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Our Own Worst Enemy

Dysfunctional Mgmt

Volume 1, Number 2



36 CQB? BFD!

Hot monikers, tactical jargon, spec operators and instant sales.



Its all about choices with Paras two new Hi-Cap 1911s.


This new .223 gets you pumped up for patrol.




Pull out the plastic people its Santas sleigh time.




Creating your own routine survival system.


Pro-Active, Reactive, and not very active at all.



Police suicide. Why cops kill themselves.


Dysfunctional management and the problem it creates.



Photo and cover: Ichiro Nagata


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Springfield Armory XD- sub compact pistol package

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To attack and mock criminal defense attorneys diminishes the credibility of your magazine, the credibility of the author, and appears childish and unprofessional.
More Issues?
I recently received my first issue of American COP and I think Ive re-read the thing 10 times over. Youve done a great job putting together a rst-class magazine geared towards the guys on the front line. I do have a small complaint. Why only six issues a year? Im sure you can come up with enough stuff to fill a magazine twice as big every two weeks when youre dealing with law enforcement. I love the magazine, top-notch stuff. Matt Murphy Omaha, NE.






Dangerous Combo?

Why DAs Laugh At You!


Matt, Im glad you like the magazine. Weve been working really hard to make it something real cops can use and enjoy. BUT ARE YOU NUTS!!!!! MORE THAN SIX ISSUES A YEAR!!! OH, OH, OH, (he said grabbing his chest), AN ISSUE EVERY TWO WEEKS: Holy crap, I just retired after 29.5 years. To get me to do this, Roy Huntington threatened to use some of the Polaroids he had from when we worked together in Mission Beach 20 years ago. He used Polaroid because the processor would never print the stuff. My

ex-wife would re-open the divorce case and probably win. What could I do? Well try to make up for quantity with quality. Dave.

Get Over It
In the main, I enjoyed the writing and photography in your premier issue. I suspect your magazine will succeed by blending the best of shooting and law enforcement related periodicals. I applaud your successful effort to



create a unique and informative magazine, yet I must also comment on Jeremy Cloughs article titled Things District Attorneys Hate. This article stood out from the rest of the content due to several unprofessional comments. Several times throughout the article Mr. Clough refers to criminal defense attorneys as the Weasel-for-theDefense, and goes so far as to refer to the table at which defense counsel sits during trial as the Scum Table. Mr. Cloughs comments may have been meant in jest, and I am certain he has close friends that are criminal defense attorneys. However, to belittle criminal defense attorneys in this manner reects a disregard for one of the most important Constitutional safeguards the Founding Fathers enshrined, the sixth Amendment right to counsel. It also reects a certain ignorance of the criminal justice system and further cements the us against them mentality that plagues the criminal justice system, and our entire national political discourse. No matter how frustrating the Government may nd criminal defense counsel, it is one of the few safeguards against an Executive branch bent on tyranny and injustice. I wonder what Mr. Clough thinks about the right to trial by a jury? Does he believe jurors sit in the Idiot Box? or is that only when they fail to convict? Imagine the howls that would be met by referring to an assistant district attorney as Jack Booted Liar For the Man or the prosecutions table as the Nazi Table. Sound offensive and ridiculous? If so, then I think you understand my point. To attack and mock criminal defense attorneys diminishes the credibility of your magazine, the credibility of the author, and appears childish and unprofessional. Please understand these are small criticisms of an otherwise well done 80+ page issue. Good luck to you with an otherwise ne publication. Mark Millen Los Gatos, CA Mark, if you subscribed and want your money back, please contact me via e-mail and Ill be sure to have a check cut and sent out to you as quickly as possible. I really thought we were clear on this throughout the promotion campaign. I absolutely positively refuse to be politically correct. Were not going to guard our words so as not to offend or put off any interest group. I truly believe the political correctness that has descended on our society over the last two decades is leading us to become a less tolerant people and more inclined to sue at the drop of a hat. The latter would of course be a good thing for you. I know most attorneys arent bad people but some defense attorneys take that best defense thing too far when they go into a win at any cost mode as weve seen in a

number of high-prole cases lately. As for Jeremys use of Weasel-forthe-Defense and Scum Table in his article, Mark, it was funny. Maybe as an attorney (I checked) you dont find it funny but as a cop, I sure do. Its called American COP for a reason. Get over it. So, with the returned subscription check, if you so request, go out and start your own Defense Attorney Magazine and you can write things like, Jack Booted Liar For the Man or refer to the prosecutions table as the Nazi Table to your, evil, cold, defense attorney hearts content. If you do, let me know, Ill sign up for a subscription. Its always good to see what the other side is thinking. Dont you think? Oh, I guess you do. Dave.

Tell It Like It Is
I received the premier issue of American COP magazine yesterday and all I can say is WOW! Ernest Emersons article entitled, Anatomy of a Knife Assault is probably the best written and most wellresearched article on knife attacks Ive read. Much to my wifes dismay, I was up to about 3 a.m. this morning reading the premier copy; I was so enthralled with the magazine I couldnt put it down. I could hear my wife pissing and moaning with whisk of every turning page. I was about to put the magazine down when I came to Mr. Emersons article. He goes through four potential types of knife assaults, how to recognize them, and what to do in order to survive. Ernie writes in an easy to follow and concise manner, no $10 words here. I hope he continues writing for the magazine, his article is worth the price of the mag alone. The article entitled, Never Apologize for Being in Command, John Morrison perfectly put into words sentiments I have felt since becoming an LEO. I never comprehended why a supervisor would approach me and say, I have a shit assignment that the Lt. wants you do. (They didnt even have the balls to say they wanted it done, they always pass the buck to the Lt. or higher). I would always tell them, Youre supposed to be the boss, tell me what needs to be done. I think you hit a home run with American COP, now FMG Publications needs to devote a magazine to knives! John H. Del Pinto John, thanks for the kind words about the magazine. Ill see to it Ernie and John get a copy of your note. I cant think of too many folks in the world who can match Ernies knowledge of knife fighting. John has been a tell it like it is guy as long as Ive known him. I first attended his line up at Northern Division as a rookie cop. When John was the line-up sergeant, cops from

other divisions would attend just for the experience. Dave.

I'll Kill You

I just wanted to say you guys have masterminded a very good magazine. I went through the premier issue twice already. I learn something new each time. The article on hesitation kills is right on the money. I probably wouldnt be here today if Id have hesitated. I had a guy try to stab me multiple times and he was in handcuffs. Yea, he got out of them. He tore his hands up pretty good getting them out. He was screaming at me I will kill you, he stated this several times. I didnt hesitate when things went to hell. I did as I was trained to do in these situations and now I always think about what can happen and how to react to it every time I go to work. As a Firearms Instructor, I teach that hesitation kills. Why DAs laugh at you is also right on the money. I look forward to many years of your magazine, keep up the great work .... Ofcer John Hansen Maricopa County Sheriffs Ofce John, thanks for the encouragement. Well try to keep them coming. Hopefully youll nd all the issues have something in them you can use. Dave.

Reserves Count Too

As soon as I saw there was to be a COP magazine, I subscribed. The Premier Issue out-did the advanced promotions. I particularly liked Charles E. Pettys article on The Reserves. Being a Lieutenant in the Mount Vernon, NY Auxiliary Police I couldnt help but focus on the issues facing reserves and auxiliary. In Mount Vernon were not looked upon too kindly by ofcers of the Ofcial police, and are constantly defending our worth and acceptance. Instead of being an integral part of the police weve been relegated to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Theres a large, virtually untapped market out there in the reserves and auxiliary police departments in the United States, Go for it. rlichtman via email I agree fully. Reserves are becoming an endangered species throughout the country. More and more training requirements are being placed on them. They are under-utilized and under-appreciated. Dave.

Minutiae Again
Your contrite and dismissive response to my plight, as a supervisor, as contained in the Return Fire section of the rst edition of American COP Magazine, appears to have elevated your standing amongst the readers of this ne magazine. If I were to believe the information from the grapevine, you have received numerous congratulatory emails for your blasting me




Officer Relief Fund

SSPBA has joined the disaster relief effort, focusing solely on law enforcement officers and their immediate families who were decimated by Katrina and are currently in need of assistance.
You can help by making a donation. Send a check to:
Officer Relief Fund Hurricane Katrina Southern States Police Benevolent Association 1900 Brannan Road McDonough, GA 30253-4310 Or donate via the Internet at: www.sspba.org
The SSPBA is composed of more than 20,000 law enforcement officers employed by federal, state, county and municipal governments. This professional association, funded by membership dues and citizen contributions, provides legal, disciplinary and other representation to officers who are members. PBA represents sworn law enforcement officers and support personnel by providing legal services and advocating changes to improve the quality of work life for people employed in all aspects of criminal justice. Membership is not a pre-requisite for hurricane assistance The Police Benevolent Foundation, Inc is incorporated as a non-profit Georgia corporation. It is organized as a charity under I.R.S. code section 501(c)(3) and is applying for such a designation. Counsel for the foundation anticipates that such designation will be promptly forthcoming. All donors are entitled to take a tax deduction as allowed by law, pending the review by the I.R.S

Its not a printing error. Its so you can read this in your hemisphere.

Greg, You have no idea how amused I am at the idea of you pouring over every single word of the magazine to come up with such a grievous error as a double we and bullseye spelled without the s.The visual of you sitting at your desk, everything precisely placed, nothing so much as a millimeter off its mark and peering intently through an antique magnifying glass is precious to me. And then the moment of discovery comes; you shout, ah-ha, got you, Douglas you bugger, a double we. Then the laughter becomes so intense others in the room become uncomfortable especially knowing your past. Greg, have the technicians move the electrodes a little further apart at your next treatment. As for the ad, I dont even see them until you do. As a normal course of business we dont proof the ads. Why did I have the Luxury two-story apartment? Because I could. I think it much less ostentatious than you insisting on your partner, Glenn, walk two steps behind and to the left. I think hes becoming a little shy of that riding crop youre carrying too. I do however promise to take your advice on listening a little closer to our mutual friend Reverend Hoff. After all we all can use a little more empathy, kindness and humility. Ill tell him you said, Gday. Dave. from what I thought was a confidential plea for help from all your years of experience as a fellow sergeant of police. I guess I should have seen the signs up in Arizona just before you retired. Lots of talk about how you were one of the boys and how you were dedicating all your editorial expertise to telling it like it is for all the real-world police. If you were one of the boys how come the rest of the team had normal rooms in the motel but you had a two-storey (story here in the US) luxury apartment in a separate part of the complex? You also took a low shot, not unlike your performance on the range, at how we Australians spell. So Mr. Editor, who proofread page 27 of edition 1 which had the Les Baer full-page add (here we use ad as in advertisement and add as in addition?) and its little mistake? People in glass houses Mr. Douglas! I shall be reading your magazine with interest from now on Mr. Douglas, so I suggest you turn your spell checker on, proofread it and be a little more caring and sharing with your advice. Perhaps Mr. Hoff, one of your former colleagues can advise you on issues of empathy and kindness to others? Greg Martin, Sergeant of Police Australia





National Concealed Carry For Cops The Fights Not Over Yet
little over a year ago, I stood with Representative Randy Duke Cunningham (R-CA) in the White House. Together, Duke and I watched with pride as President Bush fullled a campaign promise to Americas law-enforcement community and signed H.R. 218 national concealed carry for cops into law. That day came after more than a decade of ghting to get Congress to pass this law. Today, more than a year after the President signed the bill, LEAA is still ghting as many states drag their feet implementing this lifesaving law and other politicians and agencies work to obstruct it. When LEAA and Representative Cunningham rst announced our intention to pass a national concealed carry law for qualied off-duty and retired cops, we were told it was impossible. Worse yet, in the early years, some big name police unions actually opposed our idea. Yet this simple idea caught on with the rank and le. Every two years, when Congress convened a new session, LEAA would team up with Cunningham to reintroduce the legislation. Soon some of the very same groups initially opposed to H.R.-218 were pushing their own watered-down versions. Eventually, those police groups joined us in support of the bill with Congressman Cunningham.

Welcome To New York

et even after H.R. 218 was passed in Congress and signed into law by the President, some states, agencies and politicians continue to block this life-saving law. Take New York City for example; an internal department memo obtained by LEAA, directs NYPD ofcers who encounter a fellow ofcer carrying a rearm in accordance with the cop carry law to seize the gun, detain the person, and call a supervisor onto the scene. From there, the supervisor is to keep the gun and person in custody until the persons off duty or retired credentials can be veried through the department and the persons home agency. Welcome to New York City. Can you imagine if every time the NYPD stopped a driver with an out-of-state drivers license they were to detain the driver, impound the car, call a Sergeant on the scene then wait until the Department brass could verify the validity of the drivers license? But you dont have to travel to antigun New York City to nd H.R. 218

Silence Is NOT Golden

ou need to make your voice heard; we dont have the right to remain silent on this issue. If you want this law to be more than just words on paper, youve got to take action. Write your Governor and State Attorney General today and ask who is responsible and what is being done to implement the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act. As the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Law Enforcement Officer of your state, both of these politicians have no excuse not to provide a clear and prompt answer. If they write back with some sorry excuse as to why they think the law cant work in their state, send a copy to my ofce: LEAA, Attn: HR 218 Task Force, 7700 Leesburg Pike Suite 421, Falls Church, VA 22043. We need to see exactly what the opposition is saying in this ght. LEAA succeeded in getting the cop carry bill singed into law thanks to the dedicated grassroots of supporters like you, now we need your help once again if we are to be victorious in ensuring that this law is carried out properly.

opponents still working to obstruct the law. In Texas of all places, weve received reports of LE agencies refusing to issue retired ID cards to their former ofcers. With some states and jurisdictions seeking to block the law, others are hard at work trying to water it down, claiming that entire groups of law enforcement ofcers should not be covered. The ght for national concealed carry for cops is far from over and if you want to make sure you are able to protect yourself and your family when traveling out of state or in your retirement, you need to take action. Every day I get ofcers writing or calling LEAA asking what can they do to help. Its simple the same things we did to get the law passed. First you need to make sure youre an LEAA member because LEAA Members, and only LEAA members, are the ones who have been leading this ght from the very beginning. You can do that by visiting our Web site at www.leaa.org or call our headquarters toll-free at (800) 766-8578.

James J. Fotis is a retired officer from New York and the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA). LEAA works to promote officer safety issues, defend law enforcement in the media and promote the belief that gun control is not crime control. You can find out more or become a member of the hard-hitting, conservative, unabashedly pro-cop, pro-gun, pro-self defense LEAA by visiting their Web site at www.leaa.org.




