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By Kenneth E.

Second Edition Eleventh Printing 1994 ISBN 0-892 !-014-1 In the ".S. #rite$ Kenneth Hagin %ini&trie& P.'. Bo( )012! *+l&a, 'K 41)0-012! In -anada .rite$ Kenneth Hagin %ini&trie& P.'. Bo( //), Station 0 Eto1ico2e, 'ntario -anada, %93 44/

-o5yright 6 198/ 7HE%3 Bi1le -h+rch 3K3 Kenneth Hagin %ini&trie&, Inc. 3ll 7ight& 7e&erved Printed in "S3

*he 8aith Shield i& a trade9ar2 o: 7HE%3 Bi1le -h+rch, a2a Kenneth Hagin %ini&trie&, Inc., regi&tered .ith the ".S. Patent and *rade9ar2 '::ice and there:ore 9ay not 1e d+5licated.

1 ;e&+& -hri&t, '+r High Prie&t................................................... ) 2 ;e&+& -hri&t, '+r 3dvocate.................................................... 1/ / ;e&+& -hri&t, '+r Interce&&or.................................................. 21 4 ;e&+& -hri&t, '+r She5herd.................................................... 29

Chapter 1

Jesus Christ, Our High Priest

But Christ being come an high priest of good things to come, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say, not of this building; Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us. He1re.& 9$11,12
*he high 5rie&tly 9ini&try o: -hri&t at the right hand o: the 8ather i& one o: the rare&t :eat+re& o: the revelation given to the 35o&tle Pa+l. In the e5i&tle&, Pa+l not only tell& +& .hat -hri&t did :or +& in Hi& &+1&tit+tionary .or2 on the cro&&< he al&o tell& +& .hat the Holy S5irit doe& in o+r individ+al live&. %any theologian& and &cholar& =+e&tion the a+thor&hi5 o: the Boo2 o: He1re.&. So9e do not thin2 Pa+l i& the a+thor. I 1elieve, ho.ever, that it i& =+ite concl+&ive that thi& 1oo2 i& 5art o: the Pa+line revelation, 1eca+&e He1re.& :it& into it li2e 5art o: a >ig&a. 5+??le, and the lang+age i& that o: Pa+l. *he Boo2 o: He1re.& i& a revelation o: .hat ;e&+& did :ro9 the ti9e He .a& 9ade &in on the cro&& +ntil He &at do.n on the right hand o: %a>e&ty on High. -hri&t@& entire rede95tive .or2 i& &ho.n in thi& .onder:+l +nveiling in He1re.&. *here are re:erence& to thi& .or2 el&e.here in the Ne. *e&ta9ent, 1+t thi& revelation i& :o+nd 5ri9arily in He1re.&. *here are :o+r 5ha&e& to thi& revelation that Aod gave Pa+l$ B1C #hat Aod, thro+gh -hri&t, did :or +& in Hi& great &+1&tit+tion< B2C #hat the Holy S5irit, thro+gh the #ord, doe& in +& in the )

The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

Ne. Birth and the in:illing o: the Holy S5irit< B/C #hat ;e&+& i& doing :or +& no. in Hi& 5re&ent-day 9ini&try at the right hand o: Aod< B4C #hat Hi& #ord and Hi& love do thro+gh +& in 9ini&tering. *hro+gh the year&, .e 1eliever& have &5ent a great deal o: ti9e &t+dying .hat -hri&t ha& done :or +&. %o&t &er9on& are along that line. Ho.ever, very little ti9e ha& 1een &5ent &t+dying .hat He doe& in +&. 3nd even le&& ti9e ha& 1een &5ent &t+dying .hat He i& doing :or +& now in Hi& great high 5rie&tly o::ice at the right hand o: the 8ather. Det Hi& entire 9ini&try :or +& .o+ld not have 1een co95lete i: He .ere not carrying on a 9ini&try no. in o+r 1ehal: at the right hand o: Aod. ;e&+&@ :ir&t 9ini&try a:ter Hi& resurrection i& 9entioned in ;ohn 20$
JOHN 20:11,15-17 11 But Mary stood without at the sepulchre weepin : and as she wept, she stooped down, and loo!ed into the sepulchre" 15 Jesus saith unto her, #o$an, why weepest thou% who$ see!est thou% &he, supposin hi$ to 'e the ardener, saith unto hi$, &ir, i( thou ha)e 'orne hi$ hence, tell $e where thou hast laid hi$, and * will ta!e hi$ away" 1+ Jesus saith unto her, Mary" &he turned hersel(, and saith unto hi$, ,a''oni- which is to say, Master" 17 Jesus saith unto her, .ouch $e not- (or * a$ not yet ascended to $y /ather: 'ut o to $y 'rethren, and say unto the$, * ascend unto $y /ather, and your /ather- and to $y 0od, and your 0od"

-hri&t i& not tal2ing in thi& 5a&&age a1o+t Hi& ascension and 1eing &eated at the right hand o: the 8ather, 1eca+&e >+&t a &hort ti9e later He a55eared again< thi& ti9e to Hi& di&ci5le&. BHi& act+al a&cen&ion didn@t ha55en :or 9any day& a:ter.ard&.C *he di&ci5le& tho+ght He .a& a gho&t, 1+t He &aid, E... handle me...

$esus Christ, %ur &igh riest


for a spirit hath not flesh and bones( BF+2e 24$/9C. #hy did ;e&+& &ay to %ary, (Touch me not,E yet a &hort ti9e later He in&tr+cted Hi& di&ci5le& to to+ch Hi9G Beca+&e .hen %ary &a. Hi9, He .a& on Hi& .ay to enter into the heavenly Holy o: Holie& to 5re&ent Hi& 1lood a& an eternal o::ering or &acri:ice :or o+r &in&. $esus died as a lamb, but &e arose as the )ord &igh riest* 3nd the #ord tell& +& that He i& a 9erci:+l and :aith:+l High Prie&t< not >+&t in thing& 5ertaining to 9en, 1+t al&o in thing& 5ertaining to Aod$
H1B,1#& 2:12-17 12 /oras$uch then as the children are parta!ers o( (lesh and 'lood, he also hi$sel( li!ewise too! part o( the sa$e- that throu h death he $i ht destroy hi$ that had the power o( death, that is, the de)il15 3nd deli)er the$ who throu h (ear o( death were all their li(eti$e su'4ect to 'onda e" 1+ /or )erily he too! not on hi$ the nature o( an els'ut he too! on hi$ the seed o( 3'raha$" 17 #here(ore in all thin s it 'eho)ed hi$ to 'e $ade li!e unto his 'rethren, that he $i ht 'e a $erci(ul and (aith(ul hi h priest in thin s pertainin to 0od, to $a!e reconciliation (or the sins o( the people"

*he clai9& o: ;+&tice had to 1e &ati&:ied in thing& 5ertaining to Aod. It .a& nece&&ary that -hri&t a& a High Prie&t 9a2e 5ro5itiation :or the &in& o: the 5eo5le. He had to carry Hi& 1lood into the heavenly Holy o: Holie& and &eal the doc+9ent o: o+r rede95tion .ith it.
H1B,1#& 5:11,12 11 But 6hrist 'ein co$e an hi h priest o( ood thin s to co$e, 'y a reater and $ore per(ect ta'ernacle, not $ade with hands, that is to say, not o( this 'uildin 12 Neither 'y the 'lood o( oats and cal)es, 'ut 'y his own 'lood he entered in once into the holy place, ha)in o'tained eternal rede$ption (or us"

