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Master Thesis

Software Engineering
Thesis no: MSE-2009-34
December 2009
School of Engineering
Blekinge Institute of Technology
Box 520
SE 372 25 Ronneby
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating
IT Service Catalog
Md Forhad Rabbi


School of Engineering
Blekinge Institute of Technology
Box 520
SE 372 25 Ronneby
Internet : www.bth.se/tek
Phone : +46 457 38 50 00
Fax : + 46 457 271 25
This thesis is submitted to the Facultad de Informtica, Universidad Politcnica de
Madrid and to the School of Computing, Blekinge Institute of Technology, in partial
fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of European Master on Software
Engineering. The thesis is equivalent to 22 weeks of full time studies.
Contact Information:

Md. Forhad Rabbi
CarreteraBoadilla Del Monte, 52, 5B
Madrid, 28024, Spain
Email: mfrabbi@acm.org

University Advisor:
Jose A. Calvo-Manzano Villaln
Facultad de Informtica - Universidad Politcnica de Madrid
Dpto de Lenguajes y SistemasInformticos e Ingeniera del Software
Campus de Montegancedo s/n
28660 Boadilla del Monte Madrid
Email: jacalvo@fi.upm.es

Faculty Reviewer

Richard Torkar
PhD, Associate Professor in Software Engineering, School of Computing
Blekinge Institute of Technology
SE-372 25 Ronneby
Email; richard.torkar@bth.se
Office: +46 (0) 457 385 809
Mobile: +46 (0) 768 653 342

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog


Tabl e of Cont ent s
Acknowl edgement """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""#$
Abst ract """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" #$$$
%&'()*+ ,- """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" ,
"#$%&'()$"&#""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" ,
!"!"! $%&'()% *+,-.-/0""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 1
!"!"2 $%&'()% 3-&45-6(- """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 1
!"!"7 $%&'()% 8+4+6-9""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 1
1.2 Pioblem anu appioach to the solution ..............................................................................................S
!"2"! 3&-:6%/; (. <* $%&'()% 8+4+6-9 """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" =
!"2"2 >??&-+)@ 4- 4@% $-6A4(-.""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" =
1.S 0bjectives .......................................................................................................................................................7
1.4 Expecteu outcome.......................................................................................................................................7
1.S Reseaich methouology .............................................................................................................................7
1.6 Stiuctuie of the Thesis..............................................................................................................................8
%&'()*+ .- """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" /
*$+$, &- $., +%$ "# *,%/"), 0,/,0 1+#+2,1,#$""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" /
2.1 Systematic Review................................................................................................................................... 12
2"!"! $0;4%/+4() B%'(%C D+)E9&-A.F""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""!2
2"!"2 G@+4 (; + $0;4%/+4() B%'(%C""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""!2
2"!"7 3&-4-)-6 H%;)&(?4(-.""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""!2
2"!"I 3&-4-40?% H%'%6-?/%.4""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""!2
2.2 Results of the Systematic Review...................................................................................................... 18
2"2"! $4AF(%; *&%.F; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""!J
2"2"2" $4AF(%; 86+;;(5()+4(-.""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""!K
2"2"7 >.+60;(; -5 4@-;% ;4AF(%; )-'%&(.9 4@% &%6+4(-.;@(? -5 4@% 4@&%% 4-?(); L<*$MN $OM
+.F ;/+66 +.F /%F(A/ ;(P%F %.4%&?&(;%;Q"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""2R
2.S Stuuy on the piocesses of the fiamewoiks................................................................................... 22
2"7"! <* <.5&+;4&A)4A&% O(:&+&0 L<*<OQ """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""22
2"7"2 8MM< 5-& $%&'()%; L8MM<S$T8Q"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""2I
2"7"7 8-.4&-6 U:V%)4('% 5-& <.5-&/+4(-. +.F &%6+4%F *%)@.-6-90 L8UD<*Q"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""21
2"7"I M()&-;-54 U?%&+4(-.+6 W&+/%C-&E LMUWQ"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""2X
2.4 Conclusion................................................................................................................................................... 28
%&'()*+ 0- """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""0,
%,*&0($"&# -&% "$ *,%/"), $+3&#&14 """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""0,
S.1 Intiouuction................................................................................................................................................ SS
S.2 Bevelopment of IT Seivice Taxonomy............................................................................................ S4
7"2"!" <F%.4(50N %;4+:6(;@ +.F F%5(.% )+4%9-&(%;""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""7I
7"2"2" <F%.4(50N %;4+:6(;@ +.F F%5(.% ;A:)+4%9-&(%; +.F ;%&'()%;""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""7I
7"2"7 >;;(9. 4@% ;%&'()%; 4- ;A:Y)+4%9-&(%; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""71
7"2"I <* $%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""71
S.S. IT Seivice Taxonomy............................................................................................................................. SS
7"7"! 8+4%9-&0Z $A??-&4 $%&'()%;"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""11
7"7"!"! $A:)+4%9-&0Z [%4C-&E $%&'()%;"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""11
7"7"!"2 $A:)+4%9-&0Z $%)A&(40 ;%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""1X
7"7"!"7 $A:)+4%9-&0Z $%&'()% H%;E $%&'()%;"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""1J
7"7"!"I $A:)+4%9-&0Z M+(.4%.+.)% ;%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""1K
7"7"!"1 $A:)+4%9-&0Z \.F ];%& $%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""=7
7"7"2 8+4%9-&0Z UA4;-A&)(.9 $%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""=I
7"7"2"! $A:)+4%9-&0Z >??6()+4(-.; UA4;-A&)(.9 $%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""=I
7"7"2"2 $A:)+4%9-&0Z >??6()+4(-. H%'%6-?/%.4 $%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""=1
7"7"2"7 $A:)+4%9-&0Z $0;4%/; <.4%9&+4(-. $%&'()%; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""=X
7"7"2"I $A:)+4%9-&0Z DA;(.%;; 3&-)%;; UA4;-A&)(.9 $%&'()%; LD3UQ"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""=J
7"7"2"1 $A:)+4%9-&0Z <.5&+;4&A)4A&% UA4;-A&)(.9 $%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""=K
7"7"7"! $A:)+4%9-&0Z 8A;4-/%& B%6+4(-.;@(? M+.+9%/%.4 $%&'()% L8BMQ """"""""""""""""""""""""""""XR
7"7"7"2 $A:)+4%9-&0Z <* $%&'()%; $4&+4%90 """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""X!
7"7"7"7 $A:)+4%9-&0Z 3&-FA)4 8@+(. M+.+9%/%.4 $%&'()% """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""X2
7"7"7"1 $A:)+4%9-&0Z 8-.;-6(F+4(-. $%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""XI
7"7"7"= $A:)+4%9-&0Z $%)A&(40 $%&'()%;""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""X=
7"7"7"X $A:)+4%9-&0Z DA;(.%;; 8-.4(.A(40 $%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""XX
7"7"7"J $A:)+4%9-&0Z B(;E M+.+9%/%.4 $%&'()%; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""XJ
7"7"7"K $A:)+4%9-&0Z <* >&)@(4%)4A&% $%&'()%; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""XJ
7"7"7"!R $A:)+4%9-&0Z DA;(.%;; $%&'()% """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""XK
7"7"I 8+4%9-&0Z *&+(.(.9 """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JR
7"7"1 8+4%9-&0Z U?%&+4(-. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""J!
7"7"1"! $A:)+4%9-&(%;Z M+.+9%/%.4 +.F )-.4&-6 ;0;4%/; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""J!
7"7"1"2 $A:)+4%9-&0Z B%;4-&+4(-. $%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""J2
7"7"1"7 $A:)+4%9-&0Z >??6()+4(-. 3%&5-&/+.)% M+.+9%/%.4""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""J2
7"7"1"I $A:)+4%9-&0Z 3%&5-&/+.)% \.9(.%%&(.9 $%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""J2
7"7"1"1 $A:)+4%9-&0Z DA;(.%;; 8-.4(.A(40 $%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""J2
7"7"1"= $A:)+4%9-&0Z U4@%& U?%&+4(.9 $%&'()%;"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""J7
7"7"1"X $A:)+4%9-&0Z $%&'%& ;%&'()%;""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""J7
1"7"1"J $A:)+4%9-&0Z U?%&+4(-.+6 $%)A&(40 $%&'()%;""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""J7
7"7"1"K $A:)+4%9-&0Z M()&-)-/?A4%& U?%&+4(.9 W+)(6(4(%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JI
7"7"1"!R $A:)+4%9-&(%;Z U?%&+4(-.; +.F /-.(4-&(.9 ;%&'()%;"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JI
7"7"1"!! $A:)+4%9-&0Z M(;;(-. 8&(4()+6 $%&'()%;""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JI
7"7"= 8+4%9-&0Z <.4%9&+4(-. +.F H%'%6-?/%.4 $%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JI
7"7"="! $A:)+4%9-&0Z $0;4%/; (.4%9&+4(-. +.F (/?6%/%.4+4(-. $%&'()%;""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""J1
7"="2 $A:)+4%9-&0Z $-54C+&% H%'%6-?/%.4 $%&'()%; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""J=
7"7"X 8+4%9-&0Z U4@%& ;%&'()%; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""J=
7"7"X"! $A:)+4%9-&0Z $%)A&(40 M+.+9%/%.4 $%&'()%; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JX
7"7"X"2 $A:)+4%9-&0Z B(;E M+.+9%/%.4 $%&'()%; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JX
7"7"X"7 $A:)+4%9-&0Z 8-;4 M+.+9%/%.4 $%&'()%; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JX
7"7"X"I $A:)+4%9-&0Z 3&(.4 M+.+9%/%.4 $%&'()%; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JJ
7"7"X"1 $A:)+4%9-&0Z B%6+4(-.;@(? /+.+9%/%.4 ;%&'()%; C(4@ ;A??6(%&; L$A??6(%&
B%6+4(-.;@(?; M+.+9%/%.4N $BMQ""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JJ
7"7"X"X $A:)+4%9-&0Z <.5&+;4&A)4A&% M+.+9%/%.4 $%&'()% """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JK
S.4 Conclusion................................................................................................................................................... 89
S.S Application 0F pioposeu IT Seivice Taxonomy: In IT Seivice Poitfolio anu IT seivice
catalog Bevelopment...................................................................................................................................... 89
7"1"! M%4@-F 4- F%'%6-? <* $%&'()% 3-&45-6(- A;(.9 <*$*""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""KR
7"I"2 M%4@-F 4- F%'%6-? <* $%&'()% 8+4+6-9 A;(.9 <*$*""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""K!
%&'()*+- 1"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""/,
)&#)0(*"&#* +#' -($(%, 5&%6 """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""/,
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

Bi bl i ography"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""/2
'((*896: """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""",;,
1.1Template foi Systematic Review..................................................................................................... 1u1
1.2 Papeis 0seu foi Systematic Review.............................................................................................. 1uS
1.S Revieweu IT Companies..................................................................................................................... 1u7


An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

Index of Figures

Figuie 1 Stuuies Tienu--------------------------------------------------------- 19
Figuie 2 Stuuies Classification------------------------------------------------ 2u
FiguieS Stuuies Classification by Countiy--------------------------------- 21
Figuie 4 Stuuies by Company's Size----------------------------------------- 21
Figure 5 Studies classified by model ----------------------------------------- 22
Figuie 6 Categoiies anu Sub Categoiies of IT seivice-------------------- S4
Figuie 7 Suppoit Seivice Categoiy------------------------------------------ S4
Figuie 8 Netwoik Seivices---------------------------------------------------- S6
Figuie 9 "#$%&'() "#&*'$#+,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S7
Figuie 1u "#&*'$# -#+.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S8
Figure 11 /0'1(#101$# "#&*'$#+,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 59
Figuie 12 213 4+#& "#&*'$# "%5$0(#67&),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6S
Figuie 1S 8%(+7%&$'16 +#&*'$# 90(#67&),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 64
Figuie 14 :;;<'$0('71 8%(+7%&$'16 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6S
Figuie 1S :;;<'$0('71 -#*#<7;=#1(,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 66
Figuie 16 System integiation--------------------------------------------------- 67
Figuie 17 Business piocess outsouicing------------------------------------- 68
Figuie 18 Infiastiuctuie outsouicing----------------------------------------- 69
Figuie 19 Consultancy----------------------------------------------------------- 7u
Figuie 2u Customei Relationship---------------------------------------------- 71
Figuie 21 IT seivices stoiages-------------------------------------------------- 72
Figuie 22 Piouuct chain management---------------------------------------- 7S
Figuie 2S 0iganizational peifoimance--------------------------------------- 74
Figuie 24 Consoliuation--------------------------------------------------------- 7S
Figuie 2S Secuiity seivice consultancy-------------------------------------- 76
Figuie 26 Business continuity-------------------------------------------------- 77
Figuie 27 Risk management---------------------------------------------------- 78
Figuie 28 IT aichitectuie-------------------------------------------------------- 78
Figuie 29 Business seivices----------------------------------------------------- 79
Figuie Su Tiaining---------------------------------------------------------------- 78
Figuie S1 0peiation seivices--------------------------------------------------- 79
Figuie S2 Integiation anu uevelopment seivices-------------------------- 8S
Figuie SS 0thei seivices--------------------------------------------------------- 87
Figuie S4 IT Seivice poitfolio-------------------------------------------------- 91


An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog


Index of Tables

Table 1 Spanish Companies (Employees Straturn and Total)--------------- 11
Table 2 Search String for Systematic Review---------------------------------- 14
Table 3 Source List----------------------------------------------------------------- 15
Table 4 Studies inclusion and exclusion criteria definition------------------- 16
Table 5 Number of Studies and Result------------------------------------------ 17
Table 6 Information inclusion and exclusion criteria definition ------------- 17
Table 7 Hardware Upgrade Service --------------------------------------------- 92


An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

Acknowl edgement
In the name of u0B who is the most giacious, meiciful anu cieatoi of this
univeise. I am thankful to Bim who blesseu me with abilities to uo this thesis

I am thankful to oui supeivisoi, }ose A. Calvo-Nanzano villalon, who was
the ieal souice of encouiagement anu motivation uuiing the whole woik of
thesis. Bis useful suggestions, auvice anu iueas to bottleneck pioblems
encounteieu uuiing this thesis woik weie just immensuiable. Bis expeitise,
uevotion anu constant encouiagement weie veiy helpful anu maue this effoit an
enjoyable one.

Ny giatituue's also goes to ueizon Eliuu uomez foi his invaluable guiuance,
fiuitful uiscussions anu encouiagement thioughout this thesis woik. I am
giateful foi his kinuness, patience anu feeubacks. Be is ieally the best.

I am also giateful Laiiy Page anu Seigey Biin, the co founuei of uoogle.
Thanks uou, they came out of this iuea of uoogle engine. Thiough out my thesis
woik I ieally got incieuible suppoits fiom this seaich engine.

I am thankful to all staff anu fiienus at 0PN, Spain; they all weie veiy
suppoitive anu kinu. We aie thankful to Piofessoi 0scai my contact peison in
0PN who encouiageu me thioughout the mastei stuuies. I am also thankful to
Nai Nguyen foi pioof ieauing the whole thesis anu helpeu me to cook my foous
uuiing my thesis woik.

At last, I am thankful to my family foi theii kinu suppoit, encouiagement
anu ueuication of theii whole lives to make it possible foi me to puisue highei
stuuies in Sweuen anu Spain. Inueeu, without theii emotional suppoit it woulu
not be possible foi me to accomplish this woik.


An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog


Abst ract

In this thesis, I, as the authoi, have tiieu to piopose a methouology foi
establishing IT seivice taxonomy in oiuei to elaboiate IT seivice poitfolio anu IT
seivice catalog. As a coie pait of my thesis, IT seivice taxonomy has been
uiscusseu to manage IT seivices in an efficient way in the small anu meuium
sizeu enteipiises The small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises can use the categoiies
anu sub categoiies of this taxonomy to uefine theii seivice catalog anu poitfolio.
In that iegaius, a list of IT seivices has been iuentifieu fiom the inuustiies anu
has been useu to uefine the IT seivice taxonomy.
6789:;<=> IT Seivice Taxonomy (ITST), IT Seivice Nanagement (ITSN), Seivice
Level Nanagement (SLN), IT Infiastiuctuie Libiaiy (ITIL).