With 12,000 candlepower, the StrionTM is brighter than many lights more than twice its size. The size of the Scorpion with the features of a Stinger; it's the lightest, brightest, smallest rechargeable we've ever made. It weighs just 4.6 ounces. So it's great for getting into tight places. And it's the ideal backup light to take along wherever you go. The Strion is so small and light, you'll hardly know it's there. But once you turn it on, it's a whole different story. For the Streamlight dealer nearest you, visit our website at www.streamlight.com.

Heroes Trust Streamlight

2005 Streamlight, Inc. 30 Eagleville Road, Eagleville, PA 19403 800-523-7488 www.streamlight.com

Visit the Streamlight Academy on our website.




great thing about being a cop is you get to carry a gun whenever you want. If youre like most of us, you go through phases of gun carrying throughout your career. When youre newly sworn, its the honeymoon phase and you carry your gun everywhere even in the shower if you can find a waterproof holster. After a few years, you slip into that comfortable period where you just dont carry one much at all. As with many things in life, 9/11 changed the latter for me. Seeing how easily a few motivated terrorists were able to rock our world I decided to re-calculate the need to hassle ratio. I pretty much always have a gun with me now. Its one of those tools that has no good substitute.

Akers Paddle

Galco Ankle Loop and SOG Blink

ker Leather makes another holster for the 340PD that deserves attention. The D.A. is a simple yet functional paddle holster. It offers good retention via a tension screw and has the simplicity and speed of a strapless holster. The paddle Aker uses is unique and a denite cut above the average. A rigid polycarbonate contoured paddle has liberally interspaced air holes throughout allowing it to breathe. Dual retention barbs on the paddle hold the holster in position yet make it easy to remove when you want to take it off. The D.A. is a professional and attractive holster. Its a perfect match with Akers reinforced gun/dress belt. Its the most comfortable and attractive one Ive ever worn. A polymer insert of just the right size provides enough rigidity allowing great flexibility and comfort. The stitching adds an attractive accent to the overall look and makes it a step above nylon web belts without sacrificing comfort. Having somehow survived my complacent phase of not always carrying my gun, Ive seen the error of my ways. And like an ex-smoker, I now display a certain zeal for converting others. If you havent got one already, get yourself a compact titanium pistol. You will be well on your way to a total conversion.


big step came when I bought a Smith & Wesson Model 340PD. Its a S&Ws titanium .38+ P+ hammerless snub-nosed revolver and its reinvented off-duty carry for me. I even carry it on-duty as a backup and when Im working plain-clothes assignments. Weighing in at 11 ounces, it is so light you forget its there. I like to carry the 340 in an ankle holster. Not just any ankle holster but the Galco Ankle Glove. Its the most comfortable ankle holster Ive ever worn. The reduced weight is a big relief and leads to wearing the combination pretty much whenever you want in casual dress or even a suit. There were several times that I came home from a 10-hour shift and continued wearing the gun around the house for hours because I forgot I had it on. Another great way to carry a 340PD is in an Aker Leather Pocket Protector holster. The Pocket Protector is a very simple holster designed to ride in your front pants pocket or jacket pocket. The cargo pocket in 5.11 Tactical pants is an ideal place to discretely carry the lightweight 340. A at leather ap on the outside prevents the gun from printing when inside the pocket. It also keeps the butt of the gun positioned properly for drawing. Even with the slightly added size of kingwood grips from Hogue, the gun ts nicely and is quickly accessible. In fact, the added size of the Hogue grip makes quick retrieval a little easier.
Akers Pocket Protector






heres no doubt using video surveillance enhances law enforcements chances of solving crime. Scotland Yard proved their worth last July using it to identify terrorists responsible for Londons subway attacks. If we equate video to the sense of sight, why havent we added other senses, like hearing, to our crime-ghting tools? Chicago did it by adding 30 or more Smart Audio Sensors to surveillance cameras mounted in high-crime areas. The result has been a dramatic reduction in crime rate their lowest in 40 years. This smart sensor network of neural technology was developed


from the militarys Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to detect and locate hostile gunre in places like Iraq and Afghanistan by calculating range and bearing. Back here in the US, one of the leading developers of this technology is Safety Dynamics, LLC of Oak Brook, Illinois. CEO Bryan Baker believes this technological leap gives law enforcement agencies one more advantage. You now have the advantage of both eyes and ears. Baker says, Our system can be trained to recognize certain sounds or sound patterns such as gunshots, breaking glass, automobile collisions, explosions and triangulate on their source. The technology has become so smart it can discriminate trained sounds from background noises such as cars backring or re crackers. Once youve recognized the sound of an incident, having the camera technology gets you instant notication and the images necessary to begin a thorough investigation. That means responding units get to the scene much faster dramatically raising the probability of a successful arrest.

Big Brother?

Overt Or Covert?

afety Dynamics Smart Sensor Enabled Neural Threat Recognition or SENTRI technology in combination with video pan-tilt-zoom cameras denitely creates a Force Multiplier and passive deterrent to criminal activity. In Chicago, police ofcials have installed SENTRI pods on streetlights solving two immediate technical problems, power and lighting. The SENTRI pods are highly visible measuring two feet wide by three feet tall. Theyre clearly marked with the Chicago PD Shield some are even equipped with lightbars. These systems include a microphone sensor array, remote video camera capable of rotating 360 degrees that tilts up and down 90 degrees and a zoom lens. As we saw with cameras from London, with proper placement or saturation increases the chances of acquiring useful data. Safety Dynamics calls this Sensor Fusion and its an important consideration in system design. Using some of the newest wireless technologies the systems have the ability of sending wireless video signals to nearby patrol cars. With receivers installed in strategically positioned squad cars, eld ofcers can view rst person video on their laptops. Its there for you to see and act upon as safely as possible. For redundancy, Chicagos emergency management center also receives the video and can direct other units.

ombining these two sense technologies together seems like a no-brainer for law enforcement. But, the ACLU and others of their ilk, believe cameras in the publicright-of way will be used it to invade the privacy of law-abiding citizens. Adding audio-sensing technologies will only increase the rhetoric from these groups. Privacy experts agree, no reasonable person should have an expectation of privacy in public places. The same argument should carry forward for sound. Right or wrong, the last time I went out on some errands, I counted 12 cameras in four public areas. Nevertheless, any agency intending to operate cameras in the public right-ofway should be ready to defend their actions. Minimally, you should have an articulated need and well-dened policies and procedures for their use. For those who still believe our society is becoming too much like George Orwells novel, 1984, Chicago officials say their systems are only trained to recognize gunshots. Is there a correlation between these systems and Chicagos overall drop in reported crimes? Only time will tell but if putting up systems with human-quality senses of sight and sound sends the crime rate to its lowest point in over 40 years Id like to see a few going up in my neighborhood.



Firefights in close quarter environments are won by fast accurate target acquisition. Locking onto the target fast means you win. The alternative is not an option. The HOLOgraphic Weapon sight (HWS) delivers unmatched speed gains... and is the solution.

Standardized by USSOCOM, the HWS is deployed with elite special forces and SWAT teams the world over. It features passive operation with no muzzle side signature and compatibility with all night vision systems. Battle proven in Iraq and Afghanistan the HWS is waterproof, shockproof, fogproof and adapts easily to virtually any tactical weapon platform.

3600 GREEN COURT SUITE 400 Ann Arbor, MI 48105 Tel (734)741-8868 Fax(734)741-8221










y partner and I are on one side of a wide hallway, exchanging re with an unknown number of terrorists. These have all been blind shots with no target, just spraying and praying. Everything falls silent for a minute, its time for a surprise attack and a rush through the hallway. I get lucky and catch the terrorist just as hes about to throw a grenade, his rie slung around his back. I shoot him with a threeround burst from my Colt M4A1 point blank in the chest. He goes down without a sound, but Im already moving past him. I continue to get lucky as I find the other terrorist a short distance away, head down in the middle of a reload. He looks up but its too late. I squeeze the trigger for another three-round burst into the ten ring. I keep moving, my good fortune and adrenaline moving me


fast towards the target area. I round the corner and see a third terrorist in the distance maybe 25 yards away. More good luck, his backs to me, he didnt expect any cops would make it through the choke point. I shoot him on the run, unloading the rest of my magazine at full auto. I change mags and continue to clear the area. The other guys on my team are barking into their radios, but Im moving too fast and too pumped to take in what theyre saying. The crackle of automatic weapons re is constant in the background, but my footfalls seem loudest in my ears now. Im moving through an underground corridor then back out into the sunlight, running along a dirt road when I see something out of place down and to my left. Its a bad guy, hiding in the shadows of an alley stuffed with crates, his AK is at low ready. I pivot and begin shooting, bringing the front sight down diagonally across his body. Wood chips are ying off the crates and then the bullets making contact. Hes down and out. Im rewarded with a loud, Multi-Kill! from my computers speakers. Our team just won this round of CounterStrike thanks to me.

kay, so it appears to the unenlightened that Im playing a computer game, specically whats known as a rst-person shooter or FPS. But in fact, what Im really doing is personal combat tactics training simulator. Dont believe me? A recent study conducted by Daphne Bavelier, associate professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester, revealed some surprising discoveries regarding the visual attention of FPS game players. First, lets dene some terms. Visual attention is different from visual acuity. Good visual acuity is merely the fancyshmancy way of saying good vision, your basic eye-chart score type vision. Visual attention is the ability to monitor and track objects within all elds of vision, including objects in the peripheral. Pretty good skill to have if youre a cop that just walked into a room full of bad guys, Id say. Several specifically designed tests were used to measure the participants visual attention. Participants were made up of FPS game players and nongame players. The University of Rochester study documented several interesting issues. They found that action game players are better at localizing a target object in a cluttered environment than nonplayers; they can apprehend and keep track of more objects at once and they can better process fast occurring visual information.

o lets see: localize a target in a cluttered environment, track multiple targets and process fast occurring visual information. Isnt this exactly what every cop must do in a shoot/dont shoot situation? This study couldnt be more relevant to police work if it had Reed and Malloy doing a cameo appearance. The study also found that a non-game player could train up by playing an FPS game (in this case, Medal of Honor), and noticeably improve their visual attention score within 10 hours of game playing. Many departments already use video training simulators like the FATS system to train their ofcers. Maybe its time to start handing out copies of Half-Life and Medal of Honor for homework assignments. Although it might be really interesting to crunch some numbers and see how many good combat shooters out there play FPS games. Any thoughts on this from some of the rangemasters?


You can nd more info on this study at: www.bcs.rochester.edu/



Whatever the situation, weve got you covered with 100 oz. of cool drinking water. Combat proven and crisis ready. CamelBak hydration systems feature exclusive HydroGuardTM Anti-Microbial Technology. Were dedicated to those in the field. In fact, CamelBak is standard issue with most federal law enforcement agencies. Time to strap one on.


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olice in Chattanooga, Tennessee, arrested Paul Eugene Gene Levengood, owner of the Tasty Flavors Sno Biz ice-cream shop, when they learned he was spanking employees for making mistakes at work. It certainly sounded like battery to them. Two 19-year-old girls conrmed that sure, Paul had spanked them occasionally for errors, like, once when one of them forgot to put a banana in a customers smoothie. Gene was hooked up, hauled away, and booked for sexual battery. But now investigators and prosecutors dont know if they can proceed with charges. It seems that both employees had signed statements reading, I give Gene permission to bust my behind in any way he sees fit. His position is that its a condition of employment, and they didnt have to agree. The frozen-dessert business demands strict discipline, you know. If bottoms dont get paddled once in a while, who knows what might be missing from the smoothies?



arrell Lewis, 40, figured the game was over when he saw himself on the evening news on TV. The Albany, New York, resident had robbed a local bank earlier in the day, and sorta forgot to hide from the surveillance cameras. Darrell simply presumed that if he could recognize himself in grainy black-and-white, the cops could too. He went to the nearest police station and turned himself in. To his complete surprise, officers told him to come back the next day. The investigation, it seems, was ongoing.

Darrell dutifully went home, and watched in dread as his image kept waltzing across the TV screen. The poor guy was probably imagining black-clad ninja-cops busting in through the windows and poppin volleys of caps in his butt. So the following morning, he went to yet another police station where he thought he might have better luck. He did. That time he was arrested for robbery. Albany police ofcials conrmed the incident, but had no comment other than to say it had prompted an internal investigation. Yeah, well bet it has.

everal different kinds of folks can order the release of a prisoner. Detectives do it all the time, as do judges and prosecutors. But, it seems, tall red-headed clowns aint supposed to. Judge William Rainey of West Memphis, Tennessee, got more than a little upset when he learned his prisoner had been released by Ronald McDonald. The evening before Tristian Wilson was to appear in Judge Raineys court on burglary and theft charges, the jail received a fax ordering his immediate release. They get faxes like that all the time, so it was no big deal. Wilson was kicked out forthwith, and everybody was happy. Until appearance time the next day, anyway. When Hizzoner learned of the faxed release order, he demanded to see it. Upon judicial inspection, he agreed the wording sounded pretty official But, he asked, didnt any of you folks notice that theres no official police letterhead on it, and, it was sent from a McDonalds Restaurant on Missouri Street? The only thing missing seemed to be a pair of golden arches on the fax, and a discount coupon for a Happy Meal. Cops scrambled to save a little bit of face, and in fact, they did okay. Not only did they scoop Wilson up at his last known address, they also found more loot linking him to other burglaries in the area. This time, the jail staff was told only to release him upon the order of a dude in a black robe, not some guy in a fright wig and big yellow shoes. Well, not unless he also happens to be a judge.

Got something to share? Send it to me at OnTheJobStuff@Yahoo.com and if I use it, Ill fish around in my desk and find some kinda cheap gizmo to send you.



cwo 5 Ken davis,

CWO 5 Officer In Charge, Precision Weapons Section, WTBN Quantico, VA, USMC (Ret.)

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(CWO 5 Davis was the Supervisor (Director) of the production, modification and repair of all of Marine Corps precision weapons. He was responsible for leading the research and development of future generations of innovative and technically advanced weapons and ammunition.)

BLACK HILLS AMMUNITION INC. : PO BOX 3090 : RAPID CITY, SD 57709-3090 : PHONE- (605) 348-5150 : FAX- (605) 348-9827




Time Overlooked?
re Perception and Reaction Time overlooked or just taken for granted? It cant be taught in one lesson, but the technique and muscle response can be practiced and understood over time. The rst we hear of these topics is usually in a Drivers Ed class. The teacher addresses the importance of scanning the road our eyes never stop moving or we need to look 12 to 15 seconds down the road and be ready to react. In some PD Academies therere discussions about time and distance and

Are Perception And Reaction

even some math to show just how fast things really do happen. The reason this topic cant be taught in one lesson is there are so many underlining factors. Students are told to scan the road but not how to scan or how the eyes and mind work and what to look for. Looking down the road isnt enough. But glancing down at the tires gives a better indication of which way that cars going to move. By knowing what to look for the driver can save time and react sooner.


