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Mnemonics for Week 1 Supination vs. Pronation "SOUPination": Supination is to turn your arm palm up, as if you are holding a bowl of soup. "POUR-nation": Pronation is to turn your arm with the palm down, as if you are pouring out whatever is in your bowl. Alternatively, Pronation donation: Pronation is palm facing downward, as if making a donation. a ducction !adding to the body a"duction#away from body $rector spinae muscles: %I Love Standing& 'from lateral to medial( Iliocostalis Longissimus Spinalis )hese muscles help you to stand erect. Alternatives: %I Love Se*& +, %I Long for Spinach& - %Se*& helps you think of %$rector&, but %-ong& and %Spinach& help you to remember the muscles. names. $rector spinae muscles: order Spinalis is on the spine 'most medial(. /liocostalis is on the ribs 'most lateral(. And it0s a Long 'Longissimus( way between the spine and the ribs1 Superior Transverse Scapular Ligament %Save The Sea Lions& Suprascapular artery and Suprascapular nerve in reference to the Superior transverse scapular ligament %Army 'artery( goes over the bridge2 avy 'nerve( goes under the bridge& )he bridge is the Superior transverse scapular ligament ,otator cuff muscles: %SITS& 'clockwise from top( Supraspinatus Infraspinatus Teres minor Subscapularis A pro baseball pitcher has in3ured his rotator cuff muscles. As a result, he SITS out for the rest of the game, and then gets sent to the minor leagues. A*illary Artery branches: %Screw The Lawyer Save A Patient& 'from pro*imal to distal( Superior thoracic artery or Supreme thoracic artery Thoracoacromial trunk Lateral thoracic artery

5 Subscapular artery 'branches into circumfle* scapular artery and thoracodorsal artery( Anterior circumfle* humeral artery Posterior circumfle* humeral artery )hese 5 arteries anastomose. Alternatives: %Some Times Life Seems A Pain& +, %Send The Lord to Say A Prayer& )horacoacromial )runk branches: %!Alifornia Police "epartment& !lavicular Acromial Pectoral "eltoid Alternative: %A#!"& - Acromial - #reast 'pectoral( - !lavicular - "eltoid +, %!AP "& - !la$icular - Acromial - Pectoral - "eltoid Serratus anterior 'innervation 6 action(: %7%-&-' raises your wings to (ea$en) Say this aloud and it rhymes 7%&' in3ury causes inability to raise arm past 89 degrees up to (ea$en, and results in a *inging of the scapula. : -ong thoracic nerve 'cervical roots ;, < 6 =( innervate Serratus anterior. Serratus Anterior 'innervation and artery(: SALT Serratus Anterior > Long Thoracic nerve Serratus Anterior > Lateral Thoracic artery Mnemonics for Week + Arm fractures: nerves affected by humerus fracture location ARM fracture: 'from pro*imal to distal( A*illary nerve: surgical neck of humerus Radial nerve: mid shaft of humerus Median nerve: distal end of humerus ,adial ?erve: muscles supplied 'simplified( %#,ST muscles&: #rachioradialis ,*tensors Supinator Triceps $lbow: muscles that fle* it

E )hree #.s #end the elbow: #rachialis #iceps brachii #rachioradialis @le*or digitorum muscles: how they insert onto fingers A little rhyme: Superficialis Splits in two )o Permit Profundus Passing through @le*or digitorum superficialis fle*es at P/P 3oint @le*or digitorum profundus fle*es at P/P and /P 3oint "rachioradialis: function, innervation, one relation, one attachment #rachioRadialis: @unction: /t.s the #eer Raising muscle, fle*es elbow, strongest when wrist is oriented like holding a beer. /nnervation: #reaks Rule: it.s a fle*or muscle, #ut Radial nerve innervates it. ',adial nerve is usually for e*tensors( ,elation: #ehind it is the Radial nerve in the cubital fossa. Attachment: Attaches to the #ottom of the Radius. Anterior forearm muscles: superficial fle*ors )here are ; digits of your hand. Place your thumb into your palm, then lay that hand palm down on your other arm. Aour B fingers now show distribution. Spells P-P-: PassC-ail, PassC-ail Pronator teres -le*or carpi radialis Palmaris longus -le*or carpi ulnaris

Dedian nerve: hand muscles innervated .Meat LOA-)/ Median nerve Lumbricals 4 and 5 Opponens pollicis Abductor pollicis brevis

B -le*or pollicis brevis Duscles of the Fand: palmar surface %All -or One And One -or All& : )henar: Abductor pollicis brevis -le*or pollicis brevis Opponens pollicis Adductor pollicis. : Fypothenar: Opponens digiti minimi -le*or digiti minimi brevis Abductor digiti minimi /nterossei muscles of hand: actions of dorsal vs. palmar %PA" and "A#& )he Palmar interossei A"duct and the "orsal interossei A#duct. Gse your hand to dab with a pad. -umbricals: action -umbrical action is to hold a pea, that is to fle* the metacarpophalangeal 3oint 'D7P( and e*tend the interphalangeal 3oints '/P(. Hhen you look at the hand in this position, it makes an % L& shape, since L is for Lumbrical.

