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Forane Refrigerants R-22 Alternatives

Forane 427A The Easy Choice

R-427A is an R-22 retrot for low and medium temperature refrigeration and air conditioning systems. R-427A has comparable capacity to R-22 and better efciency than most other R-22 replacements.

Capacity Comparison
1 0.9

Capacity Relative to R-22

0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0

Forane 427A refrigerant can be used to retrot R-22 refrigeration equipment and air-conditioning installations. Forane 427A is SNAP approved.
R-427A R-422D R-438A

Environment: One of the lowest GWP refrigerants of any current major R-22 retrot. Zero ozone depletion. Contains no hydrocarbons. Performance: Better efficiency than most R-22 retrot refrigerants. Comparable capacity versus R-22; nearly identical operat ing pressures to R-22. Discharge temperatures can be as much as 40F lower than R-22 with R-427A refrigerant.

Note: Box Temperature 25F, Ambient 100F

COP Comparison

COP Relative to R-22








Note: Box Temperature 25F, Ambient 100F

Forane Refrigerants R-22 Alternatives

R-407C R-407C has properties close to R-22 for retrotting residential and commercial air conditioning systems, as well as non-ooded evaporator chillers. R-407A R-407A is a close match to R-22s capacities and ow rates, making it well-suited as a retrot in supermarket and food storage applications.

R-427A Application Air Conditioning Commercial Refrigeration Closest Pressures No TXV changes

R-407C Air Conditioning

R-407A Commercial Refrigeration Closest AC Match No TXV changes


Closest AC Match No TXV changes

Recommended Lubricant Discharge Temperature (Relative to R-22)




25 - 45 F Lower

10 - 15 F Lower

20 - 35 F Lower

* A lubricant change may not be required, but POE is always recommended for optimal performance. See retrofit guidelines at www.forane-us.com before any refrigerant retrofit; consult your OEM for complete warranty considerations.

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