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History of TPS

Just like all great endeavors, the establishment of The Philippine School (TPS) started as a vision in the hearts and minds of its founders, a group of Filipino investors. These Filipino investors had stayed in !" for #uite long time and had seen that there is indeed a great need of having a Filipino school that $ould make a difference in the %ulf &egion, particularly in !". Just like any other parent, they $anted #uality education not only for their o$n children but for the rest of the Filipino children as $ell. 't is the dream of these concerned Filipino investors that their children $ill learn to value their cultural heritage as Filipinos and this can only be possible if they study in a school that offers Philippine curriculum. This dream seemed beyond reach for so many years but it never stopped gro$ing in their hearts and minds. (ike a s$eet fruit $aiting for the right time that it becomes ripe and ready for harvest in due time, this great dream finally came into reality, )ust at the right time.

TPS, !l T$ar *ith the help and able support of a local sponsor $ho eventually assumed the post as the school+s chairman, TPS $as established on February ,-, ,--.. This day marked the birth of the ,nd Filipino school in /ubai and the 00th overseas. 'ts first location $as in !l T$ar 1, /ubai $hich $as three times smaller than the present. TPS formally opened in !ugust of the !cademic 2ear ,--.3,--4 $ith the carrier banner, 5(eader in !cademic "6cellence and 7alues Formation.8 't $as surprising and remarkable to note that more than 9-- enrollees flocked at TPS during its first year of operation and most of them $ere transferees from other schools here in !" $ith a common desire for a #uality education in a Philppine setting.

The courses offered are Preschool (:% ; and :% ,), "lementary (%rades ; to <) and =igh School (%rades 9 to ;,). *ith the able leadership of >s. (eticia >aniaul and >s. "dna %. &amos, >anaging /irectress and Principal respectively, plus the collaborative effort of the highly competent teachers and staff, TPS has undoubtedly gained the respect of the academic community in )ust a span of one year. 'n fact, a commendation certificate from the :no$ledge and =uman /evelopment !uthority (:=/!) $as a$arded to TPS for its outstanding performance on administrative $orks during the school year ,--.3,--4. ?n its second year, enrollment rate increased dramatically to more than 4-- students. 't $as during this year, !2 ,--43,-;-, $hen TPS earned recognition from /ep"d, >anila, Philippines for succesfully completing all the re#uirements as prescribed by the e6isting standards and policies in the Philippine "ducational System. 't is $ith great pride that TPS is the ;st Filipino school in /ubai $hich had received the /ep"d recognition in so short time.

TPS, !l &ashidiya >any $ould3be enrollees and students during this school year $ere not accommodated due to limited classrooms in !l T$ar. This made the school administration decide to move to &ashidiya area $hish is bigger and better in order to continue catering to the academic needs of more Filipino children. The ne$ location $as perfectly chosen in order for TPS to fulfill one of its goals $hich is to provide sports activities for children to ensure their total development. 'nspired by its success and consistent $ith its mission to provide #uality education, TPS continues to upgrade its facilities. The school administration also makes sure that the teachers are al$ays updated and kept abreast $ith the latest trends in education. That is $hy TPS teachers undergo pertinent seminars on a regular basis to keep up $ith the ne$est teaching approaches. >a)ority of the graduates in high school passes the entrance e6aminations in prestigious colleges and universities in the Philippines such as niversity of the Philippines, niversity of Santo Tomas and /e (a Salle niversity.

'n a short span of 1 years, it can be safely concluded that TPS+ enviable stature can be attributed to the )oint effort and sacrifice of the investors, administrators, teachers and staff @ all for the mission of providing #uality education to the Filipino youth in !".