Get There


pproaching the next blind curve or car at an intersection, what should we be thinking? We must constantly process information. Seeing it does nothing. Identifying, recognizing and reacting quickly and accurately save lives. Cops must take this process to a higher level. We scan the roads for many things, not just potential accident situations. Perception time is the time it takes for the brain to identify an object as a potential hazard and is at best .5 to .75 seconds. Thats if the driver is alert. Reaction time is the time it takes your brain to tell your hands and feet to do something. It takes another .5 to .75 seconds. While your brains telling your foot to get to the brake-pedal, times passing and youre getting much closer to the dreaded contact point. Remember the brakes have not yet been activated and youre still traveling the same speed. Hopefully, youll have enough space left to allow the brakes and steering wheel to work. The less space you have, the more skill and luck youll need.

oure called to a hot burglary where a female caller is hiding in a closet. Youre thinking about the importance of the situation, saving a life, catching a thief, a potential confrontation involving a weapon, your own wellbeing, how many suspects, and oh, I almost forgot driving to the scene safely. A car pulls out 300 feet down the road (think football field). Youre traveling 60 MPH with lights and siren. Do you have enough time to stop or avoid the vehicle? Since accidents happen in feet not hours, first change MPH to FPS. For the sake of simplicity well round out. In this case youre traveling 90 FPS. Using the best-case scenario, if it takes you .5 second to recognize the car as a hazard and another .5 second for your brain to tell your hands and feet to do something, youve just covered 90' and youre still moving 60 MPH or 90 FPS. Problem is, before you saw the car you were looking down at the computer for a split second, which put you 90 feet deeper into the accident zone. Now you have 120' and approx. 1.3 seconds to stop. Things just got real serious. If you freeze on the steering wheel and slam on the brake, which is quite common, your car will end up 30' through the obstacle. A Crown Vic should stop in 140' to 150' at 60 MPH using correct braking technique. Since you cant control braking distance the only place to make up time and create more distance is the perception and reaction process. Driving is a skill of the eyes and mind. Trainers need to focus a large amount of time on how and what cops perceive as dangerous.

Anthony Ricci is the owner and president of Advanced Driving and Security (ADSI). Hes been teaching cops to drive for over twenty years. www.1adsi.com.



You have the right to antilock brakes. You have the right to heated g rips. You have the right to an electrically adjustable windshield. You have the right to laugh at a violator s look of dismay upon seeing you in his rear view. You have t h e r i g h t t o not overheat and cook like a hot dog during p a r a d e d u t y. Yo u h a v e t h e r i g h t t o s m i l e c r y p t i c a l l y when a speeder asks: Where did you come from? You have the right to a motorcycle s o p ow e r f u l i t e n d s ch a s e s b e f o re t h e y b e g i n . You have the right to a machine as tough as you are. You have the right to an engine that just wont quit. You have the right to ride the only ready-to-ride, fully integrated l a w e n f o r c e m e n t m o t o r cy c l e o n the planet. You have the right to throw away ever y one of your after market catalogs. You have the right to rock-solid stability. You have the right to get goose bumps ever y time you rev the engine. You have the right to look really cool doing your job. These are your rights. If you do not understand these rightsyou must be riding a Kawasaki.
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Agony, Mystery, Shock & Betrayal

o, this is not about a bad B-grade horror movie, but annual personnel evaluations. For you, the agony accrues from writing the damn thing. For the recipient, it comes from the pain of biting his tongue in rage and disbelief while reviewing it. The mystery plays out for you when youre staring at a blank evaluation form and wondering, What the hell am I going to say? For him, its: Who the hell is he talking about? It cant be me! Shock occurs when you reect on what insipid tripe your nal product is. His shock comes when he realizes this literary monsterpiece is going in his permanent le. Finally, you betray your troops when you give them anything less than thoughtful, accurate evaluations. And you betray yourself when, after a year of mostly-successful struggle to be the best supervisor you can be, you make a mess of the one leadership function with the greatest, most long-lasting impact on the ofcers in your care. Lets talk, not about the mechanics of writing an evaluation well get to that another time but about the methodology of evaluating.

Annual Evaluation NOT Annual Event

rom the phrase, annual evaluation, its easy to perceive evaluation as an annual event. Its not. Its an ongoing process. Imagine a four-pound prime rib roast. Would you rather eat it hot, in 48 equal 1.3-ounce bites, or stash it in the freezer for 12 months, then have it jammed down your throat in one chunk? Once weekly, go down your roster, dwelling on each name. Ask yourself if theres an appropriate comment to be made, positive, negative, constructive, directional, or cautionary. Jot it down, and do it that week. Most of these casual meetings take less than three minutes, ending with; Youre improving in this area keep it up, okay? or Good job on handling that remind me of it when we

talk evaluation next week, or I dont want to see you lose focus. Youre too valuable to the squad, Smith. Think about it. Monthly, sit down individually with your troops for ve minutes. Place a blank evaluation form in front of both of you, and kick off with, If I were rating you right now, heres how Id mark you in each category and why. Dont write; talk. Keep it brief, drawing from the previous month, tying in ongoing efforts, improvements or deciencies where appropriate. Focus on the triad of Performance, Productivity and Behavior. Whenever possible, and especially when a rating is less than fully satisfactory, give simple suggestions for improving that rating over the short term.

Be Blunt, Be Brief, But Be Open

his is the time for observations like, Your crime-scene work is getting more detailed, more polished great job on that robbery on Tenth Highly Satisfactory, or The quality of your work is ne, but Ive noticed a serious drop-off in self-initiated contacts. I want to see more diggin out there Satisfactory; Needs Improvement, and, When things quiet down after 0300, Id like to see you meeting more with ofcers on adjacent beats. Its not just about information-sharing. Theres a social dimension to this job too, and Im concerned that youre seen as being kind of standofsh; aloof. Let them get to know you as well as I do. You need improvement there. Give them the opportunity to respond, but remember, its a brieng, so be brief. Most feedback they can give you will be rened and improved by reection and thought. If an ofcer launches a general rant about how youre misunderstanding him, say, We have to end this and hit the eld. Your annual isnt due until April. Well talk about it again next month, and when we do, give me some specics; give me examples, okay? Lets hit it.


othing should ever appear on an annual eval you havent already discussed with the ofcer. Deciencies noted should always be accompanied by advice on how to raise that rating. Its not about how your cop compares with your other troops; its about how he measures up to the evaluative criteria. Your people need to see lights, not just at the end of the tunnel, but throughout that long, dark stretch in between. Turn em on, and ash em regularly. Get started now!

John Morrison served in combat as a Marine sergeant, and retired as a senior lieutenant from the San Diego Police Department, having served there as Director of Training, Commanding Officer of SWAT and division executive officer. He has taught, written and lectured widely on training, tactics and leadership. Contact him at StreetLevelOne@yahoo.com.






aving spent many years in patrol, I quickly learned the value of having a good pry tool in my trunk. In the county I worked, a trafc accident was a Signal 9. If you could clear the accident without writing a report and both vehicles could be driven away with no one requesting an ambulance, it was a 9A. As a rookie I answered a trafc accident call and was surprised to see a Corporal with what had to have been a six-foot long crow bar prying one wheel well fender edge off of the cars tire. That fender pressing on the tire was all that kept the accident from being a 9A, so he was xing it at the owners request of course. He called it his 9A tool. A great big crow bar.


oday theres a better solution. Dynamic Entry, having recently joined the BlackHawk Products Group family, makes two simple tools both of which were designed for breaching, but will serve virtually any prying purpose. The larger of the two, The Breacher (go figure) is 30" long and weighs 7.1 pounds. The second one, the Special Operations Breacher or SOB, is 24" and weighs 6.7 pounds. My first assumption was the original tool was the Breacher, and that the SOB was developed in response to a demand for a smaller lighter pry tool. Not so. The SOB was actually developed first and was part of the Tactical Backpack Kit (TBK). The Breacher, devel-

oped second, was a response to feedback Dynamic Entry received about the tools in the TBK. The two most important pieces of feedback leading to the development of the Breacher were some operators werent interested in the nonsparking capabilities of the hallagan tool included in the kit, and they wanted a more robust pry tool. Thats important to know because the SOB wasnt the result of downsizing an already proven tool. It already proved itself in the eld before serving as the basis for further designs.


o, we have this tool: 24" long, and a little under 7 pounds. Ive got no problem putting that in my patrol cars trunk. What will I do with it? Beyond the intended purposes of breaching all types of common construction doors wed nd in residential and commercial structures, it can be used for a myriad of other purposes. First and foremost (in my mind) its a 9A tool. But if you think about auto accidents, the SOB can also be used for extrication, breaking windows, opening jammed hoods or trunks, and more. Ive always been nervous about using metal objects under the hood of a car because electricity and I dont get along. Dynamic Entry took people like me into account in their design because the handle of the SOB is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 VAC. Speaking of breaking windows, the SOB also makes an excellent eld expedient break and rake tool for homes where you either needed to get someone out, or you needed to get in and such action was warranted. Being a cop, and knowing how cops are, I wanted to know how hard this tool was to break. Can I pry hard enough to separate the head from the handle? Dynamic Entrys response was, Its never happened. The construction process uses a two-part epoxy attachment system that serves as a weld to bind the two parts together into a single unit. If you can break the tool, Dynamic Entry has a lifetime warranty on all their products.


here are two more features that need to be identied for their value and one is the handgrip design. Opposing handgrips on the bar assist the operator in securing a proper hold instinctively and with minimal training. The other is a friction ridge designed into the pry head itself. These ridges keep the head from slipping under heavy torque and especially during metal-to-metal prying. All in all, for a two-foot tool, the SOB provides a lot of versatility and usage for the average patrol ofcer. I wish Id thought of it. For more information, contact BlackHawk Products Group, (800) 694-5263, www.blackhawk.com

Frank has almost twenty years of law enforcement experience, including fifteen years of LE training delivery. Hes recognized nationwide as an expert on Use of Force issues, training development and equipment selection. www.borelliconsulting.com



First Choice Armor takes the stringent requirements of the NIJ standard and meets them. Then, we exceed them with our Synergy vest. The time to test a vest is not when youre facing an assailant. National industry standards require a vest to stop six high velocity rounds. But, for First Choice, thats just not enough. We at First Choice go above and beyond and shoot up to 40 rounds into our Synergy vests without penetration. So lets talk about our Synergy vest for a minute. This vest is a unique, 100% aramid powerhouse of protection.

The combination of both Artec and Gold Flex creates state-of-the-art ballistic materials, allowing this vest to consistently meet and exceed the standards. During certification testing at NIJ, Synergy proved exceptional in its BFS (back face signature) simulation of blunt force trauma created from the stopped ammunition. When we say were with you for life, we take that promise seriously and stand behind our product 100%. If a person is saved from critical injury or possible death while wearing a First Choice Armor vest, we not only will replace the vest for free, but will donate money to a charity of his/her choice. When it comes to selecting a vest, you do have a choice. Make it Synergy, the vest that will watch your back.

Any settlement or federal grant money can be used towards the purchase of the Synergy Vest from First Choice.

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nformant often evokes the image of Bernstein meeting the clandestine Deep Throat in a darkened parking garage. Truth is most informants better t the term neighborhood watch captains. Ive learned more from talking

ather than looking down on these guys, and occasionally ladies, as wanna-bes, consider them a valuable source of free information. After all, if they have any gray matter at all, theyll know their operation inside and out. Its entirely possible many of these guards may be retired cops looking to make some extra cash or part-time cops just trying to cover the rent. A lot of retired guys take a security gig just to get out of the house and feel productive again. Who can we look to for help? Take the hotel security ofcer, not only does he know the property like the back of his hand, he encounters a great number of people each day. Some of these people are up to no good. Ask anyone on your narcotics squad and theyll tell you how much dope is being dispensed out of hotel rooms. Upscale neighborhoods contract with guard companies for roving patrols. You also have the alarm response guys from ADT, Westec, and others. These guys are bored out of their minds too, but they see what goes on all night long in their patrol areas.


with business owners, waitresses and nosey spinsters than I ever have pumping snitches for the 411. Often, people we encounter give us one or more pieces of the puzzle if we just take the time to listen. Many citizens we meet will bend our ears about the neighbors dog keeping them awake or the kids skateboarding in front of their house. However, many others may give us a valuable tip. Nearly every patrol area has one or more night watchmen on duty. Some businesses have 24 hour security guards. The day shift is normally kept busy; the evening and night-shift guys are ghting off boredom just like us. Most of these folks relish the chance to talk with you if only for a few moments.

Eyes And Ears

re you trying to solve a string of burglaries or car thefts? These folks can be your eyes and ears. How many times have you spent your entire shift going from call to call without any free time to patrol? The roving security guard usually spends his entire shift looking for suspicious activity in a much smaller area than yours. Are you looking for a suspect vehicle? It never hurts to ask the roving rent-a-cop if hes seen it you might get lucky. Obviously, we can run into a color of law issue if we enlist a security ofcer to aid in an investigation. However, no one ever said that you cant question members of the public even Bob the night watchman. He might just be a good witness. Say you need to pick up a guy on a warrant, you know what he looks like and what he drives, but you cant sit outside his girlfriends house, all shift. XYZ Manufacturing is across the street. Old Bob works 2300 to 0700. Whats the harm telling Bob to call you if he sees a blue 96 Chevy four-door? You dont have to tell him why. Sure, Bob says. That car usually shows up around 2:30 in the morning. Youre not likely to solve the Lindberg kidnapping with your new-found contacts, but the info you glean from security ofcers might well keep you ahead of the bad guys. It wont take long to gure out which guards have it on the ball and which ones are soup sandwiches. Youll run into your fair share of police groupies. The trick is not to become so callous that we discount everyone except our fellow cops. The local security guard can be a valuable source of information. If nothing else, you might just nd out that Old Bob makes one mean cup of coffee.

Paul Markel has been a cop since 1991. Hes served many communities in his native Ohio. Paul also provides executive protection in the US and overseas. Hes the author of Have Passport, Will Travel: Field Notes for the Modern Bodyguard.





Rule One All Guns Are Always Loaded

Safety rules need to be taught or at least reinforced at every training evolution.

irearms should be treated as loaded whether theyre technically loaded or not. Cold ranges arent safe. In fact, Ive seen more accidents on cold ranges than on hot ranges. If the premise is cops need to unload at the range because theyre not safe gun handlers, I think theres a message here. Maybe the range staff needs to teach them to be better gun handlers rst.

