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e xceed

The Eklin Mark III™

Above anything else out there.
e xceptional

The Eklin Mark III™ portable digital radiography system

is exceptional in every way.

The Mark III evolved through the cooperative efforts of Eklin engineers and
users of previous generations of Eklin equine DR products. The Mark III offers
you the one thing you wanted in a portable DR system – everything.

Got a few seconds? The fastest imaging system on the market.

• RapidFire™ scripting software speeds you through
pre-purchase exams.
• 4 seconds to see the image.
• 6 seconds between images.

The view master. Largest imaging area

(9"x11") of any equine DR system.
• Great for stifles, necks and backs.
• Equipped with AccuStitch™ image stitching software
for body parts that are too large for any DR panel.

Have DR, will travel. Unprecedented portability.

• The panel stays connected and ready to go.
• Conveniently placed handles make it easy to carry.
• Touchscreen DR controller and eFilm Workstation™ in one convenient package
– there’s no need to take fragile laptops into the field.

See the big picture.

• The large 17" touchscreen, high resolution monitor lets you see
diagnostic quality images on-the-spot.
• You can tell, from across the barn, that you got the shot and
can move on to the next view. The wireless remote control lets
you accept a shot, or choose to retake, without moving away
from the patient.
• T
 he sealed touchscreen interface means that you do not
have to use the mouse and keyboard in the field, where dirt
and dust can be a problem.
The Mark III can be carried wherever
you need to go to perform DR.
Actual diagonal measurement of the Mark III monitor
Image quality that is unchallenged, unmatched and unbelievable.
• 100 µm pixel size panel offers the highest spatial resolution.
• Unique multi-frequency image processing displays a diagnostic quality image
immediately – no need to adjust or “render” the image.
• Capture stunning shots of even thick body parts like stifles.

Bringing the power of e to equine veterinarians.

• Eklin is 100% dedicated to the veterinary profession, it’s our only business.
• We got our start in equine veterinary applications with:
– First portable DR system specifically designed for equine veterinarians.
– First real DICOM compliant PACS solutions for the veterinary profession capable of working with all
DICOM modalities (Ultrasound, MRI, CT, NM).
– First dedicated team of technical support and training personnel to support our customers.
– First streaming DICOM on-line image storage and retrieval service for the veterinary profession.
– First image stitching software for equine DICOM images.
– First Grid Suppression™ software.
• Eklin has been the choice of every U.S. College of Veterinary Medicine that has purchased DR.
• Eklin continues to pioneer the power of e-solutions to enhance speed, efficiency, connectivity,
productivity and accuracy for veterinarians.
e ffortless

The Mark III™ is designed to make stunning images easy

to capture in the field.

Touchscreen technology simplifies data entry.

• All patient data entry and view selections are handled through touchscreen
entries. No need to carry a keyboard and mouse.
• The weather sealed touchscreen eliminates the mechanical interface of a
keyboard and is much more reliable in a dusty environment.

Techniques made simple.

• The Mark III has a very forgiving exposure latitude
resulting in a very simple technique chart.

Real experts are a standard feature.

• Getting expert assistance, support and training is no
effort with Eklin.
• We’re the only veterinary DR company with a full time,
board certified radiologist on staff.
• The only veterinary DR company with a full time staff of experienced veterinary
radiographers to provide support. They also teach Eklin’s legendary regional
training workshops.
• Full time staff of technical support experts to provide 24/7 telephone assistance
for our customers.

Total conformance lets you rest easy.

• Like all Eklin systems, the Mark III is fully compliant with the DICOM 3.0 standard.
• Comes complete with digital repository DICOM tags, including Keeneland, to
ensure seamless conformance with prepurchase hanging protocols.
• Seamless integration with any DICOM-conforming PACS system.
A techniques chart you’ll
actually love, instead of dread.

Endorsement: Why do so many practices choose Eklin?

“The Eklin system is so fast that I can be much more productive. A six to eight minute
pre-purchase exam is possible with Eklin’s ultra short time between exposures.”

Endorsement: Why do so many practices choose Eklin?
“I see a high quality image instantly without the need for me to fuss
with the image. I’m not paid by the hour. Time is money to me.”
e mpower

The Mark III™ is equipped with software that makes

a powerful difference.

eFilm Workstation™ viewing software. Nothing less than the best.

• eFilm is the world leader in DICOM viewing software in both the veterinary
and human health care markets.
• Can be used to view images from all DICOM modalities including DR, CR, CT,
MRI, ultrasound, nuclear scintigraphy, etc. No need to learn multiple software
• Embedded Image Channel™ allows you, your colleagues and clients to view
images across the Internet, even with slower connections.
• Read full DICOM images using a wireless cellular Internet card.
• Add-on software is available for a variety of applications such as 3D/4D
reconstruction of CT studies.

RapidFire™ scripting software lets you take full advantage of

the Mark III’s incredible speed.
• Automatically sprint through the exam with the confidence that the right tags
are attached to the right images.
The rich diagnostic features in • Software that works the way you do. Lets you select which views and the
eFilm lets you realize the full
order in which they are taken.
medical value of digital radiography.
• Patient motion? No problem. Retakes are easy without disrupting your
exam sequence.

Big problem solver. AccuStitch™ gives you a giant virtual panel.

