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Melatih Anda mendapatkan Wanita yang Anda inginkan menjadi bagian hidup Anda.


What Woman REALLY Wants.

By Ronald Frank Hai Para Pencinta Wanita, kali ini saya secara tidak sengaja meng-interview salah satu teman wanita saya yang tinggal diluar negri tentang apa sebenarnya yang Wanita inginkan. Interview saya ini saya lakukan melalui Yahoo Messenger dan menggunakan bahasa inggris. Anda akan banyak menemukan sesi flirting saya dengan teman wanita saya ini. Note disini, semua jawaban dari interview ini menurut saya MEWAKILI 80% wanita diluar sana karena secara tidak sadar, jawaban yang diberikan adalah seputar STIMULASI NALURI WANITA yang pada dasarnya adalah bawaan lahirnya. Selamat Menikmati.

>> Greetings and Flirting Part GIRL: hi:) RONSTER2K: how dare you kept me waiting? :) GIRL: hehe.. i wasnt here.. sowie :D but good for you waiting for me ;)) RONSTER2K: i was about to go but i'll give u a shot ;) GIRL: hehe how nice of you.. a shot eh? just what i need :p RONSTER2K: whats makes u need a shot? RONSTER2K: two shots wont make u drunk

GIRL: i really wanna know how it feels to fly.. RONSTER2K: hahaha... yea... i wish we could talk about it... RONSTER2K: its forbiden to talk dirty here... please GIRL: it doesnt always have to be dirty.. i mean FLY, literally... RONSTER2K: hahaha fly in a dirty way is always the best RONSTER2K: so whats goin on? GIRL: got headache GIRL: and PenyakitMauSembuh too... RONSTER2K: ? RONSTER2K: whats that? GIRL: well, kind of like PMS:p GIRL: but lets talk bout something else.. GIRL: how are you? RONSTER2K: oh my... yea skip that one... RONSTER2K: pms causes gals to have lots of emotional drama GIRL: not me:D i just stay in my room and dont talk. at all. GIRL: but hey lets talk about something else... RONSTER2K: such as? GIRL: why does internet always disconnect me without my permission?#-o RONSTER2K: because your not bossy enough GIRL: yea im more like a pushover..:-< GIRL: what do you have to do to be bossy? RONSTER2K: are you spending time online everyday? RONSTER2K: like a homegirl? GIRL: ahaha nope.. im online when im home.. which is like this time.. u think im a homegirl eh? lol RONSTER2K: ya maybe GIRL: ahahahaha.. so.. what if i am? RONSTER2K: great, i'll chat with you all day... RONSTER2K: helping you with your loneliness RONSTER2K: :)) GIRL: what the hell?:))

GIRL: im a cybergirl, u said that:p RONSTER2K: hahaha if you want to... what can i say? GIRL: nothing:D GIRL: are u on ur phone? RONSTER2K: yes RONSTER2K: free to call GIRL: no i mean, are u chatting using ur phone? RONSTER2K: no.. using my hand ofcourse GIRL: seriously :p RONSTER2K: wanna help? :)) GIRL: what are u using ur fingers to type on? keypad or keyboard? RONSTER2K: whatever it is, i feel the joy :)) GIRL: seriouslyyy:p:p RONSTER2K: guess GIRL: its kinda obvious tho,, keyboard,maybe? RONSTER2K: ah... you are the best quicky girl i ever known GIRL: maksudnya apa coba?:p RONSTER2K: hahaha... pura2 nga ngerti ya? RONSTER2K: ck ck ck GIRL: saya masih polos masO:-) GIRL: ahaha RONSTER2K: :)) barely legal GIRL: how is that barely legal?:p RONSTER2K: 18+ is barely legal RONSTER2K: you always bite your finger like that when you are typing? GIRL: course not, i bite my toes:P RONSTER2K: hahaha nice... RONSTER2K: hey i wanna ask you questions RONSTER2K: since im a dating coach, consider this as an interview to help all those desperate boys out there GIRL: oh dear

>> Interview Starts Here

RONSTER2K: 1. what makes you interested in a guy?

RONSTER2K: what traits that they have that makes you say wow GIRL: me? personally? RONSTER2K: yes

GIRL: i like a guy who can make me LAUGH, and is CHARMING.

RONSTER2K: ah thank you... im flaterred RONSTER2K: ok, second one is GIRL: :p GIRL: did i ever say i was talking about you? RONSTER2K: i bet you do... so lets just move on RONSTER2K: second

RONSTER2K: what makes a conversation interesting? GIRL: when it HAS NO END, when it LEADS TO ANOTHER TOPIC that can MAKE YOU TALK AND TALK for hours
GIRL: next?;)) RONSTER2K: what to talk about?

RONSTER2K: what topic that is interesting for woman?