Rule Two Never Point The Muzzle At Anything Youre Not Willing To Destroy


oy, Id never work again if I had ve bucks for every muzzle Ive seen sweep a cop by another cop on just video alone. The unwashed often go on a bender, Were professionals. We can cover each other even with the safety off and its okay. Actually, because were professionals we should never cover, never train to cover and not condone covering each other with muzzles period.

RULE ONE d e d a o L s y a w l All Guns Are A RULE TWO t A e l z z u M e h Never Point T ng i l l i W t o N e r u Anything Yo To Destroy RULE THREE e h T f f O r e g n i Keep Your F e r A s t h g i S r u Trigger Until Yo et On The Targ RULE FOUR et g r a T r u o Y f O e r Be Su And Backstop


ithout reservation I would teach, enforce, mandate and insist on a foundation of basic rie skills with iron sights. Once up to speed in the iron sight mode we could contemplate add-on tools or crutches. Remember no dot or TV screen sight will replace a solidly grounded shooter with iron sights. I see far too many folks trying to replace technique with technology. Show me you can shoot with iron sights, press and reset the trigger and load a standard rie without all the extended widgets then well talk about the fancy stuff maybe.

Rule Three Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target
pplying common sense here, if Im being choked to death over the hood of my car, sighted re will be pretty hard to apply. Its kinda the exception that proves the rule. Otherwise, if youre on the target your nger goes on the trigger. If not, get your nger off the trigger.

Mike Venturino shows you what 700 yards looks like with iron sights!

Qualification Courses

Rule Four Be Sure Of Your Target And Backstop

his applies to all rearms but requires extra emphasis when using ries. On occasion, Ive seen people (yes, cops) shoot themselves during training. With handguns its usually a few days off and a good story about how it wasnt my fault. But, with rie gunshot injuries you might want to pull out the white gloves and polish the squad car for the upcoming funeral. You know, Id be careful with these things.

heres some delusion that mandates when we pick up a rie the target should be extended to 9,000 yards and we should re uphill in a snowstorm. If a ries a better tool to ght with and it is why not simply teach ofcers to ght with ries the way they normally work? The only variable is the officer and the tools he was trained with. If a cop goes to a gun call why have a hard time with them taking the best weapon they have available. Do we shoot everyone? Of course not, but how many cops are killed each year fighting fights they knew had the possibility of involving a firearm with a handgun? Cops shoot rarely. Often they shoot poorly and even more often with the wrong weapons system. Well then, what course of re to use? How about the state or department mandated handgun course with their rie. Remembering the ghts going to be what it was from beginning to end anyway and the only variable is what experience, what training and what weapon they take to the ght. Ries are better. Yes, we should shoot the ve yard, 10 yard, 15 yard, 25 yard, go to cover, reload, moving target, shooting moving targets while moving drills with the rie. There is an old axiom in law enforcement, youll ght like you train. Actually, it isnt true. You might, but then you might be a gun guy. They will not ght like they train; theyll probably ght worse. How many people with a loaded gun on your department would you like to have behind you in a bad spot? In fairness, some cops will rise to the level of instruction they receive. Hopefully, its good instruction. Start the basis of your rie program grounded in safety, fundamentals and relevant courses of re.






Ethics and the

ne of the greatest challenges any cop faces is establishing a level of trust with co-workers. For a reserve its even more difficult because you dont work every day and may be bounced from one area to another. Newcomers are viewed with suspicion by cops because they dont know you or how youll react when things go to shit. Some fear youll beat a path to IAs door if somebody pops a suspect a little more vigorously than circumstances might dictate. They suspect theyll be accused of beating the snot out of a subject who had never done a bad thing in his life. And of course the media will trot out the dirtbags rstgrade teacher to say what a good boy he was. It can only go downhill from there. Reserve officers are subjected to exactly the same formal conditions of employment although they generally lack the protection afforded by civil service and

Reserve Officer
union rules. Still they share the same phobias about the administration and IA regular cops do. After all, they went through the same crap to get there. In my department the big bosses and IA were located on the third floor of headquarters so if you got invited to visit there it was almost always bad news. And this is where ethics comes in. Anyone on the street for any time at all is going to see a cop make a mistake. Maybe hell speak less than kindly or perhaps harass some poor soul wandering a parking lot in search of goodies to steal. He might even strike a blow for justice. Its not my job to police the police. There may even have been a case when I rmly closed my eyes so I could

truthfully say, I didnt see a thing sarge. If asked what I had heard it might have been a different story. Sometimes its all in asking the right questions. Im not fast enough to plug my ears too.

ops generally arent the touchy-feely sorts administrators want them to be. It pains me deeply to call a hoodlum I just locked up sir. But then again I cant exactly call him asshole anymore either. Sometimes the prudent course is to just keep your mouth shut. But when the citizen calls IA his complaint will be investigated. So if youre called to drop by for a chat, things have escalated to a new level. Now we face the Grand Inquisitor not knowing how much he already knows. The wise man assumes they know chapter and verse and if my story doesnt match up, Im in deep trouble too. In circumstances like these cops rarely have the privilege of silence. Theyre compelled to answer usually under the terms of their employment and if they do not, or fail to answer truthfully, their job can be in jeopardy. The us vs them mentality that exists among cops is a real thing. When problems arise its natural for a protective cone to form around the threatened ofcer. There but for the grace of God go I. If you always y under the radar you probably arent doing the job. But what about a case where the cop is clearly wrong?

Touchy Feely C

PLAUSIBLE Deniability

here do you draw the line? Ive heard it debated but for me theres a distinct cutoff felony crime. Thankfully I never faced it. Once I stopped a car that was weaving a bit only to find it was driven by one of ours he got a ride home. A couple of times the sergeant or dispatcher would call and ask if Id mind going by a bar where some cop at least had the good sense to call a cab. Did it gladly. Some of you may think that I was too lenient okay. Each of us reserve or regular has to decide for ourselves. Situational ethics may have a negative connotation but as long as you do the same thing every time that strikes me as okay too.



Polymer Frame with Embedded Stainless Steel Rigid Chassis System

Internal Lock System

Through-Hardened, Stainless Steel Slide and Barrel with Black Melonite Finish, Yielding a Surface Hardness of 68 HRc

Sear Deactivation Lever Safe Disassembly without Pressing Trigger

Ambidextrous Slide Stop (3) Interchangeable Palmswell Grip Sizes Reversible Magazine Catch


Reinforced polymer chassis, superior ergonomics, ambidextrous controls, proven safety features. The new standard in reliability when your job is to serve and protect and your life is on the line. Available in 40S&W, 9mm and 357Sig. www.smith-wesson.com 1-800-331-0852 AMEX: SWB MADE IN U.S.A.

Black is out. Tan is in these days. Check out Kimber's new Desert Warrior.

Photo : Rich Stahlhut



Photo : Ichiro Nagata

Hot Monikers, Tactical Jargon, Spec Operators And Instant Sales

Rich Grassi

he police training and equipment world are filled with official-looking initials, verbal shorthand and tactical-wear. Its tough as Chinese arithmetic for police trainers and equipment buyers to sift through all the crap to nd the good stuff. Military-sounding names and the initialing vernacular isnt really new to us. Starting back around the same time SWAT did. People in SWAT became special operators or just operators. Dave Spaulding, more sensitive to the trend than I, caught me referring to a shooter of a particular gun as that rearms operator. In my defense, when I started on the job, the driver s license was referred to as an operators license. We still check the drivers OLN (operators license number) via the current incarnation of the teletype. My shooter was the operator of that gun. He wasnt a SEAL, Green Beret, Ranger, Airborne or Federal Express. Dave told me, We take this shit

lations, follow up on addresses of registered sex offenders, work petty crimes, narcotics or homicides, you are as special as you need to be. You dont need monikers, initials or other junk. I remember when our Crime Scene guys were just Crime Scene Guys and SWAT Operators were Tactical Guys.

Shorthand Or Reality?
Sometimes, police work calls for political activity to gain approval or funding for a new program or equipment. Its easier to avoid dazzling with brilliance when we can bafe them with bullshit. Using teaching goals from the FBIs Ofcers Killed Summary, we found ourselves shooting paper and cardboard from close ranges. We avoided cover drills and marksmanship at distance ranges where we won gunfights. They didnt show up in the FBI UCR reports. Giving up distance skills didnt help us, but calling the new program C.Q.B. or Close Quarters Battle didnt hurt selling people on the idea. It was military verbal shorthand that transferred an aura of professional to the instructor trying to get the agency or the

way too serious. Hes expressed his displeasure before and I follow his line of reasoning.

Walter Mitty Revisited

We play these games because we all want to be something special. I recently left police service, I want you to know that you are special. If you stop cars for trafc vio-


For Real or for the coolness quotient? C.D.I.

troops to buy into it. Shooting a big target at close range has the practical effect of making sure that the desk-bound chairborne rangers passed the qualification course, bringing up the inevitable question of what are we qualied to do? Try the same thing in man-on-man gunght simulations. Or, have an ofcer armed with an inert training gun try to avoid a thrown rag or other soft object while moving and especially drawing the gun. Its a little different. Many, selfavowed operators, nd themselves struggling. Hardly a CQB Spec Ops Tactical Operative type of scenario, but one likely to reflect avoiding deadly gunfire while bringing their own implements to bear. CQB is only one example. Examine the Wilson Combat Web site and see that they have a good, basic pistol named CQB. Quite accurate out to 50 yards, its not cheap. Its a very good gun, but unlikely to be seen in police holsters. Does the CQB moniker sell the gun as much as the quality, accuracy and good Wilson name? Its a handy name. If your carbine fails, a 50-yard shot may be needed. Now thats CQB!

Cops went along to some degree. We needed to measure the skills of those we allowed to carry guns and enforce laws. This was okay, but it had little to do with conditions cops had to face in the eld.

So Much For New

The Allied Forces of WWII did lots of shooting close up and fast. They needed to train people in close combat and do it quickly. Ultimately, we took some of that stuff back then. It fell into disuse and now its back. We take what we need and discard the rest. Now, the military increasingly finds itself doing policestuff. They take much of what we do and alter it to meet their conditions. Its circular and only fair.

Must Be Tactical
Ive learned a few things from a former military firearms instructor that bear repeating. If its black, nylon and has Velcro, its tactical. He never got into the tac-speak thing. I nd earth tones more pleasing than black at my age. Just in time, as Olive Drab or Desert Tan are now tactical colors. Finally, Im on the right page. We learn lessons, particularly in the deadly force arena, from the military and competition. Military qualifications stem from competition shooting originated by the NRA. These called for standardized targets and courses of fire to be shot nationwide. You could measure the skills of a shooter on the east coast with a shooter in the Midwest. Similarly, the military wanted to see demonstrated skills from Fort Drum to Fort Apache.

The instructor, a former soldier who really had been in a special operations unit said that it was the CDI factor. Chicks Dig It,

Sometimes we forget hard work and sacrifice and just emphasize stuff. The California Highway Patrol disaster at Newhall on April 6, 1970, forever changed the face of police work. The deaths of ofcers Alleyn, Frago, Gore and Pence changed police training even more signicantly than the FBI Miami shootout. It was a wake-up call for a lot of trainers. I attended a training class on tactical pistol. When the class was asked why SWAT members dress out in black, there

were no answers. The instructor, a former soldier - who really had been in a special operations unit - said that it was the CDI factor. Chicks dig it, he said. We laughed. But, I wonder. Is that really why? I thought maybe it was because black is slimming, and with all that gear on even small people look huge. It seems every time you turn around you see ads for training delivered by SEALs, Green Berets, Rangers or from someone who uses an alias because of involvement in the intelligence community. This is the assurance your instructor has been there, seen the elephant, or whatever. Give me a break. I didnt know we had so many special types. I wonder what they can teach that Jim Cirillo or his partner Al Sayge, retired from NYPD, cant. They were cops who went to a specialty unit to avoid being put on a xed trafc post or some other mind-numbing assignment when the ring ranges were cut back due to the citys looming bankruptcy. In the rst two hours of their rst stakeout, they were in a gunfight against three armedrobbery suspects. They won. I think the hero is the guy that was just there and made the best out of the situation. The traffic or highway-patrol type whos suddenly turned upon and gets into the ght for his life also has something to offer. Or the FTO that goes to a report of a past break-in to nd out its a dangerous domestic in progress. The resulting gun-grab and death of his rookie makes him draw on all his skills to prevail. I want to hear from that cop. Im not saying that classes or equipment offered by these special operators, ninja, demons of darkness are of no value. Im not even saying that you shouldnt avail yourself of their expertise or goodies. Just dont follow along like lemmings. Be sharp purchasers. I learned tactics from a couple of old cops only one of whom was SWAT. They tended to be sneaky, assume the worst and use tricks and misdirection to get the job done. They were creative and worked outside the box, confusing and confounding their opponents. Then they taught other people how to do that. It worked wonderfully. Neither Dick Lee nor Dan Rhyne was Special Forces, but theyd been out there. Lee was even one of those mentioned in Charles Remsbergs Caliber Press book, The Tactical Edge as additional research help. Be smart. Be wary. Have a plan. Dont rush. Keep it simple. And remember the first rule of law enforcement: go home at the end of the shift in relatively the same condition you went to work in.



N-Vision Optics, LLC, introduces the ultra compact tactical multi-purpose night vision monocular, the GT-14. The unit combines the main features of the existing models currently used by the US military and is offered with a choice of highest quality Gen 3 image intensifier tubes. GT-14 features unique ergonomic design that allows very comfortable single-handed operation and dramatically minimizes the probability of user errors in extreme conditions. Being an ideal multi-purpose system for nighttime observations, GT-14 can be used while hand-held as a monocular, head mounted or helmet-mounted as a single eye goggle, or weapon-mounted as a night scope.
8 Submersible, shockproof, and waterproof 8 Superior optics 8 Integrated infrared illuminator 8 Compatible with weapon mounted IR laser aiming and illuminating devices 8 Automatic brightness control 8 Weights less than 11oz.