The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

"nder the 'ld -ovenant, .hich Pa+l i& re:erring to here, the High Prie&t entered the Holy o: Holie& once a year and o::ered the 1lood o: innocent ani9al& &lain a& a &acri:ice :or the &in& o: the 5eo5le. *h+&, the 5eo5le@& &in& .o+ld 1e covered :or another year. But Christ entered in once for all *hi& i& one 9ini&try He never ha& to re5eat$ He doe& not enter the Holy o: Holie& year a:ter year a& the High Prie&t o: old did. He entered in once and :or all to o1tain an eternal redemption :or +&. Hi& 1lood i& the g+arantee, &o to &5ea2, o: o+r rede95tion. *hi& i& .hat He .a& on the .ay to do .hen %ary &a. Hi9 and He told her, E0on@t to+ch 9e.E He already had ta2en care o: o+r rede95tion .hen the di&ci5le& &a. Hi9 a little later, 1eca+&e He &aid, ENo. yo+ can to+ch 9e.E 3:ter.ard&, .hen -hri&t a&cended to heaven and &at do.n at the right hand o: the 8ather, He 1egan another 9ini&try, an ongoing high 5rie&tly 9ini&try a& o+r 3dvocate, %ediator, Interce&&or, and She5herd. *he .ord tran&lated Eatone9entE in 7o9an& )$11 i& act+ally Erede95tion.E E3tone9entE i& an 'ld *e&ta9ent .ord .hich &i95ly 9ean& to cover the &in& o: I&rael .hile the &in& .ere 1orne a.ay 1y the &ca5egoat. *he nat+re in 9an that had ca+&ed hi9 to &in re9ained to 1e dealt .ithHthat nat+re in 9an that 9ade hi9 lie, &teal, and 1rea2 the la.. "nder the Ne. -ovenant, ;e&+& dealt .ith that &in-nat+re. &e too, that nature away by the sacrifice of &imself.
H1B,1#& 5:22-2+ 22 /or 6hrist is not entered into the holy places $ade with hands, which are the (i ures o( the true- 'ut into hea)en itsel(, now to appear in the presence o( 0od (or us: 25 Nor yet that he should o((er hi$sel( o(ten, as the hi h priest entereth into the holy place e)ery year with 'lood o( others2+ /or then $ust he o(ten ha)e su((ered since the

$esus Christ, %ur &igh riest (oundation o( the world: 'ut now once in the end o( the world hath he appeared to put away sin 'y the sacri(ice o( hi$sel("

Notice the Scri5t+re doe&n@t &ay E&in&.E Sin& are deed& or act& that are .rong. It &ay& E&in,E re:erring to 9an@& &in-nat+reHthe thing that ca+&ed hi9 to do .hat he did.
H1B,1#& 5:27 27 &o 6hrist was once o((ered to 'ear the sins o( $any- and unto the$ that loo! (or hi$ shall he appear the second ti$e without sin unto sal)ation"

-hri&t not only 1ore o+r sins Bo+r deed& and act& o: .rongdoingC< He 1ore o+r sin B9an@& &in-nat+reC. 3:ter all, it .o+ld not do 9e any good :or -hri&t to 1ear >+&t 9y &in&HI &till .o+ld have that old &in-nat+re in 9e, and I co+ld not hel5 1+t do .rong. I &till .o+ld 1e the &a9e 2ind o: creat+re I al.ay& had 1een. B+t .hen He 5+t a.ay &in 1y the &acri:ice o: Hi9&el:, ;e&+& did &o9ething a1o+t that &in-nat+re that ca+&ed 9e to &in. 3nd He did it once and :or all. #hen I acce5ted ;e&+& a& 9y Savior and con:e&&ed Hi9 a& 9y Ford, the Holy S5irit did &o9ething in 9e. *hi& i& al&o 5art o: the Pa+line revelation not :o+nd any.here el&e in the Ne. *e&ta9ent. 8or e(a95le, Second -orinthian& )$1 &ay&, (Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. old things are passed away I0o yo+ 2no. .hat thi& old thing i& that 5a&&ed a.ayG It i& the old &in-nat+re.J...all things are become new.E Do+ have a ne. nat+re in&ideK 3t the very 9o9ent yo+ .ere 1orn again, that in.ard nat+re .a& changedK I :o+nd that tr+e in 9y o.n li:e. I had never heard it 5reached, 1+t I di&covered i99ediately a:ter 1eing 1orn again that the thing& I had 1een &o concerned a1o+t .ere gone. %y nat+re .a& changed. *he thing& I once loved I no longer loved. *he thing& I once hated I no. loved. *he E.ant toE or de&ire to


The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

do .rong .a& gone. B*hat doe&n@t 9ean that I haven@t :ailed &ince then.C "nder thi& 0i&5en&ation o: the Holy S5irit, .e have a 1etter covenantK *hro+gh the Ne. Birth that .e e(5erience, -hri&t too2 a.ay o+r old &in-nat+re and gave +& the li:e and nat+re o: Aod. *he E.ant-toE to.ard &in i& gone. *he de&tr+ction o: o+r &in-nat+re re=+ired, ho.ever, that Aod@& 1eloved Son 1eco9e &in :or +&$
2 6O,*N.H*3N& 5:21 21 /or he hath $ade hi$ to 'e sin (or us, who !new no sin- that we $i ht 'e $ade the ri hteousness o( 0od in hi$"

No .onder ;e&+& cried o+t on the cro&& .hen He .a& 9ade to 1e &in, (#y 1od, my 1od, why hast thou forsa,en me2( B%att. 2 $4!C. Aod had :or&a2en Hi9 1eca+&e He .a& ta2ing o+r 5lace. He 1eca9e .hat .e .ere. He too2 o+r &in that .e 9ight 1eco9e righteo+&. He too2 o+r &5irit+al death that .e 9ight have eternal li:e. He too2 o+r o&traci&9, o+r o+tla.ed nat+re, that .e 9ight 1eco9e &on& o: Aod. Ho. 9arvelo+& i& the +n9ea&+red grace o: Aod a& +nveiled in the &acri:ice o: ;e&+&K ;e&+& carried Hi& o.n 1lood into the heavenly Holy o: Holie&, th+& cancelling the need :or the High Prie&t to 9a2e an ann+al atone9ent. In&tead, ;e&+& gave +& eternal redemption* ;e&+& .a& 9ade &in. He .a& +nder conde9nation 1eca+&e .e .ere +nder conde9nation. 8or three day& and night& He .a& loc2ed +5 in the 5ri&on ho+&e o: death 1eca+&e that i& .here .e &ho+ld have gone. He 1eca9e o+r S+1&tit+te and too2 o+r 5lace. He 9et the de9and& o: ;+&tice and li1erated +&K "ntil then no one co+ld 1e 1orn again. *he 'ld *e&ta9ent 1eliever& .ere not 1orn again. *hey .ere &aved a& :ar a& Aod@& 5lan o: &alvation then .a& concernedHtheir &in& .ere :orgivenH1+t they .ere not 1orn

$esus Christ, %ur &igh riest


again. I: yo+ &in a:ter yo+ are 1orn again, yo+ can con:e&& yo+r &in& and Aod .ill :orgive yo+ B1 ;ohn 1$9C, 1+t yo+ aren@t 1orn again a &econd ti9e. No one i& ever 1orn again t.ice. I: yo+ .ere 1orn again every ti9e yo+r &in& .ere :orgiven, &o9e 5eo5le .o+ld 1e 1orn again a 9illion ti9e&. Do+ can@t 1e 9ade a ne. creat+re 9ore than once. In the 'ld *e&ta9ent .e read that So-and-&o 1egat So-and&o. It .a& nece&&ary that the ;e.& 2ee5 their genealogy. "nder the Ne. -ovenant, ho.ever, .e can .rite o+r genealogy in :o+r .ord&$ (3e are of 1od( B1 ;ohn 4$4C. #e are 1orn o: AodK