RONSTER2K: give me some idea

GIRL: umm... ANYTHING, really... but for me, AS LONG as it can make me LAUGH... I LIKE TO LAUGH, even for NO REASON, so... :D :D
RONSTER2K: laugh for no reason? :)) RONSTER2K: wow... you ARE interesting girl i suppose? GIRL: interesting eh? thanks for using such a nice word:D RONSTER2K: i prefer flowery words... RONSTER2K: THIRD GIRL: fourth, u mean? RONSTER2K: no

RONSTER2K: the previous one was SECOND B RONSTER2K: no third GIRL: RONSTER2K: what to talk about? RONSTER2K: what topic that is interesting for woman? RONSTER2K: now is third GIRL: thats TWO questions RONSTER2K: no it was ONE question with two sub questions GIRL: u've already used ur 3 questions :D RONSTER2K: well, i see that you are starting to be a little bit bossy GIRL: no more questions for u to ask, mister? :D RONSTER2K: i respect that GIRL: ahaha RONSTER2K: i HAVE bunch GIRL: bring them on :> GIRL: i have the right to refuse to answer tho, yea? RONSTER2K: well well RONSTER2K: ok GIRL: okei:)

RONSTER2K: what questions that intrigues woman?

GIRL: *bentar, ke kamus online dulu:D RONSTER2K: ok GIRL: u mean intrigue? RONSTER2K: yes GIRL: wait, why exactly are u asking me these questions? curang neehh, jadi kaya minta kunci jawaban :p RONSTER2K: hahaha well because i wanna share with the world and ofcourse i'd might use it on you GIRL: that's cheatiiiing.... RONSTER2K: its not cheating GIRL: next question please :D RONSTER2K: hahaha

RONSTER2K: no no seriously RONSTER2K: i believe that girls love to express their thoughts right? RONSTER2K: they just need a right question for it RONSTER2K: so what questions that makes them go yap yap

RONSTER2K: one of my secret is talking about SHOES

RONSTER2K: so add some GIRL: OHMYGAWD...... does it actually work on girls? talking about shoes? GIRL: im afraid that wont work on me, mister.. RONSTER2K: some of fashion freaks i believe RONSTER2K: i mean general woman, not barely legal homegirl :)) GIRL: :p

RONSTER2K: ok so whats an intriguing question that makes YOU go YAP YAP?

GIRL: no, im not answering that question:| GIRL: i dont go YAP YAP anyway:p >> Saya menggunakan teknik PDC disini. *PDC = Pancing Dikit Curhat. RONSTER2K: hey do you like icecream? GIRL: is that your fifth question? RONSTER2K: yes GIRL: yes i do. but is it relevant tho? RONSTER2K: what makes you like it? GIRL: gives me brain freeze:D RONSTER2K: brain breeze? RONSTER2K: hahaha GIRL: brain Freeze RONSTER2K: how about the tongue factor? RONSTER2K: tongue breeze? GIRL: it not breeze, its FFFFreeze RONSTER2K: ok tongue freeze

RONSTER2K: bzzz GIRL: yea, that;)) RONSTER2K: well, i guess icecream doesnt make you go yap yap RONSTER2K: next Q GIRL: ahahaha,,, is that what u were trying to do? aww.. so cute.. RONSTER2K: yes i know... thank you... RONSTER2K: :D GIRL: ahahahaha RONSTER2K: ok, befor you call me cute and i became more narcissistic, next Q RONSTER2K: what do you expect from a guy on a first date? GIRL: u were already narcistic anyway:p GIRL: wait, im still hung up on that ice cream thing...;)) GIRL: awww... really, that was sooo cute... RONSTER2K: hahaha here we go... GIRL: ahahahaha GIRL: cant stop laughing..;)) RONSTER2K: well... i guess ice cream works!... can't wait to tell the guys RONSTER2K: lets see how many girls respond to that RONSTER2K: i guess there will be lots of cute guys after this GIRL: i;ll be right back, wait RONSTER2K: quicky... GIRL: back:) GIRL: no, the reason why it was cute was ... GIRL: no, nvm:D GIRL: it just was;)) GIRL: are u still there cute boy? RONSTER2K: yes GIRL: were u telling the guys? RONSTER2K: the "yes" stands for the "cute" RONSTER2K: no no i havent told the guys GIRL: ;)) GIRL: if u do, tell them i said hi:D

RONSTER2K: hahaha sure GIRL: hii guys.. GIRL: who are the guys anyway? RONSTER2K: hey stop it... you're making me jealous GIRL: hey guys, add my ID, yea? its XXXXXXXXXX GIRL: ;)) RONSTER2K: hahahaha RONSTER2K: geez RONSTER2K: should i use my CUTE power to stop you? GIRL: please:D GIRL: ahaha RONSTER2K: hahaha GIRL: anymore questions? no? good:D RONSTER2K: i have bunch RONSTER2K: and lots lots more GIRL: one at a time plz:p RONSTER2K: ok RONSTER2K: ok so icecream works RONSTER2K: now my question is

RONSTER2K: Is PHYSICAL LOOKS and MONEY matters to girls? GIRL: god NO!
GIRL: not to me anyway

RONSTER2K: so what matters?

