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Ready to Play The Foo

Given the sins of new Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick’s dog-fighting outfit,
Bad News Kennels, society’s citizen referees will continue to debate whether
tball Is
he deserves a second chance for seasons to come.
No such debate is necessary for the high-merit members of the newly sue
formed Good News Kennels ball club introduced below. All are up for adop-
Monterey county’s own Good News Kennels stacks tion at the SPCA for Monterey County, aside from the three now-recouped
pits once owned by Vick. (They were each adopted by SPCA staffers.)
Baxter, Leafy
a starting lineup with fuzzy and loveable athletes. —Mark C. Anderson Cheerleaders
SPCA for Monterey County
These pussycats are
373-2631 • 422-4721
real crowd-pleasers.

10 20 30 40 50 40 30 20 10
Offense Snoopy
Mr. T
Goldenrod Left Tackle Cornerback
Male German shep-
Wide Receiver Male turken • 9 months • 10 lbs
herd • 1 1/2 years
Male rabbit • 1 year • This player’s half chicken, half tur-
• 43 lbs Nevada
6 pounds key, and all “randy,” according to
Don’t mistake the
G-rod came from a big staff. The translation, for opposing Strong Safety
shyness or broken
bundle of brothers and wideouts: Mr. T will be all over you. Male gray domestic longhair
tail for weakness.
sisters. He’s the most • 9 years • 10 lbs
Snoop loves to play.
talented of a fleet family. Nevada never gambles. And
he’s smart and quick enough
that he’ll never have to.
Defensive End
Running Back
Freckles Female pit bull • 2 years • 70 lbs
Left Guard When SPCA visitors see Desa, the
Male Yorkshire terrier mix •
2 years • 6.5 lbs Male Pit Bull • 2 reaction is universal: Awwwww, Creedy
years • 76 lbs how sweet. The opposite team’s Outside linebacker
SPCA handlers call this scat- reaction differs slightly: Awwwww
back both “tenacious” and This team has a lot Male main coon • 7
of pits, but no holes. no, not again. years • 15 lbs Ginger
“wily.” Good News calls Free Safety
him its starting running The reason for their This is a big cat—with
membership is sure: quickness, claws, and Female pit bull •
back. 4 years • 36 lbs
Like Freckles, they are savvy to equal his size.
brawny, bright and team- This Bad News ref-
oriented. Sugar ugee is lean, keen
Defensive Tackle on reads and into
Female chihuahua • 2 years • 7 lbs game-changing plays.
Rhino Sugar was one of 22 dogs surren-
Center dered at once. Out of that pack,
Male pit bull • 1 1/2 guess who got to the snacks before Precious
the other 21. Now Sugar snacks on
years • 72 lbs 
This young talent is quarterbacks.
Middle Linebacker
Female pit bull • 4 special teams
built like a tractor—plus years • 65 lbs
he’s intelligent and Precious are her gifts.
loves playing with balls to One staffer thinks she Ray Finkle
boot, so he’s a natural to might be the most ath- Placeholder
Red trigger the snap. Macy letic dog on the squad. Female Turtle • 10 years
Quarterback Defensive Tackle • 2 lbs
Male pit bull • 7 Female calico domestic short- She lost a few tortoise
years • 50 lbs hair • 4 1/2 years • 10 lbs toes to a raccoon, but is
Pia good enough that she
Red’s been through The big dogs don’t want to run
Right Guard doesn’t need those reptili-
a lot—including with this kick-ass cat. Blue-eyed
Female chihuahua an digits to prep the pigskin
cancer and Vick’s Macy puts the “ow” in “meow.”
Gypsy • 2 years • 12 lbs for a perfect kick.
compound—and has
Running Back Pia believes she’s
the scars to prove it.
Female calico shorthair a big dog. And plays
That provides this vet-
like one.
• 3 years • 9 lbs eran with the wisdom Archie Baby
Opposing defenses, go to help train other Outside Linebacker
ahead and try to herd this Field-goal Kicker
SPCA pooches and Male German shorthaired Female goat • 3 years •
cat. Gypsy moves around. lead this team.  Lobo Clover pointer • 2 years • 42 lbs 35 lbs
Defensive End Archie’s motor never stalls; The team’s appropriately
Right Tackle
Female pit bull • 4 months • 29 lbs he’s always using his nose. aloof kicker just kicked
Male husky • 1 1/2
This rookie, a one-time Soledad stray, Now he’s sniffing for the out four baby goats—all
years • 44 lbs
is hard to keep still. Her activity ener- football. girls. And she doesn’t get
The stud with one
gizes this D. rattled by the loud roosters
blue eye is an ideal
O-lineman: strong, in her barn. It’s all “good.”
smart and looking for a
job to do.
Gucci Elvis Masquerade
Wide Receiver Cornerback Punter
Female tabby domes- Stella Rooster • 7 months • Arab gelding • 25 years
tic shorthair • 3 Tight End 8 lbs • 1,000 lbs
months • 3 lbs Female pit bull • 4 years • 38 lbs Elvis loves to strut. Elvis The team’s senior states-
Gucci isn’t afraid to This Vick vet is a love bug off the does so with frequency. man often wears a
go up and get it—and field, a relentless triple threat on And Elvis only struts after mask to keep off flies,
always lands on her feet. it. And her green eyes match the making big plays. but saves his best kicks
color of the turf. for when he’s wearing his

10 20 30 40 50 40 30 20 10
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