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Articulation = joint Atrium = auricle Alveolus = air sac To assay= to test,to trial, to attempt Anterior (view)= frontal Blood group = llood type Bleeding= bloodloss to breathe in = to inhale to breath out = to exhale= to expel Bruise: ecchymosis To break down = to decompose Blood platelet = thrombocl'te Boundary : Limit, margin, extremify Bore = hole = to determine (to happen)= to stir To bring about = To cause = = To bind to link to unite = to merge = to combine = obligatory: required Compulsory= mandatory Coccy: = aonin bone,tailbone To cure = to heal Cancerous= malignanl To cut down = to reduce Cough = tussis Contagious= infectious,catching = communicable= transmissible Cranium: skull Clavicle = collir bone Carpal = boneof the wrist To constriet = to narrow cavity = socketo {tiffiliff,lii trestricted use: the hipjoint) Carry out = Perform Cluster = grorip = bundle Chewing : mastication Dermis = corium, derma, cutis Dormant = inactive with = to eliminate To tlisposeof= to discardrto get rid of, to dispense = Drowsy sleepy .. trouble' ailment, malady,EIIPHEMISMS : problem, condition Disease: affliction, illneqs,sick:ress, Duct = Tube Epistaxis= nosebleed Ti enlarge=to tlilate = to expand= to witlen Esophagus= gullet Femur= thigh bone Fibula = catf bon", !,iiiili.lil.$'bfrg - . ," Foramen= opening,perforation = fii'dtilS Fatisue= tiredness

To give off = to emit Gum = gingiva Heniorrhage = severe/massivebleeding Humerus = upper arrn bone Hearlburn : Pyrosis Healthy = Fit Homogeneous = compact

Hart attack = myocardial infarction

Inactive = inert Intestine = bowel = gut


Lining = padding,mucosa to line = to pad Laceration : cut Likelihood = probability Larynx = voice box Lower jaw : mandible Nerve cell = neurone To nourish = to feed Narrowing = stenosis

Mark = grade Minute = tiny, small Mouth - OraI Cavity, buccalcavify, stoma Moisture = humidify Moist = humid, damp Overall = total, general = bony Osseous = Ovum egg Onset= beginning,staft Ongoing = seltinuous, permanent To occur = to happen= to take place Radius = forearm bone To relieve: to palliat,to soothe, to alleviate,to calm, to comfort Red blood cell = er)'throcyt Readily = easily Rate = Speed, Frequency Posterior(view)=rear Phlegm = thick mucus = oil (gland) Sebaceous Sudoripherous= sweat(gland) : malesexcell Spermatozoon Spinal column = vertebral column = back bone = spine Sputum= expectoralion To swallow = to ingest Swallowing= deglutition = hardening Sclerosis Spit = saliva Ulna = elbow bone,cubitus Uterus= womb Upper jaw = maxillary, maxilla Wound=injury=hurt to wound = to hurt = to injure Whoopingcough= pertussis White blood cell = leukoq4e To withstand = to resist

Prior to = before = anterior trr Parturition = childbirth Peak= summit, apex,top, tip Prescription = medicationorder Plentiful = abundant Patella= knee cap Pharynx = throat Phalanx= bone of the finger/toe Prophylaxis: prevention Prone to = Susceptible to = Iikely to Sternum = breast bone gils = place = timetable Schedule = Spongy porous = cancellous Seapula= shoulder blade Seizure= attack Stratum = layer To supply = to deliver, to provide, to give Skin = integument = To release, To secrete to emit, to produce

Term = semestre Tibia = shin fone, it""L nrinC Thrombus = blood clot Trachea= wind pipe To take up : To absorb Thrombus = blood clot

Outer* inner Outer-most* inner-most Intra * extra Intravenous# extravenous Intracellular I extracellular SuperficialI deep,profound MovableI immovable,fixed Mature I immature Balance * imbalance& unbalance Permeable I impermeable Oxygenated I Deorygenated To humidify I to dehumidify Hydration I dehydration Congestant I decongestant ContagiousI noncontagious InfectiousI noninfectious Inflammatory I noninflammatory & anti-inflammatory SensitiveI non-sensitive, insnsitive ReactiveI non-reactive SpecificI nonspecific Vital # non-vital

