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200 Comandos e Atalhos do menu Executar

No Windows contamos com uma ferramenta para executar qualquer programa,pasta ou documento. Com ela possvel acessar programas/arquivos pelo seu atalho caso ocorra esquecer o nome do programa,pasta ou documento alm de servir para configurar o windows e etc. Mas para que exatamente serve o executar? TP: Serve para executar tarefas ou a !es atravs de comandos especficos. Onde ele se localiza? TP: "enu #niciar $ %xecutar $ &'igite um comando( Con ira uma lista com 200 comandos e atalhos do menu executar e n!o se perca mais no "indo#s: :: Comandos: ::
Calc ) Calculator Cfgwi*+, ) #S'N Configuration Wi*ard Charmap ) Character "ap Ch-dis- ) .epair damaged files Cleanmgr ) Cleans up hard drives Clip/rd ) Windows Clip/oard viewer Cmd ) 0pens a new Command Window 1cmd.exe2 Control ) 'ispla3s Control 4anel 'comcnfg ) 'C0" user securit3 'e/ug ) 5ssem/l3 language programming tool 'efrag ) 'efragmentation tool 'rwatson ) .ecords programs crash 6 snapshots 'xdiag ) 'irect7 'iagnostic 8tilit3 %xplorer ) Windows %xplorer 9ontview ) :raphical font viewer 9tp ) ftp.exe program ;ostname ) .eturns Computer<s name #pconfig ) 'ispla3s #4 configuration for all networ- adapters =view ) "icrosoft Command>line ?oader for =ava classes ""C ) "icrosoft "anagement Console "sconfig ) Configuration to edit startup files "sinfo+, ) "icrosoft S3stem #nformation 8tilit3 N/tstat ) 'ispla3s stats and current connections using Net@ios over AC4/#4 Netstat ) 'ispla3s all active networ- connections Nsloo-up> .eturns 3our local 'NS server 4ing ) Sends data to a specified host/#4 .egedit ) egistr3 %ditor .egsvr+, ) egister/de>register '??/0C7/5ctive7 .egwi* ) .eistration wi*ard Sfc /scannow ) S3tem 9ile Chec-er Sndrec+, ) Sound .ecorder Sndvol+, ) Bolume control for soundcard S3sedit ) %dit s3stem startup files 1config.s3s, autoexec./at, win.ini, etc.2 Aas-mgr ) Aas- manager Aelnet ) Aelnet program Aracert ) Araces and displa3s all paths required to reach an internet host Winipcfg ) 'ispla3s #4 configuration

CC Mana$ement Consoles %&msi': ::

certmgr.msc ) Certificate "anager ciadv.msc ) #ndexing Service compmgmt.msc ) Computer management

devmgmt.msc ) 'evice "anager dfrg.msc ) 'efragment dis-mgmt.msc ) 'is- "anagement fsmgmt.msc ) 9older Sharing "anagement eventvwr.msc ) %vent Biewer gpedit.msc ) :roup 4olic3 >74 4ro onl3 iis.msc ) #nternet #nformation Services lusrmgr.msc ) ?ocal 8sers and :roups mscorcfg.msc ) Net configurations ntmsmgr.msc ) .emova/le Storage perfmon.msc ) 4erformance "anager secpol.msc ) ?ocal Securit3 4olic3 services.msc ) S3stem Services wmimgmt.msc ) Windows "anagement

:: Atalhos: ::
access.cpl ) 5ccessi/ilit3 0ptions hdwwi*.cpl ) 5dd New ;ardware Wi*ard appwi*.cpl ) dd/.emove 4rograms timedate.cpl ) 'ate and Aime 4roperties des-.cpl ) 'ispla3 4roperties inetcpl.cpl ) #nternet 4roperties Do3.cpl ) =o3stic- 4roperties main.cpl -e/oard ) Ee3/oard 4roperties main.cpl ) "ouse 4roperties ncpa.cpl ) Networ- Connections ncpl.cpl ) Networ- 4roperties telephon.cpl ) 4hone and "odem options powercfg.cpl ) 4ower "anagement intl.cpl ) .egional settings mms3s.cpl sounds ) Sound 4roperties mms3s.cpl ) Sounds and 5udio 'evice 4roperties s3sdm.cpl ) S3stem 4roperties nusrmgr.cpl ) 8ser settings firewall.cpl ) 9irewall Settings 1sp,2 wscui.cpl ) Securit3 Center 1sp,2 :: "indo#s Environment Commands: :: F5??8S%.S4.09#?%F ) 0pen the 5ll 8ser<s 4rofile F;ome'riveF ) 0pens 3our home drive e.g. CCG F8ser4rofileF ) 0pens 3ou 8ser<s 4rofile FtempF 0pens ) temporar3 file 9older Fs3stemrootF ) 0pens Windows folder Wupdmgr ) Aa-es 3ou to "icrosoft Windows 8pdate :: Atalhos comuns do teclado: :: CA.?HC1Cop32 CA.?H7 1Cut2 CA.?HI 18ndo2 '%?%A% 1'elete2 S;#9AH'%?%A% 1'elete the selected item permanentl3 without placing the item in the .ec3cle @in2 CA.? while dragging an item 1Cop3 the selected item2 CA.?HS;#9A while dragging an item 1Create a shortcut to the selected item2 9, -e3 1.ename the selected item2 CA.?H.#:;A 5..0W 1"ove the insertion point to the /eginning of the next word2 CA.?H?%9A 5..0W 1"ove the insertion point to the /eginning of the previous word2 CA.?H'0WN 5..0W 1"ove the insertion point to the /eginning of the next paragraph2 CA.?HS;#9A with an3 of the arrow -e3s 1;ighlight a /loc- of text2 CA.?H84 5..0W 1"ove the insertion point to the /eginning of the previous paragraph2 S;#9A with an3 of the arrow -e3s 1Select more than one item in a window or on the des-top, or select text in a document2 CA.?H5 1Select all2