•  This add-on software to eFilm allows you to stitch two or more DICOM
images together.
•  Creates a single DICOM image you can use to measure distances and
angles accurately.
•  Stitching can be done using physical or
anatomical fiducial marks.
•  Just tell AccuStitch the location of the
same anatomic details on each image
and it does the rest.

Endorsement: Why do so many practices choose Eklin?
“Eklin’s eFilm viewer is the best there is. eFilm does not waste
screen space with frames and buttons. I can use 100% of my display
to view the images themselves.”
e xtreme

Like a rock. The Mark III™ is made for the life

of an equine veterinarian.

Ruggedly constructed.
• Molded polyethylene case so rugged you can sit on, stand on, and most
importantly depend on.
• Dust and liquid resistant design.
• Panel rides in protected rigid pocket on the back of the system.

Connectivity on the go.

“The large monitor allows you
to see the detail in an image • Built-in Ethernet port for importing and exporting.
so you know if you’ve gotten • Send images directly to PACS.
the shot.”
• Import or accept studies from other modalities to
view on the Mark III.
• Dual high speed USB ports.
• Use with the provided keyboard with built-in touchpad.
• Use with memory sticks, printers, external drives, wireless mouse, etc.
• Built-in, high-speed DVD/CD writer for sharing studies with clients or backing up your
studies though Eklin SnailPACS.™ (Transfer of images to EklinRemote server by mailing
CD or DVD to Eklin for uploading.)
• All connections are on one side of the system.

Exceptional reliability.
• Eklin portable DR systems are known for being extremely reliable, the Mark III takes
it to the next level.
• A true workhorse designed and built for the less-than-delicate equine
practitioner’s environment.
• The Mark III system includes a 1 year limited warranty.
• Eklin has installed hundreds of DR systems around the globe in places where
ruggedness and dependability carry a premium.

Endorsement: Why do so many practices choose Eklin?

“Eklin uses real DICOM software that has held up to FDA scrutiny in the human market.
It’s bullet proof. I won’t trust my DR studies to a PACS system that is a homemade
solution for the veterinary market.”

All-in-one portability. The Mark III™ is completely self-contained.
• Includes 9"x11" sensor panel and field replaceable cable.
• Includes DR control console.
• Diagnostic eFilm Workstation.™
• Redundant storage for up to 3,000 images.
• Even the panel and cable are tucked away for transport.
e xtras

Eklin enhancements that broaden the utility of your Mark III.™

EklinRemote™ lets you view your images from anywhere in

the world.
• Your own DICOM server in Eklin’s secure data center.
• Provides automatic backup for all of your DICOM studies.
• Protects your studies from hard drive failures, lightening strikes, fire, and theft.
• Once your images are stored on your EklinRemote server you have easy
access to studies for you, your colleagues, and your clients from anywhere
with Internet access.

Managed Access™ controls what you want to share in your

digital world.
• Managed Access is a standard feature of EklinRemote.
• Allows you to grant controlled access to specific studies to the individuals
you choose.
• Does not require the recipient have any special software. A free DICOM
viewer allows the viewing of studies using a standard web browser.

Eklin Equine Grid. With the Mark III, you don’t often need a grid,
but when you do it’s a snap.
Without Grid Suppression
• Easily snaps onto the sensor panel.
• When the system automatically senses the grid, unique Eklin
Grid Suppression™ software is activated and eliminates grid
lines from the final image.
• Thin enough to allow the sensor panel to fit in the standard
Eklin tunnel.

Endorsement: Why do so many practices

choose Eklin? With Eklin Grid Suppression

“Eklin is innovative and is always introducing new products

(both hardware and software). I want to continue to benefit
from Eklin innovation.”

e very detail

All the finer points of the Eklin Mark III™ portable

digital radiography system.

2.0 cm (0.8") thick Sensor Panel
Type CXDI-31 direct capture digital x-ray
32.7 cm (12.9")

Imaging Area 9" x 11" (22.8 cm x 27.9 cm)

Pixel Pitch 100 x 100 microns

Pixel Array 2,256 x 2,878 pixels (6,493,000 pixels)

Grayscale 12 bit (4,096 levels)

32.4 cm (12.8")
Weight 2.8 kg (6.2 lbs.)

Sensor Panel
Control Interface 17" LCD touchscreen display for patient data entry and selection of
appropriate label to views and image processing algorithms
Eklin multi-frequency image processing algorithms
Repository, pre-purchase exam protocols
RapidFire™ scripting software
Eklin Grid Suppression™ software
External USB keyboard with touchpad (not required for operation)
46.5 cm (18.3")

Diagnostic eFilm software for viewing images from all DICOM modalities including
eFilm Workstation™ DR, CR, digital ultrasound, MRI, CT and nuclear scintigraphy.
AccuStitch™ DICOM image stitching software for assembly of single
image from multiple DR DICOM images of large body parts
(e.g., equine necks)

Image Storage Redundant storage for up to 3,000 DR images

4 5. 5 7.7" 10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet interface for transmission
cm (1
(17.9 cm 45.0 of images to external PACS
Dual high speed USB 2.0 ports
System Built-in 8X DVD/CD+/-RW drive

Case Details High strength molded polyethylene external case

Water and dust resistant construction
All external connections on the same side of the case
Built-in carrying handles

Operating 10-35°C (50-95ºF)

Environment 30-75% RH (non-condensing)

Console Weight Without panel and cable - 46 lbs / 20.8 kgs.

Complete System Weight With panel & cable - 52 lbs / 23.6 kgs.

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