Smooth I rough Moist l Dry Acfive I inactive Edible I inedible Organic I inorganic Appropriate I inappropriate Effective I ineffective Adequate I inadequate Compatible I incompatible Ability I inability, disabilify Voluntary I involuntary Ventral I dorsal Anterior I posterior Front I rear Function I dysfunction To infect I to disinfect Organization I disorganization Stable # unstable Coordinated I uncoordinated ConsciousI unconscious Pyretic I antipyretic Febrile I antifebrile Mycotic I antimycotic Diuretic I antidiuretic Septic I antisqntic,aseptic Coagulant I anticoagulant To continue I to discontinue, to interrupt, to stop, to cease

AbductorI adductor Acute I chronic Malignant I benign Exocrine f endocrine Scarce I abundant Harmful I harmtess Painful I painless Vascular t' avascular Heterogeneous I homogeneous Exhale# inhale To breathein * to breatheout HyperventilationI hypoventilation HypertensionI hypotension Indication I contraindication To supply f to receive To inhibit I to slow,to stop Mitd * severe To increase to reduce f to decrease, Contractionf relaxation SistoleI diastole Normal I abnormal Internal * external


ON.A Protozoon- protozoa Ganglion- ganglia Criterion - criteria UM-A Spectrum - spectra Bacterium - bacteria Ephithelium - epithelia Periosteum- periostea Sacrum- sacra Spectrum - spectra Atrium - astria Corium - coria Cranium - crania Stratum - strata Septum- septa Sputum - sputa - spermatozoa Spermatozoon Phenomenonphenomena

Curriculum - curricula - sporangia Sporangium Cilium cilia Mediastinum- mediastina Ilium - ilia Ischium* ischia Cecum* ceca Ovum - ova Sternum - sterna Myocardium - myocardia - pericardia Pericardium

A-AE I il

Patella - patellae Trachea - tracheae Tibia - tibiae Ulna - ulnae Vena- venae Pleura - pleurae Vertebra - vertebrae Larva - larvae Alga - algae

Formula - formulae Fibula - fibulae Alumna - alumnae Lacuna - lacunae Vena cava - venae cavae Maxilla - maxillae Bursa - bursae Flora - florae (plant or bacterial life); intestinal flora - scapulae Scapula

US-I [ai] Bacillus - bacilli Thrombus - thrombi Fungus - fungi Villus - villi Alveolus - alveoli Calculus - calculi Locus - loci Coccus- cocci Nucleus- nuclei Radius - radii A-ATA carcinoma - carcinomata Sarcoma- sarcomata Stoma - stomata S-ATA pancreas- pancreata EN-INA Stamen- stamina Foramen - foramina Lumen - lumiha

Humerus - humeri Stimulus- stimuli - esophagi Esophagus Bronchus bronchi Alumnus - alumni Talus - tali (the entire ankle) Vagus- vagi - sulci Sulcus - emboli Embolus

Schma - schemata Stigma - stigmata

X-GES Larynx- larynges - pharynges Pharynx - coccyges Coccyx

Phalanx - phalanges


Thorax - thoraces Apex - apices!!! Appendix -.appendices

Index - indices !!! Matrix - matrices Cervix-cervices

IS-ES Diagnosis- diagnoses Thesis- theses Synthesis- syntheses Basis - bases Prognosis- prognoses Pelvis - pelves

Symphysis Crisis - crises Testis- testes Dialysis- dialyses Paralysis- paralyses Analysis-analyses

- symphyses

US-ORA Corpus- corpora

US-ERA Genus- genera Viscus- viscera (A main organ that is situatedinside ihe bod)-internal organ)

IRREGULAR FEMUR - femora INCUS - incudes STAPES - stapes(la fel) sau stapedes