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Hang Em High for Treason!

April 6, 2013 by Keith Howe (henrymakow.com) It is time to build a gallows, and restore freedom and lawful leadershi to this country.

!ublic "fficials seem to think that they have become prison wardens, and citizens are their prisoners. It is far past time that we reel them in, clip their feathers, and put them in their place. or many of them, that place would be prison! "pon ta#in$ public office, officials must swear an %ath on the &oly 'ible to defend and uphold the (onstitution of the "nited )tates, not the "nited *ations. +hese traitors are brea#in$ that oath in record numbers, and should be held criminally accountable. +he penalty for brea#in$ that oath should be no less than the penalty for per,ury, for that is e-actly what they have done in retrospect. Actually, the penalty should include treason a$ainst the "nited )tates and the (onstitution, because this crime is a$ainst both, as well as .we, the people.. All 'ible believin$ (hristians should pray for /od to rebu#e these liars and traitors, who have violated their solemn oaths with their ri$ht hand on &is 'ible, unless they repent immediately. 0ay /od brin$ them to total ruin in all their affairs, for &e has warned them not to ma#e an oath li$htly, because &e will hold them accountable for that oath! 12ames 34125 +hese traitors have robbed and ban#rupted the "nited )tates and 6all )treet. +hey have formulated false fla$ wars on terror and are war criminals for the multiple, ille$al, invasions7occupations they have condoned around the world. +hey have systematically dismembered the (onstitution and 'ill of 8i$hts, and are preparin$ a domestic army 19epartment of &omeland )ecurity, a#a )hutzstaffel, or ).).5 to murder, overthrow, and enslave the American people. +hey have purchased billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition, and thousands of armored personnel carriers, set up on concentration camps, and prepared vast amounts of multi:person coffins in plannin$ to accomplish this treason. In addition, these lyin$, traitors have violated their oaths to /od and man, by attac#in$ our freedoms and liberties $uaranteed by the (onstitution and 'ill of 8i$hts. +hey are attemptin$ to disarm America for their comin$ tyranny and .9ay of /reat )lau$hter. to brin$ about their socialist, $lobalist, satanic, *ew 6orld %rder. 0eanwhile, &illary (linton has armed )yrian rebels with her 'en$hazi $un:runnin$ scam, and ;ric &older has supplied 0e-ican dru$ runners with his $un:runnin$ .%peration ast and urious..

)enator 9ianne . ascist. einstein ne$otiates ille$al .no bid. weapons contracts with her husband<s business, and no one $oes to prison. +hese same, fascist tyrants are also abusin$ the power of their office by attemptin$ to ma#e it economically impossible for people to own $uns throu$h re$istration fees, sales and transfer fees, mandatory insurance re=uirements for $un owners, etc. +hese sociopaths apparently can<t $rasp the concept of .the ri$ht of the people to #eep and bear arms, shall not be infrin$ed. in the )econd Amendment. )o far all America has had to say about all this is .than#:you sir, may I have another.. +he "nited )tates (ode at 1> ".).(. ? 23>1 states .whoever, owin$ alle$iance to the "nited )tates, levies war a$ainst them or adheres to their enemies, $ivin$ them aid and comfort within the "nited )tates or elsewhere, is $uilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than @10,000A and shall be incapable of holdin$ any office under the "nited )tates.. 1https477en.wi#ipedia.or$7wi#i7+reason5 It is time to build a $allows, and restore freedom and lawful leadership to this country.