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The pros and cons of having someone select your career. Include negative and positive aspects.

Pros- If someone has selected your future then it would be for your betterment. Each & everything on this world gives us a message. It could be negative & positive too. So we could learn a new trait. We could also achieve some of our goals decided. Everyone on this world thinks & then take the action so maybe the guy which decided have a reason behind it. One thing can be said that we will have to make a change in ourselves. Cons- Selecting our future by someone else can really break our heart. We become aggressive & can destroy our future. We will always be in depression & cant be successful in our work. We will feel bored. We can be angry too on the person who selected our career. In this feeling our mind can also set to kill the person or take revenge. This could really have a great impact on us. And selecting our career is not your cup of tea.

Rules of Jonas community:1.After the ceremony of nine children get their bicycles. 2.After the ceremony of twelve, children are assigned jobs. 3.After the ceremony of twelve, no birthdays are celebrated. 4.It is not allowed to keep names of kids by our choice. 5.Stirrings are strictly prohibited. 6.People dont have their families, they are put into a family. 7.There cant be more than 2 kids in a family. 8.There is one female & a male in a family. 9.No emotions. 10.Did something wrong, & released from the community.

Jonas community has a lot of rules. Do you think thats good or bad to have these many rules? Justify.
For some instances, these many rules can suffice the intention of the community. The people will behave properly. They all will be in discipline. But every time following these boring rules a human body gets frustrated. He will receive some kind of irritation. He will start to be quiet & will slowly come in depression. Theres a quote by Dick Powell Without individuals feeling safe & having an environment of safety, they then have reluctance of taking part in the city of being active. They wind up wanting to leave the city. Thats more DETRIMENTAL. Its happening the exactly written in the community. People are not enjoying & keeping their thoughts in mind because if they take action, then they know they will be released. They are not feeling well. So many rules are not nourishing their mind but making it a pressure cooker. Rules are good for

discipline but a human figure also needs some enjoyment or his emotions will start to be destroyed.

How would you feel if you were in place of Jonas in the ceremony of twelves and would have received the job of receiver?
First of all i would like to pinch myself if I am not seeing a dream. Then if it is real then I would feel proud of myself to get a honoured job. My parents would also seem happy. I can enjoy my life. But their would be curiosity because I didnt knew that why only I am selected as the receiver of memory. And I would get to know the traits which are needed to be a receiver. If the traits are good then I would reflect a very good impression on my parents. But something is missing & that are the rules to follow during the job. And if I find the rules too harsh then I would think of my life because I cant meet my friends & this could really break my heart. But this job is something different & I should try it & then I would find it interesting.

Brainstorm distinctive memories from growing up. Make sure memories are in complete sentences but in list form. Next to each memory, you should categorize the description based on the remembered emotion. traumatic, exciting. Include atleast one negative and one positive event.
Exciting- When i got my new bicycle i was so happy. I would really enjoy. Its still in my head because when i was learning it, i fell 3 to 5 times. I also cried, now maybe you are thinking that it should be traumatic, but its exciting because those fall made me achieve success. Traumatic- This feeling came when my friend Aayan left this city & shifted to Aasam. I cried for hours. Like that, my so many friends left this city when i was just 5 or 6 years old. I was having a mini-heart attack. But then time passed & i was least bothered about them. But now when i think of them, i remember the cherish memories i have spent with them.

The giver says that without memories knowledge is meaningless, what does he mean?
Whatever GIVER says is correct. The giver means that if memories arent there then how can we imagine or get to know that place. And after we know how the place is & what is its name, then only we can gather more data & information. In Jonass community they havent seen any type of weather because theres no weather fluctuation in their community. Theres no fluctuation because the weather is in the communitys control. So they dont have any idea how snow or rain looks like or how trees change in spring. But now GIVER is playing an important role & making Jonas imagine the things he has not seen. But one more point. If you have the knowledge of that place but never went there then here GIVER is right because it is

meaningless to have so much knowledge but no enjoyment of that. This also describes giver that he believes in emotion whereas his society has a rule that No Emotion.

