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10 TIPS TO CLEAR UGC-NET EXAM 1st tip First of all fix, your aim is to clear UGC NET with

firm determination. Make it your sole and unique objective of your life. 2nd tip Your practice and revision is more important for clearing UGC NET examination. Make, your time table an according to your time table, give the time to read each an every topic of UGC NET exam. 3rd tip For extra practice, you must test of your self by selecting some questions of UGC NET. 4th tip The exam. Checkers are highly qualified PhD. Teachers. So, write your UGC NET paper with full of logical information of your subject. This will increase your marks and you will get score to pass UGC NET exam. 5th tip If you have not cleared UGC NET in first attempt. Never feel depress but, again start learning with fully confidence for clearing UGC NET Exam. 6th tip Specially for commerce and MBA subjects , big one 40 marks question often comes from current business environment , so read basic headlines of famous business newspaper of world for this , you can subscribe here . and also daily note some important events from that news , these will helpful for writing better essay type question with advance information of business environment . 7th tip 3rd paper is more lengthy than first and second paper because, this is subjective type. For giving answer to these question, you should also take attention on time limit which is fixed by UGC . For answering within time is an art and you should learn also this art by practice and again practice.

8th tip If you have given last time exam. Of UGC NET and you have not cleared it , then check also your marks because , UGC also now tells your each paper marks and see in which paper , you are weak .

It may possible that your weak point may be in only one paper and other papers, you have gotten good marks. So, improve that weak paper specially, after this you will succeed to clear UGC NET exam. 9th tip In first paper, some logical question can take more time to answer. So, try to learn how to solve them with easy way .If you understand the logic to answer with easy way, you can easily succeed in first paper. 10th tip Following qualities are essential in your written answers: 1. Good introduction of topic 2. Good side heading 3. Good conclusion 4. Grammatically correctness of your language especially English language. For getting above qualities, you should improve your English language, and learn to write best, improve your language skills. After act upon these tips, I fully hope that you will clear your UGC NET exam.

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Paper-1 (General Paper On Teaching And Reserch Aptitude) The main objective of this Paper-1 is to decide the candidates interest and abilities in Teaching and Research. The ability to understand the subject, reasoning, application of methodological reasoning etc are to be decided by this paper. This paper includes: Teaching aptitude Research aptitude Reading Comprehension Communication Reasoning Logical Reasoning Data Interpretation Information and communication Technology People environment Higher education System: Governance, Polity and Administration. Preparation for Paper I The syllabus is very vast. One has to acquire thorough knowledge on every aspect. He has to read the subjects in a most disciplined manner. Keeping note of current affairs, practicing to read and understand the questions and finding the answers promptly are to be adopted by the candidate. He has to do Mock test Practices regularly. Attempting multiple choice questions and also reading the subject from the basics is must. Refer Examrace UGC NET Paper I Series for complete coverage of the material with practice MCQs There are a lot of books available in the market, but standard books should be followed. Paper 2 & 3 These are the papers that were choosen by the candidate as per Master's or PG Degree. So he must be having some basic as well as advanced knowledge in them. Finish one chapter per weak besides practicing model papers each day. With mock tests you will be habituated to speed reading, understanding the subject etc. As well as

recognizing the answers without wasting your time. Furthermore you can learn your strong and weak points. As question paper will be more complicated and in-depth, one has to prepare for this not according to regular annual exams but to the competitiveness of the exam. Revise the subjects as much as possible. Allocate proper time. Concentrate on those subjects where you are scoring low. Must to Know for UGC Exam Be focused: You need to focus more on your opted subject papers as there will be two papers based on the same. The syllabus for each subject is huge and hence you should start with important topics first followed by the least important topics. However, you should not ignore the preparation of Paper I (Teaching and Research Aptitude) which together with Paper II will play a pivotal role in fetching minimum required marks for evaluation of Paper III. Prepare Time Table: The best way to kick start your preparation for examination is preparing a time table and then sticking to it throughout the preparation tenure. Meticulous study is the correct approach that can help you resolve all your doubts and attain lucid perception of various theories, concepts and their applications related to the syllabus. Study Systematically and Selectively: Make sure you are very systematic in your approach as it will help you to finish your topic as per the time table you had created. You can start with selecting a topic and then decide on the number of days and hours required to complete it. Since only one month is left for the examination, it is advisable that you do selective study starting with important topics followed by knowing the basic of least important ones (if you have time). Give mock Tests: Manage your time well as it will help you in solving answers in the time allotted in the examination hall. Hence solve as many practice papers and previous year question papers as you can keeping in mind the time limit. Mock papers will help you determine difficult areas that need revision and help you increase speed in solving the paper. Take Rest: Eating healthy and sleeping well along with study is also one of the mantras for keeping your mind fresh and improving concentration power to grasp concepts. Try to sleep at fixed time and for at least 7 to 8 hours a day during your preparation. Thoroughly study the syllabus and understand which sections are suitable for long answer questions. Prepare critical or evaluative answers for each topic of the subject. Set yourself a time limit and note how fast you can complete a 200 word question. Improve your speed as well as thought process gradually by practice. Work out excellent introductions and conclusions to all possible questions. Work out side headings that cover the most important points of that question. Remember not many examiners will read the entire answer. But everyone will read the introduction, side heading and the conclusion of your answer.