7arpal bones: "Some Lovers Try Positions That They !an0t 0andle": : Pro*imal row then distal row, both rows lateral-to-medial: Scaphoid Lunate TriIuetrum Pisiform TrapeJium TrapeJoid !apitate 0amate Alternatively: %Stop Letting Those People Touch The !adavers 0and&

; 7arpal bones: trapeJium vs. trapeJoid location )rapeJiUM is by the thUM#, )rapeJiOI" is inSI",. Mnemonics for Week 1 @emoral triangle: A2,L @emoral erve @emoral Artery @emoral 2ein ,mpty space lymphatics Lacunar ligament Pes anserinus: Sgt. AMP Sartorius: Anterior 3racilis: Medial SemiTendinosus: Posterior Posterior compartment muscles 'medial side, posterior to medial malleolus( Tom, "ick and 0arry Tibialis posterior @le*or digitorum longus Posterior tibial artery )ibial nerve @le*or (allucis longus Alternatively: "Tom, "ick And ervous 0arry". Alternatively: "Tom, "ick And ot 0arry". Popliteal fossa: muscles arrangement )he two Semi0s go together, Semimembranosus and Semitendinosus. )he Membranosus is Medial and since the two semis go together, Semitendinosus is also medial. )herefore, "iceps @emoris has to be lateral. +f the semi0s, to remember which one is superficial: the Tendinosus is on Top. /nversion vs. eversion muscles in leg Second letter rule for inversionCeversion : ,version muscles: p,rineus longus p,rineus brevis p,rineus tertius : Inversion muscles: tIbialis anterior tIbialis posterior -eg: anterior muscles of leg "The 0ospitals Are ot "irty Places" Tibialis anterior e*tensor 0allucis longus Anterior tibial Artery deep fibular erve

< e*tensor "igitorum longus Peroneus tertius Kfibularis tertiusL Mnemonics for Week 4 ,ib costal groove: order of intercostal blood vessels and nerves 2A 'from superior to inferior( 2ein Artery erve iaphragm innervation %!15 45 % keep the diaphragm ali$e& iaphragm innervation is by cervical roots E, B, and ; 'phrenic nerve( -ingula location: LingULa Left Upper Lobe -ung lobe numbersCFeart AM valves: right vs. left Rig(t side: Tricuspid heart valve and tri-lobed lung Left side: #icuspid heart valve and bi-lobed lung Atrioventricular 'AM( valves: LA# RAT Left Atrium: #icuspid valve Right Atrium: Tricuspid Semilunar valve cusps: Aortic and pulmonary "oth of them have a right and left cusp, but one has an anterior cusp and one has a posterior cusp Pulmonar6 trunk is anterior to the Aorta /t has the anterior cusp 'right, left and anterior cusps( Aorta is posterior to the pulmonary trunk /t has the posterior cusp 'right, left and posterior cusps( Aortic Arch: ma3or branch order Nnow your A#!7S: Aortic arch gives rise to: #rachiocephalic trunk -eft !ommon 7arotid artery -eft Subclavian artery "eware of the trick Iuestion of %Hhat is the first branch of the aortaO& )echnically, it.s the coronary arteries. 7oronary circulation: arteries and associated veins Small Margin/ Small vein and Marginal artery Middle schoolers show Public "isplay of Affection 'P"A(: Middle Mein and Posterior "escending Artery 3reat LA"/ 3reat vein and Left Anterior "escending artery

= !!.s: !oronary sinus and -eft !ircumfle* artery Dain "ronchi: which one is more verticalO %/nhale a bite, it goes down the rig(t& /nhaled ob3ects are more likely to lodge into the right main bronchus, since it is the one that is more vertical. Mnemonics for Week % )his is actually a mnemonic from last week.s material. "ut this was in the te*tbook, @irst Aid for GSD-$ 599= under the respiratory section. So / thought it was worth mentioning: Pulmonary artery location on each lung, in relation to the bronchi. RALS Right lung the pulmonary artery will be Anterior to the main bronchi. Left lung the pulmonary artery is located Superior to the main bronchi. ,emember the bronchi have cartilage so they should be easy to identify. iaphragm apertures: spinal levels %I 8 19 ,ggs At 1+& 'read this as %/ ate ten eggs at twelve& if it doesn.t look right to you( Interior Mena 7ava )8 )19 ,sophagus Aorta )1+ Posterior mediastinum contents: "AT,S "escending aorta AJygous and hemiaJygous vein Thoracic duct ,sophagus Sympathetic trunkCganglia $*ternal carotid artery branches %Some Angry Lady -igured Out PDS& Superior thyroid artery Ascending Pharyngeal artery Lingual artery -acial artery Occipital artery Posterior auricular artery Ma*illary artery Superficial )emporal artery Alternative: As Steve Lay -roJen Olive Palpated Some More )etralogy of @allot- B findings %PRO2$&