Do you think its fair that one person in the community- the receivershould have to be burdened and pained by the memories so that no one else is? Explain.
Yes, because Jonas has this ability to see beyond. He could take that pain or you can say "handle it". If everybody get a chance to be burdened with memories then it would be a big chaos. They will cry and will not be able to handle the dreadful pain. Jonas is a real fighter and a brave boy. He is able to take that grievous pain. Other people are not so god gifted. Giver and Jonas has that special ability, so why to waste that. I really think it's fair to Jonas that he is burdened with the memories. I salute to Jonas.

What do you learn about what release is? How do you feel? Does this change your opinion about the community. What do you now think about the community
I learnt releasing is not sending the person in the outer world but killing them. This gives people grievous pain. I just want to detonate the community for making people die. This releasing is a wrong rule as people have their own lives & why to poke your nose in somebody elses life & make him die. This is not the correct way. I dont feel this community is pleasurable for others life. If i would be in the community & get to know about the release then I would really run for my life. My feeling for the community are changed. I thought people would enjoy as they are living in a nice community where no pain is felt. But now I think that this community is not fruitful . For me its a disaster as it was for the community when Rosemarys memories came back to the community people. One does not own anybodys right.

Jonas knows that if his plan fails, he could be killed. But he believes that if he stays, his life is no longer worth living. Do you agree?
I really agree as if Jonas plan fails, he would be found in the releasing room. But if he stays in this disgusting community then it would be like living a duplicate life, in easier words A robot. In the community nobody is having a heart. Well, scientifically they have a heart but its not red colour which is said to be a lovable heart. Its a grey colour which is said to be a stone & if we attack it our hand gets broken. What can a human being do in this community because everybody treats other like animals & if human live with horrible & obnoxious animals then their death is proofread from the future. Its not a safe community. Living here is not worth at all. Living here would be like hens & the chief elders would be our boss.

How do you think the giver will feel when he realizes Jonas is gone? How will Jonas friends and family feel?
The giver would feel really lonely & sad as Jonas left him because Rosemary too has done this. But she wanted release & Jonas wants to escape. Giver would have really enjoyed working with Jonas for one year. He would have shared his personal things with Jonas & his bad times too which would be a relief to the Giver. But now his partner is leaving him & this would be a heart stroke to him. His friends too would also feel annoyed by his challenging plan of escaping through the community. They would remember the cherishing memories which they spent with Jonas over a period of time. His family members would definitely cry without him. Especially her sister because she could feel lonely as now she is not having any brother who can take care of her. The community would also feel angry as this was their successful try after the receiver failed & now this receiver is also missing. This escaping would be shocking for everybody.

How do you think the story ends?

The story ends with a paragraph saying Behind him, across vast distances of space & time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps it was only an echo. One time in the last chapter it came that he was trying to keep himself awake to reach to the village or he will die. And in the last it says it was only an echo. So i think that he now going to die because now he could listen echo & its because of unconsciousness. Now he will die because of the cold. The story ends with a sad but true ending where Jonas tries hard to make his life worth living but now he is seeing just heaven in its future. It happened very sad with him.

Create your own ending for the story.

If i was in place of Lois Lowry & was going to make a ending of the book The Giver, so it would be - Jonas was now tired & was going to fall but he wanted to go to the village he had seen from the hilltop. When he was walking with the baby he suddenly had a glimpse of a sled & he got to know that this place is real as his first memory. He traveled with it but suddenly it broke. Now he had to walk again with his sore legs. As he was walking he knew he would die now in this cold & he slipped his leg & falled. Now it hurted so badly that he was now starting to close his eyes. But suddenly he saw Giver standing just behind him. He helped Jonas to stand up & took Gabe in his hands. Jonas asked How you came here?....and suddenly the Giver vanished & Jonas found himself in a house of the village with Gabriel in his hands. Jonas thought about it but perhaps it was just his imagination or a memory of Giver which gave him strength.