N-Vision Optics, LLC

128 Wheeler Road, Burlington, MA 01803 Ph: 781-505-8360 Fax: 781-998-5656

www.nvisionoptics.com info@nvisionoptics.com

Para Ordnance
Dave Douglas Photos: Ichiro Nagata


hroughout the US departments are beginning to realize an ofcers rearm cant be the one-size ts all solution they so fervently clung to in yesteryear. Were not all 6'2", 190 lbs. men anymore. We come in all sizes and types and that includes hand size too. Fitting cops for the proper gun has become a rangemasters nightmare. One strategy used by some departments is to not have an established issue gun at all and, some have an issue gun but allow just about anything else within certain guidelines. The latter is the best of all worlds as far as Im concerned. If a cop can demonstrate prociency with a given rearm and that rearm is of sufcient quality to assure reliable function, why not? The duty gun norm for cops has changed quite a bit in the last 30 years. I was issued a Smith and Wesson 6" Model 10. No other choice was available. Quit your sniveling and learn how to shoot what we gave you damnit, was the long response. Get out, was the usual one. After two years things changed and we were allowed to buy our own revolver, as long as it was a Smith Model 19, 28 or 66. Then the autoloader revolution hit law enforcement. We were issued Smith and Wesson 5906s and 6906s depending on your assignment. Do you see a pattern developing? Seems the decision inuencer was a guy with a denite opinion on what constitutes a good gun to the exclusion of anything else and he must of had hands the size of catchers mitts.

You Cant Be Trusted

They spent thousands of dollars selecting you as a candidate, many thousands more training you and put you out in a car by yourself to make life and death decisions, but you cant be trusted enough to make an informed decision about which rearm you should carry? Sorry, I



Para Ordnance


Colonel LTC



cant buy into that. Neither should you. Today there are tons of those good guns out there to choose from. When my department went to the if you can shoot it well, you can carry it philosophy I was tapped to decide what guns met the departments idea of within certain parameters. Actually it was easy. I named manufacturers, calibers and types of guns rather than specific models. I also added the little phrase: or, on a caseby-case basis, as authorized by the Rangemaster. Quite a few went to or back to the 1911 style pistol. You cant swing a dead cat these days without hitting a 1911 manufacturer square in the marketing department. Heck, the guy down the street from me made his own from a chunk of steel on the milling machine in his garage. Its ugly but it works pretty well. I started to think that case-by-case basis thing was coming back to bite me in my ample butt. However, as I suspected, the troops selected well. We saw some Colts, Springelds, Kimbers, Les Baers and Para Ordnance guns.

Colonel Or LTC
The only one I was skeptical about at first was the Para. I knew their singleaction guns were high quality but that LDA trigger system made me squirm a little. I couldnt shoot it worth a damn. I quickly found others could and very well too. Were back to choices here and those ofcers choosing the Para LDA system did very well with it. In the spirit of allowing cops to choose what they feel comfortable with, rangemasters need to put their preferences aside and trust their officers to make the best decision for themselves. Para Ordnance has come up with a pair of almost identical guns cops can be comfortable with, the Colonel and the LTC or Lieutenant Colonel. These are striking looking guns with OD Slide and frame set off by black small parts. Its a very cool looking variation on Colts Commander theme with the same rank designation just different services. Theres something about the 4.25" barrel length that just seems to be about the perfect size for a street cop. Its not too long nor is it too short and its an easy gun to carry around due to the reduced weight compared to the full size version. The Colonel is a high capacity .45 ACP with the LDA trigger system. The LTC is the same gun but with a traditional single action trigger. Remember

choices, Para Ordnance gives them to you with this pair and you dont need to give up the high capacity that made the wonder 9s so appealing to cops facing better armed bad guys. Both guns give you 14 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. They also give you Paras highly reliable Power Extractor. I cant tell you how many times someone came up to me when I was in uniform and said, Do you know that your gun has the hammer back? Thats not very safe is it? After a brief educational conversation most uninformed still go away unconvinced. The Colonels LDA system puts an end to those uncomfortable encounters. The spurless hammer is ush to the slide giving the appearance of any other gun we carry in the eld. With the LTC, being a traditional single action 1911 you still may get that question. Be nice.

Scientic Testing NOT

I took both guns out to the range and did some testing. I hate those this gun, with this ammo, shoots a 2.375" group at 25 yards from a Ransom Rest type of test. We know Para Ordnance or any other quality gun maker isnt going to put something out that sprays rounds like a re hose. Im fond of the purely subjective how does it feel and can I shoot it well enough to live through a bad day type of testing. As expected, both shoot very well. The guns have highly manageable recoil and I especially liked the trigger on the LTC. Both guns functioned flawlessly with the ammunition I put through them. As is

my custom, because I get the stuff for free, I used American Eagle 230-grain ball ammo. It was consistent and accurate. I tried Black Hill 185-grain JHP with its wide hollow-point. No feeding problems and accuracy was great. Then I tried some Federal 230-grain JHP plus P HST ammo. Its law enforcement only ammunition with spectacular downrange performance. This one will really bring issues to the forefront; especially with a less than government size 1911. Spring tension strength or slide to frame issues are exacerbated as slide speed is increased signicantly. Any little fitting problems come right to the forefront. Both the Colonel and the LTC ate it up. I put 100 rounds of Federal HST through each gun and was fully convinced they can shoot anything. Its a testament to Paras ramped barrel, engineering and attention to detail. The front sights are dovetailed in place and regulated well. The rear sight is a rounded single piece of CNCed metal. In fact, all edge surfaces on the guns are well rounded for snag free operation. You even get to keep the hide on your hands instead of leaving it on your sight blades during malfunction drills. For shooters comfortable with the inherent safety of a double action gun, the Colonel gives you a nice commandersized high-capacity gun that shoots well and has a distinctive look to it. For those of us more comfortable with the singleaction trigger system of a traditional 1911, the LTC gives you all the above, ultra-reliability included, with the same distinctive look.




his is one of those guns that makes you wonder what took so long. Its a simple, elegant solution to a problem thats plagued cops for generations: the 12gauge shotgun. I can probably count on my fingers the number of times I saw cops bail out on a hot call with a shotgun not counting the times it was me. In my early days I shot competitive skeet and the shotgun held no fear for me although, in truth, I wasnt overly fond of buckshot. But there were times when it was the appropriate weapon

and Id be the only one there with one. The reason is simple, nobody bothered to teach the troops how to shoot them. Training was pretty much based on the you cant miss with a shotgun philosophy. Still, shotguns are as much as part of police cars as lights and sirens, but there they sit. In the 80s we saw a move toward pistol caliber semiautomatic carbines for patrol that sometimes mirrored the SWAT teams selective fire stuff. Those received mixed reviews and some argued they were just bigger pistols. But we are in a business that is trendy and cyclic so as military and SWAT units now trend away from the pistol calibers were seeing interest in a patrol rifle chambered for the .223/5.56 cartridge.

AR-15 Alternative
What Remington has done is come up with an alternative to the AR-15 type ries or carbines that doesnt have the military stigma of an assault rie and costs less too. Its a pump-action carbine with a



Charles E. Petty



1612"-barrel. The most important feature is that the manual of arms for it is exactly the same as for the ubiquitous Model 870 that inhabits virtually every police car in the country. The slide latch and safety are exactly the same so anyone with even rudimentary training with the 870 is already going to know how this one works. The other very smart feature is it will accept most AR-15 type magazines. Theres a magazine well and release that will be familiar to anyone with AR experience and the detachable magazine eliminates one of the shotguns greatest hassles ... clearing it. The 7615P will be furnished with a 10round magazine that ts nearly ush but it also will accept most GI and aftermarket AR type magazines. It weighs 7.3 pounds empty, has a black parkerized nish and handles with ease. The stock and for-end are black synthetic with a non-slip surface. Theres even an R-3 recoil pad, which almost eliminates the minimal recoil of the .223. Its there to provide compatibility of fit and feel with the 870. The R-3 recoil pad is a great development and is the most effective pad Ive ever felt. On hard-kicking rifles or shotguns with buck or slugs the difference is dramatic. It may not be needed here but

does feel good. As the line matures there will be several choices of stock styles and length of pull. Right now the LOP is 14" which is just fine for most folks but a 13" variation will also be available for smaller cops or for use with heavy body armor. There will be options in sights too. The gun were using has a Wilson ghost ring sight. Conventional rie sights will be available as well (get the ghost ring). At first some shooters will complain about the large aperture on the ghost ring, but that is exactly how it should be and your eye quickly learns to center everything up. The sight is adjustable for windage and elevation was dead on at 50 to 100 yards. I even tried shooting at some steel plates at 300 yards and once I figured out that I needed to put the top of the front sight at 12:00 on the plate it was boringly bang/clang time.

makes sense since a .223 cartridge is considerably lighter. The action was a little stiff at rst but that went away after just a few rounds and operation has been smooth and awless. There were no feed malfunctions with a wide variety of ammunition as well as with an assortment of Colt and aftermarket magazines. Remington warns that not all magazines will work due to differences in lip geometry but most will. When I began to work with the

7615P I debated with myself over the sights and it certainly would have been easy enough to put a red dot sight or low-power scope on it. The receiver is already drilled and tapped for the standard 7400/7600 base although youd have to remove the ghost ring to do that. But logic suggests it isnt going to be fitted with a scope in the real world of the cop car. So I shot it just as it came. I must admit the ghost ring makes it easier to misalign the sights a bit and there would be occasional flyers in the groups that simply werent the guns fault. But even so it really wasnt hard to shoot sub-2" groups at 50 yards and a 6:00 hold delivered X ring hits at 50 to 100 yards with several different bullet weights.

Familiar Feel
Operation even feels like the 870 with the exception of the act of chambering a round which is much easier. That

Accuracy Test Results

Brand Bullet Type Velocity
(fps) 3,066 2,468 2,861 2,895 2,918 1 1.27 1.68 1.25 2.40 2.95

Group Size
2 1.54 2.21 1.36 2.64 2.10 3 1.54 2.19 1.53 2.01 1.95 Avg 1.45 2.03 1.38 2.36 2.33

(weight/grains) Black Hills 50 V-max Federal 69 Gold Medal Remington UMC 55 MC Remington 55 PSP Remington 55 Accutip-V

Average Group Size

sary to use them for duty work. Sources tell me that the polymer tip loads such as the Black Hills V-max or Remingtons Accutip-V are gaining in popularity and I certainly have no complaints about their accuracy or varmint hunting performance. As you can see from the table, accuracy and velocity were pretty consistent across the board.


Fun But Serious Too

Shooting the little rifle has been fun. It is fast and slick to operate and recoil is virtually non-existent. Once I made the mistake of

sticking a 30-round magazine in it but my pump arm wore out long before the gun ran dry. Normal 10- or 20- round magazines should be just fine and most magazines I tried fell free when the magazine catch was pressed so a combat reload could be performed if needed. While the 7615P is in Remingtons law enforcement catalog there are no restrictions on the sale to civilians and many of Remingtons LE distributors also carry commercial lines so it should not be hard to get. In some states the cartridge is legal for deer and it would certainly be handy in the woods or thick brush. It would do well in ranch vehicles for predator control and serve quite nicely as a home defense weapon. In short, multitasking is a piece of cake for the 7615P. For more information, contact Remington Arms Co., www.remingtonle.com, (800) 243-9700

Its always tough to decide what ammo to use in any gun test and there are so many .223 loads around that it would be impossible to include them all. Instead I chose to use 50-, 55- and 68-grain bullet weights, which cover most bases. The 7615P barrel has a 1:10" twist so it will stabilize the heavier matchbullets but it certainly isnt neces-

The Remington looks right at home.



John Connor

Pull Out The Plastic People Its Santas Sleigh Time!


ot enough ugly ties and weird little porcelain Worlds Best Cop paperweights? Yeah, we know you: off-duty, ties become dipstick rags and your desk has four fat tires and a cuffed carprowler sittin in the back. Maybe youre just not helping your friends and family to know what kind of toys you want to nd under the tree. They need hints, and thats the secondary purpose of this piece. Just circle what you want, and

leave copies layin around. The primary purpose is to give you some clues about presents for your badge-packin pals. We know you popped for coffee and a burrito for your partner last Christmas Eve, and your Academy classmates wound up with those stupid paperweights. Whoopee. Were impressed. Now, lets see if we can violate your VISA limit and win back your buddies good will, okay? After all, you gotta give some to get some, you know


heres room in every cops kit for Gerbers stubby little RECON 3" LED light. Rotating the bezel gives you soft white general-purpose light, red for preserving night vision, blue for picking up blood and body fluids, and green for reading topo maps. In the dark, match ats on the bezel and body by touch, and youre assured of red light. Designed for Recon Marines, it works for stealthy cops, too.

o your buddy bounces from patrol-blue to SWATcamo to reserve-duty digital desert gear? Now you can match his favorite police rig the Blackhawk CQC SERPA locking holster in basic black with his other Superman suits. Index-touch the SERPAs lock-release and your sidearm slides out smoothly but clueless crooks would need a crowbar.

or your techno-tactical type friends (tachno? A new word, perhaps?) Spydercos high-tech ATR At The Ready has strength with style, and its deadly by design; in polished stainless or tough titanium. Al Mars Shrike is almost too elegant to carry in the field, but too aggressive to be left in the locker. This is artwork that cuts fast and fine. Both have razor-sharp VG-10 blades.

o your partner packs an HK? Whether its an MP-5 or the USP Tactical, get him a cap and knife to match. The formal black, white and red ball cap goes well with a tuxedo jacket, shirt, and a rose in the lapel. As with Heckler & Koch rearms, the knives feature No Compromise.



wo thousand years ago, the gladius was the standardissue short sword of Roman Legionnaires. Modern centurions need this one. The Night-Ops Gladius by Blackhawk is a microprocessor-controlled superbright tactical light featuring selective dimming, momentary and constant on/off, and a rapid flashing strobe mode which will disrupt a dirtbags nerve synapses. I watched as a senior SWAT cop played guinea pig, and after three seconds of strobewhuppin, he was on his way to meet Mr. Floor. Do not test it on yourself in the mirror, or get playful with your sergeant in the parking lot. Great gift!

oure turned around in a blacked-out Baltimore back-alley, air support is en route and you dont know which way North is, so what do you do? Look for moss growing on one side of a dumpster? The Suunto X-lander at right has a dozen high-tech watchwidgets day/date, 24/12 time, demand backlighting, plus a digital compass, altimeter and barometer. If youre a Midwest road warrior or a deputy in a western county the size of Rhode Island, you might want the X9M military model on the right, with all-of-the-above plus red backlighting and GPS! Hard to nd, but worth the search call Suunto USA at (800) 543-9124. our minutes of angle puts you in a hostage-takers shirt pocket at 100 meters, and provides a big, bright aiming point at CQB snap-shot distances. Aimpoints CompM2, M3, and CompML2 and ML3 are the international Gold Standard by which other red-dot sights can be judged and found lacking. The MLs work just as well on bright daylight and low-light missions, and the M-series are additionally compatible with all generations of night-vision gear. Aimpoints mix of dimensions, clarity and durability make these the ranking red-dots for heads-up hot-shooting. If you werent such a tightwad, youd mount this gift on that Rock River Arms Government Model AR the one that kicked ass in federal torture tests, and captured the contract with DEA. Many AR-clones are adequate. This AR is exceptional.