Chapter 2

Jesus Christ, Our Advocate

4f we confess our sins, he is faithful and 5ust to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 4f we say that we have not sinned, we ma,e him a liar, and his word is not in us. #y little children, these things write 4 unto you, that ye sin not. 6nd if any man sin, we have an advocate with the 7ather, $esus Christ the righteous. 6nd he is the propitiation for our sins. and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world. 1 ;ohn 1$9,10< 2$1,2
*he .ord EadvocateE 9ean& la.yer, or one .ho 5lead& o+r ca+&e or ca&e. #hen the 1eliever i& te95ted and Satan gain& 9a&tery over hi9, the 1eliever can clai9 the 5ro9i&e o: 8ir&t ;ohn 1$9, (4f we confess our sins, he is faithful and 5ust to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.E *he 35o&tle ;ohn .ent on to &ay, (#y little children....E %an 5+t the arti:icial divi&ion& 1et.een the&e cha5ter&< ;ohn did not .rite in cha5ter& and ver&e& li2e thi&. *here:ore, reading the :o+r ver&e& o: o+r te(t in se8uence, .e can &ee that ;ohn .a& not .riting to &inner&< he .a& .riting to -hri&tian&. 8ir&t ;ohn 1$9 o:ten i& =+oted to &inner&, telling the9 to con:e&& their &in&. Aod didn@t tell the9 to. It .o+ld 1e i95o&&i1le :or a &inner to con:e&& every .rong he had ever done, 1eca+&e hi& .hole li:e i& .rongK No, thi& ver&e .a& .ritten to -hri&tian&. ;ohn .rite&, (#y little children I1eca+&e they .ere &aved +nder hi& 9ini&try and .ere hi& &5irit+al childrenJ these things write 4 unto you, that ye sin not. 6nd if any man sin, we have an 1/


The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

advocate with the 7ather, $esus Christ the righteous.E *hi& 1ring& +& to a very &en&itive &+1>ect in the -h+rch .orld. In&tead o: &taying .ith .hat the Bi1le &ay&, &o9e gro+5& divide into theological circle& or cli=+e& that acce5t certain conce5t& .hether they are &cri5t+ral or not. It &ee9& that the -h+rch .orld a& a .hole i& divided into t.o gro+5&$ -alvini&t& and 3r9inian&. In the 1!th cent+ry, ;ohn -alvin and ;aco1+& 3r9ini+& attended the &a9e in&tit+te o: learning, 1+t each ca9e o+t .ith a di::erent idea. 'ne re&+lt i& .hat .e call Eold &chool -alvini&9,E .hich e91raced 5rede&tination, or E.hat i& to 1e .ill 1e.E 0+ring the ti9e o: the :a9ed evangeli&t -harle& 8inney, the 9ini&ter& o: that day had 1een ta+ght -alvini&9 in the Dale School o: 0ivinity. *hey 1elieved that i: yo+ .ere 5rede&tined to 1e &aved, yo+ .o+ld 1e &aved. I: yo+ .ere not 5rede&tined to 1e &aved, there .a& nothing yo+ co+ld do a1o+t it. Do+ co+ld >oin the ch+rch and ta2e advantage o: it& 1ene:it&, 1+t Aod .o+ld &ave yo+ only i: it .ere Hi& .ill. 8inney .a& a la.yer. 3:ter he :ini&hed hi& ed+cation, he 1egan to 5ractice la. .ith a :or9er >+dge. *he >+dge &+gge&ted that 8inney >oin a ch+rch 1eca+&e it .o+ld hel5 hi9 .ith 1+&ine&& and &ocial contact&. 8inney did &o. In one o: the yo+ng 5eo5le@& &ervice&, he a&2ed the9 to 5ray :or hi9, 1eca+&e he reali?ed he .a& +n&aved and did not 2no. Aod. *he gro+5 .a& a&to+nded at hi& re=+e&t, telling hi9 that i: he .ere 5rede&tined to 1e &aved he .o+ld 1e< other.i&e, he .o+ld 1e lo&t. 8inney 1egan to read hi& Bi1le. *he 9ore he read, the 9ore he .a& convinced that he co+ld 1e &avedHand everyone el&e co+ld, too, i: they .anted to 1e. 3lone, he &o+ght Aod and .a& 1orn again. He &oon 1eca9e a 9ini&ter and 5reached that .hen Aod &aid in Hi& #ord E7e5ent,E He 9eant yo+ co+ld do it. B*he -alvini&t& 5reached that yo+ co+ld not re5ent +nle&& Aod gave

$esus Christ, %ur 6dvocate


yo+ a re5enting heart< that yo+ .ere totally inca5a1le o: doing anything yo+r&el:.C 8inney 5reached that i: Aod a&2ed yo+ to do &o9ething yo+ co+ldn@t do, then He .o+ld 1e an +n>+&t AodH1+t Aod i& not +n>+&tHand .hen He &aid EBelieve,E He 9eant yo+ can 1elieve. B*he -alvini&t&, ho.ever, :elt yo+ co+ld not 1elieve +nle&& Aod gave yo+ a 1elieving heart.C *oday there are not too 9any old &chool -alvini&t&Htheir doctrine& have 1een .atered do.nH1+t no. there are Ene. &chool -alvini&t&.E ENe. &chool -alvini&9E i& 1a&ically the doctrine o: eternal &ec+rity, or Eonce &aved al.ay& &aved.E I 1elieve in eternal &ec+rity as long as you stay in Christ. He i& a1le to 2ee5 yo+ &ec+re. B+t >+&t 1eca+&e yo+ are a &on o: Aod doe& not 9ean yo+ are not a :ree 9oral agent. Do+ &till have a .ill o: yo+r o.n, and yo+ can choo&e to &tay in -hri&t or to :or&a2e -hri&t altogether. *he 3r9inian &ide i& not correct, either. *hey thin2 that .hen yo+ co99it the &9alle&t &in yo+ are i99ediately lo&t and need to 1e &aved all over again. 3r9inian& have the idea that Aod i& li2e a :ello. .ith a :ly&.atterH>+&t .aiting :or a :ly to light &o he can &.at it. *hey thin2 Aod i& .aiting :or Hi& children to 9a2e >+&t one 9i&ta2eH and .hen they do, He i& going to &.at the9K 'ne 9an &aid he 1elieved that i: he .ere to &5ea2 har&hly to hi& .i:e, he .o+ld 1e lo&t and 1o+nd :or hell. He 1elieved he .o+ld have to get &aved all over again. BI: that .ere tr+e, there are &o9e 5eo5le .ho have 1een &aved 2,000 or /,000 ti9e& 1y no.KC *hen there are tho&e .ho 1elieve that Aod e(5ect& +& to live a1ove &in. *hey 1elieve in going on to 5er:ection. I do, too, 1+t I haven@t arrived there yet. I: .e already .ere 5er:ect, .e .o+ld not have anything to go on to. Pa+l &aid, (Brethren, 4 count not myself to have apprehended. but this one thing 4 do, forgetting those things


