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What is an election?

Canadian citizens vote for the candidate that will best represent them. (Question 1)

According to the Constitution Act national elections must be held at least once every five years. (Question 2)

Cost of Elections
According to the Toronto Star: According to the budget, every election costs the taxpayers $300 million annually.

How often are elections held?

At least every five years.

Names for electoral districts?

These regions are called ridings or constituencies. (Question 3)

1. Must be nominated or chosen by party members. (nomination meeting - vote) 2. If they do not belong to a party can run as an independent. (Question 4)

How is a winner determined?

The candidate who gets the most votes in their ridings wins the riding and becomes an MP for that constituency

(Question 5)

What party forms government?

The party with most number of elected MPs from across the country usually forms the Government. The leader of that party becomes the Prime Minister.

(Question 6)

Majority Government

The green party has over 50% of seats, and is in power.


Minority Government

If a political party wins the most seats in the HOC, but not the majority of seats, it usually forms the government. However, to stay in power the blue party would need to negotiate with at least one other party in the HOC to ensure that more than 50% of the MPs in the HOC would vote for the governments proposals.

Minority Government

For example, the image on the right shows that the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) has the majority of votes, but not over 50% of the seats, giving them a minority government.

2004 - 2011 Results

2004 2006 2008 2011
Green 135 103 77 34 Lib Con NDP Bloq 99 19 54 0 124 29 51 0 147 37 49 0 166 103 4 1

September 2011

Who asks the GG to dissolve Parliament?

The PM asks the GG to end/dissolve Parliament and call an election.

Question 7

Three Situations:

Dissolution (the act of dissolving) occurs when:

The Governments fixed four-year term is complete The Government loses vote on certain important bills (budget for example) in the HOC A majority of MPs vote to defeat the Government in the HOC on a vote of confidence again voting against a certain important bill, such as the budget (Question 8)

What is a campaign?

A campaign occurs after an election is called, but before the voting begins. During this time each candidate competes against other candidates in their riding to convince voters why they are the best choice. (Question 9 Part 1 )

How does a candidate get their message across?

Campaign signs Door to door canvassing Advertising campaigns TV, radio, billboards, newspaper Public meetings Debates

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