et pistols shouldnt be subjected to sliding around in loose gun rugs. Snug Rug zippered gun cases look like notebook or daily-planner covers, stack neatly on locker shelves or in gun cabinets, and protect your piece with 360 degrees of custom-molded lined foam. Precision patterns are available for most handguns from Sportsmans Outdoor Products.



hat to get for a partner who plays pistol-of-the-week games? Hogues new modular PowerSpeed holster can be userconfigured to fit most full-size autopistols, and uses precise fit, compression and rare earth magnets to hold them securely. Its not a toy, but a great gift for a GadgetGuy!

hink of SOGs PowerLock as a tiny tactical toolbox, troops. It has all the usual utilities plus compound leverage on the pliers and wire-cutting functions. Check the notch in the handle of that SOG TF-3 Trident folder, too it cuts crime-scene tape or seat belts without even opening the blade.

asy now, big fella, easy These books have lots of large photos, theres not too many big words, and theyre about guns! It helps that theyre funny as well as informative, too. Bob Boatman is the kind of cultured savage who can write some complex stuff in simple terms, and gently convince know-it-alls that they didnt know squat. His Living with series includes three of the best books on the 1911, Glock pistols, and the .50 BMG rifle ever written. Just imagine your knuckle-draggin Neanderthal partner thanking you for giving him a book!

ou may not be planning on plunging into salt water or stufng your sidearm with sand, but isnt it nice to know you can get a laser sight as tough as your Glock? In replicating Homeland Security test requirements for handguns, LaserMax recently took pistols tted with their already-proven sights and gave them a Deep Six treatment, with a side order of sandsludge. Several pistols wouldnt even cycle the Glocks did but all the LaserMax sights survived, pulsing bright berry red. Give one, get one, and everybodys happy.



ook at the red beam, not the redhead, guys. Thats a view of Crimson Traces LaserGrips youll never want to see. Giftslap a set on your best friends Roscoe, and hell forgive you for your past stinginess. The beam is squeeze-activated and fully adjustable for point-of-aim.

hose deep scallops around the bezel and tailcap of SureFires E2D Defender aint there for show they make this blindingbright light a pain-compliance and control tool, too. And remember, SureFire also has the best deal around on high-powered lithium CR123 batteries; made in USAquality at a paltry $15 per dozen. ey, lights and lasers, too! Streamlights M6X grabs onto any gun with a rail in two seconds or less, and centerpunches a pool of 125-lumen light with 5mW of laser. The LMS-1202 light/laser combo from LaserMax was purpose-built for Remingtons 870, 11-87 and 1100 models, and is drop-tested tough for hard duty use. If you werent such a pennypincher, you would mount it on Vang Comps tritium-sighted, compensated, group-tightening 870 Police Magnum to create the ultimate fighting shotgun. Thats just the business end you see in the photo put the whole thing under the right Christmas tree, and become an instant hero.

rotect your pals Mark-I Eyeballs with the superb, shatterproof Zeiss Ikon shooting glasses. Suitable for the range, daily, and tactical wear, their padded earpieces will keep em on your gourd through the fiercest fights and falls. Blackhawks interchangeable lens wrap-arounds are stylin shatterproofs too, and come in a padded triple-lens case.



ven you can wrap a four-inch cube, cant you? The self-healing polymer Sniper Training Cube from Just Shoot Me Products is a jumping, spinning, leaping reactive rifle target thatll flat-out challenge you on follow-up shots. By the time you read this, the Handgun Training Cube will be ready to rock, too. The used cube at right has taken over 20,000 rounds of 5.56mm to .50 BMG, and she still tap-dances. No, you cant buy the used one at a discount, cheapskate.

es not on your gift list yet but you know someone who you owe, big-time, right? He pulled you out of the line of re on that robbery call? Jumped in outta nowhere when you were getting your butt kicked by those crackheads? Nothing says Dude, I woulda been toast thanks! like a Kagemusha by Katz Knives. Shown here in cherrywood and ivory Micarta, they are the smoothest opening-and-locking folders to be found and a best blade buy for the money. Superb quality.

hen the pack at Lone Wolf Distributors arent shipping 1,000-plus parts and accessories for Glocks, theyre burning beef on the barbecue and anointing it with their own hot habanero-pepper BBQ sauce. Get one jar for yourself, if youve got the lead-lined guts to try it. Do NOT swab it on steak with the stiff brush of their brass-barreled Ultimate Armorers Tool save that for your slide rails.

ts the gift that keeps on giving six times per blister-pack, anyway Cor-Bons famous and ferocious Glaser Safety Slug ammo uses a compressed-shot core to deliver low penetration and ricochet with maximum terminal energy dump. Your sergeant just picked up a palm-size .45 ACP backup? New from Cor-Bon, 160-grain DPX Compact Gun Load rounds were made for it, giving 1,050 fps from a 3" barrel.



Steve Albrecht

with misery in law enforcement is routine. Most cops dont like using it or hearing it, especially after something has gone terribly wrong. It was just a routine call, says a group of officers, talking after the ambulance leaves the scene. It seemed like a routine thing, something the ofcer must have handled many times before, says the news reporter, standing outside the hospital. It was a routine call, says the officer from his or her hospital bed, until the routine changed and I had to do something completely different and suddenly that wasnt part of my usual routine. Training officers and academy instructors hate the word routine and urge their charges to use the word regular or usual to describe radio calls, car stops, or pedestrian stops which weve done many times before. The mindset seems to be by calling something routine, youll let your guard down or youll fail to do whats necessary. In high-risk situations, youre often urged to think outside the box and become more flexible or creative in your responses to suspects moves.

Creating Your Own Routine Survival System

ourage under fire is a learned behavior. The key to police tactical success is repetition, doing the right things, under extreme stress, the right ways. Theres an old and accurate saying that applies to crooks and terrorists alike: They only have to be right once. Cops have to be right every time. When it comes to the safe and effective use of your eld tactics, the margin for error in this business is zero. Rapper and upstanding citizen Fifty Cent can get shot nine times, as happened to him in April 2000, and live to sing about the experience. A police officer or sheriffs deputy can get hit just once, in a seemingly non-fatal area, and not survive the ride to the hospital. One of the words that seems loaded

Muscle Memory
So lets change that perspective and label our responses in seemingly normal conditions like professional athletes do, by calling it muscle memory or being in the zone. When the pros are doing their eldwork perfectly, their responses are routine, just like theyve trained themselves so many times before. Their actions arent forced they ow. If they do stop and think about why theyre

doing so well, the zone goes away. Trained repetition and the ability to not outthink themselves in the stress of the moment, is what makes pros in any endeavor successful. So under extreme or life-threatening stress, why not see your routine responses as safe ones? You should nd comfort in your tactical routines because theyll tell you what to do, how to do it, why, and when. You should see safety in your routine responses because youre quickly and accurately doing the right things, at the right time, just like you have been trained, or have trained yourself to do.

Zero Defects
Consider a factory making spark plugs, candy bars, or ammunition. A routine day is one where the equipment works and the manufacturing process operates at such a high level of quality that the products come off the assembly line perfectly. But when one little thing goes wrong, the whole product can fail. The smallest nudge of an important and interrelated machine gives you spark plugs with no tips, raisins instead of nuts, or missing primers. Some history can help here. An American gent whose ideas taught the

Japanese to build cars with what he defined as zero defects, was Philip Crosby. In his 1979 book, Quality is Free, he said we needed to change the way we made our products by breaking down every single part of the manufacturing process into a series of error-free steps. Crosby said if youre building something and every single step is perfect, then the end result will be a perfect product. The U.S. auto builders known as the Big Three, GM, Ford and Chrysler, werent that interested in his thoughts on quality. They all became late adopters after seeing how his approach to manufacturing every part of a car with no defects worked overseas. Zero defects means doing things right the rst time. Philip Crosby. So lets take this idea of zero defects and turn it into tactical perfection. Why not apply Crosbys theme to tactical

handgun use? Practice perfectly on the range, build the muscle memory and the mental and physical skills to draw and shoot accurately. Go through each critical step in your mind break leather cleanly see the target clearly breathe calmly get the sight picture, squeeze smoothly, etc. Do it over and over again, then when the moment of truth comes, youll respond perfectly.

Tactical Perfection
If you can break down the steps needed for a high-risk call; drive carefully, park tactically, approach with cover and concealment in mind and then do each one of these steps perfectly, youll both survive and win. Tactical perfection comes to the officer or deputy who can look at each of these steps when its calm to help him visualize and then achieve tactical success. What makes this process possible is your ability to control the often-unmentioned puzzle piece in the Fight or Flight response to life-threatening situations freeze . Go back to the pro sports world, freezing is also known as choking. It means hesitating when the game is on the line and either over thinking the next move, or worse, having no idea what to do next.


Charter 2000 has been serving the nations law enforcement officers and private security professionals for 3 generations. Charters line of lightweight, one-piece frame revolvers provide the unsurpassed reliability and performance required in a back-up and undercover weapon. Proudly made in the USA!


In the streets, both under thinking and over thinking in times of great stress can screw up your ability to simply respond as youve been trained.

Outcome Based
Start with the outcome you want. It should be more than just survivalbut winning. Work backward, creating or fine-tuning the small steps in your head that will lead you to your successful handling of your next call or stop. Detective Sergeant Gary Mitrovich is a survivor of a 1984 police shooting that left two ofcers dead. Later, when he was a Field Training Officer, he would encourage his trainees to practice what he called tactical daydreaming. To him, this meant smart cops spend some time each day, in a safe place both on and off duty, thinking about how to respond to bad people and bad situations. Not just when everything goes right, but when everything goes suddenly wrong. If youre not off guard to begin with, then its hard to be caught off guard. To develop your system for tactical perfection, youll need to go back and re-think the steps you take at calls and stops you handle. Think about what micro-events you need to accomplish to drive, arrive, and survive your encounters with ringing alarms, DV calls, loud parties, pursued felons, and the drugged, the ganged-up, the violent, and the mentally ill. Break down those many small steps from the call, to the curb and back to the car again. Build the muscle memory that makes the phrase routine response a good thing. The streets are a unique sort of factory, filled with people, equipment, systems, and outcomes. The finished product, in our law enforcement factory, is when you leave the scene safely or you leave the jail sally port in one piece, with a crook on the other side of the steel doors. We should accept no other possibilities, because mistakes should be what the bad guys make when they enter our zerodefect world. Adopt your new motto:

The Undercover
The Undercover is a 16 oz., 5-shot .38 Spl. with a 2 in. barrel in either stainless or blue finish. Comes with either double or spurred hammer and fixed sights.

The Mag Pug

A powerful 5-shot .357 compact weighing only 23 oz. Comes in either stainless steel or blue finish with full rubber pancake grips.

Call for a free catalog 866-769-4867 or visit our web site: www.charterfirearms.com
Charter Firearms 8611-A N. Dixie Dr. Dayton, OH 45414

Practice Perfectly. Train Tactically. Perform Professionally.

Steve Albrecht worked for the San Diego Police Department from 1984 to 1999, as both a fulltime ofcer and later as a reserve sergeant. His police books include: Streetwork, Surviving Street Patrol , One-Strike-Stopping Power and Contact and Cover (with Lt. John Morrison). He can be reached at steve@contactandcover.com.


American COP

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Pro-Active, Reactive, And Not Very Active At All.

Different Cops For Different Crooks

George Eliseo Photos Ren Summers

he public is under the mistaken impression that all cops have the same enforcement style and work ethic. Its due to their limited contact with real cops and overexposure to Hollywood cop movies starring guys like Bruce Willis or Mel Gibson. A movie cop is usually a gung-ho lone wolf. Theyll shoot ve or six bad guys while dropping witty one-liners like, Cause of death: lead poisoning. You never see the reams of paperwork involved afterward. We know this is just movie fantasy. Not the shooting of bad guys or the witty


A little real-world pro-active police work never hurt anyone ...

one-liners, the fantasy of not doing the paperwork. It kills me every time. All cops can be divided into three basic categories. Pro-active, Reactive and Inactive.

Pro-Active Cops
These guys kick butt and take names. They dont waste time with tickets or misdemeanor arrests. They devote an entire shift to making one or two good felony arrests and DV arrests dont count unless a participant has a kitchen knife protruding from some body part. Their non-politically correct tactics are frowned on by the administration and they rarely get promoted. However, these guys are the backbone of any department and make most of the major street arrests. A sub-category of the Pro-Active (a.k.a. Felony Cop) is the Dope Cop. As

the name implies, they have a narrower focus. Dope Cops dont write tickets and loathe making any kind of DV arrest, no matter how bloody, unless dopes involved. Dope Cops make misdemeanor arrests by the bushel-load, but only for under the influence or arcane Health and Safety Code violations. Dope Cops make a huge impact on crime because drug addicts of one ilk or another commit most crimes. Of course the administration completely ignores this and instead praises whatever problemsolving plan the captain can take credit for that month. There are two other niches that pro-active cops fall into. Traffic Cops and DUI Cops. Traffic Cops enjoy putting the cuffs on someone as much as a senator enjoys a campaign contributions audit. Theyll go out of their way not to arrest anyone because it entails writing long reports and actually dealing with the same person for more than 10 minutes. A Traffic Cop will write 20 to 25 tickets, answer a radio call or two and hes done for the day. All without having to actually touch another person especially creepy criminal types. Better to tow their car and hand them a ticket on the end of a stick. This pretty much sums up the mission statement of Highway Patrol units too. DUI Cops enjoy putting cuffs on people but only drunken people whove been driving. Why this is enjoyable is a mystery to most other cops. Apparently theres a warm fuzzy feeling to a good DUI arrest. Suspects usually choose the breath test, giving the DUI Cop instant gratification in seeing just how faced their catch really was. Then of course the suspect is booked and his cars impounded. The suspect and his car are put away; theres one less drunken fool on the road and the DUI Cop goes home happy. Its law enforcement Zen, bringing things full circle. The Pro-Active Cop and sub category

traits are admirable and even desirable in your basic street cop, but some supervisors berate, threaten and condemn them. Ive heard Traffic Cops told to write fewer tickets, and Felony, Dope and DUI Cops to make fewer arrests. A patrol lieutenant usually perpetrates this type of convoluted, Liberal Arts logic after attending several department sponsored management seminars. Theyre very dangerous. Their lust for captains bars is like a starved hyena going after a wounded springbok. Its insanity at the Catch-22 level. The average police department already has its fair share of cops not willing to go the extra mile for the citizens. Why would the administration oppress the handful of pro-active cops making a difference out on the streets? I dont know. Youll have to ask your lieutenant.