1 | I n t r o d u c t i o n



An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

Seivice is nowauays one of the most impoitant values to achieve the
oiganization's goals. In the piesent woilu, accoiuing to the stuuy of National
Acauemy of Engineeiing |Sj, most of the nations have tiansitioneu fiom
agiicultuie anu manufactuiing economics to seivice baseu economies. Bence,
with iespect to the ieseaich iepoit fiom National Acauemy of Engineeiing |Sj,
cuiiently, moie than 7S% of the economies of inuustiializeu nations aie baseu
on business seivices anu in 0niteu States of Ameiica business seivices compiise
neaily 8u% of the countiy's economic activities. Noieovei, anothei stuuy fiom
the Softwaie Engineeiing Institute |4j shows that the expectation foi piocess
impiovement in seivices is likely to giow: seivices constitute moie than 8u% of
the 0SA anu global economy anu S4% of what the Bepaitment of Befense (BoB)
acquiies. Fuitheimoie, accoiuing to Fleming |2j, 8u% of the cost of an
infiastiuctuie is in seivice ueliveiy anu seivice suppoit. So, it is easy to
compiehenu that seivices aie moie impoitant than any othei sectois of the
In this uisseitation, among all types of seivices, IT seivice is the main
concein. Accoiuing to |7j, the Infoimation anu Communication Technology (ICT)
fielu is one of the main contiibutois in changing economic backgiounu. Anu ICT
companies aie unuei piessuie to uelivei IT seivices in an efficient anu effective
mannei to suppoit the business. It is impoitant to establish anu employ the best
piactices anu the best piocesses to optimize IT seivices in oiuei to meet the
business goal.
In fact, IT seivice management is a set of piocesses that uetail best piactices
baseu on some stanuaius (IT Infiastiuctuie Libiaiy, Niciosoft 0peiational
Fiamewoiks, etc) to enable anu optimize IT seivices in oiuei to satisfy business
iequiiements anu manage the IT infiastiuctuie both tactically anu stiategically
|6j. Cuiiently, a giowing numbei of oiganizations aie focusing on IT seivice
management to manage theii IT seivices. In the oiganizations, IT Seivice
Nanagement (ITSN) pioviues an appioach combining piocess management anu
inuustiy best piactices |1j to ensuie quality IT seivices. If the piocesses to
uelivei IT seivices aie implementeu in an uncontiolleu way without uefineu
measuies, theie is a high chance that these IT seivices will fail to meet the
business neeus |1j. Accoiuing to Fleming |2j, ITSN is a uiscipline foi managing IT
opeiations as a seivice that is piocess-oiienteu anu accounts foi 6u% - 9u% of
total cost of IT owneiship. It is about managing infoimation technology (IT)
systems as well as it is philosophically centeieu on the customei's peispective of
IT's contiibution to the business. ITSN ensuies IT infiastiuctuies aie aligneu to
the business iequiiements so that business unit anu IT can opeiate in a
cooiuinateu effoit to achieve the goal of the oiganization.
0ne key challenge faceu by manageis touay is to pioviue IT seivices that
will cioss many platfoims to woik cohesively with all coie business functions
inteinally anu exteinally. It is theiefoie veiy peitinent foi the top management
to consiuei how those IT investments will suppoit bettei seivice quality anu
lowei cost anu iisk with a uniteu appioach to cioss-uomain collaboiation anu
automation |14j. Beie appeais Seivice Level Nanagement (SLN). Seivice Level
Nanagement ensuies that agieeu seivices aie ueliveieu wheie anu when those
aie neeueu to be ueliveieu. Seivice Level Nanagement (SLN) negotiates, agiees
anu uocuments appiopiiate IT seivice taigets with iepiesentatives of the
business, anu then monitois anu piouuces iepoits on the seivice pioviuei's
abilities to uelivei the agieeu level of seivices. SLN is a vital piocess foi eveiy IT
seivice pioviuei oiganization as it is iesponsible foi agieeing anu uocumenting
seivice level taigets anu iesponsibilities within Seivice Level Agieements (SLA)
anu Seivice Level Requiiement (SLR), foi eveiy activity within IT.
Theie aie seveial fiamewoiks that have been pioposeu so fai in inuustiies
to manage the IT seivices. These stanuaius, piocesses anu evaluation mouels oi
fiamewoiks help oiganizations to impiove the management of IT seivices. The
public fiamewoik anu stanuaius assesseu ielevant to seivice management aie
Infoimation Technology Infiastiuctuie libiaiy (ITIL) |1j, Capability Natuiity
Nouel Integiation foi Seivice (CNNI_SvC) |8j, Contiol 0bjectives foi
Infoimation anu ielateu Technology (C0BIT)|Sj, BS 1Suuu |7j anu N0F |24j.
Among all the fiamewoiks anu appioaches to manage IT seivices, ITIL is
the most wiuely useu seivice level management piactice to establish anu
impiove capabilities in seivice level management. ITIL is a set of publications
pioviuing uesciiptive guiuance (i.e. what to uo anu why) on IT seivice
management. ITIL has become the inteinational stanuaiu guiuance foi IT seivice
management |1j. This fiamewoik was cieateu in the late 198us by the
goveinment of 0niteu Kinguom to use in goveinment agency anu latei expanueu
foi using in all oiganizations. ITIL was foimeu with two objectives in minu: 1)
cieate compiehensive, consistent anu coheient coues of best piactices foi quality
IT seivice management piomoting business effectiveness in the use of IT, anu 2)
encouiage the piivate sectoi to uevelop ITIL-ielateu seivices anu piouucts
(tiaining, consultancy anu tools). Theie aie thiee featuies that make ITIL unique.
Fiistly, ITIL is venuoi-neutial, best piactice guiuance. ITIL is a synthesis of iueas
uiawn fiom inteinational piactitioneisnot acauemic theoiy of how things
shoulu be oi a venuoi's view of how to opeiate its piouucts. Seconuly, ITIL is
non-piopiietaiy. Anyone can apply ITIL concepts fieely in theii oiganization.
Thiiuly, ITIL is compiehensive anu consistent. Rathei than pioviuing isolateu
auvice, ITIL attempts to uesciibe eveiy key piocess in IT seivice management,
anu to use a consistent, common sense set of uefinitions anu uistinctions acioss
each piocess.
Besiues ITIL, the othei populai fiamewoik foi ITSN is CNNI foi Seivice.
This fiamewoik caiiies the CNNI aichitectuie into the iealm of piactices that
covei the management, establishment, anu ueliveiy of seivices |8j. CNNI foi
Seivices builus upon the same founuation of mateiial that is in common with
othei CNNI constellations anu auus goals anu piactices that focus specifically on
seivice-ielateu woik. This fiamewoik has been uevelopeu to be compatible with
the bioau uefinition of seivice |8j, anu its goals anu piactices aie theiefoie
potentially ielevant to any oiganization conceineu with the ueliveiy of seivices.
CNNI foi Seivices contains piactices that covei pioject management, piocess
management, seivice establishment, seivice ueliveiy, anu othei suppoiting
piocesses. This fiamewoik shaies a gieat ueal of common mateiial with othei
CNNI constellations, anu those alieauy familiai with anothei CNNI constellation
will finu much of the CNNI foi Seivices content to be familiai. Bowevei, the
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

CNNI foi Seivices constellation pioviues an alteinative, moie stieamlineu
appioach to evaluate anu impiove the uevelopment of seivice systems that may
be moie appiopiiate in ceitain contexts |8j.
All these fiamewoiks have tiieu to iecommenu bettei IT seivice
management than tiauitional seivice management |7j. In this uisseitation, the
ieseaich has been auvanceu baseu on ITIL fiamewoik. Theiefoie, this ieseaich
woik has useu the same vocabulaiy of ITIL fiamewoik. Beie aie thiee most
impoitant vocabulaiies that have been useu.
?@?@? *7;ABC7 $DE:F:G8
In this thesis, to the authoi, IT Seivice Taxonomy is a logical hieiaichy of
IT seivices to use in futuie uevelopment of IT seivice poitfolio anu latei IT
seivice catalog. IT Seivice Taxonomy (ITST) iuentifies the common anu
uistinguishing chaiacteiistics of the seivices to inciease uiscoveiability anu
ieuse. When theie is IT seivice taxonomy, it is easy to iecognize the seivices foi
the poitfolio anu catalog.
?@?@H *7;ABC7 I:;JK:LB:
The Seivice Poitfolio is an executive-level view foi mapping seivices to
business neeus. It uocuments the seivices unuei uevelopment (e.g. Seivice
Pipeline), seivices that aie in piouuction oi available foi ueployment (e.g.
Seivice Catalog), anu the ietiieu seivices |9j. The Seivice Poitfolio is useful foi
analyzing wheie to invest, piioiitizing anu allocating iesouices, iisk
management anu financial moueling.
?@?@M *7;ABC7 )DJDL:N
Seivice Catalog in seivice level management, by the uefinition of ITIL |9j,
is a list of seivices that an oiganization pioviues, often to its employees oi
customeis. Each seivice within the Catalog typically incluues a uesciiption of the
seivice, timefiames oi seivice level agieement foi fulfilling the seivice, who is
entitleu to iequestview the seivice, costs (if any), how to fulfill the seivice. It
pioviues a cential souice of infoimation on the IT seivices ueliveieu by the
seivice pioviuei oiganization. This ensuies that, aiea of the business can view an
accuiate, consistent pictuie of IT seivices, theii uetails anu theii status |1j.
Bence, it contains a customei-facing view of the IT seivices in use, how they aie
inteiesteu to be useu, the business piocess they enable, anu the levels anu
quality of seivice the customei can expect foi each seivice.
!"2 3BUDO\M >[H >33BU>8^ *U *^\ $UO]*<U[
Inteiestingly, although theie is so many fiamewoiks anu mouels foi IT
Seivice Nanagement, this uomain still uemanus a lot of ieseaich, especially in
Seivice Level Nanagement. The objective of the Seivice Level Nanagement in
ITSN is to leau IT oiganizations thiough the uesign of a seivice catalog anu
thiough the uevelopment of uetaileu seivice uesciiption foi theii seivices |S6j.
These seivices will then be uocumenteu in Seivice Catalog. But the inuustiy has
pioblem to unueistanu this seivice catalog. Beie, the majoi pioblem of existing
IT seivice catalog has been uiscusseu.
,".", (<=>?@AB $C 6) D@<E$F@ %GHG?=I
Seivices uefineu in IT Seivice Catalog aie ambiguous. In seivice inuustiy,
theie is no unifoim vocabulaiy foi each seivice |S2j. Sometimes seivices aie
offeiing the same content to the customeis but auuiessing to the seivice labels
aie uiffeient. vice veisa is also tiue. Peihaps the seivices have the same label
but they offei completely uiffeient content. Theiefoie, when customeis iequest
foi the seivices baseu on the label of those seivices, the customeis can be misleu.
As a iesult, customeis get uiffeient seivices that aie not intenueu.
In contiast to tiauitional seivice catalog, planneu seivice catalog can help
the inuustiies to sell theii coie piouuct anu inciease ievenue foi the companies
|S1j. Seivice Catalog with unifoim vocabulaiy can impiove to get moie ievenue
foi the companies. Foi example, while ieviewing the IT seivice companies, the
authoi has founu that "Secuiity Seivice" was uefineu in uiffeient ways in
uiffeient companies. Foi some companies it is moie about suppoiting seivice
wheieas foi othei companies it is moie about ueployment seivice. By checking
only the label oi teiminology of the seivice, it is impossible foi customeis to
know about the seivice.
In auuition to unifoim vocabulaiy pioblem, the IT seivices in
contempoiaiy inuustiies aie not peifectly categoiizeu foi seivice catalog,
especially in small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises. It leaus to luck of
unueistanuing of the ielationship among seivices. It is haiu to finu infoimation
about the seivices incluuing ioot of the seivices. Till now most of the woiks oi
ieseaich ielateu to seivice level management anu seivice categoiization aie foi
laige inuustiies |28j|29j|Suj. But the fact is, most of the oiganizations aie small
oi meuium |2Sj. Accoiuing to the BIRCE |2Sj, the gieatei peicentage of
companies belongs to the small anu meuium sizeu enteipiise (SNE). In }anuaiy
2uu7, the amount of the 99.81% SNE ascenueu to equivalent to moie than thiee
million of small companies out of the total companies in Spain. Like othei fielus
of science, lack of categoiization of IT seivices in these small anu meuium sizeu
enteipiise may fail to uefine cleai peiceptive of IT seivices. In cuiient context of
seivice inuustiy, it is uifficult to iuentify the oiigin of the seivices as well as
bounuaiy of the seivices |S4j.
,".". 'JJ<=GFK H= HK@ D=?LH$=C
Although theie is no stiaightfoiwaiu solution of those pioblems
mentioneu in the pievious section, an appioach has been iecommenu heie to get
the solution of the mentioneu pioblems. As a pait of the solution, a systematic
ieview on IT seivice management in small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises can be
peifoimeu. This will allow us to know the cuiient state of the ait of IT seivices in
the piesent inuustiy.
Aftei knowing the state of the ait, foi the categoiization of the IT seivices
in small anu meuium sizeu enteipiise, the IT Seivice Taxonomy (ITST) shoulu be
uefineu. In this iegaiu, to iuentify the IT seivices, a laige numbei of IT small anu
meuium anu laige sizeu enteipiises shoulu be iuentifieu to know what IT
seivices they aie offeiing. Baseu on the iesults of ieviewing IT seivices fiom
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

small, meuium anu laige sizeu enteipiises, the categoiies of the IT seivice
taxonomy can be foimulateu.
0nce theie aie IT seivices, the categoiies anu the subcategoiies of the
ITST have to be uefineu. Each IT seivice shoulu be mentioneu unuei a specific
categoiy anu subcategoiy in that IT seivice taxonomy. Noieovei, to ensuie the
unifoim vocabulaiy, in IT seivice taxonomy, stanuaiu naming convention shoulu
be pioposeu. It will help to piouuce consistent seivice catalog that will have
same meaning to eveiy customei in the maiket. It will help to get iiu of
misunueistanuing of seivice catalog.
In this thesis, I have tiieu to finu out the iesolution to those challenges.
Especially, geneiic IT seivice taxonomy has been pioposeu to oveicome
inconsistency that exists in cuiient ITSN. This thesis has tiieu to finu out the
main IT seivices in small inuustiies anu uefine IT seivice taxonomy fiom it. The
authoi of this thesis has founu that impioveu IT seivice catalog can be outlineu
fiom this geneiic IT seivice taxonomy.
!"7 UD_\8*<T\$
The objectives ielateu to the thesis aie given below:
1. To uo a systematic ieview on IT Seivice Nanagement in small anu
meuium sizeu enteipiise to know the state of the ait of ITSN in small anu
meuium sizeu enteipiise.
a) Iuentify the ielevant ieseaich woiks anu get the iesults about state of
the ait of IT Seivice Nanagement.
b) Analyze the iesults of the systematic ieview.
2. To uefine a methou foi ueveloping IT Seivice Taxonomy.
a) Iuentify the IT seivice companies.
b) Iuentify IT seivices.
S. To uevelop the IT Seivice Taxonomy
a) Befine IT Seivice Taxonomy categoiies anu sub categoiies.
b) Befine the IT seivices.
!"I \`3\8*\H U]*8UM\
At the enu of this ieseaich, in this thesis, following outcomes can be
1. A systematic ieview of IT Seivice Nanagement in small anu meuium
sizeu enteipiises.
2. A Nethou to uefine IT seivice taxonomy foi the small anu meuium sizeu
S. Betail uesciiptions of categoiies anu sub categoiies of IT Seivice
!"1 B\$\>B8^ M\*^UHUOUab
Theie aie thiee types of ieseaich methouologies namely qualitative,
quantitative anu mixeu methouology. Bowevei, in the context of this thesis, the
authoi has useu the qualitative appioach |SSj.

Fiistly, a thoiough liteiatuie stuuy has been peifoimeu in oiuei to collect
mateiial ielateu to Seivice Level Nanagement anu ITSN. This is essential to gain
a funuamental unueistanuing of those ieseaich aieas, the unueilying concepts
anu to know the cuiient state of ieseaich. The liteiatuie stuuy embiaces the
stuuy of existing aiticles, books anu web iefeiences, if appiopiiate. Bowevei, it is
taken in to account that a liteiatuie stuuy can be time consuming |SSj. In this
iegaiu to collect ieseaich woiks uoogle, IEEE, ACN, Spiingei uatabases have
been useu.

Seconuly, the authoi has conuucteu ieview of small, meuium anu laige
sizeu enteipiises foi IT seivices. uoogle seaich engine has been useu to finu out
these small, meuium anu laige inuustiies. Categoiization anu sub categoiization
have been uefineu aftei that foi ITST.

!"= $*B]8*]B\ UW *^\ *^\$<$
This section uesciibes the oveiall stiuctuie anu contents of the thesis.
Chaptei 2 (State of the Ait) pioviues a uetaileu uiscussion about the basic
elements of the systematic ieview. It contains ieview piotocol that contains a
compiehensive plan foi conuucting a systematic ieview. Review piotocol
contains seaich teims, names of uatabases to be seaicheu, inclusionexclusion
ciiteiia, stuuy quality assessment pioceuuie anu the way to synthesize the uata
gatheieu fiom the systematic ieview. The piocess of systematic ieview on
Seivice Level Nanagement is completely uocumenteu in this chaptei. It also
uiscusses about the iesult of the systematic ieview. Noieovei, fiamewoik
ielateu to ITSN has been uiscusseu heie.

Chaptei S (Resolution foi ITST in small anu meuium sizeu enteipiise) pioviues
the solution to uevelop IT Seivice Taxonomy with a methouology. IT seivices aie
iuentifieu fiom small, meuium anu laige sizeu enteipiises baseu on theii
websites. Latei in this chaptei uetails of the pioposeu IT Seivice Taxonomy have
been uiscusseu by uefining categoiies anu subcategoiies.

Chaptei 4(Conclusion anu Futuie Woik) pioviues the futuie plan of the ieseaich
anu concluues this thesis. Nost impoitantly, futuie woik is about the naming
convention foi the IT seivices so that eveiy small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises
can use unique vocabulaiy foi the IT seivice.

Chaptei S (Refeiences) pioviues iefeiences ielateu to this ieseaich woik.
Refeiences aie fiom uiffeient confeience papeis, jouinals. Theie aie some
iefeiences fiom websites, white papeis.

