ing 6IF7 changes wasn't a solo operation! 7ach wee# we would review my ood inta#e and tal# about the things that I did well and what I could change to improve even more! Coo#ing tips, recipes, brands to loo# or, grocery savings, the list goes on! 8er support has been phenomenal! I remember a ter the second wee# telling her that I was eeling li#e I did when I had 9uit smo#ing 1) years prior! Change is not easy! The best part o my e:perience is that my whole amily is reaping the bene its and now I'm seeing the results! I've dropped inches rom my measurements, am wearing jeans that I wore pre.children and I eel as though I have a spring in my step! 5est o all, I now have the energy and strength to ride our bi#es everywhere in the summer, I swim with them, play with them and enjoy every moment+ What more can I as# or0 ;reat things are bound to #eep happening+ Clara 5issett