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To conclude our stand regarding the assailed section of Republic Act 9344, which increases the age of exemption

from 9 years, old as stated in Sec. __ of PD 603 _(title)__, to 15 years old. This remarkable amendment of the Juvenile Law affected primarily the community. Wherein, fifteen year-old children who became CRIMINALLY EXEMPTED from any crime. They roam around the streets and commit felonies, others unimaginable. It secondarily affected the Law enforcement. The law enforcement pillar of the Criminal Justice System wanted to execute its duties in so far as to keeping the peace and order of the community, but because of the said law, children 15 years old and below are used by syndicates as tools for the commission of crimes and sometimes, these 15 year-olds commit crimes on their own being. The JJWA or RA 9344 or most of the Filipino people call as the Pangilinan Law, contends that children 15 years old and below have no discernment and should be exempted from criminal liability. But facts and reports state otherwise. It is well proven that a child has discernment as early as ten years old, unless the child is categorized as an imbecile which the Revised Penal Code specifically exempts from criminal liability. Especially in the Philippines, where children at an early age, get the sense of responsibility and tend to be taught and have learned what is right from wrong. Even if you browse the internet, watch the news on the television and read the papers, you will be shocked on what crimes they could commit. One instance is that of _______, which happened to rob a house in ____ city where the only people inside was a mother and her child. He managed to rob the house and then raped the mother. The child contends that he did not know what he did was wrong and was sorry for it. Was the robbing of the house and the rape of the mother a crime that can be committed by a child who has no discernment? Another instance is that those fifteen year-old children who were brought to the Boys Town in ________ because they were caught using rugby in the streets, they were throwing chairs around and shouting and yelling from the door Palabasin nyo kami! Mga minor kami! Exempted kami! is this a display of no discernment at all? Even during interviews in the womens desk in different police stations, they say that this Law should be amended and the age of criminal liability exemption should be returned to nine years old. And from what is happening around, we are on the stand to definitely lower the age from 15 to 9 years old.