Chaptei 6 (Appenuix) incluues appenuix. Beie, systematic ieview piotocol
template, ievieweu small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises, anu ievieweu papeis
(foi systematic papeis) have been attacheu.
9 | S t a t e o f t h e a r t o f S e r v i c e L e v e l Ma n a g e me n t

*$+$, &- $.,
+%$ "# *,%/"),


An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| S t a t e o f t h e a r t o f S e r v i c e L e v e l Ma n a g e m e n t

Seivice Level Nanagement is the piocess by which an oiganization iuentifies
anu agiees on the level of IT Seivice neeueu to suppoit the business anu uefines
a mechanism to monitoi the iuentifieu seivice level to see if they Seivice Level
Nanagement is also one of the impoitant piocesses to iegulate the qualities anu
to ueciease the cost of IT seivices |1Sj. Noieovei, the ITSN mouels, stanuaius
anu pioposals give high impoitance to Seivice Level Nanagement in the IT
Seivice Nanagement context.
The main factois to caiiy out this ieseaich focusing on a systematic ieview
foi SLN fiom the point of view of small anu meuium sizeu enteipiise aie:
The cuiient giowing tienu to acquiie Technology anu IT Seivices
acquisitioneu by oiganizations |16j.
The impoitance of IT Seivice Nanagement in small anu meuium sizeu
The absence of mouels that help to implement the Seivice Level Nanagement
piocess in the context of the IT Seivice Nanagement foi small anu meuium
sizeu enteipiise.
The statistics compileu by the National Statistical Institute (INE) anu the
Cential Business Biiectoiy |2Sj, show that small companies iepiesent the
highest peicentage of the inuustiies. The INE anu BIRCE analyze theii situation
within the Euiopean 0nion anu theii ielationship with the employees they
Table 1 summaiizes the stuuy foi Spanish companies baseu on the
employee stiatum anu total peicentage |2Sj. The inteiest in showing this stuuy
is uue to the cuiient impoitance that small companies have.
Systematic ieview gives a summaiy of the state of the ait foi this specific
topic about SLN. In this case, Seivice Level Nanagement in small anu meuium
sizeu enteipiise has been uiscusseu. In auuition, systematic ieview iuentifies the
existing gap in some topics ielateu to SLN in small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises
These iesults can help useis who aie woiking with SLN to uo fuithei ieseaich
anu piactice in the inuustiy oi can help to know cuiient initiatives in this
Apait fiom that, theie aie seveial fiamewoiks anu mouels pioposeu to
impiove IT seivices management in the inuustiy. ITIL |1j, N0F |24j, C0BIT |Sj,
CNNI_SvC |8j aie the main fiamewoiks woiking on IT seivice management. In
*GDLL 17<BQG 0D;N7 $:JDL *1,=
MR?MS@TU 169.6u 2S.S2 6.u7 S,SS6.66 S,SSu.S8
VT@WMX S.u8% u.7u% u.18% 1uu% 99.818%
$DYL7 ?@ *PDFB=Z ):GPDFB7= [7GPL:877\= =J;DJQG DF< J:JDL
this ieseaich, uetaileu stuuies have been conuucteu on those fiamewoiks. While
ieviewing those fiamewoiks, the focus was to investigate whethei those
fiamewoiks oi theii piocesses have uiscusseu any kinu of IT seivices
categoiization oi classification.

2"! $b$*\M>*<8 B\T<\G
Beie in this section the systematic ieview methou has been uiscusseu.
H@?@? *8=J7GDJBC %7AB79 ^DC_N;:QF<
Integiation of ieseaich iesults was intiouuceu foi the fiist time in
twentieth centuiy. In 19u4, Peaison calculateu the aveiage of coiielations
between the typhoiu fevei inoculation anu moiality. Then, systematic ieview
began to be foimalizeu anu at the enu of the 8u's systematic ieview achieveu
legitimacy as a fielu of ieseaich |1Sj. Latei, Kitchenham foimulateu the iuea of
Eviuence-Baseu Softwaie Engineeiing anu pioposeu a guiueline foi systematic
ieviews that was appiopiiate foi softwaie engineeiing ieseaicheis |12j.
H@?@H 5ZDJ B= D *8=J7GDJBC %7AB79
Systematic Review (SR) is useu to iefei to a specific methouology of
ieseaich, uevelopeu in oiuei to gathei anu evaluate the available eviuence
peitaining to a focuseu topic |1Sj. This is the piocess of summaiizing all existing
infoimation about a phenomenon in a thoiough anu empiiical way. At the enu,
systematic ieview uiaws a geneial conclusion fiom inuiviuual stuuies on any
A systematic type of ieview follows a veiy well uefineu anu stiict
sequence of methouological steps. A systematic ieview begins when ieseaicheis
aie confiuent that it is necessaiy to caiiy it out. It aims to integiate empiiical
ieseaich in oiuei to cieate geneializations. In this iegaiu, uefineu assessment
objectives, iefeience souice, uata extiaction methou aie some of the aspects
containeu in the piotocol useu foi this systematic ieview |1Sj.
H@?@M I;:J:C:L '7=C;BPJB:F
Biolchini et al, |1Sj have uiawn up a pioposal foi how to conuuct a
systematic ieview focuseu on Softwaie Engineeiing auapting it fiom othei stuuy
aieas such as meuicine.
Bence, foi this woik, the piotocol pioposeu is applieu to the systematic
ieview foi IT seivice management in small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises.
H@?@T I;:J:J8P7 '7A7L:PG7FJ
The piototype uevelopment useu foi the systematic ieview of the subject
is piesenteu: Seivice Level Nanagement foi IT Seivices in small anu meuium
sizeu enteipiises.
H@?@T@? `Q7=JB:F -:;GQLDJB:F
The systematic ieview objective shoulu be cleaily establisheu in oiuei to
foimalize the question.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| S t a t e o f t h e a r t o f S e r v i c e L e v e l Ma n a g e m e n t

H@?@T@H `Q7=JB:F -:CQ=
The systematic ieview is caiiieu out to iuentify initiatives anu expeiience
iepoits on Seivice Level Nanagement foi IT Seivices in small anu meuium sizeu
This section aims at uefining the syntax of the ieseaich question (the
context in which the ieview is applieu anu the question the stuuy must answei)
anu its semantic specificity (oi question iange) uesciibeu by the iemaining items
of this section - inteivention, effect, outcome measuie, population anu
application. Next, each of them aie uesciibeu |1Sj specifically foi Seivice Level
Nanagement foi IT Seivices in small anu meuium sizeu enteipiise.
Pioblem: Seivice Level Nanagement (SLN) is a vital piocess foi eveiy IT seivice
pioviuei oiganization in that it is iesponsible foi agieeing anu uocumenting
seivice level taigets anu iesponsibilities within Seivice Level Agieements (SLAs)
anu Seivice Level Requiiements (SLRs), foi eveiy activity within IT. SLN
implementation is neeueu to ensuie that an agieeu level of IT seivice is pioviueu
foi all cuiient IT seivices anu those futuie seivices aie ueliveieu to agieeu
achievable taigets |1j.
Question: What initiatives have been caiiieu out to evaluate piocesses foi
Seivice Level Nanagement in IT seivice context.
Inteivention: Seivice Level Nanagement foi IT Seivices in small anu meuium
sizeu enteipiises.
Effect: Seivice Level Nanagement initiatives anu pioposals foi IT seivices in
small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises.
0utcome measuie: Numbei of iuentifieu initiatives.
Population: Publications ielateu to Seivice Level Nanagement, IT Seivices anu
small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises.
Application: 0iganizations that use IT seivices anu those who pioviue them.
Expeiimental Besign: No expeiimental uesign will be peifoimeu.
H@?@T@T *:Q;C7 *7L7CJB:F
The objective of this section is to select the souices wheie the piimaiy
stuuies will be executeu |1Sj. To peifoim the selection the authoi of the
systematic ieview piotocol pioposes to auuiess the following issues:
Souice Selection Ciiteiia Befinition
0se seaich mechanism with keywoius anu sites suggesteu by expeits.
0se papeis iecommenueu by othei expeits.
0se papeis available on the website.

Stuuies Language
Souice Iuentification
The methou to iuentify the souices has been uiscusseu below
Souices Seaich
The iuentification of souices has been baseu on the ciiteiion of expeits in
this ieseaich aiea. These souices incluue jouinals as: Euiopean }ouinal of
0peiational Reseaich, Infoimation anu Softwaie Technology, Softwaie: Piactice
anu Expeiience, Softwaie Piocess: Impiovement anu Piactice, IEEE Softwaie,
Softwaie Technology anu Engineeiing Piactice, Computei anu ieseaich
woikshops & technical iepoits of Softwaie Engineeiing Institute - SEI, among
Seaich Stiings
Keywoius fiom the woiu set uefineu in the question weie extiacteu. By
combining these keywoius with the logical opeiatois "ANB" anu "0R", two
seaich stiings weie obtaineu (see Table 2). These seaich stiings have been
auapteu foi each web biowsei of the souices.
*7D;CZ *J;BFN=
1 itsm oi slm oi sla oi ((itil oi asl oi 2uuuu oi 1Suuu oi cmmi-svc oi mof
oi cobit) anu (small anu (company oi oiganization oi enteipiise oi
2 'it seivice management' anu 'seivice level management' anu (small anu
(company oi oiganization oi enteipiise oi setting))
$DYL7 H@ *7D;CZ *J;BFN=

Souice List
These souices have been selecteu taking into account the uefineu souice
seaich methou (see Table S).

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| S t a t e o f t h e a r t o f S e r v i c e L e v e l Ma n a g e m e n t


Souice Selection Aftei Assessment
Fiistly, it is evaluateu if the souices fit all uefineu ciiteiia. Initially, the
complete list is iight. Aftei applying the seaich stiing to all souices, it was founu
that some items weie common in the IEEE Computei Science Bigital Libiaiy anu
ACN souices.
Refeience Checking
Thiee ieseaicheis fiom the Reseaich uioup of Softwaie Piocess
Impiovement foi Spain anu Latin Ameiican Region evaluateu the souices list
obtaineu fiom the pievious section anu ueteimineu, at fiist instance, all
iefeiences as appioveu.
H@?@T@a *JQ<B7= *7L7CJB:F
In this systematic ieview, an iteiative anu inciemental pioceuuie is useu
foi stuuies selection: a) Iteiative, to gioup all activities that coulu be iepeateu
uuiing the pioceuuie, anu b) Inciemental, because the stuuies aie appioacheu
anu iecoiueu one by one until obtaining the systematic ieview iesults|1uj. This
iteiative anu inciemental pioceuuie is useu uue to its functionality in othei
systematic ieviews. This section uesciibes the piocess anu ciiteiia foi stuuies
selection anu evaluation.
Stuuies Befinition
The stuuies inclusion (IC) anu exclusion ciiteiia (EC) uefinitions |11j aie
as follows:

b *:Q;C7
1 ACN Bigital Libiaiy
2 IEEE Computei Science Bigital
S Spiingei Link
4 ScienceBiiect
S Softwaie Engineeiing Institute
$DYL7 M@ *:Q;C7 0B=J=

Stuuies Types Befinition
Initially all stuuies ielateu to Seivice Level Nanagement will be taken into
account. Bowevei, the gieatest inteiest will focus on stuuies that show iesults on
Seivice Level Nanagement foi IT seivices in small anu meuium sizeu enteipiise.
Pioceuuies foi stuuies selection
With iegaius to the selection ciiteiia, the title was initially the main
ciiteiion; neveitheless, in some cases it uiu not pioviue enough infoimation,
theieby ieauing the summaiy of each of them was necessaiy anu in some cases a
ieview of the full text was iequiieu.
Selection Execution
Initial Stuuies Selection. At fiist a seaich execution was conuucteu to
veiify the paiameteis useu by each engine anu auapt seaich stiing to
them. Table S shows in the column "Founu" the obtaineu value.
Stuuy Quality Evaluation. To ueteimine the quality of the stuuy, some
paiticipants of the ieseaich gioup, applying IC anu EC, obtaineu the
piimaiy stuuies (see Table S).

+C;:F8G );BJ7;BD '7=C;BPJB:F
IC1 Incluue papeis whose titles aie ielateu to Seivice
Level Nanagement anu IT Seivices anu small anu
meuium sizeu enteipiise
IC2 Incluue papeis that contain keywoius that match
with those uefineu in the seaich stiing
ICS Incluue papeis whose abstiacts aie ielateu to the
topic consiueieu
IC4 Incluue papeis aftei paitial oi total ieauing
EC1 Excluue those papeis that uo not match with the
pievious inclusion ciiteiia
EC2 Excluue all uuplicate papeis
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| S t a t e o f t h e a r t o f S e r v i c e L e v e l Ma n a g e m e n t


Next, a quality stuuy is peifoimeu to obtain the assessment iesults that
peimit us to quantify those stuuies that effectively suppoit the stateu objectives.
The pievious infoimation constitutes the stuuy basis foi following the
systematic ieview piocess, anu checks the quality of the stuuy.
This section begins once the piimaiy stuuies aie selecteu. In this section,
extiaction ciiteiia anu iesults aie uesciibeu
Infoimation Inclusion (ICinf) anu Exclusion (ECinf) Ciiteiia Befinition:
+C;:F8G );BJ7;BD '7=C;BPJB:F
IC1inf Collect Infoimation about the oiganization's
tienu with iespect to seivice level management.
IC2inf Classify piocesses followeu by companies foi IT
seivice management.
ICSinf Iuentify pioposeu methouologies, methous anu
pioceuuies in stuuies foi IT seivice
EC1inf Excluue the infoimation that is not ielateu to
the inclusion ciiteiia uefineu above.

*:Q;C7= *7D;CZ <DJ7 -:QF< I;BGD;8
IEEE uS11u9 S9 11
ACN uS11u9 12 S
Spiingei uS12u9 S9 12
ScienceBiiect uS1Su9 42 S
SEI uS14u9 1u S

182 S1
$DYL7 a@ #QGY7; :K =JQ<B7= DF< ;7=QLJ= <7;BA7< K;:G 7DCZ =:Q;C7
Bata Extiaction Foims
To analyze uata anu infoimation submitteu in selecteu stuuies, ielevant
iemaiks of the main stuuies iueas weie maue anu iecoiueu in a uocument with a
sequence numbei iuentification that matches with the sequential papei numbei
given when it was stoieu as piimaiy stuuy.
Extiaction Execution
The piocess to extiact iesults fiom the piimaiy stuuy has been uiscusseu
0bjective Results Extiaction
A complete anu uetaileu ieauing fiom these stuuies alloweu us to
oiganize anu classify them foi a latei analysis. With an unbiaseu evaluation of
the infoimation, iuentifieu anu classifieu stuuy iecoius weie geneiateu in a
stiuctuieu table containing the following iows: Consecutive Stuuy (sequential
papei numbei), Stuuy methouology (iemaiks of the main iueas conceineu with
the methouology), anu Stuuy outcome (uata anu infoimation of the conclusion
piesenteu in each stuuy).
Subjective Result Extiaction
The following iows weie auueu to the pievious table: Bata about Authois
(full names anu available contact infoimation in the stuuies) anu Auuitional
Notes (a specific fielu to stoie geneial infoimation ielateu to subject coveieu in
the stuuy).
Resolution of uiveigences between ievieweis
In the uevelopment pioceuuie foi the extiaction of the infoimation
containeu in the selecteu piimaiy stuuies, uiffeient peiceptions among authois
of the stuuies weie piesenteu. Bowevei, none of them is consiueieu as an
impoitant uiveigence, but iathei, the finuings weie complementeu to obtain a
compiehensive analysis of the papei.
Beie, in this section, the authoi has tiieu to finu out cuiient state of the
ait of the Seivice Level Nanagement in small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises
using the uefineu piotocol fiom Biolchini et al, |1Sj in a systematic way. Betaileu
finuing fiom this systematic ieview is uesciibeu in next section.
2"2 B\$]O*$ UW *^\ $b$*\M>*<8 B\T<\G
Aftei the systematic ieview execution (mentioneu in pievious section),
the iesults must be summaiizeu anu analyzeu using statistical methous. This
section piesents a summaiy of the uata iesulting fiom the selecteu stuuies. This
summaiy is obtaineu fiom statistical calculus.
H@H@? *JQ<B7= $;7F<=
In oiuei to know oiganization tienu iespect to Seivice Level Nanagement
(SLN), stuuies ielateu to any aspect of SLN weie classifieu; taking into account
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| S t a t e o f t h e a r t o f S e r v i c e L e v e l Ma n a g e m e n t

that "SLN" teim iefeis to both Seivice Level Agieement (SLA) anu Seivice Level
0peiation (SL0) teims.
Figuie 1 shows two types of tienus. 1) Between 2uu2 anu 2uu6, theie is a
polynomial tienu of oiuei S because uata fluctuate along the giaphic. Anu, 2)
fiom 2uu6 to 2uu8 uata have a lineai tienu because the stuuies aie incieasing at
a constant iate. The tienu shows the incieasing inteiest ielateu to Seivice Level
Nanagement since yeai 2uu6.

Figure 1 Studies Trend
Buiing the piotocol uevelopment, by using the stuuies selection's
methouology anu infoimation analysis founu in each stuuy, it was possible to
ueteimine that stuuies coulu be classifieu into foui items.
Those stuuies coveiing:
A) Topics ielateu only to ITSN anu SLN.
B) Topics ielateu only to ITSN anu small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises.
C) A ielationship of thiee topics (ITSN anu SLN anu small anu meuium sizeu
enteipiises), anu
B) 0thei stuuies that have no ielationship with these issues (ITSN anu SLN anu
small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises).

Figuie 2 shows the stuuies peicentage foi each item accoiuing to the
pievious classification.


