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Bitspoker....legit site or just one creative dude trying to collect bitcoins through manipulating a poker site? : BitsPoker
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Bitspoker....legit site or just one creative dude trying to collect bitcoins through manipulating a poker site?
( se lf.BitsPok e r) subm itte d 2 days ago by scoot765

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this post was submitted on 23 Dec 2013

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We have been studying bitspoker for 3 weeks straight, day and night. We have seen some strange things going on.... We are suspecting that many players are actually created by the website themselves to generate activity. We are also seeing an abnormal amount of players winning money off other players who normally would do well on other poker sites leaving the suspicion that the site is somehow rigged. Be wary of bitspoker.com ---> it is very unclear how this website is being run - but after watching for 3weeks hand after hand it is clear this is some dishonesty taking place between the website and it's small user base. Statistically speaking the numbers are not adding up with win/loss ratios. When it comes to interpersonal user relationship trust between the legitimacy of users you might play poker against on a table.... On a scale of one to ten, with ten being highest, this website is ranked for "8" = meaning we suspect a high chance that the person you are playing is a mock user employed by bitspoker (and not an actual legit player).
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[] njGreenOne 2 points 14 hours ago

Agreed. Ive seen similar redit post few weeks ago. Bitspoker is about to make redit accounts to

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Bitspoker....legit site or just one creative dude trying to collect bitcoins through manipulating a poker site? : BitsPoker

downvote you. Their user base is so small lol just heads up. Fake users on their site and fake downvotes on this one hahaha. I already left bitspoker. Join us lol
permalink report give gold reply [] coindrifter 1 point 15 hours ago

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I've noticted similar things and googled it for reviews. It's pretty easy to see the habits of certain users and their activity online and interactions with other users that make them standout as decoys for the website to me. With such a small userbase it stands out to me because i frequent many different poker sites for many years. kudos and thanks!
permalink report give gold reply [] scoot765 [S] 1 point 37 m inute s ago

Is bitspoker.com legit? I deposited 0.01BTC and nothing yet (after 24 hours) and no answer from support. Some forums talk positive about it but I don't see the players, the money or the site admins.
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cle ar account activity

Just noticed the nasty comments left by bitspoker last night have been deleted? lol obviously they took my advice and realized how bad it made them appear. Good thing I took their advice and screen capped them. ;)
permalink edit delete reply [] scoot765 [S] 1 point 28 m inute s ago

interesting how this gets censored. bitspoker realizes how horrible their responses looked and deleted their own posts to save face.
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[] coindrifter 3 points 15 hours ago

"Well that escalated quickly" LOL The guy who posted first sounds more credible than you being so defensive about it. Like how do people know reading this that he "didn't email you" just because your stating he didn't. Wouldn't it be more proactive to ask him about it? I just signed up recently and I've even noticed weird users, thats how I got here in the first place from googling if your site was legit and saw this page in google. If you were a legit site, I would think your reaction would be more inquisitive instead of just protecting yourself. If its not true you shouldn't have anything to worry about and you shouldn't have to be so defensive. And as for my own thoughts when I was using your website, I guess this confirms it (based on how you are expressing yourself and not the original dude posting) just sayen with all respect to both of you, its my two cents.
permalink report give gold reply [] scoot765 [S] 1 point 14 hours ago

1. If this is your response, I'm not even going to bother with it. It was just an honest review. They way you are expressing yourself just makes your website sound even less legit. Sorry, just how i perceive it. 2. 3,200 registered users....yet your active users are ALWAYS at 28-44 on a normal day most every day. 3. Email was sent twice with no response. All I learned from your response here is that bitspoker is likely to be run by some very immature admin instead of taking the opportunity to address my concern and promote
www.reddit.com/r/BitsPoker/comments/1tjz8u/bitspokerlegit_site_or_just_one_creative_dude/ 2/3


Bitspoker....legit site or just one creative dude trying to collect bitcoins through manipulating a poker site? : BitsPoker

yourself in a better way. Ah wall. A loss is a loss.

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