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Kayla Urquhart Senior Seminar Communication Course Competencies

Fundamentals of Communications COM 1010 Fundamentals of Communication used writing, oral presentations and research to learn the fundamentals of communication. By writing, researching and presentations teaches you the basic skills you need to be a Communication major. The competencies that were applied in this course were oral communication and written communication. Intro to Mass Communication COM 1300 Intro to Mass Com taught the aspects of the communication industry. If it wasnt for this class I would not be interested in PR. This is a very important class because it not only shows the history of the industry but also goes into what the future will bring. The competency that I took away from this class was written communication. Communication Scholars Colloquium- COM 1001 This class was more of a discussion class with other communication scholars. The competencies that were targeted in this class were oral communication and critical thinking. Writing for Communication-COM 2230 Writing for Communciation really introduced me into the type of writing that is used in the Communication industry. It really targeted format, grammar and style and improved my writing. Not only did it target the foundations of writing it helped me understand different types of writing used in the Communication world. Competencies in this course were written communication and critical thinking.

Principles of Public Relations- COM 2790 This was the first PR class that I took at Curry. This class showed the basic aspects of the PR field. This class used mostly writing and history to show what Public Relations is and what its like to be in the PR industry. The competencies that I look away from this course were written communication and historical recognition. Public Relations Case Studies- COM 3440 PR case study used historical context to show the good and bad of Public Relations. It showed the major achievements of PR professionals but also we had to apply critical thinking to the cases, to see what we would do different or the same. Managerial Communication- COM 2100 Managerial communication is one of my favorite classes I have taken at Curry. It included historical context, writing and oral presentations. Not only did it help me improve my writing and public speaking it helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. This class I would say covered all of Currys Communication competencies, which are oral communication, written communication, historical recognition, aesthetic sensibility, adapting & innovation and critical thinking. All of these were applied in this course. Publicity Techniques- COM 2800 This class was mostly writing, but it was like writing boot camp. This class showed me how important it is to re-read papers, spelling and grammar and how in the real world you wouldnt just get points deducted. One competency that really stuck out in this course was written communication. News Writing/ Multimedia Writing COM 2900

News writing also improved my writing skills. It showed me what it would be like to be a journalist and how to conduct research to write the perfect article. In this course I found the written communication competency most relevant. Communication Research- COM 3960 This class was extremely helpful! This class introduced me to the proper way to write a research paper but also how to conduct research. Com Research focused on the research and written competencies. Career Speech- COM 1030 This class improved my public speaking skills a ton. Out of all of the Communication learning outcomes I would say that the two that stuck out to me was oral communication and historical recognition.

Leadership Communication- COM 2180 This class is also a class that focused on all of Currys Communication competencies. I learned so much from this class, and my public speaking and writing skills improved significantly.

Persuasion- COM 3040 This is my favorite class that I have taken at Curry. Not only did I continue to improve my oral and written communication skills. I was able to gain confidence in my communications. With this said I think hat every competency is applied in this course. This is a course I would recommend to every student, not just communication majors. Communication Issues: Senior Seminar COM 3902

This course I would say tied all of my Communication classes together. The class was able to discuss communication as a whole and issues in todays society. This is another course where I think all of the competencies were relevant in the coursework.