The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before( BPhil. /$1/C. #hen yo+ teach a1o+t thi& &+1>ect, &o9eone al.ay& 1elieve& yo+ are giving 5eo5le a licen&e to &in. I al.ay& &ay, ho.ever, that 5eo5le do eno+gh &inning .itho+t a licen&eK It i& =+ite o1vio+& that Aod doe& not .ant +& to &in$ E... these things write 4 unto you, that ye sin not( B1 ;ohn 2$1C. It i& =+ite o1vio+& that i: .e .al2ed co95letely in the #ord and in love, .e .o+ldn@t &in. B+t it i& al&o o1vio+& that none o: +& have achieved thi& yet. -on&idering the other &ide o: the =+e&tion, there are tho&e .ho&e -hri&tian conver&ion I do+1t< I do+1t that they .ere ever -hri&tian&. #hyG Beca+&e they have 1een ta+ght a degree o: -alvini&9, they live any .ay they li2e and do anything they li2e Hcheat, lie, and &teal. So9e have &aid to 9e, EIt doe&n@t 9a2e any di::erence .hat I do. -hri&t i& 9y 3dvocate.E 'ne 9an &aid, EI don@t 2no. 1+t .hat I 9ight &teal a 9+le ne(t .ee2. I a9 not 5lanning to do it, 1+t i: I do, ;e&+& already ha& :orgiven 9e :or it.E I do+1t &erio+&ly i: a :ello. li2e that .a& ever &aved. *hi& Scri5t+re in ;ohn never .a& intended to enco+rage 5eo5le to &in. ;ohn i& &i95ly telling +& a1o+t Aod@& 5rovi&ion :or &in. *he S5irit o: Aod .ill hel5 +& overco9e &in< not enco+rage +& to 5ractice itK 3:ter all, ;ohn &aid, (These things write 4 unto you, that you sin not.E In the :ir&t 5lace, i: a 9an i& 1orn againHi: he 2no.& AodH he doe&n@t .ant to do .rong. BB+t o:ten the devil te95t& hi9 thro+gh hi& :le&h and overco9e& hi9 1eca+&e he i& not &trong &5irit+ally.C Pa+l &aid, (Brethren, if a man be overta,en in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of mee,ness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted( BAal. !$1C. I: it .ere >+&t a :a+lt Pa+l .a& tal2ing a1o+t, .e all .o+ld

$esus Christ, %ur 6dvocate


need re&toring, and there .o+ldn@t 1e any &5irit+al 5eo5le le:t to do the re&toring. #e all have :a+lt&. *he Aree2 act+ally &ay&, EI: any 9an a9ong yo+ 1e overta2en in an o::ence, or &in, yo+ .hich are &5irit+al, re&tore &+ch a one in the &5irit o: 9ee2ne&&.E Aod .ant& Hi& 5eo5le to 1e re&tored to :+ll :ello.&hi5 .ith Hi9. It i& a di::erent 9atter, ho.ever, .hen 5eo5le do not .ant to 1e re&tored. I: they .ant to 1e re&tored, it i& o+r o1ligation to re&tore the9 in a &5irit o: 9ee2ne&&, not arrogance. #hyG (Considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted,E Pa+l &ay&. #hen it co9e& to healing, ;a9e& )$14,1) &ay&, E4s any sic, among you2 let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the )ord. 6nd the prayer of faith shall save the sic,, and the )ord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.E #e &ee here the 5o&&i1ility o: &in. I: a 9an .ere to &5ea2 &har5ly to hi& .i:e, he i& not lo&t 1eca+&e o: it. He is, ho.ever, o+t o: :ello.&hi5 .ith hi& .i:eK He need& to get 1ac2 in :ello.&hi5 .ith her. He need& to a5ologi?e and a&2 her :orgivene&&. (4f any man sin, we have an advocate with the 7ather, $esus Christ the righteous.E I: .e &in, .e lo&e the &en&e o: righteo+&ne&& and cannot enter Aod@& 5re&ence. 7ighteo+&ne&& 9ean& right &tanding .ith Aod. 7ighteo+&ne&& 9ean& the a1ility to &tand in the 5re&ence o: Aod .itho+t an in:eriority co95le(, .itho+t a con&cio+&ne&& o: &in. I: yo+ have &inned or :ailed, yo+ cannot &tand in the 5re&ence o: Aod .itho+t a con&cio+&ne&& o: &in. B+t there i& 'ne .ho can go in on yo+r 1ehal:H;e&+& -hri&t the 7ighteo+&. He i& the 5ro5itiationHthe &+1&tit+teH:or o+r &in&< and not :or o+r &in& only, 1+t :or the &in& o: the .hole .orld. 3& o+r 3dvocate, ;e&+& re&tore& to +& o+r lo&t &en&e o: righteo+&ne&&, :or He &aid, (4f we confess our sins, he is faithful and 5ust to forgive us our sins.E B+t He doe& 9ore than >+&t :orgive +& o: o+r &in&< He clean&e& +& :ro9 all +nrighteo+&ne&&.


The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

He clean&e& +& :ro9 that &in-con&cio+&ne&& or &5irit+al in:eriority co95le( that .o+ld 2ee5 +& :ro9 co9ing to Aod. *here are tho&e .ho live +nder a clo+d o: :ear. *hey &ay thing& li2e, EI a9 &o a:raid o: di&5lea&ing the Ford. I: ;e&+& co9e&, I 9ight not 9a2e it. I don@t 2no. i: I a9 ready or not.E 3nd they are ro11ed o: their >oy in -hri&t. *hey are a:raid that Aod i& 9ad at the9 and .ill not have anything to do .ith the9. #e do not have to live +nder &+ch a clo+d o: :ear and gloo9ine&&. #e can 2no. that i: .e have :ailedHi: .e are -hri&tian&Ho+r heart& .ill 1e grieved a1o+t it. BI: yo+ can 2ee5 on &inning and :ailing, ho.ever, and are not grieved a1o+t it, yo+ had 1etter chec2 +5 on yo+r -hri&tian e(5erience.C I: yo+ have 1een 1orn again and have the li:e and nat+re o: Aod in yo+, yo+ don@t .ant to do .rong. %any ti9e& ne. -hri&tian& 9i&& Aod@& .ill and &in in .ay& they are not even a.are o:, 1+t they are .al2ing in the light they do have. (But if we wal, in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of $esus Christ his ;on cleanseth us from all sin( B1 ;ohn 1$ C. 3& I loo2 1ac2 no. a:ter hal: a cent+ry o: 1eing a -hri&tian, I can &ee that I 9i&&ed Aod 9any ti9e& .hen I didn@t even 2no. it. 3t the ti9e, I .al2ed in .hat light I had, and the 1lood o: ;e&+& -hri&t clean&ed 9e :ro9 thing& I didn@t 2no. a1o+t. I can re9e91er the :ir&t ti9e I .a& con&cio+& o: the :act I had done .rong a:ter I 1eca9e a -hri&tian. It nearly 1ro2e 9y heart. I: a 1eliever i& te95ted and Satan gain& 9a&tery over hi9 on &o9ething, .hen the 1eliever crie& o+t :or 9ercy, he can hear -hri&t .hi&5er, (4f we confess our sins, he is faithful and 5ust to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.E 3nd then .e al&o can hear Hi9 &ay in thi& 9arvelo+& Scri5t+re :ro9 He1re.& 4$1!, ()et us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace.( #hyG <<That we may obtain mercy.E It i& mercy .e need .hen .e have &inned. 3& long a& .e are doing

$esus Christ, %ur 6dvocate


right, .e can get 1y on 5ustice. In He1re.& 4$14 .e read, (;eeing then that we have a great high priest....E #e have a High Prie&t .ho al&o &tand& in thi& o::ice o: 3dvocate that .e 9ay (come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.E Arace i& +n9erited :avor. #hen yo+ :ail i& the ti9e yo+ need grace< that@& .hen yo+ need 9ercy. 'nce .hile driving thro+gh a little to.n, a 9ini&ter :riend o: 9ine drove thro+gh a red light. Be:ore he 2ne. it, there .a& a :la&hing red light 1ehind hi9 and the &o+nd o: a &hrill &iren. 3 5olice9an 5+lled hi9 over and gave hi9 a tic2et :or r+nning a red light and :or going 4) in a /0 95h ?one. #hen the 9ini&ter had to a55ear in co+rt, hi& ca&e .a& &tated and the >+dge a&2ed i: he had anything to &ay. He an&.ered, EDe&, I do.E He e(5lained that he .a& on hi& .ay to 5reach< that he 9ini&tered in little co+ntry ch+rche&. *hen he &aid, E;+dge, I don@t have a di9e. I@ll >+&t have to go to >ail or .or2 it o+t on the co+nty :ar9. I@9 not going to a&2 :or >+&tice. I .o+ld 1e in tro+1le i: I got >+&tice, 1eca+&e I@9 g+ilty. So I a9 a&2ing in&tead :or 9ercy.E He contin+ed, EI@9 li2e the .o9an in the Bi1le .ho .a& ta2en in the act o: ad+ltery. Her acc+&er& 1ro+ght her to ;e&+&, and He &aid, <&e that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.@ He &too5ed do.n to .rite &o9ething in the &and, and .hen He loo2ed +5, everyone .a& gone. E<=hen $esus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, =oman, where are those thine accusers2 hath no man condemned thee2 ;he said, No man, )ord. 6nd $esus said unto her, Neither do 4 condemn thee. go, and sin no more@E B;ohn 8$ -11C. *he 5reacher added, EI a9 a&2ing :or 9ercy, and I@ll go and &in no 9ore.E *he >+dge a&2ed, EI& that &tory in the Bi1leGE EDe&,E the 5reacher an&.ered.


