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Adversity Quotient Turning Obstacles into Opportunities No.251 What is it?

Adversity Quotient (AQ) is a measure of how you respond to adversity (change and challenges). It provides the tools for improving how you respond and thus overall professional effectiveness. Successful people share the profound urge to strive, make progress, to achieve their goals and fulfil dreams. There are three types of people !. Quitter a"andons their aspirations "ecause it is too difficult #. $amper %row weary of the hike and find a comforta"le plateau on which to hide from adversity &. $lim"er possi"ility thinkers who never allow o"stacles to get in their way of achieving their aspirations. They never forget the power of the 'ourney over the destination. (m"race the challenge. Adversity Quotient is learned rewire your "rain for success. It is the difference "etween pessimism and optimism. Those who respond to adversity optimistically outlive pessimists De inition o AQ ! "O#$ "ontrol - )ow much control do you perceive to have over the adverse event* - %reater perceived control leads to a more empowered and proactive approach. #eality Origin and +wnership ,ho or what was the origin of the adversity* To what degree do I own the outcomes* -emorse, "lame and critisism are compelling motivators . "ut only in measured doses Accounta"ility . to what degree am I responsi"le*

- )ow far will the outcomes affect the other areas of my life* - +verestimating the reality of the conse/uences is detrimental $ndurance - )ow long will the adversity last* - )ow long will the cause of the adversity last* - 0a"elling yourself as 1stupid2 or as a 1loser2 is detrimental and is difficult to reverse ,e can alter our success "y changing our ha"its of thought

Techni%ues &or Overco'ing (o) AQ (isten to your thought responses (are they high or low AQ*) $3plore all origins and ownership of the result - ,hat are the possi"le origins of the adversity* - ,hat part was my fault* - ,hat specifically could I have done "etter* - ,hat aspects should I own* - ,hat aspects shouldn4t I own* Analyse the evidence - ,hat evidence is there that I have no control* - ,hat evidence is there that the adversity will affect the other areas of my life* - ,hat other evidence is there that there will "e prolonged conse/uences* Do Something - ,hat additional information do I need* - ,hat could I do to gain some control* - ,hat could I do to limit the reach of the adversity* - ,hat could I de to limit how long the adversity endures in its current state* $reate a visual image of a silly gesture and a silly sound (make it loud and powerful). (ach time adversity strikes, think of this image and sound. It alerts you to anayse the situation and react appropriately

AQ in Organisations AQ is present in companies as the company culture. )igh AQ companies outperform low AQ ones

The $(+4s personality as one of the influencing factors on the company4s AQ. )ire staff with high AQ.