9+ -e3 1Search for a file or a folder2 5?AH%NA%. 1Biew the properties for the selected item2 5?AH9J 1Close the active item, or quit the active program2 5?AH%NA%. 1'ispla3 the properties of the selected o/Dect2 5?AHS45C%@5. 10pen the shortcut menu for the active window2 CA.?H9J 1Close the active document in programs that ena/le 3ou to have multiple documents open simultaneousl32 5?AHA5@ 1Switch /etween the open items2 5?AH%SC 1C3cle through items in the order that the3 had /een opened2 9K -e3 1C3cle through the screen elements in a window or on the des-top2 9J -e3 1'ispla3 the 5ddress /ar list in "3 Computer or Windows %xplorer2 S;#9AH9LM 1'ispla3 the shortcut menu for the selected item2 5?AHS45C%@5. 1'ispla3 the S3stem menu for the active window2 CA.?H%SC 1'ispla3 the Start menu2 5?AH8nderlined letter in a menu name 1'ispla3 the corresponding menu2 8nderlined letter in a command name on an open menu 14erform the corresponding command2 9LM -e3 15ctivate the menu /ar in the active program2 .#:;A 5..0W 10pen the next menu to the right, or open a su/menu2 ?%9A 5..0W 10pen the next menu to the left, or close a su/menu2 9N -e3 18pdate the active window2 @5CES45C% 1Biew the folder one level up in "3 Computer or Windows %xplorer2 %SC 1Cancel the current tas-2 S;#9A when 3ou insert a C'>.0" into the C'>.0" drive 14revent the C'>.0" from automaticall3 pla3ing2 CA.?HS;#9AH%SC 10pen Aas- "anager2 :: (ialo$ )ox *e+)oard shortcuts: :: CA.?HA5@ 1"ove forward through the ta/s2 CA.?HS;#9AHA5@ 1"ove /ac-ward through the ta/s2 A5@ 1"ove forward through the options2 S;#9AHA5@ 1"ove /ac-ward through the options2 5?AH8nderlined letter 14erform the corresponding command or select the corresponding option2 %NA%. 14erform the command for the active option or /utton2 S45C%@5. 1Select or clear the chec- /ox if the active option is a chec- /ox2 5rrow -e3s 1Select a /utton if the active option is a group of option /uttons2 9L -e3 1'ispla3 ;elp2 9J -e3 1'ispla3 the items in the active list2 @5CES45C% 10pen a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the ,ave As or Open dialog /ox Se vocO pressionar S;#9A H 9P em caixas de lista de sele Qo estendidas, vocO ha/ilita o modo de sele Qo estendido. Neste modo, vocO pode usar uma seta para mover o cursor sem alterar a sele Qo.BocO pode pressionar CA.? H S45C% 1espa o2 ou S;#9A H S45C% para aDustar a sele Qo. 4ara cancelar a sele Qo estendida, pressione S;#9A H 9P novamente. :: Microso t natural *e+)oard shortcuts: :: Windows ?ogoH@.%5E 1'ispla3 the ,+stem Properties dialog /ox2 Windows ?ogoH' 1'ispla3 the des-top2 Windows ?ogoH" 1"inimi*e all of the windows2 Windows ?ogoHS;#9AH" 1.estore the minimi*ed windows2 Windows ?ogoH% 10pen "3 Computer2 Windows ?ogoH9 1Search for a file or a folder2 CA.?HWindows ?ogoH9 1Search for computers2 Windows ?ogoH9L 1'ispla3 Windows ;elp2 Windows ?ogoH ? 1?oc- the -e3/oard2 Windows ?ogoH. 10pen the -un dialog /ox2 Windows ?ogoH8 10pen 8tilit3 "anager2

:: Accessi)ilit+ *e+)oard shortcuts: ::