The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

*he >+dge &aid, EI .i&h yo+ .o+ld &ho. it to 9e.E *he 5reacher had hi& Ne. *e&ta9ent .ith hi9, &o he t+rned to that 5a&&age and &ho.ed it to the >+dge. *he >+dge &aid, EI teach a S+nday School cla&& in the %ethodi&t ch+rch, 1+t I didn@t 2no. that .a& in there. I@9 going to teach on that. -a&e di&9i&&edKE *he >+dge &ho.ed 9ercy. I: the 5reacher hadn@t 1een &5eeding and hadn@t r+n that light, he .o+ld have gotten 1y on >+&tice< he .o+ldn@t have needed 9ercy. B+t he 1ro2e the la. and there:ore needed 9ercy. %ercy and grace are al.ay& availa1le to +& .hen .e 1rea2 Aod@& la.. 3ll .e need to do i& call on -hri&t o+r 3dvocate.

Chapter 3

Jesus Christ, Our Intercessor

;eeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, $esus the ;on of 1od, let us hold fast our profession. 7or we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted li,e as we are, yet without sin. )et us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. He1re.& 4$14-1!
*hi& 5ortion o: Scri5t+re carrie& +& a &te5 :+rther in o+r &t+dy o: -hri&t@& high 5rie&tly 9ini&try. ;e&+& i& the High Prie&t o: the Ne. -ovenant. *he High Prie&t o: the 'ld -ovenant had certain d+tie& to 5er:or9. #e di&c+&&ed in -ha5ter 1 ho. he entered into the Holy o: Holie& once a year .ith the 1lood o: ani9al& to receive an atone9ent :or the &in& o: the 5eo5le. ;+&t a& the High Prie&t +nder the 'ld -ovenant had 9ore d+tie& to 5er:or9 than that ann+al :+nction, &o it i& .ith ;e&+&. 3ltho+gh He entered into the heavenly Holy o: Holie& once and :or all .ith Hi& 1lood to o1tain rede95tion :or +&, He &till &tand& today in the o::ice o: High Prie&t. 3nother o::ice He :ill& today i& that o: %ediator. He i& the 9ediatorial High Prie&t 1et.een Aod and 9an. No 9an can reach the 8ather e(ce5t thro+gh -hri&t. ;e&+& &aid, E4 am the way, the truth and the life( B;ohn 14$!C. 'ne tran&lation read&, EI a9 the .ay, the reality, and the li:e.E -hri&t i& the only .ay to Aod. Peter &aid in 3ct& 4$12, (Neither is there salvation in any other. for there is none other name under heaven given among 21


The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

men, whereby we must be saved.E 3nother tran&lation read&, E3nd in none other i& there &alvation, :or neither i& there any other na9e +nder heaven that i& given a9ong 9en, .here1y .e 9+&t 1e &aved.E 'nly thro+gh ;e&+& can .e enter the 8ather@& 5re&ence .itho+t conde9nation. *he Early -h+rch .a& o:ten called Ethe #ay.E Fet +& loo2 at a :e. Scri5t+re& :o+nd in the 3ct& o: the 35o&tle&$
36.& 5:2 2 3nd desired o( hi$ letters to 8a$ascus to the syna o ues, that i( he (ound any o( .H*& #39, whether they were $en or wo$en, he $i ht 'rin the$ 'ound unto Jerusale$"

*hi& Scri5t+re re:er& to Sa+l o: *ar&+&, .ho had letter& in hi& 5o&&e&&ion :ro9 the a+thoritie&, giving hi9 the 5o.er to arre&t any 5er&on& he :o+nd .ho .ere 9e91er& o: Ethe #ay.E
36.& 15:5 5 But when di)ers were hardened, and 'elie)ed not, 'ut spa!e e)il o( .H3. #39 'e(ore the $ultitude, he departed (ro$ the$, and separated the disciples, disputin daily in the school o( one .yrannus"

3nother tran&lation read&, E#hen &o9e .ere hardened and .ere di&o1edient, &5ea2ing evil o: the .ay.E
36.& 15:2: 2: 3nd the sa$e ti$e there arose no s$all stir a'out .H3. #39" 36.& 22:12 12 But this * con(ess unto thee, that a(ter .H1 #39 which they call heresy, so worship * the 0od o( $y (athers, 'elie)in all thin s which are written in the law and in the prophets" 36.& 22:22 22 3nd when /eli; heard these thin s, ha)in $ore

$esus Christ, %ur 4ntercessor per(ect !nowled e o( .H3. #39, he de(erred the$, and said, #hen <ysias the chie( captain shall co$e down, * will !now the utter$ost o( your $atter" 36.& 1+:17 17 .he sa$e (ollowed =aul and us, and cried, sayin , .hese $en are the ser)ants o( the $ost hi h 0od, which shew unto us .H1 #39 o( sal)ation"


Even the devil called it Ethe .ay,E didn@t heG *hi& la&t ver&e i& ta2en :ro9 a 5a&&age that tell& the &tory o: a yo+ng .o9an 5o&&e&&ed .ith the &5irit o: divination, or :ort+ne-telling, .ho :ollo.ed Pa+l and Sila& thro+gh the &treet& o: Phili55i, &aying, (These men are the servants of the most high 1od, which shew unto us the way.E So not only i& -hri&t the Ford High Prie&t< He i& al&o the %ediatorHthe only .ay that the &inner can get to Aod. *he 9o9ent a 5er&on acce5t& -hri&t, ;e&+& 1eco9e& hi& or her high 5rie&tly Interce&&orK *he Bi1le tell& +& that He ever live& to 9a2e interce&&ion :or 1eliever&$
H1B,1#& 7:25 25 #here(ore he is a'le also to sa)e the$ to the utter$ost that co$e unto 0od 'y hi$, seein H1 1>1, <*>1.H .O M3?1 *N.1,61&&*ON /O, .H1M" *&3*3H 5::12 12 """ he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was nu$'ered with the trans ressors- and he 'are the sin o( $any, and $ade intercession (or the trans ressors" ,OM3N& 7::2 :2 #ho is he that conde$neth% *t is 6hrist that died, yea rather, that is risen a ain, who is e)en at the ri ht hand o( 0od, #HO 3<&O M3?1.H


The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ *N.1,61&&*ON /O, @&"