P Pulmonary trunk stenosis Right ventricular hypertrophy Overriding aorta 2S

Mnemonics for Week & "ranches of the @acial ?erve 'after stylomastoid foramen( "Tell :iggy #ob Marley !alled" : @rom superior to inferior: Temporal branch :ygomatic branch #uccal branch Mandibular branch !ervical branch : Alternatively: %Two :ebras #it My !heek& )he motor branches of the facial nerve go through the parotid gland ME: Sensory "ranches #AIL #uccal Auriculotemporal Inferior alveolar Lingual @ace muscles: large muscle groups. cranial innervation Mandibular nerve '7? ME(: Mastication. -acial nerve '7? M//(: -acial e*pression. @oramen spinosum: location on base of skull @oramen spinosum is ad3acent to the spine of sphenoid. Scalp nerve supply 3LASS: 3reater occipitalC 3reater auricular Lesser occipital Auriculotemporal Supratrochlear Supraorbital

7avernosum sinus contents O TOM !AT: + )+D are lateral wall components, in order from superior to inferior. 7A are the components within the sinus, from medial to lateral. 7A ends at the level of ) from + )+D. : See diagram. Occulomotor nerve '///( Trochlear nerve '/M( Ophthalmic nerve 'M4( Ma*illary nerve 'M5( !arotid artery 'internal( Abducent nerve 'M/( T: Hhen written, connects to the ) of + T+D.

Skull "ones: "ST,P O- & " Sphenoid Temporal ,thmoid Parietal Occipital -rontal & skull bones Mnemonics for Week ' +rbit: bones of medial wall: My Little ,ye Sits in the orbit Ma*illa 'frontal process( Lacrimal ,thmoid Sphenoid 'body( $*traocular muscles cranial nerve innervation: LR&SO4 rest 1

49 -ateral ,ectus is &th Superior +bliIue is Bth Rest are all 1rd cranial nerve '7? ///: oculomotor( $*traocular muscles: movements +bliIues cause Lateral rotation 'abduction( of eyeball Actions of the obliIue muscles are opposite to their name Actions of the recti muscles are rightly fitting their name ,elationship of lingual nerve and submandibular duct )he duck lies over the lake Submandibular duct is passes on top of the lingual nerve ')he lingual nerve courses laterally, inferiorly then medial to the submandibular duct.( Mnemonics for Week 8 7eliac trunk branches Left 0and Side 'L0S(: Left gastric artery 0epatic artery common Splenic artery +bliIue muscles: direction of e*ternal vs. internals ,;ternal obli<ues: points toward your %e;ternal parts& Internal obli<ues: points toward your %internal soul& Alternatively: ,;ternal obli<ues: Fands in your pockets2 down and towards the midline Internal obli<ues: right angles to e*ternal obliIues ?ote: %obli<ue& tells that it must be going at an angle. ,etroperitoneal organs 'ma3or(: A!C"! Rocker =ids Party "own Ascending !olon "escending !olon Rectum =idneys Pancreas "uodenum oesn.t distinguish between primary and secondarily retroperitoneal. Secondarily retroperitoneal organs: A!C"! Party "own Ascending !olon "escending !olon Pancreas "uodenum ,etroperitoneal structures list: SA" PU!=,R

44 Suprarenal glands Aorta 6 /M7 "uodenum Pancreas Ureters !olon 'ascending 6 descending( =idneys ,sophagus Rectum ?erves of the posterior abdominal wall: Some Idiots Ignore Lab -.s 3iven Out Subcostal n Iliohypogastric n Ilioinguinal n Lateral @emoral 7utaneous n -emoral n 3enitofemoral n Obturator n Mnemonics for Week > -ayers of the )estis: 'from superficial to deep( Some "amn ,nglishmen !alled It The Testis Skin "artos muscle ,*ternal spermatic fascia !remaster muscle Internal spermatic fascia Tunica vaginalis Testis Alternative: Scrotum layers %Some "ays ,ddie !an Irritate People 2ery Thoroughly&: Skin Dartos layer External spermatic fascia Cremaster muscle Internal spermatic fascia Parietal tunica vaginalis Visceral tunica vaginalis Tunica albuginea Penis: spinal level innervation %S+5 15 4 keep the penis off the floor&: Q Alternatively: %S+5 15 4 make a mess on the floor&. Penis innervated by pudendal nerve branches, derived from spinal cord levels S5-B.