Figure 2 Studies Classification
Figuie 2 shows that 4S% of the piimaiy stuuies (see Table S) aie ielateu
to ITSN anu SLN which confiims the tienu shown in Figuie 1. 26% shows
infoimation ielateu to ITSN anu small anu meuium sizeu enteipiise. Bowevei, it
is necessaiy to highlight that only 2S% is ielateu to item C) that gioupeu the
thiee topics (ITSN, SLN anu small anu meuium sizeu enteipiise). Finally 6% has
been eliminateu by the exclusion ciiteiia EC1inf.
H@H@M +FDL8=B= :K JZ:=7 =JQ<B7= C:A7;BFN JZ7 ;7LDJB:F=ZBP :K JZ7
JZ;77 J:PBC= ["$*1R *01 DF< =GDLL DF< G7<BQG =Bc7< 7FJ7;P;B=7=]
Figuie S shows the iesults of the ielationship ielateu to topics (ITSN, SLN
anu small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises). In the analysis, it is noteu that 2S% of
the papeis compiise the thiee aspects (basis of the ongoing systematic ieview).
Fiom heie all analyses aie iefeiieu to this 2S% (item C).
>.+60;(; :0 )-A.4&0
The souice of 2S% of the papeis is shown in Figuie S. 0niteu States of
Ameiica is one of the main countiies involveu in the stuuy of ITSN, SLN anu
small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises, with 29%. The iemaining stuuies aie
ielateu to the countiies like South Koiea, Sweuen, Fiench, Canaua anu ueimany
with 14% iespectively.

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| S t a t e o f t h e a r t o f S e r v i c e L e v e l Ma n a g e m e n t


-BNQ;7@ M@ *JQ<B7= )LD==BKB7< Y8 C:QFJ;8
>.+60;(; :0 )-/?+.0 ;(P%
Figuie 4 shows infoimation about companies' size. Because most of the
stuuies aie lack of infoimation about companies, Figuie 4 has been maue taking
into account two ciiteiia: 1) the application of stuuies in the companies' size, 2)
the stuuies uiu not mention the companies' size.
Bence, accoiuing to Figuie 4, most of the companies that suppoit theii
ieseaich aie small companies; statistically theie aie 8S.7% of such companies.
Foi the iemaining 14.S% companies, the sizes of those companies aie not

-BNQ;7 T@ *JQ<B7= Y8 C:GPDF8\= =Bc7
>.+60;(; :0 /-F%6;
With iespect to item C (mentioneu in 2.2.2) only 78% of the small anu
meuium sizeu enteipiises have useu ITIL oi C0BIT oi IS0 2uuuu to manage theii
IT seivices.


-BN@ a@ *JQ<B7= )LD==BKB7< Y8 G:<7L=

Cleaily, this systematic ieview shows that theie is not enough ieseaich
woiks on SLN oi ITSN in small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises though small anu
meuium sizeu enteipiises iepiesent majoi pait of the maiket.
2"7 $*]Hb U[ *^\ 3BU8\$$\$ UW *^\ WB>M\GUBc$
As it is mentioneu eailiei theie aie some fiamewoiks have been pioposeu
to manage IT Seivices. But unfoitunately none of those fiamewoiks has been
utteieu about eithei IT seivices oi its classification. Beie, a biief uiscussion on
the piocesses of those fiamewoiks is piesenteu.
H@M@? "$ "FK;D=J;QCJQ;7 0BY;D;8 ["$"0]

ITIL is a fiamewoik that pioviues guiuance on how to offei quality IT
seivices. The newly ieleaseu ITIL vS has incluueu ueepei seivice management
guiuelines that will biing gieatei flexibility anu efficiency to an existing IT
fiamewoik. The ITIL vS coie volumes |S8j aie:

Seivice stiategy,
Seivice uesign,
Seivice opeiation,
Seivice tiansition,
Continual seivice impiovement.

Foi the IT seivice taxonomy, main focus of this woik was on seivice
stiategy anu seivice uesign. The main piocesses involveu into these two volumes
aie uiscusseu below.

H@M@?@? *7;ABC7 I:;JK:LB: 1DFDN7G7FJ [*I1]

Seivice Poitfolios iepiesent the ability anu willingness of a seivice
pioviuei to seive customeis anu maiket spaces. This management piocess is a
uynamic methou foi goveining investments in seivice management acioss the
oiganizations |S8j. Noieovei, effective seivice poitfolio management helps to
make eveiyone bettei infoimeu anu to make uecision about outcome of the
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| S t a t e o f t h e a r t o f S e r v i c e L e v e l Ma n a g e m e n t

seivice. In a nutshell, Seivice Poitfolio Nanagement (SPN) ueliveis
unpieceuenteu levels of tianspaiency into seivices, assets, anu applications,
enabling eveiyone to impiove uecision-making, ieuuce maintenance costs, anu
inciease the value one biing to the business.

Seivice poitfolio management piocess is a uynamic anu ongoing piocess.
This piocess contains following woik methous |S8j:

Befine: This step uefines inventoiy seivices, ensuies business cases anu
valiuates poitfolio uata.
Analyze: This step maximizes poitfolio value anu ensuies alignment,
piioiitization anu balance in supply anu uemanu.
Appiove: This step uoes finalize pioposeu poitfolio anu uoes authoiize
seivices anu iesouices.
Chaitei: This step communicates uecisions, allocates iesouices anu chaitei


Accoiuing to ITIL Seivice Besign Book, "the puipose of Seivice Catalog
Nanagement is to pioviue a single souice of consistent infoimation to all of the
agieeu seivice anu ensuie that it is wiuely available to those who aie appioveu
to access it" |1j. The goal of this piocess is to ensuie that Seivice Catalog is
piouuceu anu maintaineu, containing accuiate infoimation to all opeiational
seivices anu those piepaieu to be iun opeiationally |1j.

Besiues, the objective of seivice catalog management is to manage the
infoimation containeu within the catalog anu to ensuie that it is accuiate anu
ieflects the cuiient uetails, status, inteiface anu uepenuencies of the all seivices
that aie iun oi piepaieu to iun, in the live enviionment. Bence, the scope of this
piocess is to pioviue anu maintain accuiate infoimation to all seivices that aie
tiansitioneu oi have been tiansitioneu to the live enviionment.

H@ M@?@M *7;ABC7 07A7L 1DFDN7G7FJ

Seivice Level Nanagement negotiates, agiees anu uocuments appiopiiate
IT seivice taiget with iepiesentative of the business anu then monitois anu
piouuces iepoits on the seivice pioviuei's ability to uelivei the agieeu level of
seivice |1j. SLN is a vital piocess foi eveiy IT seivice pioviuei oiganizations in
that it is iesponsible foi agieeing anu uocumenting seivice level taigets anu
iesponsibilities within SLAs anu SLRs, foi activity within IT. If these taigets aie
appiopiiate anu accuiately ieflect the iequiiements of the business, the seivice
ueliveieu by the seivice pioviuei will be aligneu with business iequiiements anu
meet the expectation of the customeis anu useis in teims of seivice quality. If the
taigets aie not aligneu with business neeus, seivice pioviuei activities anu
seivice levels will not be aligneu with business expectation.

The goal of SLN piocess is to ensuie that an agieeu level of IT seivice is
pioviueu foi all cuiient IT seivices, anu that futuie seivices aie ueliveieu to
agieeu achievable taigets. The puipose of this piocess is to ensuie that all
opeiational seivice anu theii peifoimance aie measuieu in a consistent,
piofessional mannei thioughout the IT oiganization, anu that the seivice anu the
iepoits piouuceu meet the neeus of the business anu customeis |1j.

Anothei objective of SLN is to uefine, uocument, agiee, monitoi, meausie,
iepoit anu ieview the level of IT seivices pioviueu anu to pioviue anu impiove
the ielationship anu communication between the business anu customeis. SLN
piocess is also iesponsible foimonitoiing anu impioving customei satisfaction
with the quality of seivice ueliveieu. This piocess also ensuies that IT anu the
customei have a cleai anu unambiguous expectation of the level of seivice to be
ueliveieu |1j.
H@M@H )11" K:; *7;ABC7= [)11"d*/)]

CNNI-SvC is a complete set of guiuelines to help enteipiises to establish
anu to impiove the piocesses foi ueliveiing seivices. This fiamewoik ensuies to
auapt anu extenu pioven stanuaius anu best piactices to ieflect the unique
challenges faceu in seivice inuustiies. CNNI-SvC offeis to the pioviueis a
piactical anu focuseu fiamewoik foi achieving highei levels of seivice quality,
contiolling costs, impioving scheuules, anu ensuiing usei satisfaction |8j.

Theie aie seveial piocess aieas that aie ielateu to CNNI_SvC. Beie the
main piocess aieas of CNNI SvC aie uiscusseu.

H@M@H@? *7;ABC7 '7LBA7;8

The puipose of Seivice Beliveiy (SB) is to uelivei seivices in accoiuance
with seivice agieements. Specific goals ielateu with this piocess aiea aie to
establish seivice agieements, piepaie foi seivice ueliveiy anu uelivei seivices


The puipose of Capacity anu Availability Nanagement is to ensuie
effective seivice system peifoimance anu ensuie that iesouices aie pioviueu
anu useu effectively to suppoit seivice iequiiements. Specific goals ielateu to
this piocess aiea aie to piepaie foi Capacity anu Availability Nanagement anu
monitoi anu analyze capacity anu availability |1j|S9j.

H@M@H@M *7;ABC7 *8=J7G $;DF=BJB:F

The puipose this piocess aiea is to ueploy new anu significant changeu
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| S t a t e o f t h e a r t o f S e r v i c e L e v e l Ma n a g e m e n t

seivice system component while managing theii effect on ongoing seivice
ueliveiy. Specific goal ielateu to this piocess aiea is to piepaie foi seivice system
tiansition anu ueploy the seivice system |1j|S9j.


The puipose of seivice continuity is to establish anu maintain plan to
ensuie continuity of seivices uuiing anu following any significant uisiuption of
noimal opeiations. Specific goals of this aiea aie to iuentify essential seivice
uepenuencies, piepaie foi seivice continuity anu veiify anu valiuate seivice
continuity plan |1j|S9j.

H@M@H@a *7;ABC7 *8=J7G '7A7L:PG7FJ

The puipose of seivice system uevelopment is to analyze, uesign, uevelop,
integiate, veiify anu valiuate seivice systems, incluuing seivice system
components, to satisfy existing oi anticipateu seivice agieement. The specific
goals of this piocess aiea aie to uevelop anu analyze stakeholueis' iequiiements,
uevelop seivice systems anu veiify anu valiuate seivice system |1j|S9j.


The puipose of stiategic seivice management is to establish anu maintain
stanuaiu seivices in conceit with stiategic neeus anu plans. The specific goals
ielateu to this piocess aiea aie to establish stiategic neeus anu plans foi
stanuaiu seivices anu establish stanuaiu seivice |1j|S9j.

H@M@M ):FJ;:L &Ye7CJBA7 K:; "FK:;GDJB:F DF< ;7LDJ7< $7CZF:L:N8

Accoiuing to |Sj, "the Contiol 0bjectives foi Infoimation anu ielateu
Technology (C0BIT) is a set of best piactices (fiamewoik) foi infoimation
technology management cieateu by the Infoimation Systems Auuit anu Contiol
Association (ISACA), anu the IT uoveinance Institute (ITuI) in 1996". This
fiamewoik pioviues a set of geneially accepteu measuies, inuicatois, piocesses
anu best piactices to assist manageis, auuitois, anu IT useis in maximizing the
benefits ueiiveu thiough the use of IT anu ueveloping appiopiiate IT goveinance
anu contiol in a company. C0BIT coveis foui uomains |4uj:

Plan anu 0iganize,
Acquiie anu Implement,
Belivei anu Suppoit,
Nonitoi anu Evaluate.


This uomain coveis stiategies anu tactics, anu conceins the iuentification
of the way IT can best contiibute to the achievement of the business objectives.
The consciousness of the stiategic vision neeus to be planneu, communicateu
anu manageu foi uiffeient peispectives |4uj. The following table lists the IT
piocesses containeu in the Plan anu 0iganize uomain.

Befine a Stiategic IT Plan anu uiiection,
Befine the Infoimation Aichitectuie,
Beteimine Technological Biiection,
Befine the IT Piocesses, 0iganization anu Relationships,
Nanage the IT Investment,
Communicate Nanagement Aims anu Biiection,
Nanage IT Buman Resouices,
Nanage Quality,
Assess anu Nanage IT Risks,
Nanage Piojects.

The acquiie anu implement uomain coveis piocesses ielateu to
iuentifying IT iequiiements, acquiiing the technology, anu implementing it
within the company's cuiient business piocesses. The piocesses of this uomain
have been mentioneu below |4uj.

Iuentify Automateu Solutions,
Acquiie anu Naintain Application Softwaie,
Acquiie anu Naintain Technology Infiastiuctuie,
Enable 0peiation anu 0se,
Piocuie IT Resouices,
Nanage Changes,
Install anu Accieuit Solutions anu Changes.

H@M@M@M '7LBA7; DF< *QPP:;J

The Belivei anu Suppoit uomain coveis the ueliveiy aspects of the
infoimation technology. This uomain focuses on the execution of the applications
within the IT system anu its iesults, as well as the suppoit piocesses that enable
the effective anu efficient execution of these IT systems. The piocesses of this
uomain have been mentioneu below.

Befine anu Nanage Seivice Levels,
Nanage Thiiu-paity Seivices,
Nanage Peifoimance anu Capacity,
Ensuie Continuous Seivice,
Ensuie Systems Secuiity,
Iuentify anu Allocate Costs,
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| S t a t e o f t h e a r t o f S e r v i c e L e v e l Ma n a g e m e n t

Euucate anu Tiain 0seis,
Nanage Seivice Besk anu Inciuents,
Nanage the Configuiation,
Nanage Pioblems,
Nanage Bata,
Nanage the Physical Enviionment,
Nanage 0peiations.


The Nonitoi anu Evaluate uomain coveis the stiategy of an oiganization
in assessing the neeus of the oiganization anu whethei oi not the cuiient IT
system still meets the objectives foi which it was uesigneu anu the contiols
necessaiy to comply with iegulatoiy iequiiements. The piocesses of this uomain
have been mentioneu below |4uj.

Nonitoi anu Evaluate IT Piocesses,
Nonitoi anu Evaluate Inteinal Contiol,
Ensuie Regulatoiy Compliance,
Pioviue IT uoveinance.
H@M@T 1BC;:=:KJ &P7;DJB:FDL -;DG79:;_ [1&-]
H@M@T@? 1&- I;:C7== 1:<7L

The piinciples anu piactices of N0F aie easy to incoipoiate anu apply
selectively oi compiehensively. The objective of the N0F Piocess Nouel is to
pioviue a simple iepiesentation of the complex components anu theii
ielationships within the mouel.

Accoiuing to |24j, the N0F Piocess Nouel assists the ueliveiy anu suppoit
of IT seivices by auuiessing the following foui piinciples:

Stiuctuieu aichitectuie - This N0F Piocess Nouel is built upon an
aichitectuie that is iesponsible foi pioviuing the stiuctuie foi piocess
integiation, life cycle management, mapping of ioles anu iesponsibilities,
anu oveiall management commanu anu contiol. It also pioviues the
unueilying founuation foi technology-specific opeiations anu piocess

Rapiu life cycle, iteiative impiovement - N0F piocess mouel encouiages
the concept of a iapiu life cycle that suppoits the business to cope with
the changes quickly anu allows to continuously assess anu iteiatively
impiove the oveiall opeiations enviionment. This piocess mouel
categoiizes key opeiational activities into quauiant.

Review-uiiven management - N0F offeis seveial methous anu
techniques in its Seivice Nanagement Functions (SNFs) to assist
management in the contiol anu oveisight of the enviionment. Noieovei,
in auuition, this piocess mouel also incluues 0peiation Nanagement
Reviews (0NRs) with its methou anu technique to get the most fiom the
IT investment. These ieviews evaluate peifoimance foi ielease-baseu
activities anu uaily, opeiational activities. N0F makes these ieviews an
explicit pait of the Piocess Nouel anu pioviues uetaileu guiuance on how
to conuuct them.

Embeuueu iisk management - N0F piomotes the management of iisk to
its own uiscipline. This piocess mouel uiscusses iisk in the context of each
SNF anu Team Nouel iole clustei. N0F iisk management uiscipline
pioviues uetaileu guiuance foi opeiation iisk management.

The Niciosoft 0peiations Fiamewoik (N0F) piinciples uiscusseu above
aie instituteu thiough the key components of the Piocess Nouel aichitectuie,
which aie Quauiants, 0peiations management ieviews, anu Seivice management
functions. Noimal opeiations activities aie uefineu anu gioupeu into quauiants,
each of which is focuseu on a paiticulai set of piocesses anu tasks. Significant
milestones in the opeiations life cycle aie iepiesenteu by opeiations
management ieviews, which aie majoi uecision anu ieview points in the Piocess
Nouel. Seivice management functions uocument specific piocesses that aie
peifoimeu within each of the quauiants. These aie typically quite specific anu
piesciiptive towaiu a single activity - foi example, capacity management oi help
uesk functions.


As noteu eailiei, seivice management functions (SNFs) aie the unueilying
activities anu piocesses within each N0F quauiant anu suppoit the mission of
seivice foi that quauiant. |4uj. These SNFs aie woikeu at the coie of the N0F
Piocess Nouel. Each SNF is assigneu a "home" oi "piimaiy" quauiant. This
assignment aligns the functions peifoimeu with the mission of seivice foi that
quauiant. This natuial alignment also allows the IT managei to see the entiie key
SNFs in each N0F quauiant to effectively iun the opeiations enviionment.