;e&+& never ta2e& a vacation< He never &te5& a&ide :ro9 Hi& d+tie&. 3nd no one 1+t ;e&+& can act a& o+r High Prie&t and %ediator or Interce&&or .ith the 8ather. In the original Aree2, the .ord tran&lated Einterce&&ionE i& a technical ter9 :or a55roaching a 2ing. *here:ore, thi& Scri5t+re 9ean& that -hri&t i& &ee2ing the 5re&ence and hearing o: Aod on 1ehal: o: other&. He i& there .here He ever liveth to 9a2e interce&&ion :or +&, &ee2ing the hearing o: Aod on o+r 1ehal:. #hen .e co9e thro+gh -hri&t, .e have a g+arantee to get the attention o: Aod. #e cannot a55roach Hi9 in any other .ay e(ce5t thro+gh Hi& Son. Det &o 9any 5eo5le try to get Aod to hear and an&.er their 5rayer& on &o9e other 1a&i&. *hi& i& not to &ay that I don@t 1elieve in good .or2&HI do. I 1elieve in living right. B+t Aod i& not going to hear and an&.er yo+r 5rayer& on the 1a&i& o: yo+r good .or2&, altho+gh He .ill re.ard yo+ :or the9. It i& 5+??ling to 9any to &ee :aith:+l ch+rch .or2er& :ail to receive their healing .hile other&, .ho are le&& co99itted to -hri&t, are healed in&tantly. 3 5a&tor once told 9e o: a 9an :or .ho9 he had 5rayed. #hen he arrived at the 9an@& ho9e, he :o+nd hi9 5artially 5araly?ed. *he doctor had &aid that the 9an .o+ld not .or2 another day in hi& li:e. Hi& le:t ar9 and leg .ere 5araly?ed, and he had e(tre9e di::ic+lty &5ea2ing. *he 5a&tor tho+ght, =ell, 4<ll 5ust anoint this fellow with oil and pray for him. No doubt he<s heavily sedated now, so 4<ll come bac, in a few days to find out whether he is saved. 4 might eventually get him healed. So he anointed hi9 .ith oil and le:t. #hen he ret+rned a :e. day& later, the 9an@& .i:e .a& in the yard, ra2ing leave&. *he 5a&tor a&2ed, EHo. i& yo+r h+&1and getting alongGE E'h, he@& >+&t :ine,E &he re5lied. EHe@& .or2ing on the >o1.

$esus Christ, %ur 4ntercessor


*he Ford healed hi9.E Incred+lo+&, the 5a&tor drove over to .here the 9an .a& .or2ing. S+re eno+gh, he :o+nd hi9 on to5 o: a ho+&e, 5+tting on a roo:. *he 5a&tor &at in hi& car and .atched a& thi& !0-yearold 9an, .ho the doctor had &aid .o+ld never .or2 another day in hi& li:e, cli91ed +5 and do.n the ladder carrying &hingle& :or the roo:K *he 5a&tor >+&t co+ldn@t +nder&tand ho. thi& 9an, .ho&e &alvation he .a& +n&+re o:, co+ld receive &+ch a 9arvelo+& healing :ro9 Aod .hile &o9e dedicated 9e91er& o: hi& ch+rch had 1een 5rayed :or 1y hi9&el: and every vi&iting evangeli&t and &till .eren@t healed. *he 5a&tor a&2ed 9e, E#hy .on@t Aod heal tho&e .ho have 1een &+ch :ine -hri&tian .or2er& :or &o 9any year&, yet He healed thi& :ello. .ho ha& never even 1een in 9y ch+rchGE *oo 9any 5eo5le thin2 that Aod &ho+ld heal the9 on the 1a&i& o: their good .or2&< that He i& +nder o1ligation to do &o9ething :or the9. Ho.ever, i: .e co+ld co9e to Aod thro+gh o+r good .or2&, there .o+ld 1e no need :or ;e&+& to :+nction in Hi& 9ini&try o: Interce&&or. He ever live& to 9a2e interce&&ion :or +&, &ee2ing Aod on o+r 1ehal:, and .e 9+&t co9e to Aod 1y Hi9. *he Aree2 .ord :or EintercedeE 9ean& Eto 5lead.E He ever live& to 5lead :or +&. #hen thi& 9an a55roached Aod :or hi& healing, it .a& not on hi& o.n 9erit& that he ca9e, 1+t thro+gh the Na9e o: -hri&t ;e&+&Hthe 9an >+&t thre. hi9&el: on the 9ercy o: Aod. @A)et us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy....LC 'ther&, ho.ever, co9e 5leading their o.n righteo+&ne&&. So9eti9e& .hen I have a healing &ervice I li2e to have the congregation &ing E;+&t 3& I 39, #itho+t 'ne Plea,E even tho+gh I a9 5raying :or -hri&tian&. 3 .o9an once &aid to 9e, EBrother Hagin, yo+ 2no. that there i&n@t a 1etter -hri&tian in thi& ch+rch than %o99a.E


The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

I agreed .ith her. She .ent on, E*he re&t o: the :a9ily are all :aith:+l -hri&tian&, too. Det I don@t 2no. o: anyone in 9y :a9ily .ho ha& ever 1een healed. #e al.ay& end +5 going to a ho&5ital and 1eing o5erated on, or >+&t dying. EIn 9y h+&1and@& :a9ily it@& a di::erent &tory. *hey attend ch+rch, 1+t &ee9 to &erve Aod hal:-heartedly. Det i: any o: the9 have :ailed to get healed, I don@t 2no. itHeven the 9o&t +n:aith:+l one in the 1+nch. -an yo+ tell 9e .hy thi& i&GE I &aid, EI don@t 2no. yo+r h+&1and@& :a9ily, 1+t according to .hat Aod@& #ord teache&, co+ld it 1e that they are =+ic2 to re5ent, :orgive, and 1elieve AodGE She e(clai9ed, EDe&K Do+ are right a1o+t that. I don@t thin2 I@ve ever &een 5eo5le .ho .ill re5ent a& =+ic2ly a& they do. *hey never hold a gr+dge again&t anyone. %y :a9ily i& al.ay& the other .ay aro+nd$ &lo. to re5ent, &lo. to :orgiveHand it .o+ld ta2e the9 :orever to believe anythingKE She had gotten right to the heart o: the 5ro1le9 and had diagno&ed her o.n ca&e. #hen her :a9ily &a. they .ere .rong, they .ere &lo. to ad9it it. 0+ring the Aold 7+&h, 5eo5le 5anned a little gold d+&t in the river&, and &o9e :o+nd a :e. n+gget& lying on the gro+nd, 1+t to get do.n to the real vein o: gold, they had to dig :or it. So it i& .ith the #ord o: Aod. Do+ can go along reading the Bi1le on the &+r:ace, and yo+ can 5ic2 +5 =+ite a 1it, 1+t i: yo+ .ill &to5 and dig a little, it i& a9a?ing .hat yo+ .ill :ind.
H1B,1#& 7:25 25 #here(ore he is a'le also to sa)e the$ to the utter$ost that co$e unto 0od 'y hi$, seein he e)er li)eth to $a!e intercession (or the$"

I loo2ed +5 the .ord E&aveE in the Aree2. It i& soBo, a .ord al&o tran&lated EhealE and E.holeE in the Ne. *e&ta9ent. ;e&+& +&ed thi& .ord .hen He &aid to the .o9an .ith the i&&+e o: 1lood, E..."aughter... thy faith hath made thee whole( B%att.