.ight S;#9A for eight seconds 1Switch 9ilterEe3s either on or off2 ?eft 5?AHleft S;#9AH4.#NA SC.%%N 1Switch ;igh Contrast either on or off2 ?eft 5?AHleft S;#9AHN8" ?0CE 1Switch the "ouseEe3s either on or off2 S;#9A five times 1Switch the Stic-3Ee3s either on or off2 N8" ?0CE for five seconds 1Switch the AoggleEe3s either on or off2 Windows ?ogo H8 10pen 8tilit3 "anager2

:: "indo#s Explorer *e+)oard shortcuts: ::

%N' 1'ispla3 the /ottom of the active window2 ;0"% 1'ispla3 the top of the active window2 N8" ?0CEH5steris- sign 1R2 1'ispla3 all of the su/folders that are under the selected folder2 N8" ?0CEH4lus sign 1H2 1'ispla3 the contents of the selected folder2 N8" ?0CEH"inus sign 1>2 1Collapse the selected folder2 ?%9A 5..0W 1Collapse the current selection if it is expanded, or select the parent folder2 .#:;A 5..0W 1'ispla3 the current selection if it is collapsed, or select the first su/folder2

:: ,hortcut *e+s or Character Map: ::

5fter 3ou dou/le>clic- a character on the grid of characters, 3ou can move through the grid /3 using the -e3/oard shortcuts .#:;A 5..0W 1"ove to the right or to the /eginning of the next line2 ?%9A 5..0W 1"ove to the left or to the end of the previous line2 84 5..0W 1"ove up one row2 '0WN 5..0W 1"ove down one row2 45:% 84 1"ove up one screen at a time2 45:% '0WN 1"ove down one screen at a time2 ;0"% 1"ove to the /eginning of the line2 %N' 1"ove to the end of the line2 CA.?H;0"% 1"ove to the first character2 CA.?H%N' 1"ove to the last character2 S45C%@5. 1Switch /etween %nlarged and Normal mode when a character is selected2

:: Microso t Mana$ement Console %MMC' main #indo# *e+)oard shortcuts: ::

STU CA.?H0 10pen a saved console2 CA.?HN 10pen a new console2 CA.?HS 1Save the open console2 CA.?H" 15dd or remove a console item2 CA.?HW 10pen a new window2 9N -e3 18pdate the content of all console windows2 5?AHS45C%@5. 1'ispla3 the ""C window menu2 5?AH9J 1Close the console2 STU 5?AH5 1'ispla3 the 5ction menu2 5?AHB 1'ispla3 the Biew menu2 5?AH9 1'ispla3 the 9ile menu2 5?AH0 1'ispla3 the 9avorites menu2

:: MMC console #indo# *e+)oard shortcuts: ::

CA.?H4 14rint the current page or active pane2 5?AH"inus sign 1>2 1'ispla3 the window menu for the active console window2 S;#9AH9LM 1'ispla3 the 5ction shortcut menu for the selected item2 9L -e3 10pen the ;elp topic, if an3, for the selected item2 9N -e3 18pdate the content of all console windows2 CA.?H9LM 1"aximi*e the active console window2 CA.?H9N 1.estore the active console window2 5?AH%NA%. 1'ispla3 the Properties dialog /ox, if an3, for the selected item2 9, -e3 1.ename the selected item2 CA.?H9J 1Close the active console window. When a console has onl3 one console window, this shortcut closes the console2

:: -emote des*top connection navi$ation: ::

CA.?H5?AH%N' 10pen the "icrosoft Windows NA ,ecurit+ dialog /ox2 5?AH45:% 84 1Switch /etween programs from left to right2 5?AH45:% '0WN 1Switch /etween programs from right to left2 5?AH#NS%.A 1C3cle through the programs in most recentl3 used order2 5?AH;0"% 1'ispla3 the Start menu2 CA.?H5?AH@.%5E 1Switch the client computer /etween a window and a full screen2 5?AH'%?%A% 1'ispla3 the Windows menu2 CA.?H5?AH"inus sign 1>2 14lace a snapshot of the entire client window area on the Aerminal server clip/oard and provide the same functionalit3 as pressing 5?AH4.#NA SC.%%N on a local computer.2 CA.?H5?AH4lus sign 1H2 14lace a snapshot of the active window in the client on the Aerminal server clip/oard and

provide the same functionalit3 as pressing 4.#NA SC.%%N on a local computer.2

:: Microso t .nternet Explorer navi$ation: ::

CA.?H@ 10pen the Or$anize /avorites dialog /ox2 CA.?H% 10pen the Search /ar2 CA.?H9 1Start the 9ind utilit32 CA.?H; 10pen the ;istor3 /ar2 CA.?H# 10pen the 9avorites /ar2 CA.?H? 10pen the Open dialog /ox2 CA.?HN 1Start another instance of the /rowser with the same We/ address2 CA.?H0 10pen the Open dialog /ox, the same as CA.?H?2 CA.?H. 18pdate the current We/ page2 CA.?H CA.?H4 10pen the Print dialog /ox2 W 1Close the current window2