2"I 8U[8O]$<U[

In this systematic ieview, most of the woiks have been peifoimeu in yeai
2uu8. Accoiuing to the statistics in systematic ieview, fiom yeai 2uuS the
ieseaiches on Seivice Level Nanagement have incieaseu significantly. Although
these woiks on SLN anu ITSN in small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises aie not
many, the numbeis of the woiks aie incieasing ovei the yeais. This tienu also
confiims the inteiest ovei SLN piocess showeu by Fleming |2j anu CNNI-SvC
iepoits |8j.
0thei ielevant uata showeu in this woik is that 4S % of the stuuieu
papeis ueal with IT seivice management in teims of SLN (incluuing SLA anu
SL0). 26% of the stuuies aie ielateu to small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises.
Noieovei, 2S % of stuuies aie ielateu to SLN anu small anu meuium sizeu
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| S t a t e o f t h e a r t o f S e r v i c e L e v e l Ma n a g e m e n t

enteipiises. In auuition to those iesults, the stuuies also show that ITIL, C0BIT,
anu IS02uuu aie the most impoitant mouels in a Seivice Level Nanagement
In contiast to all of those statistics ielateu with SLN anu ITSN, in this
systematic ieview, theie is no any infoimation about IT seivice Taxonomy in
SLN foi small anu meuium sizeu enteipiises has been obtaineu in ITSN uomain.
Noieovei, in those stuuies, even categoiization of the IT seivices in small anu
meuium sizeu enteipiises has not been uiscusseu. Theiefoie, an iuea can be
obtaineu that theie is no such categoiization oi classification of seivices.
Apait fiom that systematic ieview, accoiuing to the ieview of those
fiamewoiks (ITIL, N0F, CNNI_SvC anu C0BIT) anu theii piocesses, theie is no
uiscussion about classification oi categoiization of IT seivices. Even none of
these fiamewoiks uiscuss about specific IT seivices. ITIL, C0BIT, N0F uiscuss
how IT seivice shoulu be manageu anu CNNI_SvC uiscusses what to uo to
manage IT seivice. Theie is no uiscussion of methouology of ueveloping IT
seivice categoiization anu uefining specific IT seivices fiom the inuustiy.

30 |

31 |

%,*&0($"&# -&%
"$ *,%/"),


An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

7"! <[*BUH]8*<U[
The seivice inuustiy is a basic engine foi the uevelopment of woilu
economy |8j. Seivice pioviueis uefine a complete set of seivices in theii Seivice
Poitfolio. Classifications anu uetail uesciiptions of IT seivices aie key
contiibutois to the uesign anu uevelopment of the IT Seivice Poitfolio anu IT
Seivice Catalog. In this chaptei, the categoiizations of the IT seivices have been
teimeu as IT Seivice Taxonomy (ITST). To assist small anu meuium sizeu
enteipiises in Seivice Level Nanagement, IT Seivice Taxonomy can play an
impoitant iole. ITST not only can uefine the oiigin of the seivices but also can
outline the bounuaiy of the seivices. In auuition to that, moie geneiic anu public
(to the maiket) IT Seivice poitfolio anu IT Seivice Catalog can be uevelopeu
baseu on this IT Seivice Taxonomy. In this chaptei, the methouology of
uevelopment of IT Seivice Taxonomy as well as the uetails of IT Seivice
Taxonomy has been uesciibeu.
Beie, in this chaptei, to uevelop the IT Seivice Taxonomy, the following
uefinitions have taken into account:
- A seivice is a piouuct that is intangible anu uoes not stoie |8j.
- A seivice is a means of pioviuing value to customeis by pioviuing the iesults
they want to achieve without geneiating costs anu iisks |1j.
)* !"#$%&"'
An IT seivice is a value that is baseu on the use of infoimation technology
to suppoit the business piocesses of the clients. An IT seivice is composeu of a
mix of peisonnel, piocesses anu technology that must be uefineu in a Seivice
Level Agieement |8j.
The taxonomy is a contiolleu vocabulaiy compiising piefeiieu teims, all of
which aie connecteu in a hieiaichy |11j.
!"#$%&" 1-/2-.".3
Accoiuing to ITIL |1j, this teim is useu to mean, one pait of the seivice,
something moie complex. Foi example, a computei system may be a component
of an IT Seivice.

4"2".5".3 !063"/
A set of "ielateu things" that woik togethei to achieve an objective is calleu
uepenuent system |1j.
766"36 -8 !"#$%&"6
Accoiuing to ITIL |1j, the asset of seivice means any iesouice oi capability.
Assets of a Seivice Pioviuei incluue anything that coulu contiibute to the
ueliveiy of a seivice.
In next section IT seivice taxonomy has been uiscusseu.
7"2 H\T\OU3M\[* UW <* $\BT<8\ *>`U[UMb
IT seivice Taxonomy has been uesigneu to suppoit the seivice inuustiies
in oiuei to implement IT Seivices. It will help the small inuustiies to manage
these seivices by pioviuing them most of the available IT seivices in the maiket.
Bence, if the inuustiies know the hieiaichy of the seivices then it will be easiei
foi them to choose the seivices anu to make uecision what seivices neeu to be
implementeu. This can ensuie efficient anu effective management of those
The uevelopment of this IT Seivice Taxonomy has unueitaken the
following activities:
M@H@?@ "<7FJBK8R 7=JDYLB=Z DF< <7KBF7 CDJ7N:;B7=
The main categoiies anu theii uesciiptions in the ITST aie baseu on the
iepoits fiom the state of the aits anu tienu of the use of IT seivices in Spain by
the Spanish Association of Consulting (AEC) |17j, the Association of Electionics
Infoimation Technology (AETIC) |18j, Sopia Piofit |19j anu Euiopean
Nanagement Consultancy Naiket |2uj as well as jouinal aiticles Computing |21j
anu 0niveisia Business Review |22j |SSj.
M@H@H@ "<7FJBK8R 7=JDYLB=Z DF< <7KBF7 =QYCDJ7N:;B7= DF< =7;ABC7=
The following steps have been consiueieu to iuentify, establish anu uefine
sub categoiies anu seivices.
M@H@H@? *7L7CJB:F :K "$ =7;ABC7 P;:AB<7;=
In this step, the "seaich stiings" has been uevelopeu to finu out the most
impoitant seivice inuustiies in the uomain of IT seivices. To satisfy the whole
inuustiy in a gieat extent small, meuium anu laige enteipiises have been taken
into consiueiation while seaiching IT seivices. Some examples of these phiases
aie as follows:
g"$ *,%/"),* h+#'h .+%'5+%, h&%h *&-$5+%, h&%h )&#*(0$"#2g &%
g&I,%+$"&#g &% g&($*&(%)"#2g &% g"#$,2%+$"&# +#' ',/,0&I1,#$g
+#' [*1+00 +#' [)&1I+#4 &% &%2+#"i+$"&# &% ,#$,%I%"*, &%
j"$ *,%/"),*k +#' [j.+%'5+%,k &% j*&-$5+%,k &% l\)&#*(0$"#2k &%
l&I,%+$"&#k &% j&($*&(%)"#2k &% j',/,0&I1,#$k &%
j"#$%,2+$"&#k] +#' [)&1I+#4 &% &%2+#"i+$"&# &% ,#$,%I%"*,]
The iesults of the seaich have been analyzeu anu ievieweu to confoim
that seaich outcomes contain only IT seivice companies.

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

M@H@H@H +FDL8=B= JZ7 B<7FJBKB7< "$ =7;ABC7= K;:G JZ7 "$ =7;ABC7 P;:AB<7;=
In this step, IT seivices fiom those IT seivice pioviueis have been
iuentifieu. In fact, in this step, IT seivices aie uefineu anu analyzeu so that they
can be accommouateu in IT Seivice Taxonomy.
M@H@H@M ,=JDYLB=Z DF< <7=C;BY7 JZ7 =QYCDJ7N:;B7s
In this step, subcategoiies foi the IT Seivice Taxonomy have been
uesciibeu. The uetail chaiacteiistics of the subcategoiies have been foimulateu
in this stage foi IT Seivice Taxonomy.
M@H@M +==BNF JZ7 =7;ABC7= J: =QYOCDJ7N:;B7=
Aftei pieceuing steps, taking into account the chaiacteiistics of the
subcategoiies, IT seivices have been stateu unuei coiiesponuing subcategoiies.
Latei, baseu on the featuies of the categoiies, sub categoiies also have been
uefineu unuei coiiesponuing categoiies.
Subsequently, following the pievious steps, aiounu 1u1 small IT
companies have been chosen baseu on that seaich stiing with the help of uoogle
seaich engine. The IT seivices have been iuentifieu baseu on the websites of
those IT seivice companies. These seivices have been ievieweu to uesciibe the
contents of the seivices. These IT seivices, afteiwaius, have been stateu unuei
subcategoiies anu consequently categoiies baseu on the uesciiption these
contain. In this iegaius Ninu Nanagei Pio 7.u softwaie has been useu to uevelop
the IT Seivice Taxonomy.
M@H@T "$ *7;ABC7=
Aftei ieviewing aiounu 1uu IT seivice pioviuei companies baseu on theii
websites anu mentioneu infoimation, following lists of seivices have been
iuentifieu. Biief uesciiption about the company can be founu in appenuix.

No Name of the
Websites Services
1 Abacus
Technology Corp
www.abacustech.com -Life Cycle Support,
-Customized Application -
-Database and Data Warehouse
-Legacy Migration,
-Web Design & Development,
-Network Architecture
-Analysis, Design and
-LAN/WAN Operation &
-Systems Engineering Support
& Network Management,
-Desktop Integration Services,

2 Accenture www.accenture.com -Application Renewal,
-Business Intelligence,
-Data Center Technology & -
-Data Management and
-Enterprise Architecture,
-Global Delivery and Sourcing,
-Human Capital Management
-Information Management,
-IT Strategy and
-Microsoft Solutions,
-Network Technology,
-Open Source Solutions,
-Application Outsourcing,
-Infrastructure Outsourcing,
-Business Process Outsourcing,
-Bundled Outsourcing,
-Customer Contact BPO,
-Finance and Accounting BPO,
-Learning BPO
3 Advanced
Concepts, Inc.
www.aci-hq.com -Biometrics
-Secure Credentialing
-Enterprise Access
4 Applied Computer
www.acsacs.com -Assessments
-Design Architecture
-Systems Integration
5 Advanced
www.actweb.com -Infrastructure Planning
-Server Migration
-Disaster Recovery
6 Advanced
-Operational Cost Control
Management Program
-Resident Alert System
-Business Process Automation
-Risk Management Assessment
-Strategic Operational
Assessment Program
-Value Added Staffing
-Business User Efficiency
-Administrative Investment
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

Containment Program
7 Advanced
International, Inc.
* Database Design
* Data Warehouse Design
* Real Application
* Enterprise Licensing
* Performance Tuning

* Service Oriented
* Business Intelligence
* Oracle Portal
* Web Services
* Content Management
* Identity Management

- Data Visualization
* Executive Dashboard
* Human Capital
* Compliance Dashboards
* Balanced Scorecard
* Business Intelligence

-Data Mining & Migration
*Web & Business
* Portal Generation
* Content Migration
*Automated Data

-Migration, Collection &
-Data Warehouse
* DW Appliance
* Advanced Analytics
6 AE Business
Solutions, Inc.
www.aebs.com -Storage Solutions
* Enterprise Storage
* Modular Storage
* Storage Tiering
* Storage Consolidation
* Storage Area Networks
* Network Attached
Storage (NAS)
* Data De-Duplication

-Archive and Compliance
* E-Mail Management
* Enterprise Archive

-Systems & Application
* Server Management
* Desktop Management
* Network Management
* Storage Management
-Server Infrastructures
* Blade Servers
* Unix Servers
* Branch Office

-Data Protection
* Backup & Recovery
* Disaster Recovery
* Data Encryption
* Data Replication
* Business Continuity

* Server Virtualization
* Storage Virtualization

* Desktop Virtualization
* File Virtualization
7 All Covered: Small
Business IT
Consulting and
www.allcovered.com -Proactive Server and Desktop
-Remote Monitoring
-Remote Support
-On-site Support
-Client Support
-IT Procurement
-IT Security
-Mobile Technologies
8 Alpine Computer
www.alpinecsi.com -Cognizant Business
-Application Service
-IT Infrastructure Service
-Business Process Outsourcing
9 Alta Plana www.altaplana.com -Software Integration,
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

-Database Management System
-Web and Application Server
-Security services
10 American
Computer Services
-Network file and Printing
-Electronic mail
-Web Application
-Point of Sale
-Database Servers
-Security Services
-Content Management
-Network Backup
-Remote access
11 American
Systems (AMS)
www.ams.com -System Integration and
Consultancy Service
-Managed Application Services
-Technology Management
-Business Process Services
12 Ananke IT
www.ananke.com -Web hosting service
-Support services
-Web Design Service
-Managed Service
13 IT Support
www.ancarb.co.uk -Business Critical Support
-Network Security
-Anti-spam protection
-Anti-virus protection
-Customer relationship
-Web design
-Web hosting
-VPN solution
-Disaster recovery
14 AvcomEast www.avcomeast.com -Security Assessments
-Storage Resource Management
-Application Performance
Management Assessment
-IT Skills Assessment
-Disaster Recovery
-Disaster Recovery
-Storage Resource Utilization
-Application Performance
-Database Monitoring and
-Implementation Service

15 BancTec, Inc. www.banctec.com -Consulting Service
-AP Invoice Processing
-Interactive Exception
-Image Capture
-Hosted Image Archives
-Inbound Mail Processing
-Payment Processing

16 Beechwood
-IT Resourcing
-Application Development
-Application Management
-ERP Implementation &
-Offshore Outsourcing
17 Berbee www.cdw.com -Network Connectivity
-Data Storage
-Data Backup
-Disaster recovery
-Intrusion prevention
18 Britec www.britec.com -Network Services
-Custom Reporting and
Database Administration
-IT Security Auditing
-Website Design
-Software Development
-Support and Assessment
19 Buchanan
www.buchanan.com -24 x 7 Service Desk
- Infrastructure Services
- End-User Desktop Services
- Application Development
- Managed Services
- Automated Services
- Project Management
- Consulting Services
20 Business Solutions
Enterprises, Inc.
www.bussolent.com -Project Management
-Project Reviews (assessment,
findings, recommendations)
-Business Needs Analysis
recommendations, specification
development, RFI/RFQ/RFP
-IT project reviews (Quality
Assurance, Capability Maturity
Model evaluation)
-IT System Management
(requirements, design,
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

development, testing,
implementation rollout)
-Conducting feasibility studies,
Business Case development,
Business Plans

21 Computer
Associates (CA)
www.cai.com -Application Performance
-Business Driven Automation
-EITM Mainframe
-Infrastructure Management
-Project & Portfolio
-Security Management
-Service and IT Asset
22 Computer
Solutions, Inc.
www.cgsinc.com -Application Development
-Call Center/Help Desk
-Channel Enablement
-Learning & Training
-Managed Services
-Messaging & Collaboration
-Networking & Hardware
-Systems Integration

23 Chryxus www.chryxus.ca/ -Technology Review
-Technology Planning
-Data Management
-Web Site Planning and Design
-Virtual Directory of
Information System
24 Computer Aid, Inc.
www.compaid.com -Best Practices Consultancy
-Application Support
-Application Development
-Desktop Service
-Knowledge Capture

25 Compaq Services www.compaq.com
26 Compass
www.vantagetcg.com -Operations Analysis
-Financial Analysis
-Risk Assessment
-Organizational Planning
-Planning and Programming
-Architectural and Design
-System Design and
-Project Management

27 The Computer
www.compcenter.com -Technical Consulting &
-Web Design and programming
-Computer and Printer Repair
28 Compugen
Systems Ltd.
www.compugen.com -IT Infrastructure Solution
-Storage and Backup
-Server Based Computing
-Business Continuity.
-Procurement & Software
-Maintenance & Support
-IT Optimization Service
29 Computech
-Transaction Processing
-Customer Interaction Service
-Application Development and
-Packaged Application
-Enterprise Application
-Data Warehousing Services
- Database Administration
-Server Administration
-Website design
-Website maintenance
30 Computer Clearing
House Inc

31 American Cyber
www.acsicorp.com -Consulting Service
-Enterprise Application
-Enterprise Application
-Application Development and
-Business Intelligence
32 Computer Repair
in Phoenix,
-VPN-Mobile User Access
-Emergency Data Recovery
-Automated Tech Backup
-Computer Networking
-PC troubleshooting and repair
-LAN Design and Installation
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

33 Computing
Alternatives, Inc.
-Accurate Requirements
-Iterative Software Design and
Data Modeling
-Superior IT Staffing
-Unmatched Custom Client-
Server Software Development
-Website Design including e-
commerce and database-rich
web applications

34 CoreTech
Consulting Group,
www.coretech.com -Support Solutions
-Package Software
-Technical Consulting
-Desktop Refresh
35 Corporate Software
& Technology, Inc.
www.corpsoft.com -Enterprise Service for
virtualization, database,
-Asset management,
-Help desk
-Hardware/Software Inventory
-Server Management
-Business Need Assessment
-Technical Evaluation
-Intrusion Detection Systems
-Intrusion Prevention System
-Managed Security Services
-Email Archiving
-Web Content filtering
-Network Monitoring
-Storage Management
36 Crowe Chizek &
-Risk Consulting
-Corporate Performance
-Performance Improvement and
-Custom Web and Database
37 CS Business
Systems Inc
www.csbusiness.com -PC and Server configurations
-Custom multi-vendor
hardware integration
-Software application
-Operating system integration
for Microsoft, Sun
Microsystems, Apple, Linux
-Asset tag management and
product labeling
-Repair and warranty repair

38 Center for
Computing (CSC)
www.csc.fi -Data Storage
-Computing Services
-Software and Database
39 CS Technology,

-Data Replication
-Data Storage
-Hardware Planning
-Risk mitigation strategy
-Quality assurance
40 Computer
Associates, Inc.
www.cta.com -Hardware Engineering
-Knowledge Management
-Program Management
41 Cognizant
www.cognizant.com -Advanced Solutions Delivery
-Business Process Management
-Customer Relationship
-Data Warehousing & Business
-Industrial Operations
-Oracle Solutions
-Portals & Content
-SAP Solutions
-Supply Chain Management
-Testing Services
-Consulting and Professional
-Remote Infrastructure
Management Services