GIRL: charisma, i guess? RONSTER2K: character? GIRL: that too:D GIRL: another thing, i like a guy who is original. GIRL: know what i mean? RONSTER2K: real? RONSTER2K: not manipulative right? GIRL: that too, but...

GIRL: i mean... RONSTER2K: being him self and cut all the crap? GIRL: original, u know? RONSTER2K: yes i know

GIRL: u know how MOST OF THE GUYS always say such CHEESY WORDS? and send really cheesy text messages? those "romantic" messages PIRATED FROM THE INTERNET AND MAGAZINES? so not cool anymore..
RONSTER2K: hahaha need something genuine eh? RONSTER2K: pure creativity

GIRL: i like a guy who is original and send something romantic in a funny and cocky kind of way:D
RONSTER2K: funny and cocky? GIRL: yes:) RONSTER2K: ah... nice words GIRL: thanks:) RONSTER2K: how about funny, cute and a bit narcissistic kind a way? GIRL: like what? RONSTER2K: like me GIRL: ahahaha GIRL: that IS narcissistic:p RONSTER2K: im waiting for the YES :-w GIRL: dont force me:p RONSTER2K: hahaha... yes... slowly... GIRL: exactly :D :D RONSTER2K: hahaha RONSTER2K: i guess thats a YES in an indirect way of saying it RONSTER2K: well, i got the message :) RONSTER2K: lets move on GIRL: u're right...

GIRL: you ARE narcissistic GIRL: ;)) RONSTER2K: :)) but you damn love me... RONSTER2K: ok i said next RONSTER2K: please obey me... so i dont need to force you... :D GIRL: next :p RONSTER2K: hahaha

RONSTER2K: Whats the most romantic way that attracts woman?

GIRL: what do u mean romantic way? RONSTER2K: the way that just melt woman's heart RONSTER2K: its not the part that you guys are having FUN RONSTER2K: but more of personal bubble GIRL: well it depends if I (personally) dont like the guy, nothing he does can melt me.. GIRL: but if i DO like him, a 'hello' would just melt me like THAT. GIRL: next? RONSTER2K: what? RONSTER2K: i dont get it RONSTER2K: ok lets say you have FUN with a guy RONSTER2K: and because of the FUN thing, you guys grow those chemistry RONSTER2K: and by the time goes by, you guys are more intimate in a sensual way, not sexual RONSTER2K: so what makes a guy from a FUN guy transition into a seductive and flirtious kinda guy? GIRL: next?;)) RONSTER2K: geez RONSTER2K: seriously RONSTER2K: you get what i mean? GIRL: no, not really.. but i dont wanna answer it anyway... RONSTER2K: why? GIRL: i just dont want to:) RONSTER2K: yes i guess PMS is the factor

RONSTER2K: ok next GIRL: ;)) RONSTER2K: hold on dear RONSTER2K: i got some work GIRL: its ok, i can watch southpark :D RONSTER2K: hahah ok RONSTER2K: not for long RONSTER2K: dear RONSTER2K: time i gotta go GIRL: oh ok.. RONSTER2K: thanks for sharing GIRL: same-same:D RONSTER2K: see u soon GIRL: bye... :)

Beberapa POIN penting yang bisa anda ambil dari interview saya diatas adalah: What makes you interested in a guy? A guy who can make a girl LAUGH, and is CHARMING. What makes a conversation interesting? When the conversation HAS NO END, when it LEADS TO ANOTHER TOPIC that can MAKE YOU TALK AND TALK for hours What topic that is interesting for woman? ANYTHING, AS LONG as it can make Woman LAUGH even for NO (LOGICAL) REASONS What questions that intrigues woman? SHOES and ICECREAM Is PHYSICAL LOOKS and MONEY matters to girls? NO!

So what matters? MOST OF THE GUYS always say such CHEESY WORDS and Really cheesy text messages like those "romantic" messages PIRATED FROM THE INTERNET AND MAGAZINES. That is SO NOT COOL ANYMORE. (This including pickup lines, openers, negs, dhv, etc) Woman likes a guy who is ORIGINAL and Romantic in a funny and cocky kind of way (This means BEING a NATURAL not an internet scripted cool guy wanna be) Cobalah untuk membaca materi ini berulang-ulang untuk benar-benar mendapatkan PENGERTIAN dan MAKNA nya. Semoga anda menikmati materi ini. Maju terus dan jadilah Pria Idaman.

Ronald Frank

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