$esus Christ, %ur 4ntercessor


9$22C. E#holeE i& the &a9e .ord tran&lated E&aveE in He1re.& $2). #e co+ld read He1re.& $2) a&, EHe i& a1le al&o to heal the9 to the +tter9o&t,E or Eto 9a2e the9 whole to the +tter9o&t that co9e +nto Aod 1y hi9.E *hi& e(5lain& ho. thi& 9an co+ld 1e healed even tho+gh he 9ight not have 1een in clo&e :ello.&hi5 .ith the Ford. B': co+r&e, Aod doe&n@t heal 5eo5le because they are 5oor -hri&tian&< He heal& the9 1eca+&e they co9e to Hi9 the right .ay.C Aod al.ay& 5o&&e&&e& the =+ality o: 9ercy. %ercy i& o:ten lac2ing in 9an2ind. #hen 9y o.n 1rother .a& in>+red once and .a&n@t in :ello.&hi5 .ith Aod, I tho+ght, =ell, he is 5ust going to have to pay for his wrongdoings. B+t the Ford healed hi9K %any ti9e& I have heard 1eliever& &ay, re:erring to :ello. -hri&tian&, E*hat@& good eno+gh :or the9Hthey had it co9ingKE Ho.ever, even tho+gh 9an doe&n@t al.ay& &ho. 9ercy, Aod doe&. He 2no.& the .hole &it+ation, and He i& :aith:+l and 9erci:+l. #e read in ;a9e& )$14,1)$ (4s any sic, among you2 let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the )ord. 6nd the prayer of faith shall save the sic,, and the )ord shall raise him up; 6N" 47 &C &6DC C%##4TTC" ;4N;, T&C3 ;&6)) BC 7%E14DCN &4#.E It i& ea&y :or +& to &ay, E#ell, I never .o+ld do that. I: I .ere in hi& 5lace, I never .o+ld 1e g+ilty o: that.E B+t i: yo+ were in hi& &it+ation, yo+ 9ight not do as well as he did. So in&tead o: critici?ing 5eo5le, let@& 5ray :or the9. ;e&+& i& 5raying :or the9. He ever liveth to 9a2e interce&&ion, and He i& a1le to heal to the +tter9o&t tho&e .ho co9e to Aod by &im. Do+ can@t get to the 8ather any other .ay. ;e&+& i& the =ay. :or 1eing &aved, :or 1eing 9ade .hole, :or healing, :or receiving the 1a5ti&9 in the Holy S5irit, :or having


The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

9aterial need& 9et, and :or receiving an&.er& to 5rayer&. #e can co9e to the 8ather in the Na9e o: ;e&+&.

Chapter 4

Jesus Christ, Our Shepherd

The )ord is my shepherd; 4 shall not want. P&al9 2/$1 4 am the good shepherd. ;ohn 10$14

In the 5receding cha5ter& .e have &een ;e&+& a& o+r High Prie&t, 3dvocate, %ediator, and Interce&&or. He ha& another 9ini&try a& .ell$ He i& the Ford and Head o: the -h+rch. 0avid 5ro5he&ied o: Hi9 in the 2/rd P&al9, (The )ord is my shepherd; 4 shall not want.E 3nd ;e&+& &aid, (4 am the good shepherd....E B;ohn 10$14C. *he 22nd P&al9 contain& a 5ro5hecy o: ;e&+&@ death< the 2/rd P&al9 i& a 5ro5hecy o: Hi9 a& the Aood She5herd. In the 24th P&al9 .e have a 5ro5hecy concerning the :act that ;e&+& i& the co9ing King o: 2ing& and Ford o: lord&. =e are living right now in the >?rd salm. It 1elong& to +&. It i& 9ore than >+&t a 1ea+ti:+l 5a&&age o: Scri5t+re. 0avid .a& 5ro5he&ying .hen he &aid, (The )ord is my shepherd; 4 shall not want.E I li2e to &ay it thi& .ay, E*he Ford i& 9y &he5herd< I do not .ant.E -hri&t i& the -areta2er, the Fover, the Bridegroo9 o: the Body. He i& the Ford and Head o: the -h+rch. He i& the 8ir&t1orn :ro9 the dead.
6O<O&&*3N& 1:17 17 3nd he is the head o( the 'ody, the church: who is the 'e innin , the (irst'orn (ro$ the dead- that in all thin s he $i ht ha)e the pree$inence"

He i& the Head o: all 5rinci5ality and 5o.er. He i& 9y ri&en Ford, &eated at the right hand o: %a>e&ty on High. This means that you as a Christian are an absolute overcomer. It 9ean& that 5overty, .ant, and need are thing& o: 29


The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

the 5a&t. Phili55ian& 4$19 &ay&, (But my 1od shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ $esus. E Do+r heavenly 8ather 2no.& yo+r need&. ;e&+& de9on&trated that .hen He .a& on earth. He :ed the 9+ltit+de< He gave the di&ci5le& a great catch o: :i&h< He t+rned .ater into .ine< He healed the &ic2< and He 9et every need o: 9an. *hat i& 9y Ford, 9y She5herd Ford. I can &ay, E*he Ford i& 9y She5herd, I do not .ant. I do not .ant :or healing. I do not .ant :or health. I do not .ant :or &trength. I do not .ant :or 5o.er. I do not .ant :or a1ility. I do not .ant :or 9oney. I do not .ant :or anythingK *he Ford i& 9y She5herd. I do not .antKE I can &ay that in the :ace o: a55arent .ant. I can &ay that in the :ace o: a55arent de:eat, 1eca+&e I a9 .al2ing 1y :aith, not 1y &ight. *he Bi1le &aid .e .al2 1y :aith and not 1y &ight B2 -or. )$ C. %y &ight 9ay tell 9e it i&n@t &o, 1+t i: I a9 to 5lea&e Aod, I a9 going to have to learn to .al2 1y :aith and to thin2 Aod@& tho+ght& a:ter Hi9. I&aiah ))$9 &ay&, (7or as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.( 3ou can<t thin, in the natural and thin, 1od<s thoughts. #hen yo+ thin2 nat+rally, yo+ are thin2ing in the h+9an real9. 0are to thin2 Aod@& tho+ght&K Hi& tho+ght& are a& high a1ove the tho+ght& o: 9en a& the heaven& are a1ove the earth. 7o9an& 4$1 &ho.& +& Aod@& thin2ing concerning 31raha9$ E... before him whom he believed, even 1od, who 8uic,eneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.E In other .ord&, Aod &ee& thing& a& they are, not a& they seem. I: yo+ are going to thin2 Aod@& tho+ght&, yo+ .ill &ee thing& a& Aod &ee& the9, not a& they &ee9 :ro9 the nat+ral &tand5oint. Aod told 31raha9, (Neither shall thy name any more be called 6bram, but thy name shall be 6braham; for a father of

$esus Christ, %ur ;hepherd


many nations have 4 made thee( BAen. 1 $)C. Notice Aod didn@t &ay, EI 3% A'INA *' %3KE D'" a :ather o: 9any nation&.E He &aid, EI H3ME %30E D'" a :ather o: 9any nation&.E He called tho&e thing& .hich 1e not a& tho+gh they .ere, and 31raha9 1elieved Aod. Not only &ho+ld yo+ thin2 li2e Aod< yo+ al&o &ho+ld act li2e Aod. Do+ are Hi& child, and yo+ &ho+ld 5arta2e o: the 8ather@& nat+re. B+t a& long a& yo+ are thin2ing in the nat+ral, yo+r action& .ill 1e in the nat+ral. #hen Aod told 31raha9 that he .o+ld 1e the :ather o: 9any nation&, 31raha9 .a& a1o+t 99 year& old, and hi& .i:e, Sarah, .a& 1arrenK B+t 31raha9 1elieved Aod. In the nat+ral, 31raha9 co+ld not have had even one child, 9+ch le&& 1e the :ather o: 9any nation&. Still, he 1elieved Aod. 3nd Aod 1ro+ght it to 5a&& &o that 31raha9@& &eed are a& n+91erle&& a& the &and& o: the &ea and the &tar& o: the heaven&. Believing brings it to pass in the natural realm. *hi& tr+th i& &o &i95le .e &t+91le over the &i95licity o: it. #e .ant to 9a2e it co95licated. 3nd .e do co95licate it .ith o+r nat+ral, h+9an rea&oning. ;+&t a& .e tr+&t -hri&t to 1e o+r %ediator, o+r Interce&&or, o+r 3dvocate 1e:ore the heavenly 8ather, .e al&o &ho+ld tr+&t Hi9 a& o+r She5herd, o+r Kee5er, the S+55lier o: o+r need&, and the Aiver o: li:e 9ore a1+ndant. The high priestly ministry of $esus meets every need of the believer from the moment he is born again until he is ushered into the presence of 1od at the end of life. -hri&t ha& co99i&&ioned +& to go and tell other& o: the 5rovi&ion& He ha& 9ade :or the9 to enter into thi& a1+ndant li:e$ 2no.ing -hri&t a& Savior, %ediator, Interce&&or, 3dvocate, and She5herd. *he .orld cannot 2no. i: .e re9ain &ilent. -hri&t .ant& +& to tell the &inner that he ha& 1een li1erated< that -hri&t too2 9an@& &in:+l nat+re +5on Hi9&el:. -hri&t .ant& +& to tell the &inner that He i& not holding hi& &in& again&t hi9