42 CVS IT www.cvsit.com
43 Datamedic Corp. www.datamedics.com -Computer Repair
-Data Recovery
-Data Base station
-Virus & Spy ware removal
44 DataSource Hagen www.datasource.net -Server Service
-Storage Solution
-Network Management
- Security Management
-Disaster Recovery service
-Infrastructure Consulting and
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

-Managed End User Services
45 Datatel Inc www.datatel-
-IVR Development
-IVR Hosting
-IVR Support
46 Digital Consulting
& Software
Services, Inc.
www.dcss.com -Digital Consultancy
-Software service
47 Delec www.delec.com -Internet Solution
- Hardware Support
48 Digitaris
www.digitaris.com -Change management
-Continuous improvement
-Extended enterprise
relationship management
-Human, material, financial
and information resource
-Performance management
-Production of studies,
analyses and guidelines
-Project management
49 Executive
www.dkms.com -Expertise transfer
-Management coaching
-Solution development
-Strategic alignment
50 DMR Consulting www.dmr.com
51 DPE Systems www.dpes.com -Technology Assessment &
-Network Design and
-Network Management
-Network Security
-Data Protection and Disaster
-Software Audits and
Compliancy Service
-Hardware Maintenance and
-Storage Solution

52 Data Processing
Corporation (DPS)

-Routing and Switching
-Wireless Access,
Management and Security
-Data Connectivity Products,
VPN Appliances
-Clientless, SSL Based VPN
-Quality-of-Service and Traffic
-Server, Link and Firewall
Load Balancing
-Network Fault Detection Tools
and Analysis
-Network Performance &
Management Products
-Hosting, Co-location & IDC
-Firewall/VPN Products
-Virus Detection/Prevention
-URL Content Filtering
-Email Spam Prevention
-Prevention/Detection Solutions
-Wireless Security
-Token-Based User
-Secure Single Sign-On
-Clientless, SSL Based VPN
-Security Consulting Services
-Off-Site Web Management
and Firewall Monitoring

53 Data Systems
www.dsionline.com -Data Center, data collection
-Implementation service
-Global 24*7 support
-Wireless infrastructure and
device hardware management
54 Steelcloud www.steelcloud.com -IT Services
-Security Consulting
-Service Desk Solution
-Technology Integration
55 Dynamix Group
-Warranty Repair
-System Design
-Phone Support
56 eSystems Design www.e-

57 Core 180 www.core180.com -Access
-Private Line
-Point to Point
-Capacity Distribution
-Ethernet Services
58 Edgewater
Technology, Inc.
www.edgewater.com -Management Consulting
-Technology Consulting
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

-Enterprise Performance
59 eDynamic Softech
www.edynamic.ca -Web & Enterprise Content
-Web Design & User
-Web Strategy & Consulting
-Online Marketing
60 Enterprise
www.eeng.co.uk - Systems Consultancy,
-Management Consultancy,
-IT Strategy,
-IT Interim Management,
-Systems Management,
-Service Delivery
-Operational Research
-Telephone Systems for Small
-Enabling Small Business
Owners to take time off
61 Emtec Inc www.emtc.com -ERP System
-Application Development
-Database Development
-Business Analytics
-Software Quality Assurance
and Testing
-Business Analysis and
Business Systems Analysis
62 Enigma www.enigmaconsultin
-Performance testing
-Functional testing
-Project Scoping
-Test Architecture
-Agent less Monitoring
63 Envision, Inc. www.envisioninc.com -Implementation
-Customer support
-Business consulting
-Integration and System testing
-Solution Design
64 The Ergonomic
Group, Inc.
www.ergogroup.com -Security Solution
-Storage Solution
-Networking Solution
-Capacity planning
-Life Cycle Management
65 eSource Group www.esourcegroup.co
-IT outsourcing
-Business Continuty
66 SYBASE www.sybase.com -Product Consulting
-Strategic Services
-Mobility Solution
-Industry Solution
-Application Development and
-Enterprise Management
-Custom Solution
67 Eurosoft, Inc. www.eurosoft-
-IT Consultancy

68 Electronic Warfare
Associates, Inc.
www.ewa.com -24/7 Operations Center
-Threat and Vulnerability
-Training and Certification
-Risk Management Planning
and Implementation
-Managed Security Software
Engineering Services
-System Security Engineering
-Systems Architecture and
Integration Services
-Information Technology
-Information Technology
Security Training
69 Exalt Systems www.exaltsystem.com -IT consultancy
-IT outsourcing
-BPO services
70 Exodus
www.exodus.net -IT support services
-Security Services
-Network services
-Data Centers
-Storage and backup
-Managed Application
71 Lockheed Martin
Management &
Data Systems
-Business Process Management
-Enterprise Architecture
-Homeland Security
-Information Assurance
-Systems Development and

72 Federal Data Corp. www.datafederal.com -Business Process management
-System Planning and
-Technology Consulting and
-Prototype Development
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

73 Computer Solution www.comsoltx.comint
-Custom Development
-Data Management
-System Consolidation,
integration and migration
-Software Implementation
-Business Intelligence
-Security Service
-Data Center
-Disaster Recovery
74 Fischer &
www.fischerint.co.za -Information systems
-Operations research
-Education and training
-Organization and
organizational analysis
-Financial analysis
-Protocol and policy
-Development of management
75 Force 3 Inc www.force3.com -Unified Communications
-Data Center
-Virtualization Technologies
76 Forsythe Solutions
Group Inc
-Align & Operate IT
-Manage Risk
-Protect & Manage Data
-Optimize the Data Center
-Enhance IT Infrastructure
-Source & Manage Technology
77 Geac Computer
Corp. Ltd
www.geac.com -Performance management
-Equipment Sales
-Spares Supply
78 German IT
Development Ltd
www.gitd.net -Industrial automation solution
79 GERS Retail
Systems, Inc.
www.gers.com -Business & Strategic
-Education & Training
-Technical Support Service
-Web Design & Site
80 Information
Systems Support
www.issi-gis.com -Application Development
-Internet Map Services
-GIS Mapping
-Systems Integration
-Database Design
-Data Conversion
-GPS Data Collection
81 Government Micro
Resources Inc
www.gmri.com -Data Center
-Storage Service
82 Greenpages Inc. www.greenpages.com -Application Solution
-Data Management Solution
-IT Management & Business
-Network and Infrastructure
-Technology Procurement
83 Gulf Computers
-Electronic Document
Management Systems (EDMS)
-Geographical Information
Systems (GIS)
-Staff Augmentation Services
-Document Conversion and
Archiving Services
-Linux Consulting Services
-Infrastructure Maintenance
and Upgrades
-Call Centre Services
-Help Desk Support Services
84 Control Consulting
itaudit.hypermart.net -Backup & Restoration controls
-Physical security
-Version Management
-Data Center
-Risk assessment
85 Information
www.ica.com -Strategy Consulting
86 Boston IT
www.icorps.com -Network Integration
-Business Application
-Web-Based Solutions
-Security Solution
-Consulting Service
87 Independent
Computing Group
www.icglp.com -Website hosting
-Website development
-Web Marketing
88 IMCI Technologies www.imci.net -Network Design
-Product Development
-Integration Service
-Field Deployment
89 Bay Area IT
-Desktop Monitoring &
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

-Business Intelligence
-Server Monitoring &
-Business Continuity Planning
-Server & Application Hosting
-Backup & Disaster Recover
-Database Warehousing

90 Kaslen Group:
Management for IT
www.kaslen.com -Process Solutions
-Strategic Planning
-Quality Management
-Process Management
91 Computer and
Internet Services
www.lojix.co.uk -Internet Services
* Website Promotion
* Website Design & Hosting
* Ecommerce
* Email
-Computer Services
* IT Support
* Maintenance
* Security
* Disaster Recovery
* VPN / Remote Access
-Computer Sales
* Computer Hardware
* Computer Software
-Computer Networks
* Network Services

92 Information
www.marathonus.com -Custom Application
-Internet Marketing
-IT Advisory Services
-IT Staff Augmentation
-Industries and Applications

Technologies Ltd.
www.mrktech.com -Security & Compliance
-Storage Strategies
-Business Service Management
94 IT Support -
London, UK
-Computer Support
-IT Systems
-Remote Access
-Remote Desktop
-Blackberry Mobile
-IT Consultancy
-Hosted Exchange
-Hosted Microsoft CRM
-Wireless Networks
-Disaster Recovery
-VMware Installs
-Terminal Services
-Managed Hosting

95 Omni Consulting
-Technology Valuation
-Technology Strategy
-Technology Acquisition and
Product Counsel

96 Information
Technology (IT)
-Software Development &
-Business Intelligence
-Maintenance & Support
97 Perot Systems www.perotsystems.co
-Application Services
-Business Process Services
-Consulting Services
-Infrastructure Services
-Modular Services
-Virtual Services

98 Xpragma www.xpragma.com -The Agile Virtual Enterprise
-Reverse Interaction Modeling.
-Business Process
99 Xwave Solutions www.xwavesolutions.
-Business Intelligence
-Risk Management
-Enterprise Resource Planning
-Consulting Service
-Advanced Technology
-Managed Services
100 Xways Soft Ltd www.xways.net -Software solution
-Web solution
-Bandwidth solution
-Telecom product
-Network product
101 Zero One
-Support service
-Installation and Maintenance
-Hardware supply.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

7"7" <* $\BT<8\ *>`U[UMb
IT Seivice Taxonomy has been oiganizeu in 7 main categoiies: Suppoit,
0peiations, Tiaining, Consulting, 0utsouicing, Integiation anu uevelopment anu
othei seivices. Each of the main categoiies has been uiviueu into subcategoiies
anu IT seivices have been uefineu unuei those subcategoiies.
In the following subsections, the categoiies anu subcategoiies have been
stateu in the pioposeu IT seivice Taxonomy. Fuitheimoie, this ITST has uefineu
all of the iuentifieu IT seivices fiom small, meuium anu laige enteipiises.
Figuie 6 shows the categoiies anu subcategoiies establisheu.


-BNQ;7 U> )DJ7N:;B7= DF< *QYCDJ7N:;B7= :K "$ =7;ABC7=

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

M@M@? )DJ7N:;8> *QPP:;J *7;ABC7=

This categoiy incluues those IT seivices that pioviue suppoit with
haiuwaie oi softwaie to a computei, oi some othei electionic oi mechanical
uevice connecteu with IT. In geneial, these technical seivices aie tiying to help
the usei to solve specific inciuents pioblems in a piouuct oi seivice (not
incluuing usei tiaining).

Figuie 7 shows the Suppoit seivices categoiy, subcategoiies anu seivices
baseu on it.

-BNQ;7 S> *QPP:;J *7;ABC7 )DJ7N:;8

M@M@?@? *QYCDJ7N:;8> #7J9:;_ *7;ABC7=
This subcategoiy of netwoik seivices (NNS: Netwoik Seivices
Nanagement) pioviues monitoiing anu management of wiue aiea netwoiks
(WAN: Wiue Aiea Netwoik) anu local aiea netwoiks (LAN: Local Aiea Netwoik).
Figuie 8 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy.

-BNQ;7 m> #7J9:;_ *7;ABC7 *QYCDJ7N:;8

The uetail of the seivices of this subcategoiy has been uiscusseu below,
Solution for Intelligent building
This seivice incluues seivices uesign, implementation, integiation anu
suppoit foi high-tech builuings, incluuing univeisity campuses, hotels, public
anu euucational institutions anu office builuings.
Management Services (for network)
This seivice is iesponsible foi helping in maintaining anu managing the
netwoik in full opeiation by 24 houis a uay, 7 uays in a week, anu S6S uays in a
Integration and Implementation Services
This is the seivice that helps to integiate the haiuwaie, opeiating systems
anu netwoik-oiienteu softwaie components foi optimal utilization anu
peifoimance of the installeu netwoik infiastiuctuie.
Assessment Services
This seivice helps to systematically iuentify iisk aieas, make
iecommenuations anu set piioiities foi impioveu infiastiuctuie.
Network Architecture Analysis, Design and Installation Service
This seivice is iesponsible foi the analysis, uesign anu installation of
communications systems as well as IP uata netwoiks, multiseivice voice anu
Support for Network Device Service
This is the seivice that helps to monitoi, impiove peifoimance anu
availability of netwoik uevices installeu in the infiastiuctuie of the oiganization.

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

Support for Network Environment
This seivice pioviues optimization solution in netwoik uesign.
Management and Operation of LAN/ WAN
This seivice pioviues telecommunications solutions, auministiation anu
management, mouulai anu scalable uata netwoiks. This seivice helps to
establish a uelegateu auministiation WAN LAN, impiove seivice quality anu
ieuuce opeiating costs, inciease availability of seivices, helps to establish flexible
Seivice Level Agieement (SLA) contiacts. This kinu of seivice also helps to
establish a single point of contact foi the auministiation anu management of uata
M@M@?@H *QYCDJ7N:;8> *7CQ;BJ8 =7;ABC7=
The secuiity seivices aie those that establish anu maintain anti-viius
management anu planning suppoit enciyption, log-on pioceuuies, piovisions foi
the piotection of infoimation anu othei activities to piotect both physical anu
logical aspects of the IT.
Figuie 9 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy.

-BNQ;7 V> *7CQ;BJ8 *7;ABC7
The uetail of the seivices of this secuiity seivice subcategoiy has been
uiscusseu below,
Network Security
This seivice is iesponsible foi contiolling access anu infoimation
exchange between company netwoiks anu Inteinet by using haiuwaie anu
Remote Access Security
This seivice pioviues helps to uevelop anu implement piotocol anu
secuie application foi iemote access, uenying access to unsafe machineiy.
Security for e-mail
This seivice is iesponsible foi ieviewing email messages foi viiuses,
woims oi othei secuiity thieats to the netwoik befoie passing those to the

Internet Security
This seivice is iesponsible foi ensuiing the confiuentiality anu integiity of
usei uata anu valiuates the authentication anu subsequent authoiization to
Intrusion Prevention
This seivice is iesponsible foi viius scanning, uynamic piotection against
spy waie, intiusions, uynamic upuate of uatabase of viius uefinitions, application
contiol, uevelopment of piotocol anu iepoits on intiusions.
Security in Local access
This seivice pioviues help to establish, uevelop anu implement
mechanisms anu guiuelines foi the iisks involveu in local access to computeis
anu computei systems.

M@M@?@M *QYCDJ7N:;8> *7;ABC7 '7=_ *7;ABC7=
This seivices aie iesponsible not only foi inciuents, pioblems anu
queiies, but also foi a contact point foi: iequests foi change by customeis,
maintenance contiacts, softwaie licenses, seivice level management,
configuiation management, availability management anu financial management
of IT seivices.
Figuie 1u shows the seivices of this subcategoiy.

-BNQ;7 ?W> *7;ABC7 '7=_ *7;ABC7=

The uetails of the seivice uesk seivices have been uiscusseu below,
Network Operation Center
This seivice pioviues help to monitoi the netwoik system, manage the
haiuwaie anu softwaie of the system, uo secuiity monitoiing, uo analysis anu uo
iepoiting on banuwiuth that incluues seivice availability, bieak, inventoiy,
secuiity anu peifoimance.

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

Call Center Services
This seivice is piofessional tieatment of laige volumes of phone calls. It is
useu usually in telemaiketing seivices, in consumei seivices (banking, insuiance,
Help Desk
This is the seivice that helps to manage, cooiuinate, anu iesolve inciuents
as quickly as possible, anu ensuies that no notification is lost, foigotten oi
ignoieu is belongeu to his kinu of seivice.
M@M@?@T *QYCDJ7N:;8> 1DBFJ7FDFC7 =7;ABC7=
Naintenance seivices aie those that help to pievent anu fix pioblems with
the haiuwaie anu softwaie.

Figuie 11 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy.

-BNQ;7 ??> 1DBFJ7FDFC7 *7;ABC7=
The uetail of the seivices of this subcategoiy has been uesciibeu below,
Baiuwaie Naintenance Seivices
The haiuwaie maintenance seivices pioviue full suppoit foi uesktops,
laptops, seiveis anu any uevice oi computei peiipheial equipment. It ensuies
equipments aie woiking piopeily.

