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National Board Application Help Lead the National Young Nonprofit Professionals Network! We are looking for outstanding

National Board Application

Help Lead the National Young Nonprofit Professionals Network! We are looking for outstanding nonprofit leaders to join the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network national board of directors. If you are committed to nonprofits, ready to commit to a leadership position, and want to help lead the growing YNPN movement, we encourage you to apply. We are a working board, helping to steer the course of YNPN's growth, national presence, committees, programs and activities.

About YNPN YNPN is a rapidly growing, grassroots association that engages and supports emerging nonprofit and community leaders through professional development, networking and social opportunities. From its beginnings in 1997 as a small, informal gathering of peers in San Francisco, YNPN has grown to become one of the nation’s largest associations of nonprofit practitioners. The demand for an early career professional network to support the growth, learning, and leadership development of young nonprofit professionals led to the establishment of YNPN in San Francisco. Then, driven almost entirely by word-of-mouth and local volunteers, the YNPN concept spread to New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Denver.

YNPN national and our local chapters have achieved remarkable results with minimal resources through a dedicated network of volunteers, grassroots energy, and partnerships. Since 1998, we have expanded from one chapter in San Francisco to a network of more than 20 chapters nationally and a membership of nearly 15,000. YNPN National has enabled chapter leaders to share best practices and resources and to strengthen relationships through three conferences and frequent conference calls. YNPN recently launched a new contact management system and web site to significantly expand the resources chapters can provide members and to increase coordination across the network. This growth has been fueled by increasing demand for resources from young professionals and made possible by the commitment of local and national board members.

Why Should I Apply for the YNPN National Board? National YNPN board members have a unique opportunity to play a critical role in the development and growth of YNPN chapters across the U.S., to help shape a growing national organization, and to work to build a stronger nonprofit sector. Participation on the national board is an excellent professional development opportunity. You will also get to work with a fun and highly motivated team of passionate individuals.

Who is National YNPN looking for in Board Members? National YNPN is seeking board members with the following skills and experience:

Organizational development

Accounting and fiscal management

Evaluation and assessment



PR and marketing

Additionally, National YNPN will be mindful of the following values and principles during the nomination process:

Geographic diversity

Racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, and age diversity

Representative of the individuals and communities we serve (a minimum of 60% of the board will be affiliated with YNPN chapters)

What is Expected of YNPN National Board Members? National board members are expected to represent the interests and needs of young nonprofit professionals and to support YNPN chapters in serving their needs. The National YNPN board supports the mission and vision of YNPN chapters on the national level, leveraging partnerships, advocacy, and collecting and disseminating best practices to chapters and members.

Board members are expected to:

Commit to a two year term from January 2010 – December 2011

Participate in 1.5-2 hour board meetings every other month by conference call

Commit 15-20 hours per month to YNPN business

Attend 2 in-person board meetings/year

Actively participate in decision making on conference calls, through e-mail, and

during web-based discussions Serve on at least one board committee, participate in committee calls (monthly)

and follow through on committee work Contribute financially to YNPN at a personally significant level of at least

$100/year (this is expected even if board member decide leave before completing their full two year term) Be a positive ambassador for National YNPN in the community

How do I apply? Please submit the following materials by October 1:

National Board Application (see below)


Application Timeline October 1: Applications are due to chair@ynpn.org October: Selected applicants will interview with a current national board member November: Notification of application status December: Board Orientation January 1: New board member terms begin

National Board Application Name: Employer: Title: Cell Phone: Work Phone: Due October 1 Preferred email for

National Board Application




Cell Phone:

Work Phone:

Due October 1

Preferred email for YNPN correspondence:

Preferred mailing address:

Chapter Affiliation (if any) and role in chapter (e.g., former co-chair):

What skills, background, expertise and/or contacts have you gained that you would

be willing to share with National YNPN? Please mark “P” for personal expertise and/or “C” for contacts.

[ ] marketing and PR

[ ] fundraising



] writing

[ ] investments [ ] personnel management

[ ] financial

[ ] strategic planning

[ ] government/political [ ] leadership [ ] networking

[ ] corporate relations


] media

[ ] management

[ ] public speaking Other Skills:


] legal

[ ] online networking

Please provide brief (2-4 sentence) answers to the following questions:

  • A. How many years have you worked/volunteered in the nonprofit sector and in what


  • B. Describe your current and past leadership roles, including board participation.

  • C. What is your view of the role of National YNPN for local chapters?

  • D. What interests you about serving on the National YNPN Board?

  • E. What unique experience would you contribute to the YNPN Board?

  • F. How would you like us to help educate you about National YNPN so you can explain

it to other people?

Other Comments?


] I have reviewed the time commitment (occasional conference calls during

business hours and at least two days out of the office/year for board meetings) of

joining the YNPN National board with my supervisor. If not, please explain why:

*National YNPN board members are expected to commit to two-year board terms (up to six years total). Please sign below if you are able to make at least one two-year commitment as board member.

_____________________________________ Applicant Signature (type or sign and scan)



Please attach a resume to this application and return them chair@ynpn.org by October 1, 2009. Thank you for your interest in YNPN!