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MARK : / 20
DOC N1 : American Land by Bruce Springsteen,
in Wrecing Ba!! A!bum, "#1"
C Focus on STANZA 1 ( from line 1 to line 7 )
a- W$% or &$at do the following pronouns refer to ?
- There (l. 1) : America
- We (l.!) : The narrator and his wife
"- W$% is spea#ing ? What do we learn a"out the
narrat%r ? $uote from the te%t to &ustif' 'our
answer .
- Age : still 'oung (l.()
- 'ami!y status : in a relationship m' darling (l.()
) m' lo*el' (l.+)
- (!ans )%r t$e )uture : we,ll ma#e our home in
the American -and (l.!-7)
C Focus on STANZA 2 ( from line . to line 1/ )
c- W$% does 'our ( l. 10) refer to ? 1t refers to the
people who li*e in America.
d- Which line refers to &ea!t$ ("eing rich) 2
abundance and !u*ury ? 3ill in the grid "elow with
the information 'ou ha*e collected .
Wea!t$ Abundance Lu*ury
4old comes
rushing out the
ri*ers straight into
'our hands (l.1(-
And children dear2
the sweets2 1 hear2
are growing on the
trees. (l.15-11)
6*er there all the
women wear sil# and
satin to their #nees.
C Focus on the CHORUS ( from line 1! to line (1)
e- A"out the c%untry : classif' the information gi*en in
the following grid. +usti)y "' 8uoting from the te%t.
A ne& ,!d%rad% -paradise. A !and %) %pp%rtunity
diamonds in the sidewal#.(l.1!)
"eer flows through the faucets
all night long. (l.1.-
There,s treasure for the ta#ing2 for
an' hard wor#ing man. (l.(5)
f- What /ua!ity is re8uired to succeed ? 9ou need to
"e hard-wor#ing (l.(5)
C Focus on STANZA 3 ( from line (( to line (/)
g- W$% do the following pronouns refer to ?
- 1 (l. (() : an immigrant
- :he (l.(0) : his darling
- We (l.(+) : all the immigrants
h- 1 doc#ed at ,!!is is!and in a city of light and
spires (l.(()
- W$at does ,!!is 0s!and refer to ? 1t refers
to the immigration station2 the island located ne%t
to -i"ert' 1sland. This is where all immigrants
coming from ;urope were processed for legal and
medical inspection.
- W$at does a city refer to ? 1t refers to
<ew 9or# =it' .
i- What were the narrator,s impressi%ns upon arri*al?
Tic# the "o%(es)
E ama1ement E )ear E surprise E
)ascinati%n E 2%y E appre$ensi%n
Wh' ? >ustif' 'our choice(s) ? The narrator is
fascinated "' what he disco*ers when he lands at
;llis 1sland2 he gets a glimpse of <ew 9or#2 and of
the :tatue of -i"ert'.
We made the steel that "uilt the cities with our
sweat and two hands (l.(+)
- What s%cia! c!ass is mentioned here ? The
wor#ing class is mentioned here.
1s the tone E tragic 3 E c%ntemptu%us
(m prisant) E admirati4e 3 E $um%r%us 3
C Focus on STANZA 4 ( from line 05 to line 00)
&- 6rgani?e 'our notes and classif' the information
gi*en. $uote #e' words onl'.
A Nati%n %) 0mmigrants (%4erty Determinati%n
The @c<icholas2 the
Aosals#is Btoo (l.05)
The Clac#s B. The
>ews. (l.01)
=ome across Bhome
with nothing in their
"ellies (l.00)
the fire down "elow.
C Focus on STANZA 5 ( from line 0+ to line 07)
#- W$% does the following pronoun refer to ?
the' (l. 0+) : the immigrants
l- W$% "uilt America ? Aic# out #e' words .
S%cia! c!ass ,c%n%mic sect%rs C%nse/uence
Wor#ing class : wor#ed
to "ones and s#in
"uilding the railroads
fields and factories
the' died (l.0+ D
m- The' ( the immigrants) died to get here (E
America) a hundred 'ears ago2 the',re still d'in,
now (l.0!)
n- Fephrase what 'ou ha*e understood
America has alwa's "een a magnet for immigrants
who hope to ma#e a li*ing there2 to ha*e "etter
prospects. This American Gream still e%ists now.
o- What n%ti%n is the song related to ? The song
"est illustrates the notion of 1dea of Arogress or
:paces and ;%changes.
DOC N1 : American Land by Bruce Springsteen,
in Wrecing Ba!! A!bum, "#1"
DOC N" : 5S B%rder 'ence Signed int% La&
BBC Ne&s Artic!e , "##6
C 1dentif' the nature of the document : The document
under stud' ( the document we are dealing with ) is
a CC= <ews Article entitled : H: Corder 3ence
signed into -aw. 1t was posted on the CC= <ews
We"site on 6cto"er +2 (55!.
C 1dentif' the t%pic 7 issue "eing discussed and the
n%ti%n it "est illustrates :
The article deals with a topical issue at the time2
that is the "uilding of a fence I a wall along the
"order of @e%ico to pre*ent illegal immigration.
The notion it "est illustrates is surel' the notion of
Alaces and 3orms of Aower
C What do the numbers refer to :
- 755-mile ( 12 1(/#m) : 1t refers to the length of
the fence.
- J1.("n : 1t refers to the mone' spent on the
"uilding of the wall.
- 1( million: 1t refers to the num"er of illegal
immigrants li*ing in the H:A.
- 1.( million : 1t refers to the num"er of illegal
immigrants "eing arrested in (55/ while tr'ing to
cross o*er the H: "order.
C What do supp%rters or critics sa' ? 3ill in the chart
Supp%rters Critics
- A great too l to fight
illegal immigration
- @a' force illegal immigrants
to cross somewhere else.
- The fence will "adl' affect
relations with the H:.
- The @e%ican Aresident has
called the fence shameful I
compared it to the Cerlin
C Fecap what 'ou ha*e understood . Hse &%rds from
the te%t.
1n (55! 2 the Hnited -:tates ha*e decided to "uild
a fence along the "order with @e%ico in order to fight
illegal immigration . =ritics sa' it,s inefficient and
shameful .
DOC N1 : American !and by Bruce Springsteen, in
Wrecing Ba!! A!bum, "#1"
TASK N 1 : ( 150 Words)
9ou ha*e &ust listened to Bruce Springsteen Ks song
and li#ed it L 9ou now write a"out it on 'our
'aceb%% Wa!! . @a#e sure 'our message will
answer the following 8uestions 1 W$% does Bruce
Springsteen pa' tri"ute to in his song? What in the
song refers to the 5SA as a Nati%n %) 0mmigrants2
8$e pr%mised Land and t$e Land %) Opp%rtunity ?
According to the song2 &$at attracted immigrants to
the H:A?
TASK N 2 : ( 150 Words)
DOC N9 : :yt$ %r rea!ity 3 A Cart%%n : (!ym%ut$
;%c 'ence ,
1magine the (i!grims, s unfriendl' meeting with the
Wampan%ag 1ndians upon arri*al America.
Write t$eir c%n4ersati%n<
@a#e sure 'ou #now what the nouns or pronouns refer to :
Mt$eir languageM:BBBBBBBBBB...........................................BBBB..