The uetail of the seivices of this sub subcategoiy has been uesciibeu
Parts and spares
This seivice is iesponsible foi pioviuing paits anu spaies foi iepaiiing of
the uesktops, laptops anu computei peiipheial equipments. Spaie paits to the
uevices ensuie that those IT equipments woik like new machines.
Adapting PCs
This seivice is useu to aujust anu uesign the computei system accoiuing
to the specific neeus of the usei oi customei.
Incident Control hardware
This seivice keeps tiack of the cost of seiveis, PCs, peiipheials anu all the
equipment tieu to the PC.
Hardware Integration
This seivice is iesponsible foi integiating heteiogeneous systems into a
single enviionment. It ieuuces the numbei of IT components in the business.
Thus, by optimizing existing systems, impioving peifoimance anu maximizing
the availability of applications anu infoimation, it ieuuces total opeiating costs.
Managing Hardware Changes
This seivice pioviues visibility anu contiol that is neeueu foi bettei
planning, implementation anu uocumentation of haiuwaie changes, in oiuei to
maintain IT seivices functions.
Removal of old computer equipment
This seivice collects obsolete computei equipments.
Repair of equipment on site
This seivice is iesponsible foi iestoiing the haiuwaie in case of failuies in
the affecteu computei location.
Review and test hardware
This seivice is iesponsible foi uoing uiagnostic seivice foi connectivity,
opeiability anu functionality of the haiuwaie. It consists of a iigoious testing
piocess to test all system components of computei haiuwaie.
Technical reports of hardware
This seivice piouuces technical iepoit of the haiuwaie components baseu
on the technical analysis.
Guarantees of hardware
This seivice suppoits the entiie IT enviionment foi haiuwaie. This
seivice offeis a vaiiety of maintenance piogiams uesigneu to meet specific
business neeus.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

This seivice is iesponsible foi iepaiiing oi ieplacing any bioken piintei
in the business unit.
Optical components
This seivice is iesponsible foi iepaiiing oi ieplacement of any optical
uevice that neeus to be fixeu.
Hardware upgrade
This seivice is iesponsible foi impioving the haiuwaie of IT components.
It checks foi new veisions of haiuwaie anu the compatibility with the softwaie
that iuns on that haiuwaie. This seivice upuates the haiuwaie in the system
baseu on business uemanus to achieve uesiieu objectives.
Support mission-critical
This seivice is iesponsible foi maintenance of the haiuwaie on which IT
applications iun. This ensuies haiuwaie must be available 24 houis a uay, S6S
uays a yeai.
Cleaning equipment
This seivice is a pieventive seivice that keeps clean the components of
the computeis. This seivice is closely ielateu to the ieview anu testing of
haiuwaie because these incluue an inteinal cleaning of the haiuwaie.
Self / remote support
This seivice is iesponsible foi suppoiting the haiuwaie iemotely. It
ensuies connectivity, opeiability anu functionality of the haiuwaie fiom
Improved maintenance
This seivice is a soit of evaluation seivices to impiove the maintenances.
Hardware configuration
This seivice is iesponsible foi configuiing the iesouices that have been
assigneu to a paiticulai uevice baseu on customei iequiiements.
*:KJ9D;7 1DBFJ7FDFC7 *7;ABC7
The softwaie maintenance seivices help to impiove peifoimance anu
availability of the softwaie installeu oi to be installeu on the haiuwaie of the
computei systems.
The uetails of the seivices of this sub subcategoiy have been uiscusseu
Renewal of the Application
This seivice is iesponsible foi making assessment foi optimization
applications. It makes a uemonstiation of the value that woulu iesult in making
the tiansition fiom the cuiient enviionment to anothei platfoim.
Internet service
This seivice is pioviueu thiough Inteinet using establisheu infiastiuctuie
iesouices anu piotocols.
Server Service
This seivice optimizes the technology foi seiveis, allows quickly anu
successfully implementation of the systems anu incieases the efficiency of theii
Preventive software maintenance service
This seivice is iesponsible foi maintaining softwaie uiagnosis, opeiation
anu functionality.
Software security logic
This seivice is iesponsible foi ensuiing the logical secuiity of computei
system foi softwaie ueliveiy, installation, configuiation anu management.
Operating systems
This seivice is iesponsible foi uoing ueliveiy, installation, configuiation
anu auministiation of opeiating systems in computeis.
Specialized Application Software Service
This seivice is iesponsible foi ueliveiy, installation, configuiation anu
management of specializeu softwaie useu by the usei anu peiipheial uevices.
Optimization of operating systems
This seivice is iesponsible foi impioving the peifoimance of the
opeiating systems useu in IT system.
Service desk
Seivice uesk seivice is iesponsible foi installation, configuiation anu
management of opeiating systems anu office applications foi uesktop computeis,
laptops anu PC notebooks upon iequests.
Service media
This seivice is iesponsible foi managing peimissions, piioiities anu
piinting pioblems.
Service performance monitoring software
This seivice is iesponsible foi measuiing anu monitoiing peifoimance of
mission-ciitical softwaie.
Database Support
This seivice is iesponsible foi installation, configuiation anu management
of uatabases.

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

Price, contracts and software licenses
This seivice is iesponsible foi piice management, contiacts anu softwaie
licenses. This seivice geneiates iepoits on piicing, softwaie contiacts. It is
accountable to ienew oi to extenu the softwaie licenses.
Software Update
This seivices is iesponsible foi installation, configuiation anu to upuate
application softwaie anu opeiating systems.
Remote maintenance applications
This seivice pioviues iemote assistance on maintenance of installeu
application in IT systems via the Inteinet oi piivate netwoik.
M@M@?@a *QYCDJ7N:;8> ,F< (=7; *7;ABC7=
The enu-usei seivices aie iesponsible foi pioviuing assistance to people
oi oiganizations that actually use a piouuct, in contiast to peisons oi
oiganizations that authoiize, oiuei, piocuie oi pay foi it.
Figure 12 shows the services of this category.

-BNQ;7 ?H> ,F< (=7; *7;ABC7
The details of the services of this subcategory has been discussed below,
Integration and Platform Development Service
This seivice is iesponsible foi implementing business applications anu
infoimation communication systems anu the uevelopment of bespoke piojects in
the IT fielu.
Asset Recovery Solution
This seivice helps the oiganizations to iecovei the assets in an affoiuable,
manageable anu flexible way. It pioviues flexibility to ueciue the foitune of
unwanteu IT equipments, helps to biing back IT equipments fiom othei
locations of the company.
Platform Management Service
This seivice is iesponsible foi opeiating anu managing the vaiious
technologies involveu in seivice ueliveiy to IT useis.
Storage Service
This seivice manages the stoiage allocateu to useis anu useu by them.
Support Service for End User
This seivice is iesponsible foi auuiessing the complex pioblems of the
enu useis that iequiie special attention. By continuous analysis this seivice can
iuentify common mistakes anu make iecommenuations foi possible
M@M@H )DJ7N:;8> &QJ=:Q;CBFN *7;ABC7=
This categoiy incluues those seivices that enable the management oi
uaily execution of some function of the IT seivices of the oiganizations by an
exteinal seivice pioviuei.

Figuie 1S shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

-BNQ;7 ?M> &QJ=:Q;CBFN CDJ7N:;8R =QYCDJ7N:;B7= DF< =7;ABC7=
The application outsouicing seivices consist of managing, maintaining
anu impioving customei applications. These kinus of seivices uo focus on
oiganizational auvantages to align IT stiategy with business objectives by
uelegating all oi pait of the functions of infoimation systems of the company by
the exteinal paitneis.
Figuie 14 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y


The details of the services of this subcategory has been discussed below,
Application Management
This seivice is iesponsible foi impioving application suppoit anu
maintenance by managing anu monitoiing uatabases, applications, opeiating
system, veision contiol anu configuiation management, pioblem solving ielateu
to upuates, patches anu upgiaues by exteinal paitnei.
Testing and Application
This seivice helps to maximize the quality, peifoimance anu availability
of softwaie applications, thiough iigoious testing methous anu inuustiy
stanuaiu piocesses of quality assuiance.
Modernization of Business Application
This seivice is iesponsible foi acceleiating the auoption of seivice-
oiienteu aichitectuie (S0A: Seivices 0iienteu Aichitectuie) in the oiganization
by ieuucing costs, time anu iesouices.
The outsouicing application uevelopment seivices ensuie the iequesteu
applications fiom the IT oiganization anu tiy to ieflect business piocesses
accoiuing to customei neeus anu business.
Figuie 1S shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

-BNQ;7 ?a> +PPLBCDJB:F '7A7L:PG7FJ *7;ABC7
The details of the services of this subcategory has been discussed below,
Application On Demand
This is compiehensive uevelopment seivice that helps to cieate new
softwaie tools oi specific applications that has not been uevelopeu so fai. It also
helps to uefine the specific neeus of each company to uevelop softwaie "on
uemanu" when stanuaiu piogiams aie not sufficient to meet the iequiiements of
the company.
Design, Development and Execution of Application
This seivice is iesponsible foi pioviuing specific solutions to uesign,
uevelop anu maintain a complete solution ovei time.
Application Outsourcing based on Ability
This seivice is iesponsible foi impioving, maintaining anu managing IT
applications with a compiehensive seivice appioach baseu on measuiement anu
Development of Commercial Application
This seivice is iesponsible foi ueveloping applications to sale oi to ient
these to the laige population.
Application Reengineering Migration and Portability
This seivice is iesponsible foi establishing anu implementing the uesign
anu application to meet the cuiient neeu of the oiganizations. This seivice is not
incluueu in host application system.
Selection and Employment of Application Providers
This seivice pioviues methous anu techniques to select the seivice
pioviueis anu to ieciuit them.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

M@M@H@M *QYCDJ7N:;8> *8=J7G= "FJ7N;DJB:F *7;ABC7=
The systems integiation seivices biing togethei the components of
subsystems within a single system anu ensuie that the subsystems function
togethei as one system. In IT, system integiation is the piocess of linking
uiffeient computei systems anu softwaie applications physically oi functionally.
Figuie 16 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

Figure 16: System Integration Service Subcategory
The uetail of the seivices of this subcategoiy has been uesciibeu below,
DA;(.%;; +??6()+4(-. (.4%9&+4(-.
This seivice offeis the business the means to moueinize, consoliuate, anu
cooiuinate opeiations in the enteipiise.
DA;(.%;; (.4%9&+4(-.
This seivice conuucts thoiough ieview of youi neeus, peifoims gap
analysis between cuiient state of the business anu pioposeu outcome. This
seivice is also iesponsible foi tiacking the pioject anu pioviues ongoing status
\)-//%&)% +.F C%: ?-&4+6 (.4%9&+4(-.
This seivice is iesponsible foi implementing, integiating, configuiing anu
customizing a wiue iange of shopping caits, thiiu paity Inteinet anu ecommeice
piouucts, tools, application anu seivices foi the specific oiganization.
\.4%&?&(;% +&)@(4%)4A&% +.F 4%)@.-6-90 (.4%9&+4(-.
This seivice seives the uynamic neeus of companies anu goveinments by
solving business challenges thiough the integiation of technology. It ensuies
customei IT piojects meet time, buuget anu business expectations, following
best piactices anu methouologies foi uecision-making anu iesouice efficiency
thiough business continuity, technology consultant, infoimation management.
[%4C-&E; (.4%9&+4(-.
Netwoik Integiation helps businesses of all sizes efficiently anu secuiely
to connect anu manage theii IT systems. This seivice helps to tailoi netwoik
uesign to iesponu to changing business iequiiements, impiove netwoik
availability anu peifoimance anu ieuuce the iisks associateu with making
change of the netwoik
M@M@H@T *QYCDJ7N:;8> ^Q=BF7== I;:C7== &QJ=:Q;CBFN *7;ABC7= [^I&]
BP0 seivices involve the outsouicing of business piocess functions by
seivice pioviueis, whethei inteinal oi exteinal to the company, usually in places
with lowei costs. The Business Piocess 0utsouicing involves the management
anu opeiation of ceitain piocesses that shape the client's business. It is the
uelegation of one oi moie business piocesses to an exteinal suppliei who is
iesponsible foi implementing anu managing piocesses baseu on peifoimance
inuicatois uefineu anu agieeu.
Figuie 17 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

Figure 17: Business Process Outsourcing Subcategory
The uetail of the seivices of this categoiy has been uiscusseu below,
8-.4+)4 C(4@ 4@% )6(%.4
This seivice is a quickest way to answei the questions of the clients about
seivices of the business. This can be offeieu by online foim oi emails oi phone.
W(.+.)% +.F +))-A.4(.9
This seivice pioviues accuiate, timely anu usable financial infoimation
anu statistical uata to meet the legislative anu iegulatoiy iepoiting neeus of
manageis anu executives of the business.
3&-5(4 &%)-'%&0 +.+60;(;
This seivice is iesponsible foi helping oiganizations fiom eveiy inuustiy
uiive towaiu high peifoimance with innovative pievention, uetection anu
iecoveiy seivices applieu to the piocuie-to-pay piocess.
$A??60 )@+(. /+.+9%/%.4
This management seivice is iesponsible foi infoimation about all
movement anu stoiage of iaw mateiials; woik in piocess inventoiy, finisheu
goous fiom point of piouuction to point consumption.

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

8A;4-/%& &%6+4(-.;@(? /+.+9%/%.4
This seivice is iesponsible foi auuiessing the pioblems of uealing with
customeis on a uay-to-uay basis. It assists in uealing with the customeis
effectively anu efficiently.
M@M@H@a *QYCDJ7N:;8> "FK;D=J;QCJQ;7 &QJ=:Q;CBFN *7;ABC7=
The infiastiuctuie outsouicing seivices help companies to outsouice
eveiything ielateu to the computei uesktop, the platfoim of seiveis, netwoiks
anu piinting seivices foi affoiuable cost.
Figuie 18 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

Figure 18: Infrastructure outsourcing
The uetail of the seivices of this subcategoiy has been uiscusseu below.
^-;4(.9 +.F <*
This seivice allows the oiganizations to uo hosting theii websites in
seiveis, most cases seiveis that belong to the thiiu paity.
$%&'()% F%;E L-A4;-A&)%Q
This seivice allows the customeis of the oiganization to get suppoit ovei
phone oi Inteinet by the thiiu paity.
>??6()+4(-. ;A??-&4 L-A4;-A&)%Q
This seivice is iesponsible foi giving suppoit foi the application of the
oiganization fiom the outsiue of that oiganization.
$%&'%& ;A??-&4
This seivice pioviues suppoit foi the seivei of the application in the
oiganization by the exteinal seivice pioviuei.
$4-&+9% /+.+9%/%.4
This seivice is iesponsible foi managing stoiage foi an oiganization foi
the uatabase application by the exteinal seivice pioviuei.

UA4?A4 /+.+9%/%.4
0utput Nanagement Seivices pioviues customizeu, scalable, mission-
ciitical enteipiise output management solutions. Exteinal seivice pioviueis
uesign the solution accoiuing to the iequiiements of the oiganization to
accomplish the goal.
H+4+ )%.4%&;
Bata centei seivices aie a collective teim foi the suppoiting components
necessaiy foi the piopei opeiation of a iepositoiy foi stoiage, management anu
uissemination of uata oiganizeu aiounu a bouy of knowleuge oi peitaining to an
enteipiise. As such, uata centei seivices can involve haiuwaie, softwaie,
piocesses anu peisonnel.
M@M@M )DJ7N:;8> ):F=QLJBFN
It incluues those piofessional seivices with a high uegiee of expeitise anu
expeiience in the IT aiea to auvise inuiviuuals, businesses anu gioups of
companies, countiies oi oiganizations in geneial.
Figuie 19 shows the seivices of these subcategoiies.

-BNQ;7 ?V> ):F=QLJBFN )DJ7N:;8 DF< BJ= *QY )DJ7N:;B7=
M@M@M@? *QYCDJ7N:;8> )Q=J:G7; %7LDJB:F=ZBP 1DFDN7G7FJ *7;ABC7 [)%1]
This management seivices pioviue customei ielationship technology
solutions that will stiengthen communication between the company anu its
clients to impiove ielationships with customeis thiough the automation of the
piesale, sales, customei seivice management anu afteimaiket. CRN aims to
inciease pioximity to customeis to meet theii neeus anu tuin them into loyal
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

Figuie 2u shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

Figure 20: Customer Relationship Subcategory
The uetails of the seivices of this subgioup has been uiscusseu below
8A;4-/%& $%&'()%
Customei seivice consultancy is iesponsible foi cieating anu impioving
customei seivice cultuie. It impioves customei facing woik piocesses anu bettei
unueistanus customei neeus. It also impioves on the phone customei seivice
anu offei new appioaches to inteinal customei seivice
$+6% )-.;A64(.9
Sales consulting can help the oiganization to auapt anu optimize the sales
systems in oiuei to captuie moie piofitable business.
M+&E%4(.9 )-.;A64(.9
Naiketing consulting seivice is iesponsible foi consulting foi the
companies to inciease theii bianu, maiket shaie, website's tiaffic, qualifieu
leaus, sales anu most of all a ietuin on investment.
This seivice is iesponsible foi consulting with the key peoples of the
oiganization to iuentify taiget maiket. It also consults about seivice maiketing
stiategies anu seivice ievenue goal of the company.
M@M@M@H *QYCDJ7N:;8> "$ *7;ABC7= *J;DJ7N8
Consultancy seivices in IT stiategy aie those that help to plan an
appiopiiate IT stiuctuie to meet the oiganizational neeus to offei piomiseu
seivices oi piouucts to the customeis.
The IT stiategy consiueis the changes thiough which an oiganization can
gain potential oppoitunities. These oppoitunities may incluue ways to use
technology to gain competitive auvantage, ieuuce costs, inciease ievenues, anu
so on. These oppoitunities aie measuieu against the stiengths anu weaknesses
of the cuiient IT enviionment, both technological anu oiganizational, to set IT
stiategy to be auopteu.
Figuie 21 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

Figure 21: IT Service Strategy subcategory
The uetails of the seivices of this subcategoiy has been uiscusseu below,
8-&?-&+4% $4&+4%90
This seivice is iesponsible foi cieating a successful stiategy to help the
client consistently outpeifoim theii competitois by accessing maiket accuiacy
anu ielevant steps tot achieve this goal.
3&()% +.F 3&-5(4 -?4(/(P+4(-.
This seivice helps the oiganizations to builu, implement anu sustain
auvanceu piicing capabilities thiough a closeu loop appioach that incluues
stiategy, analytics, piice setting anu execution.
Sustainability Consulting pioviues oiganizations with the tools anu
expeitise that they neeu to actively manage theii social anu enviionmental
a&-C4@ +.F <..-'+4(-.
This seivice is iesponsible foi iuentifying anu assessing key tienus anu
factois that pioviue oppoitunities foi giowth. It pioviues auvanceu customei
insight that leaus to uiffeient value piopositions anu uevelops a go-foiwaiu
giowth anu innovation agenua.
U&9+.(P+4(-.+6 ;4&+4%90
0iganizational stiategy is conceineu with envisioning a futuie foi
the business, cieating values to the customeis, anu builuing anu sustaining a
stiong position in the maiketplace.
This piouuct chain management seivice is iesponsible foi helping
effectively to manage the best piice anu flows, movements, inventoiies of
finisheu piouucts anu infoimation ielating to it anu to impiove anu automate the
supply by ieuucing the inventoiies anu ueliveiy times. The teim piouuction "just
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

in time" chaiacteiizes the concept of minimizing inventoiy thioughout the entiie
piouuction chain.
Figuie 22 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

Figure 22: Product Chain management subcategory
The uetails of the seivices of this categoiy has been given below,
H%;(9. +.F /+.A5+)4A&(.9
Besign anu manufactuiing seivice pioviues auvanceu engineeiing &
tooling seivices to the oiganizations. This seivice ensuies the highest quality
engineeiing uesign anu tooling piouucts.
3&-FA)4 )@+(. ?6+..(.9
This seivice is iesponsible foi ieuucing supply chain cost; impiove
piouuct maigins anu incieasing manufactuiing thioughput.
3&-FA)4 )@+(. ;4&+4%90
Piouuct chain stiategy focuses on iuentifying anu quantifying supply
chain impiovements anu assisting clients in tiansfoiming theii opeiations, fiom
supplieis to the ultimate customei, to enable ieal stiategic change anu
competitive auvantage.
8-.4&+)4(.9 +.F 3&-)A&%/%.4;
This seivice is iesponsible foi negotiating leases, anu piocuiing
piofessional, constiuction, anu seivice anu supply contiacts on behalf of the
oiganization. The iole of this seivice is to obligate the oiganization foi
contiactual seivices anu to piocuie quality supplies anu equipment as
economically anu conveniently as possible.
3&-FA)4 6(5% )0)6% (..-'+4(-. +.F /+.+9%/%.4
This seivice is iesponsible foi pioviuing solutions to suppoit stiategic
ioau mapping, iuea uevelopment, piouuct poitfolio management anu
the cieation, commeicialization anu ieplacement of piouucts.

