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Exercises on the Simple Past or the Present Perfect 1.

Choose the simple past or the present perfect form of the verb in the following sentences. 1. Jen and Pavel (hugged/ have hugged when they met. 2. Emily (dated / has dated) some weirdos lately. . Emily (dated / has dated) a very good!loo"ing guy last #aturday. $. Phili% and &nne (too" / have ta"en) some great %ictures with their new camera. '. Jac" %ro%osed when he (reali(ed / has reali(ed) he loved )ate. *. Paul ("new / has "nown) right away that )arine was the right girl for him. +. ,uc (thought / has thought) that &nnie was very attractive. -. ,uc (thought/ has thought) about &nnie many times. .. Jim and /,ily (fell in love / have fallen in love) last year. 10. 1y mother (told / has told) me fre2uently that 3 am too fussy. 2. Com%lete the sentences using the simple past or the present perfect. 1. 4ara 55555555555 (as") 6en out on a date. 2. Jac" 55555555555 (as") 2uestions about the new girl in his class many times. . 1y %arents 55555555 (meet) when they were in their early 20s. $. 1y grand%arents 555555555 (return) to 7iagara 8alls fre2uently. '. Catherine 55555555555 (invite) her boyfriend9s %arents for dinner last #unday. *. 4here is rumour that &ndy and 6arbara 5555555 (fall) in love. +. 1i"e and #ue 555555 (go) out for a romantic dinner last night. -. 1y sister 5555555555 (love) #am since high school. .. 4hat cou%le 5555555 (be) together for many years. 10. #uddenly true love 5555555 (smile) at us across the room. Negative 4he negative of the %resent %erfect refers to actions or events that have not ha%%ened at the time you are s%ea"ing. Example: ;e has dated many girls< but he hasn9t fallen in love.

=se never with the %resent %erfect to refer to an action that has not ha%%ened at any time. Example: /#he has never dated anyone she wor"s with. (not at any time) Do not use never with a negative verb. Double negatives are not used in English. E>am%le: 3 have never as"ed a guy out. (Correct) 3 haven9t never as"ed a guy out. (3ncorrect) . Choose the correct verb to com%lete the following sentences. Use the negative form the present perfect. 1eet s%end acce%ted s%ea" miss go %lan do fall introduce

1. 4hose guys 5555555555! met us as yet. 2. #he 55555555555 anything to cause %roblems in her relationshi%s. . 1y friend 5555555555me to that cute guy yet. $. 4ina 555555555555anyone on the internet so far. '. 6ill and ,ori 55555555555 their wedding yet. *. d3 5555555555555 to a great %arty for a long time. +. ?e 5555555555555 much money on long distance calls. -. Jean and Pavel 55555555555555 a day without chatting on the internet. .. 1a>ine 555555555555 in love yet. 10. 1y family 55555555 my new romance.