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John Calvin Maxwell (born 1947) is an evangelical Christian author, speaker, and pastor who has written more

than 60 books, primaril !ocusing on leadership"#1$ %itles include The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to ollow" &is books have sold more than nineteen million copies,#citation needed$ with some on the 'ew (ork %imes )est *eller +ist"#,$#-$ .ohn C" /a0well was born in 1arden Cit , /ichigan in 1947"#4$ &e !ollowed his !ather into the ministr , completing a bachelor2s degree at 3hio Christian 4niversit in 1969, a /aster o! 5ivinit degree at 67usa 8aci!ic 4niversit , and a 5octor o! /inistr degree at 9uller %heological *eminar " &e currentl resides in *outh 9lorida with his wi!e, /argaret" 9or over -0 ears, /a0well has led churches in :ndiana, 3hio, Cali!ornia, and 9lorida" 6!ter serving as senior pastor !or 14 ears, in 199; he le!t *k line Church to devote himsel! !ull<time to speaking and writing" &owever, in ,004, he returned to congregational ministr at Christ 9ellowship in 8alm )each 1ardens, 9lorida, where he is currentl a teaching pastor" 3n 'ovember 16, ,00=, he began serving as a guest pastor at the !amous Cr stal Cathedral in 3range Count , Cali!ornia" /a0well2s mentor, >obert &" *chuller, has had a variet o! noted evangelical pastors preach at his megachurch since his son, >obert 6" *chuller, resigned as senior pastor in ,00=" /a0well has returned to preach at the Cr stal Cathedral several times and his messages are broadcast on the !our of Power television program" /a0well is an internationall recogni7ed leadership e0pert, speaker, and author" &e is the !ounder o! :'.3(, /a0imum :mpact, :** and ?@4:8, an international leadership development organi7ation working to help leaders"#4$ ?@4:8 is involved with leaders !rom more than =0 nations" :ts mission is Ato see e!!ective Christian leaders !ul!ill the 1reat Commission in ever nation"B#;$ ?ver ear /a0well speaks to 9ortune ;00 companies, international government leaders, and organi7ations as diverse as the 4nited *tates /ilitar 6cadem at Cest 8oint and the 'ational 9ootball +eague" 6 "ew #or$ Times, Wall %treet &ournal, and Business Wee$ best<selling author, /a0well was one o! ,; authors named to 6ma7on"com2s 10th 6nniversar &all o! 9ame" %hree o! his books, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, 'e(eloping the Leader Within #ou, and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader have each sold over a million copies"#6$ /a0well serves on the )oard o! %rustees at :ndiana Cesle an 4niversit and has a building named a!ter him there, the /a0well Center !or )usiness and +eadership" /a0well was a ke note speaker at 'ational 6gents 6lliance '66 +eadership Con!erence several times most recentl in ,010"#7$ :n ,01,, he was awarded the )olden )a(el b %oastmasters :nternational"#=$

There*s "o %uch Thing as Business +thics ,There*s Onl- O"+ ./L+ for 0a$ing 'ecisions1, 8ubl" ,00-, Carner )usiness )ooks The 12 In(aluable Laws of )rowth, Center *treet< ,01, The 2 Le(els of Leadership, Center *treet< ,011 +(er-one 3ommunicates4 ew 3onnect: What the 0ost +ffecti(e People 'o 'ifferentl-, %homas 'elson< ,010 Put #our 'ream to the Test, %homas 'elsonD /arch, ,009 Leadership )old: Lessons I*(e Learned from a Lifetime of Leading, %homas 'elsonD/arch ,00= The 5678 Leader, %homas 'elson, .anuar ,006 < 1 o! ?0ecutive )ook *ummaries -0 )est )usiness )ooks in ,00Winning With People, %homas 'elson, 5ecember ,004 < 1 o! ?0ecutive )ook *ummaries -0 )est )usiness )ooks in ,00; Toda- 0atters, Carner )ooks, 6pril ,004 Thin$ing or a 3hange, Carner )usiness )ooks, /arch ,00#our .oad 0ap for %uccess, %homas 'elson, /arch ,00, (3rig"titledE The %uccess &ourne-, %homas 'elson, 1997) The 19 Indisputable Laws of Teamwor$, %homas 'elson, 6ugust ,001 ailing orward:Turning #our 0ista$es into %tepping %tones for %uccess, %homas 'elson, ,000 The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, %homas 'elson, 199= 'e(eloping the Leaders ;round #ou, %homas 'elson, 199; (>epackaged ,00-) 'e(eloping the Leader Within #ou, %homas 'elson, 199- (>epackaged ,001) Be a People Person, Cook Communications (3riginall Chariot<Fictor )ooks, 19=9) Be ;ll #ou 3an Be, Cook Communications (3riginall Chariot<Fictor )ooks, 19=7) 0a$e Toda- 3ount, Center *treet, 9irst Center *tree ?dition .une ,00= !ow %uccessful People Thin$ (originall published as Thin$ing for a 3hange), Center *treet, 9irst Center *treet ?ditionE .une ,009