The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

any9ore. Second -orinthian& )$1 ,18 &ay&, (Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 6nd all things are of 1od,... who hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation.E *hi&, there:ore, i& the 9ini&try that -hri&t ha& given +&$ the 9ini&try o: reconciliation. Mer&e 19 contin+e&, (To wit, that 1od was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.E *he .ord Ei95+tingE i& an acco+nting ter9. 3nother tran&lation o: the a1ove ver&e read&, EHe i& not co+nting +5 or holding again&t 9en their tre&5a&&e&.E So9e 9ight arg+e, E#ell, i: -hri&t i&n@t holding 9en@& &in& again&t the9, they .ill a+to9atically 1e &aved.E No, the rea&on 9en 9+&t 1e &aved i& 1eca+&e .e are all 1orn in &in and 9+&t 1e 1orn again in -hri&t. -hri&t i& not intere&ted in holding 9an@& &in& again&t hi9. -hri&t i& intere&ted in dra.ing 9an to Hi9&el:. #hen 0. F. %oody 1egan 5reaching, every one o: hi& &er9on& .a& on the >+dg9ent o: Aod. He &aid, EI .o+ld 5reach every day on the te(t that Aod i& angry .ith the &inner. *hat got a :e. 5eo5le &aved.E 'nce .hen %oody .a& vi&iting in England, he ca&+ally told a 19-year-old 1oy, EI: yo+ ever co9e to 39erica, co9e 5reach :or 9e.E %oody later ad9itted he had e(tended the invitation 9ore o+t o: co+rte&y than &incerity. *.o year& later, %oody an&.ered a 2noc2 on hi& :ront door only to :ind thi& yo+ng 5reacher ready to ta2e hi9 +5 on hi& invitation. ': co+r&e, there .a& nothing to do 1+t o::er hi& 5+l5it to the yo+ng 9an :or a .ee2 o: &ervice&. S+nday night, the o5ening night o: the revival, the 1oy 5reached :ro9 ;ohn /$1!. 'n %onday, %r. %oody had to leave to.n :or 5revio+&ly &ched+led &5ea2ing engage9ent&, &o he told hi& .i:e and ch+rch leader&

$esus Christ, %ur ;hepherd


that the yo+ng 9an@& revival &ervice& co+ld 1e held in the &9all a+ditori+9 in the ch+rch 1a&e9ent d+ring hi& a1&ence. %oody .a& certain that not 9any 5eo5le .o+ld t+rn o+t to hear thi& novice 5reacher. %oody ret+rned ho9e :ro9 hi& 5reaching to+r a:ter the *h+r&day night &ervice. 8earing the .or&t, he a&2ed hi& .i:e ho. the &ervice& .ere going. *o hi& &+r5ri&e &he re5lied, E'h, la&t night .e had to 9ove into the 9ain a+ditori+9, and tonight it .a& 5ac2ed and over:lo.ing .ith 5eo5le.E Shoc2ed that the yo+ng 5reacher .a& dra.ing larger cro.d& than he .a&, %oody a&2ed, E#ell, .hat in the .orld i& he 5reaching onGE %r&. %oody an&.ered, EHe@& 5reaching on the &a9e thing every nightH;ohn /$1!.E %oody .ent on to &ay that thi& e(5erience changed hi& 9ini&try. He never again 5reached on the >+dg9ent o: Aod< He 5reached on the love o: Aod. He &aid, E3nd .here I had gotten one &aved 1e:ore, I a9 getting one h+ndred &aved no..E -hri&t (hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation. E He .ant& +& to go and tell the lo&t that He i& (not imputing their trespasses unto them.E The 6mplified Bible tran&lation o: Second -orinthian& )$19 read&, EIt .a& Aod B5er&onally 5re&entC in -hri&t, reconciling and re&toring the .orld to :avor .ith Hi9&el:, not co+nting +5 and holding again&t I9enJ their tre&5a&&e& I1+t cancelling the9J< and co99itting to +& the 9e&&age o: reconciliationHo: the re&toration to :avor.E *he &inner doe& not need to thin2 that Aod i& 9ad at hi9 or that Aod i& again&t hi9. The sin that sends a man to hell is not an act or deed, such as lying, stealing, or cheating; it is re5ecting the )ord $esus Christ* ;ohn 1!$ -9 &ay&, (Nevertheless 4 tell you the truth; 4t is eFpedient for you that 4 go away. for if 4 go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if 4 depart, 4 will send


The resent!"ay #inistry of $esus Christ

him unto you. 6nd when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of 5udgment. %f sin, because they believe not on me.E Every 9an ha& a right to 2no. o: -hri&t@& &aving grace.

Every 9an ha& a right to 2no. that -hri&t .ill 9eet all hi& need&Hthat -hri&t .ill 1e hi& High Prie&t, 3dvocate, %ediator, Interce&&or, and She5herd.

#ith 9illion& o: 8aith Fi1rary 1oo2& in circ+lation, the 5rinted 5age contin+e& to 1e a 9a>or o+treach o: Kenneth Hagin %ini&trie&. *he voice o: Kenneth Hagin %ini&trie& i& :+rther a95li:ied aro+nd the .orld thro+gh the :ollo.ing 9edia$ 3 24-5age :ree 9onthly 9aga?ine, The =ord of 7aith; an international radio 1roadca&t, E8aith Se9inar o: the 3irE< nation.ide 3ll 8aith&@ -r+&ade&< 8aith Fi1rary ta5e&< and 7HE%3 -orre&5ondence Bi1le School. *he&e o+t-reache& are vital to the 5art Kenneth Hagin %ini&trie& &hare& in :+l:illing the Areat -o99i&&ionHyet, there i& 9ore . . . 7HE%3 Bi1le *raining -enter i& another dyna9ic o+treach o: Kenneth Hagin %ini&trie&. 8o+nded in 19 4, 7HE%3 o::er& a high =+ality o: 9ini&terial &t+die& de&igned to train and e=+i5 9en and .o9en to enter the Evangeli&tic, Pa&toral, *eaching, %i&&ion&, Hel5&, Do+th, and -hildren@& 9ini&trie&. *oday tho+&and& o: grad+ate& o: 7HE%3 have vent+red into every inha1ited continent o: the earth, carrying the Aood Ne.& o: the Ao&5el o: ;e&+& -hri&tH.ith &ign& :ollo.ing. *o receive a :ree, :+ll-color 1roch+re on 7HE%3 Bi1le *raining -enter, a :ree 9onthly 9aga?ine, The =ord of 7aith, or to receive o+r 8aith Fi1rary -atalog .ith a co95lete li&ting o: Kenneth Hagin %ini&trie&@ 1oo2& and ta5e&, .rite$ ?enneth Ha in Ministries P.'. Bo( )012! *+l&a, 'K 41)0-012!
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