Reactive Cops
Ive got nothing unkind to say about reactive cops. When you think about it, most people fall into this mindset. They wait for others to make the rst move. A lot of people spend their waking lives reacting to events around them. Reactive Cops drive around their beat and wait for the radio call, or wait to see a drunk driver or wait to be flagged down by a citizen. Then they react. This is, after all, how they were trained in the academy. When you arrive at the scene, you stand this way, you ask these questions and you fill out this form. Police departments have no one to blame but themselves if they dont have a lot of out-of-the-box thinking in their ranks. This is not to slam guys who are going through their careers as Reactive Cops. Its a perfectly valid way of conducting law enforcement. Everyone handles this job in the way they are best emotionally equipped to do it. But, its like always being on defense. Occasionally you take out their players, but theyre still running with the ball.

Inactive Cop
Every department has some. These guys are the caricature government worker, just there for the paycheck. No time for arrests or actually looking for criminals, merely driving very slowly from one radio call to the next, hoping all the troublemakers left the scene. Theyre kinda like un popped popcorn in the bottom of the bag, no good to anybody. Just putting in 20 years till they can hang it up, collect their pension and get a cushy casino security job. Seriously though, every department, every squad requires balance. Some reactive cops, pro-active cops, DUI cops and traffic cops. I just wish we had fewer inactive cops and fewer lieutenants too.


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The Perfect Off Duty Carry Combo!

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But you need a carry rig to do the XD justice. Matt Del Fatti is one of the premier custom holster makers in the world. Matt designed this rough-out LP rig to carry the Sub-Compact 3" XD securely, in comfort and in style. The holster has a 15 degree cant to aid in the draw and 1.5" loops on fore and aft wings that pull the gun in closer to the body for better concealment. The leather combination includes the holster, a matching SM-F single magazine carrier and a tactical light carrier Matt designed just for American COP to accommodate the XML rail mounted light. To round out the Perfect Off Duty Combo youve got to have a knife. SOG Knives supplies their SOG TF-3 Trident Tigerstripe. The SOG Trident uses a patent pending Arc-Actuator, it locks stronger and releases easier. Theres also a built-in safety to lock the blade closed. When it shows red, you are ready to go. The blade takes key elements from previous blade shapes creating a distinct hybrid of form and function. It has a whole new tactile handle concept called Digi-Grip.

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TO ENTER CONTEST: Use a postcard (no envelopes, please) and follow the sample shown. Send to AMERICAN COP Dept. C11, P .O. Box 501930, San Diego, CA 92150-1930 . Entries must be received before January 1, 2006. Limit 1 entry per household. This contest is open to individuals who are residents of the United States and its territories only. Agents and employees of Publishers Development Corporation and their families are excluded from entering. Contest void where prohibited or restricted by law. Winners must meet all local laws and regulations. Taxes and compliance with rearms regulations will be the responsibility of the winners. Winners will be notied by CERTIFIED MAIL on ofcial letterhead. No purchase necessary to enter.


Name ___________________________________ Address _____________ City, State, Zip____________ Email Address _______________________


If I win, please ship my gun through:

Dealer ___________________________________ Address _____________ City, State, Zip____________ Phone ( ) ____ - ________ Store hours __ am __ pm


Rich DeParis

spent 25 years in state and municipal policing. But I left early, taking a deferred pension, simply because of mismanagement, distorted thinking, administrative cowardice and self-serving behavior making it so difcult to do the job and I held rank. I thought my agency had unique problems developed from some strange mix of collective bipolar disorder, hypoglycemia and Turrets syndrome. But I was wrong at least about the agency being unique. Since leaving my department six years ago Ive been consulting with and providing leadership development services to agencies around the country. Frankly, I have been startled at the degree to which most agencies experience similar managerial problems. Chief among them is the response to organizational errors and the perceived threat of litigation. Throughout the history of modern American law enforcement, the response to such problems is to legislate against them. Today, the aggregation of years of directives and proceduralization manifests itself in the form of policy and procedure manuals that have grown from one volume, to two, and nally to the CDROM version. Heaven knows, an agency just cant have enough rules. In human beings, such undisciplined growth is called cancer. We need to ask what this accomplishes. On balance, Id say,


Dysfunctional Management
not very much. Whats the intent of such legislation? Clearly its to avoid future errors and reduce liability, direct or vicarious. On the surface, it makes sense. However, when decisions are routinely made without considering their collective impact upon the organizational system, unintended consequences result. In law enforcement, these consequences are profound. Policies, procedures, rules, regulations and orders should facilitate the work. For this to happen, they must be developed in a strategic manner supporting the attainment of organizational goals and objectives. A strategic approach is infrequent. Rather, todays policy and procedure manuals represent the accumulation of decisions made in response to individual errors and singular problems. The result is many agencies have a procedure manual that has turned into a mineeld which denes not how to do the job, but rather, whats not permitted.

Shrinking Playing Field

The size of the playing eld we permit our cops has shrunk, and so too has the potential of our organizations. Error avoidance overshadows goal attainment as the driving force in agencies, thus undermining the agency and undervaluing its people. In an era of shrinking budgets and doing more with less, how can we afford an approach that doesnt permit our people to use the very skills for which they were hired? We cant. We need to understand the job of professional law enforcement managers today is not to control human potential and Continued on page 72



5.11 Challenge Doing Their Part. T


Continued from page 70 creativity but release it. And that means opening up the playing field. Widening the boundaries, doesnt mean eliminating them. We need to focus on values and skills rather than simply the rules and procedures. Theres no other way to increase our effectiveness. Ive found the disparity between managerial behavior and stated philosophy can be significant. Managers talk about community policing, problem solving, innovation, and risk-taking but when errors occur the response is often punitive. Apparently, police managers are the only ones on the planet who believe new approaches can be tried without mistakes.

he winners of the 5.11 Tactical Challenge, in the spirit of cops helping cops, donated their entire winnings to assist cops and police departments in the Hurricane Katrina devastated areas. The 5.11 Challenge is an international shooting competition, which selects ofcers from all over the world to compete for prizes valued at $175,000. Lee Souter and Bob Callan, the rst place team from Tucson Police Department, donated their $100,000 prize package to police departments on the gulf coast. Chad Boardman and Robert Aquino, the second place team from U.S. Probation in Las Vegas, is sending their $50,000 prize package to probation offices and police departments in the Gulfport, Mississippi area and Walla Walla PD represented by Steve Harris and Kevin Huxoll selected Pescagoula Police Department in Mississippi to receive their $25,000 package. Bill Berry, the Executive Director of the 5.11 Challenge, sent me this email while he was down in the area and I thought Id share it with all of you. Editor

Risk Vs Reward
Personnel have an easy answer to this. When risks outweigh rewards do less. When uncertain about what a good job is do less. And with civil service protection, they can do less without much concern as long as they perform at a marginally acceptable level. Were seeing this around the country. Few professions are presented with a greater need for managers and supervisors to instill motivation in their workforce because, quite frankly, superior performance is quite voluntary getting by is good enough. Managers need to create meaning for their cops by providing a clear statement that professionalism and achievement are valued and rewarded even if some mistakes result. Thats how we learn and improve. For those of you who become short of breath when considering the legal implications of reducing our legislative approach to management: litigation directed at law enforcement agencies is at an all time high. Our instinctive reactive approach has not reduced lawsuits one iota; all its done is reduce our collective effectiveness. Reducing errors while doing the job is one thing; reducing errors instead of doing the job is quite something else. We simply must stop impinging on the good-hearted efforts of the 95 percent of our personnel who are truly trying to do the best they can in a misguided attempt to control the 5 percent we never should have hired in the rst place. Thats a prescription for mediocrity and what turns a 20-year career into a 20-year sentence. Rich DeParis is the Director of the Center for Effective Leadership. Hes a retired Police Lieutenant with 25 years of police work on both the East and West coasts. He holds a Doctorate in Public Administration and numerous other advanced degrees. In other words he spent way too long in school, studying in a police car and making his sergeant (me) proof-read his papers. Editor www.centerforeffectiveleadership.org

Dave, As you know, Im coordinating delivery of the prizes won by the 2005 nalists of the 5.11 Challenge to police departments devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Everyone has asked me to make sure we get the prizes to those who truly need our help. I spent most of yesterday talking to several departments in the Gulfport Mississippi area. I was struck by the chaos in the background and the grief in the voices of the ofcers, chiefs and dispatchers. Additionally, I was uplifted by the sense of hope and appreciation when I explained what we were doing to help, even though its pretty small in the big scheme of things. Its clear many of the departments are still struggling just to survive and any help is truly appreciated. I talked with Ofcer Richard Cuevas of the Pass Christian Police Department and he was extremely helpful. He was lling in for dispatch and things were quite busy. The police department didnt have Internet access so he told me hed send the sizes of the ofcers on his department to me from his own Internet access at home. He said he was blessed in the fact he didnt get hit as hard as the rest of his friends and co-workers. Copied below is the e-mail I got from Richard this morning. Take a moment to read about what Richard and his co-workers endured. This email reinforces how our first responders have shown the courage to continue on in the face of danger and destruction to serve and protect their citizens. As I continue to organize this small relief effort Ill try to keep you informed of the little stories about the brotherhood we belong to and how we back each other up when things go bad.It was hard not to cry when I got this note. Bill Berry 5.11 Tactical Dear Mr. Berry, Attached are the sizes you requested during our telephone conversation on 9/29. I hope this will help you complete your task. Thanks for everything youve already done and are attempting to do for us. Also, I included our dispatchers sizes as well. If you can assist with that please let me know because, like the rest of us, they too lost everything. I have 3 disks of aerial photos that may interest you. As well, I have photos one of our ofcers took with his digital camera while he and 12 others were trapped in our library two blocks from the beach while the water was rising and raging. Theres one other thing I would ask of you; our leader dispatcher, Ms. Gloria Sanders, lost every thing. She was at the library with her only child, Jordan, (a Chihuahua puppy) during the storm. During the height of the storm, while inside his carrier, Jordan was sucked away from her and pulled outside the library. Helplessly, she had to watch her baby drown. If you could help find her a way to rebuild or money or anything to regain some hope and stability wed all be forever grateful. I will try to find her another Chihuahua puppy to help fill the void. My wife, children and I are blessed compared to everyone else, especially Ms. Gloria (aka Mama). Again, thanks again for everything! Ofcer Richard Cuevas, #14, PCPD




Good Afternoon MAAM!

ts day two of the police academy. Im the shrink lecturing right after lunch. Great. I have an hour to talk to these shiny young faces about the toll a police career can take on their psyches. How to get their attention? Pop quiz time. On average, nationwide, how many police ofcers are killed each year in the line of duty? 400! 250! 800! they shout out. Nope, I answer. An average of 65 law enforcement ofcers are killed by bad guys every year. Now, how many cops kill themselves every year? The answers come more slowly. I have to prompt them. Come on, guess! 25? 50? they mutter, stumbling, feeling embarrassed a bit. Wrong again, I tell them. About 300 cops kill themselves every year. And it doesnt end with retirement. Retired cops have a suicide rate five times greater than the general population. The biggest danger youll face as a cop isnt the bad guys. Its you. Theyre quiet. Theyre somber. I have their attention.

But Why?

What is it about being a cop that increases your suicide risk? Consider some predisposing factors. You are very comfortable with, and have literally at your fingertips, the most lethal means of suicide your gun. For the rest of us a gun is kind of scary. We handle them rarely, and never point them at another human being. For you, its a tool you use every day, a tool you use to solve problems. When I first started working with cops 25 years ago some old-time officers had never pulled their guns out of their holsters in their entire careers. Now its a regular occurrence. You are self-reliant problem solvers. Arrive on a scene, take control. Make the call, act on it. Unfortunately you do the

When cops attempt suicide, they succeed. You dont take pills; you dont turn on the gas in the oven. You shoot yourselves, in the chest or in the head.

same thing in your personal lives. When in despair over a failed relationship or a job setback, you make a lethal decision and follow it through, without checking it out with loved ones, or a mental health professional. Youve been to many suicide calls, ones that succeeded, others that didnt. Youve gone through the lethality learning curve. When cops attempt suicide, they succeed. You dont take pills; you dont turn on the gas in the oven. You shoot yourselves, in the chest or in the head. You and a soldier are members of the only two groups of people sanctioned by our society to use violence to resolve issues. You are accustomed to thinking of killing as an option albeit a very serious one in your problem-solving repertoire. You drink too much and usually alone when youre troubled. Alcohol is involved in the majority of police suicides. You have perfected command presence. When you dont want anyone to know whats going on inside you, you can hide it perfectly. One police captain, who taught the stress class at the academy, stood on the dais at a policing conference in front of 200 people, introduced the chief of police, told her staff she had an errand to run, left and killed herself. This is the backdrop.


Chain Of Events

The events precipitating police suicide arent surprising. Relationship issues top the list. Divorce, arguments, domestic violence, affairs (his/hers or yours), anything you perceive as being the end of your relationship can generate suicidal actions. If you are so distraught that suicide enters your mind, you may rationalize your loved ones will be better off without you, that suicide would be doing them a favor. Suicide has lifelong devastating effects on family members. Grief is complicated by feelings of guilt, shame and anger. Children whose parent committed suicide are at much higher risk to commit suicide themselves. Thats the real


legacy left by suicide. Next on the list is a major loss of face or status at work. Things like discipline, being passed over for promotion or having other ofcers know your personal problems can be a real blow to your self-esteem and make you feel out of control. Cops dont like to be out of control. When youre desperate and despairing, suicide can seem like exercising ultimate control over your life. It can represent the zenith of screw you! to all those who have hurt or mistreated you.

Related Issues
Suicides cluster in time and location. One suicide begets more. Less than 24 hours after the captain mentioned above killed herself, another ofcer on the same department killed himself. In a 10-year period, San Francisco had 10 suicides. San Diego had nine suicides in 12 years. In the same time period only two San Diego Police officers were murdered in the line of duty. Other departments report similar trends. Relationship, career disappointment, and other suicides are triggering events. But you all experience these things, and most of you dont even seriously think about suicide. Try this scenario: Youre having a really tough time in your marriage, your spouse and kids have had it with you, and the feeling is pretty much mutual. Work isnt going so well either. Youve been passed over a few times for promotion and your performance is being scrutinized. Its 0200, you cant sleep, youre halfway through a bottle of Jack Daniels, sad musics on the radio. Your gun is right there on the table in front of you. Have another drink, itll numb the pain. Alcohol. It lowers inhibition and impairs judgment. You think stupid things and are more likely to act on them. Alcohol is the lubricant that eases thought to action with tragic results. As a police officer you are three to four times more likely to die by your own hand than be killed in the line of duty . Yet from the academy through your police career you will spend hundreds and hundreds of hours honing your officer safety skills. How much time will you devote to keeping yourself mentally strong and healthy? This is what I told those recruits at the academy: Keep yourself physically and mentally fit. Make your relationships with family and friends a priority. Develop a strategic stress management plan. Monitor yourself for feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts. Seek help at the first signs of emotional distress. Do not drink alcohol while under emotional duress. Most law enforcement agencies provide some type of counseling and chaplain services. Find out what resources are available to you and use them. Put the threat to your lives back out on the street where it belongs.


* *


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DeSantis Holsters

The T64 Kydex Tac-Lite Belt Holster for semi-autos is low cut in the front and unlined for faster draw. The T64 accomodates guns fitted with the Streamlight M3 or M6 lights. Made entirely of Kydex, the T64 is light and compact. Minimal friction between the gun and holster, combined with a strong detent for good retention, adjustable tensioning and a thumb break make this both secure and quick. Visit www.holster.com or call (631) 841-6300 77

High performance footwear designed for the professional, the Waterproof Insulated Patented 3/4 Opanka boot has a tough exterior with a comfort-driven interior. Its a waterproof, fullgrain leather boot, constructed with three interior layers of foam for supreme shock absorption and an exclusive Dryz IntelliTemp removable insert to regulate temperature and manage moisture. The bottom is a self-cleaning Vibram outsole with superior traction. Available in six-inch #9600 and eight-inch #9800. Visit www.matterhornboot.com or call (800) 441-4319 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM

HKS Products Inc.
The HKS model GL940 Magazine Speedloader is now capable of loading the Glock 9mm and .40 caliber sub-compact magazines. HKS has 10 models to fit most pistol magazines. Visit www.hksspeedloaders.com or call (800) 354-9814


Original S.W.A.T. Footwear Co.
Keep dry, cool and comfortable. The Waterproof Tactical Boot is a lightweight alternative to all-leather waterproof boots. The 9 Tactical features an internal waterproof, breathable membrane to keep feet cool and dry. The toe is full-grain leather, and the upper is 1000-denier nylon and leather. The shank is non-metallic, so its airport friendly and the sole is slip and oil resistant. The Waterproof Tactical is available in black, mens sizes 7 to 13, including half sizes to 11.5. Visit www.originalswat.com or call (888) 476-7700


Falcon Industries
The AR Ergo Grip Kit contains Falcons Ergo Grip, Ergo Gapper and a rubber bottom plug. The Kit is available in 18 different configurations for AR-15/M-16 and compatible rifles. Offered in a choice of the rigid polymer Rhino-Grip or rubber over-molded Sure-Grip, the Kit is available in Black, tan and olive green, and come in left- and right-hand as well as ambidextrous versions. The Ergo Grip Full Cover Rail Cover clips directly onto Picatinny rail configurations and form a full handguard and rail protector to keep unmounted areas free from damage. The Rail Covers are available in 16 configurations and three sizes. Available colors are black, coyote brown, darke earth and od green. Visit www.ergogrips.net or call (877) 281-3783


Sigarms Tactical Apparel Co.


DeSantis Holsters

Designed with the help of law enforcement, military and Special Ops, the SigTac Coat is tailored to offer high performance, on or off duty. Made of 100% heavyweight cotton with a nubuk leather collar, the SigTac Black Concealed Carry Coat is sturdy and stylish. Lined with 300-gram, anti-pill fleece and lightly garment-washed for comfort and ease of movement. For added protection, the SigTac Coat features ambidextrous internal pistol pockets for concealed carry of even large-frame pistols. Available in Black and Tobacco Brown and sizes Small to XXXL. Visit www.sigarms.com or call (603) 772-2302 78

The Model 93 Kydex Tac-Lite is a tactical adaptation of the Model T64. The 93 is loaded with all the right stuff. The holster body is tough Kydex and accommodates guns fitted with Streamlights M3 or M6 lights. The detent fit alone is adequate for retention. The holster body is mounted on a comfortable platform made from foam padded ballistic nylon, and is adjustable for height. The sturdy leg straps stretch and are fully adjustable. The holster can easily be removed from the thigh platform and mounted on a 112 or smaller belt for dual application. Visit www.holster.com or call (631) 841-6300 AMERICAN COP NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2005


5.11 Tactical Al Mar Knives Black Hills Ammunition BlackHawk Products Group BMW Motorrad USA Brownells Camelbak Command Arms Accessories Crimson Trace Corp. Cylinder & Slide DeSantis Holster EOTech, Inc. First Choice Armor Gripmaster Gun Vault/Cannon Safe Hi-Point Firearms/Charter 2000 Hoffners Ltd. Kimber LaserMax, Inc. Lewis Machine & Tool Co. 73 60 23 7 25 6 21 51 13 6 31 19 29 60 11 60 13 84 2 8 NAPO

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N-Vision Optics, LLC Phoenix Distributors Rock River Arms Shooting Partner SigArms SigTac Smart Lock Technology Smith & Wesson Springeld SSK Industries SSPBA STI International Streamlight Tactical Design Labs Taurus Truglo XS Sight Systems

CYBER SAFETY PRODUCTS Self Defense Products, Stun Guns, Pepper SPray, Gun Safes, Etc. Catalog, $3.00. PO BOX 54, ELLSWORTH, OH 44416-0054. safetyproducts@earthlink.net. Fax: (801) 858-2330. http://www.cybersafetyproducts.com.


Get The Straight Scoop How-To, Step-By-Step leatherwork. Bi-monthly magazine. 1 year, 6 BIG issues, $29 US. Title: The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal. Subscribe toll free 1-888-289-6409 (715-362-5393) caamcop www.LeatherCraftersJournal.com


Established general store and rearms dealer in small Oregon coastal town located in the center of sportsmans paradise, deer & elk hunting, nationally famous shing in the ve top salmon & steelhead rivers in the country and the famous Tillamook Bay. Sale includes real property and business. Details call 888-382-4456, Donald Swanson, Rockaway Beach Realty or email Donnemuir@juno.com

Call for Action

We can really use your help. Its amazing how many of us carry around a little digital camera these days. We need pictures of you folks doing what you do every day. Pictures of your squad, your partner on a trafc stop, your favorite donut shop, investigating an accident, trafc posts or just about any mundane or exciting thing you do will help. If you think about it just pull out your camera and snap a few photos. We will give you photo credit if we use yours. Also, send us your favorite come-back lines. I cant wait to see some of these. Again, Ill give you the credit for the line in this columnthat is if you want it. Sometimes the chief doesnt appreciate humor in the same way we do. You can send any of the above to me at ed@americancopmagazine.com or: Dave Douglas American COP Magazine 12345 World Trade Drive San Diego, CA 92128




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Politically Correct Terms

s a point of clarication to all American COP readers and writers, in this and future issues, we refuse to play the his or her, she or he word game, nor will we refer to police ofcers, deputy sheriffs, deputy marshals, troopers, agents, etby-God-cetera. The terms he, cops, troops, and ofcers should be read as non-title, non-gender-specic, and inclusive. Professional peace ofcers will understand and applaud this. Non-professionals and tall, spoiled children are neither our concern, nor American COPs intended audience.


Pentagon Lights
his company, located just south of San Francisco, Calif., is producing some of the most affordable and usable tactical military grade illumination tools on the market today. They equal or surpass anything available from the big guys. Pentagon offers xenon, luxeon and LED lights that are easy on the pocketbook but provide the performance we need in our job. Their weapon mounted systems are some of the most substantial Ive ever used. The rail-mounted systems are positive and give the user a strong, there when you need it tool worthy of professional use. Pentagon has just introduced their MD Series lights. Its a dual system that includes the standard light coupled with a laser sighting system. The laser assembly can even bequickly changed out in the field, to an optional LED for night vision navigation or reduced signature red light. www.pentagonlight.com.

Absolutely the best kydex holster Ive ever owned. This family owned business is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Jeff Costa makes his own molds on his own CNC machines. He also fabricates the small aluminum fastening parts as well. After the kydex comes out of the mold Jeff takes the CNC process one step further and runs yet another program to work the edges of the kydex to a butter smooth feel. There are no sharp edges whatsoever on the rig. Jeff makes a modular design with adjustable cant to accommodate even cross draw use. Use the provided allen tool to make the adjustment to t your style or need. SideArmors magazine carrier is also a high tech adjustable affair. You can congure the carrier for high or low vertical carry or horizontal carry if you like. If youre thinking a top quality versatile kydex rig is on your list of things you need, give SideArmor a call. Their other holster offerings and rail systems for shotgun, rie and pistol show the same innovative design and excellent manufacturing quality as the modular system. www.sidearmor.com.

Federal HST Ammunition

ATK is a huge company that makes everything from rocket boosters to .22 caliber shorts. One of the ATK companies is Federal Ammunition. Before I retired my department adopted the Federal HST rounds in 9mm, 40 S&W and .45 ACP +P as our duty ammo. This is serious Law Enforcement Only ammunition. Now Charlie Petty might argue a number of points with me; especially that a .22 short applied correctly will stop any subject that needs to be shot and hes right about that. But how many folks on your department do you trust to make that shot on a moving bad guy when your life depends on it? Not many Id bet. The downrange performance of the HST ammo is spectacular to say the least. I saw the FBI gelatin test performed right in front of my eyes and all I could say was, Wow. I was saying wow again when I saw the real world, post autopsy performance on a couple guys on the losing end of gunghts with some of my cops. The bullets looked like they were from a Federal Ammunition advertisement. That is if you could get past the residual chunks of tissue and blood still on them. Expansion and penetration were both as advertised. www.le.atk.com.






became victims of the storm. Its a 501(c)(3) organization registered and certied with the Internal Revenue Service. You can get the Federal EIN number for the fund on NAPOs Web site if you want to use it as a possible tax write-off. Every dime of the money you send will go directly to ofcers and their families. NAPO is going to eat all the administrative costs. Ofcers receiving the funds dont even have to be NAPO members. Southern States Police Benevolent Association has organized its own 501(c)(3) organization too. Its also registered and certied with the Internal Revenue Service. SSPBA has decided on a slightly broader reach in their efforts. Theyll assist cops and their families in all the affected states to include Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. SSPBA has dispatched representatives into those states and are providing immediate and personal assistance to all ofcers. Many cops in Mississippi, which was ground zero for Katrina, are completely homeless. Not just temporarily out of their houses due to roof damage or ooding, I mean homeless as in their homes dont exist anymore; theyre wiped off the land right down to the foundations. Ive talked with the people in charge of running these cop targeted humanitarian efforts. Theyve assured me every dime will go to cops suffering the effects of the hurricane. It wont go to overhead; it will go to our brothers, sisters and their immediate families. If you were in this situation wouldnt you rather the help came from one of the family?

Harrison County SO uses this eld expedient sub station.


ve talked to a number of editors from the other copzines. All of us decided to do something about the suffering experienced by Hurricane Katrina victims. Ive decided to send two weeks pay to one of the two organizations listed here. I encourage you to do the same if you can. We donated free full-page color ads in this issue to help out too. NAPO, the National Association of Police Organizations has opened up a relief fund targeted to help cops in New Orleans who

Toro Caca

was on the Internet looking up some departments from around the country a few days back. Some were big and some small. Practically every one of them had a mission statement link proudly displayed on their Web sites. The corporate world tells us as an organization we need to focus our efforts and have that focus captured in a succinct written form to trot out in front of everyone to see. Not only does this pass the message we have a direction and purpose to our customers but it also puts our employees on notice that we have a commitment to uphold. Its our Mission. I started to become alarmed. Not that

having a mission statement is a bad thing. But most of these mission statements used phrases like, to embrace our community, validate our stakeholders visions and values, and mirror our neighborhoods principles, standards and ideals. To this I shout from the rooftops a hearty Toro Caca. Were not Corporate America. Were the police. The sooner administrative wonks learn or re-learn that, the sooner well be able to successfully do what we get paid to do. So heres the City of American COP Magazines Police Departments Mission Statement. Any of you Chiefs out there can adopt it word for word. No consultant

fees, No charge at all. You dont even have to give us credit for it. Just tell all those who wonder at it you came up with it all by yourself. It wont bother me a bit.

Mission Statement
The mission of our Department is to keep bad guys from physically, nancially or emotionally hurting good guys. Further, we will do everything possible to put the bad guys in jail. We promise to work hard everyday to protect the citizens of our City. Hows that for succinct?
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Some attempt to redefine limits.

Kimber removes them.
The 1911 .45 ACP is the finest fighting pistol ever designed. Powerful, accurate and absolutely dependable, todays elite military and law enforcement units carry one if given a choice. The rest wish they could. The new Warrior and Desert Warrior pistols are no-compromise versions of the Kimber .45 issued to the elite Marine Detachment assigned to U.S. Special Operations Command. Both feature match grade barrels, chambers and barrel bushings, traditional guide rods and extractors, lanyard loops, integral tactical rails for light mounting, tactical bumped and grooved beavertail grip safeties, ambidextrous thumb safeties and Tactical Wedge Tritium night sights Both are finished in KimPro , the hardest thermally cured rearm nish available today, and both wear the aggressive G10 Tactical Grips. The Desert Warrior also has the new Service Melt treatment that slightly rounds edges to prevent snagging. Like every Kimber pistol, Warriors are proudly made in America. Carry one, and compromise somewhere else.

.45 ACP ACP with with The new new Desert Desert Warrior Warrior The .45 Dark Earth Earth KimPro KimPro nish nish is is modeled modeled after after the the Dark Kimber carried carried by by the the Marine Marine Detachment Detachment Kimber assigned to to U.S. U.S. Special Special Operations Operations Command. Command. assigned

Rimre Target Conversion Kits in .22 LR ($305) and 17 Mach 2 ($341 & $376) easily install on most 1911 pistol brands. Available through dealers or direct from Kimber.

The Warrior wears the premium KimPro nish in traditional matte black.

Information and specications are for reference only and subject to change without notice. Firearm safety is every gun owners responsibility. Use and store all rearms safely. Teach everyone in your home, especially children, proper rearm safety. Kimber rearms should only be purchased and used in complete compliance with all national, state and local laws. All suggestions for use in this ad or any Kimber literature must be taken within the context of these laws. Kimber rearms are shipped with a California-approved cable lock as a safety measure. Additionally, pistols are shipped in a lockable high impact case. Use of the cable lock at all times is encouraged when a rearm is in storage. Kimber owners may request a free cable lock by mail. Include $10 for postage and handling. Copyright 2005, Kimber Mfg., Inc.

For complete information on Kimber rearms please send $2 to Kimber, Dept 669, One Lawton Street, Yonkers, NY 10705 call (800) 880-2418 or visit www.kimberamerica.com