Consultancy seivices in oiganizational peifoimance seivices aie those
that monitoi anu measuie multiple uimensions such as financial peifoimance,
customei seivice, social iesponsibility anu human iesouice management of the
Figuie 2S shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

Figure 23: Organizational Performance Service
The uetail of the seivices of this subcategoiy has been uiscusseu below,
W(.+.)(+6 ?%&5-&/+.)%
This seivice is iesponsible foi measuiing oveiall financial health of the
oiganization ovei a given peiiou of time. It compaies similai oiganizations
acioss the same inuustiy.
^A/+. &%;-A&)% /+.+9%/%.4
The Buman Resouices Nanagement seivice is iesponsible foi iuentifying
the neeus of staffs in the oiganization; select the contiactoi to ieciuit people,
tiaining the employee. This seivice ensuies peisonnel anu management piactice
confoim to vaiious iegulations
G-&E5-&)% ?%&5-&/+.)%
This seivice is iesponsible foi helping oiganizations substantially
inciease piouuctivity, maiket shaie anu shaieholuei value by ensuiing that they
have the iight people, with the iight skills in the iight ioles.
$-)(+6 B%;?-.;(:(6(40
This seivice is iesponsible foi impioving factoiy conuitions anu helping
women auvance. Noieovei, it uesigns moie sustainable stoies anu piouucts, anu
gets cieative about piotecting natuial iesouices.
M@M@M@a *QYCDJ7N:;8> ):F=:LB<DJB:F *7;ABC7=
Consoliuation seivices aie those that help IT technology moie effective,
efficient anu agile. They pioviue a uata centei systems anu infiastiuctuie,
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

aichitectuie, IT stiategy, technology solutions anu IT piocesses that neeu to
achieve theii business objectives anu seivice level.
Figuie 24 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

Figure 24: Consolidation subcategory
The uetail of the seivices of this subcategoiy has been mentioneu below,
DA;(.%;; (/?+)4 )-.;A64(.9
This seivice is iesponsible foi iuentifying which business piocesses anu
assets iequiie the highest level of piotection. It uefines iecommenuation on
possible iecoveiy stiategies anu alteinatives. This seivice also pioviues financial
uata to help to choose appiopiiate level foi business piotection.
H%;(9. +.F (.4%9&+4(-. )-.;A64+.)0
This seivice is iesponsible foi cooiuinating; uesigning anu ueveloping
integiateu systems solutions that suppoit the business. This consulting seivice
helps to ueploy these solutions ensuiing ueliveiy scheuule anu buuget taigets.
M(9&+4(-. ;%&'()%
This seivice is iesponsible foi fully migiating application, uatabase,
configuiations anu websites in woiking oiuei to the new site.
$%&'%& F%?6-0/%.4 ;A??-&4 )-.;A64+.)0
This seivice is iesponsible foi consulting about installation of connection
infiastiuctuie, tioubleshooting vicious seivei eiioisiemote access, pioblems to
implementation of seivei upuates.
$%6%)4('% +.F 4-4+6 -A4;-A&)(.9 )-.;A64(.9
This seivice is iesponsible foi consulting about selective anu total
outsouicing. It uefines how much buuget of the oiganization shoulu be
outsouiceu to the exteinal venuoi.
8-.;A64(.9 5-& ?6+..(.9 +.F ;4&+4%90
This seivice is iesponsible foi uefining mission, objective anu stiategy of
the business. It pioviues on spot suppoit anu guiuance foi the length of the
$4-&+9% )-.;-6(F+4(-.
This seivice is iesponsible foi centializing uata stoiage among multiple
seiveis. The objective is to facilitate uata backup anu aichiving foi all
subsciibeis in an enteipiise, while minimizing the time iequiieu to access anu
stoie uata.
M@M@M@U *QYCDJ7N:;8> *7CQ;BJ8 *7;ABC7=
The secuiity consulting seivice pioviues solutions, iesolves uoubts anu
offeis a ieliable guiue to safety.
Figuie 2S shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

Figure 25: Security Service Consultancy subcategory
The uetail of the seivices of this subcategoiy has been give below,
8-.;A64(.9 (. ;%)A&(40 &(;E;
This seivice is iesponsible foi helping oiganizations piepaie foi the
unfoieseen by combining extensive iisk management capabilities with technical
anu inuustiial opeiational expeiiences. This consulting seivice uoes iisk
assessment, secuiity plan anu uesign foi the oiganization.
$%)A&(40 (.;?%)4(-. ;%&'()%
This seivice ieuuces the iisk of exploits to the oiganizational system by
pioactively iuentifying vulneiabilities founu in infoimation systems anu by
ueploying both venuoi anu inuustiy best piactices in oiuei to iemove oi
mitigate the seveiity of those vulneiabilities.
$%)A&(40 )-.;A64+.)0 ;%&'()%
This seivice ensuies IT secuiity policy uevelopment, IT secuiity
pioceuuies, iisk analysis, secuiity auuits, anu business impact analysis. It caiiies
out iisk assessments to iuentify the stiengths anu weaknesses in the
oiganization anu auvises on auequate secuiity aiiangements.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

M@M@M@S *QYCDJ7N:;8> ^Q=BF7== ):FJBFQBJ8 *7;ABC7=
Business continuity seivices aie to help companies maintaining anu
iecoveiing theii mission-ciitical piocesses fiom all kinus of inteiiuptions,
incluuing natuial uisasteis anu causeu by human hanus, as well as ciitical flaws
in haiuwaie oi softwaie.
Figuie 26 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

Figure 26: Business Continuity subcategory
The uetail of the seivices of this categoiy has been given below,
DA;(.%;; )-.4(.A(40 ?6+..(.9
This seivice is one that guiues the iesponse of the oiganizations in case of
uisastei. It is iesponsible foi uesigning a soliu uata centei founuation with
multiple levels of ieuunuancy to meet specific iecoveiy-time objectives anu
<.5&+;4&A)4A&% ?6+..(.9 )-.;A64+.)0
This seivice is iesponsible foi piepaiing pioposal ielating to the IT
infiastiuctuie installation. It maintains liaise with supplieis anu contiactois to
uiscuss anu evaluate technical iequiiements. It pioviues an assessment of
infiastiuctuie installation stanuaiu anu suppoits the infiastiuctuie uesign.
H%;(9. +.F ?6+..(.9
The iesponsibility of this seivice is to iuentify the most cost effective
uisastei iecoveiy solution that meets two main iequiiements fiom the impact
analysis stage.
This seivice is iesponsible foi implementing uesigns anu ioaumaps of the
oiganization foi iisk management anu uisastei iecoveiy.
<.4%9&+4%F $4&+4%9() ?6+..(.9 )-.;A64+.)0
This seivice focus is on connecting stiategic thinking anu planning at the
executive level with uepaitmental stiategies anu multi-functional
M@M@M@m *QYCDJ7N:;8> %B=_ 1DFDN7G7FJ *7;ABC7=
Consulting seivices in iisk management aie iesponsible foi iuentifying
vulneiabilities, the impact on opeiations. These seivices take countei action
baseu on the iuentifieu thieats.
Figuie 27 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

Figure 27: Risk Management subcategory
The uetail of the seivice of this subcategoiy has been given below,
\.4%&?&(;% &(;E /+.+9%/%.4
This seivice is iesponsible foi helping iuentify potential iisks, evaluate
them anu pioviue iecommenuations to mitigate the iuentifieu iisks.
M%&9%&; +.F >)dA(;(4(-.;
This seivice is iesponsible foi incieasing maiket shaie, auuing
capabilities, establishing new giowth platfoims. It is also iesponsible foi
extenuing geogiaphic coveiage anu uivesting to focus on coie business. It
ieuuces ueal iisk anu pioactively monitois ueals peifoimance.
W(.+.)(+6 &(;E /+.+9%/%.4
This seivice is iesponsible foi cieating economic value in the oiganization
by using financial instiuments to manage exposuie to iisk.
M@M@M@V *QYCDJ7N:;8> "$ +;CZBJ7CJQ;7 *7;ABC7=
Consulting Seivices of IT aichitectuie, pioviue an unueistanuing on the
status of IT infiastiuctuie, so that it can iuentify oppoitunities to impiove
efficiency, business value anu giowth anu to cieate a ioaumap with cleaily
uefineu steps leau to impiovement.
Figuie 28 shows the seivices of the subcategoiy
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y


Figure 28: IT architecture subcategory
The uetail of the seivices of this subcategoiy has been uiscusseu below,
<* /+.+9%/%.4 )-.;A64(.9
This seivice is iesponsible foi measuiing the business value of IT
investments anu cieating a specific, executable plan quickly. It is also iesponsible
foi impioving IT seivices ueliveiy quality, speeu anu ieliability anu incieasing
customei satisfaction.
$%&'()% -&(%.4%F +&)@(4%)4A&%
Seivice 0iienteu Aichitectuie (S0A) is a business-centiic IT aichitectuial
appioach that suppoits integiating the business as linkeu, iepeatable business
tasks, oi seivices.
M@M@M@?W *QYCDJ7N:;8> ^Q=BF7== *7;ABC7
This seivice focuses on maximizing business technology investments
maue by customeis.
Figuie 29 shows the seivices of this subcategoiy

Figure 29: Business Service
The uetail of the seivices of this subcategoiy has been given below,

3-6()(%; +.F ?&-)%;;
This seivice is iesponsible foi uefining policies anu piocesses iequiieu
foi business seivices. This seivice ensuies piocesses that biiuge the gap between
the business policy anu technology of the oiganization.
M@M@T )DJ7N:;8> $;DBFBFN
Tiaining seivices aie those that pioviue couises, woikshops, laboiatoiies
anu any othei activity ielateu to staff tiaining. Aim of this seivice is to gain
knowleuge, leaining anu skills to use IT anu to impiove peifoimance, efficiency
anu effectiveness.
Figuie Su shows categoiy of Tiaining anu its ielateu seivices.

-BNQ;7 MW> )DJ7N:;8 :K $;DBFBFN DF< ;7LDJ7< =7;ABC7=

The uetail of the seivices of this categoiy has been uiscusseu below,
$%&'()% (. )6+;;&--/ 4&+(.(.9
The classioom tiaining seivices aie typically those that aie pioviueu by
instiuctois in the classiooms. These help to impiove the peifoimance of the
company's peisonnel anu upuate them about cuiient IT.
%YO+: $%&'()%
The e-lab seivices aie iesponsible foi live anu iemote piacticing, ieseiveu
exclusively foi each usei. It allows woiking in the laboiatoiies that incluue
online suppoit anu assistance anu ieview questions.
\Y6%+&.(.9 $%&'()%
The e-leaining seivices aie iesponsible foi uistance leaining that
integiates the use of infoimation technology anu othei tutoiials to uelivei the
tiaining to the peisonnel ovei Inteinet oi webs.
$%&'()% 6('% C%: %,?%&(%.)%
The Live-Web seivice is iesponsible foi pioviuing a classioom equippeu
with web-baseu on the uesktop of the laptop oi uesktop via the Inteinet. It
allows to uo inteiact with a team of expeits, mentois anu supeivisois of suppoit.
Allows leaining by uoing "hanus in a laboiatoiy anu ieal woilu simulations.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

M@M@a )DJ7N:;8> &P7;DJB:F
It incluues those seivices that ieach the effectiveness anu efficiency in the
ueliveiy anu seivice suppoit, anu ensuiing value foi the customei anu the
seivice pioviuei. These seivices incluue all activities anu measuies necessaiy to
pioviue anu maintain the optimum use of systems anu infoimation technologies
anu communication in oiuei to achieve the Seivice Level Agieements anu
business objectives. These seivices aie ielateu to installation, testing of the
Figuie S1 shows the categoiy of opeiation, subcategoiies anu seivices
baseu on it.

Figure 31: Operation Service Category and its related sub category
M@M@a@? *QYCDJ7N:;B7=> 1DFDN7G7FJ DF< C:FJ;:L =8=J7G=
Nanagement seivices anu contiol systems aie those that ueteimine the
use of piocesses anu methous to manage infoimation systems.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Availability management,
- Capacity management,
- Stoiage space management,
- Change management,
- Configuiation management,
- Peifoimance management,
- Inciuent management,
- Pioblems management,
- Backup anu iecoveiy management.
M@M@a@H *QYCDJ7N:;8> %7=J:;DJB:F *7;ABC7=
The iestoiation seivices aie those seivices that allow ieceipting, testing,
auuiting, ieconstiuction, ieconfiguiation, stoiage, inventoiy tiacking, iepoiting,
shipping anu oi uisposal of IT equipment.
The seivices of this subcategoiy has been mentioneu below,
- IT equipment ieceiptueliveiy,
- IT equipment testing,
- IT equipment auuiting,
- IT equipment ieconfiguiation,
- IT equipment monitoiing,
- IT equipment tiacking.
The application peifoimance management seivices pioviue solutions
"enu to enu" customeis in teims of peifoimance management. Some seivices
incluue the monitoiing of applications, peifoimance, uiagnosis, ioot causes, anu
application availability.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Customei Expeiience Nanagement,
- Web applications monitoiing,
- Batabases management,
- 0peiating system auministiation.
M@M@a@T *QYCDJ7N:;8> I7;K:;GDFC7 ,FNBF77;BFN *7;ABC7=
The peifoimance engineeiing seivices help inciease system peifoimance
anu applications that iequiie business solutions.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Implementation of peifoimance engineeiing,
- Peifoimance uiagnostic,
- IT aichitectuies evaluation,
- Peifoimance anu capacity moueling.
M@M@a@a *QYCDJ7N:;8> ^Q=BF7== ):FJBFQBJ8 *7;ABC7=
The business continuity seivices help companies to maintain anu iecovei
theii mission-ciitical piocesses fiom all kinus of inteiiuptions, incluuing natuial
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

uisasteis anu those causeu by human hanus, as well as ciitical flaws in haiuwaie
oi softwaie.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- 0peiational Recoveiy Seivices foi uata centei,
- Bisastei Nanagement Seivices,
- 0n-site seivices anu consulting facilities,
- Recoveiy seivice.
M@M@a@U *QYCDJ7N:;8> &JZ7; &P7;DJBFN *7;ABC7=
Seivices subcategoiy "othei opeiating" seivices aie those that covei any
IT seivice unuei the categoiy opeiation aie not consiueieu, uue to its
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Requiiement iepoiting,
- Consoliuation anu ielocation,
- Suppoit foi pie-piouuction activities, uevelopment anu testing.

M@M@a@S *QYCDJ7N:;8> *7;A7; =7;ABC7=
The seivei seivices aie those that help to ieuuce the complexity of IT
infiastiuctuie, ieuuce opeiational management costs anu inciease auaptability
to facilitate change anu giowth of business. They also pioviue the skills,
knowleuge aieas, piocesses, tools anu methouologies necessaiy to optimize the
management of seivei enviionment.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Tiansition Seivices,
- Enteipiise Seiveis,
- Integiation anu implementation seivices foi seivei,
- Nobile Infoimation seivei,
- Seivei suppoit seivices,
- Application seivei seivice,
- Emeiging technology seivices,
- 0ptimization anu integiation seivei seivice,
- Stoiage seivices,
- Tiaining on seiveis
a@M@a@m *QYCDJ7N:;8> &P7;DJB:FDL *7CQ;BJ8 *7;ABC7=
The secuiity seivices uevelop a uetaileu uocument that uefines the agieeu
safety checks anu collect, among othei infoimation, the ielationship of
iesponsibilities anu safety measuies to fix.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Secuiity Nanagement,
- Physical secuiity,
- Access contiol softwaie,
- Secuiity in the LAN anu WAN.
Niciocomputei seivices aie those that pioviue basic assistance to solve
pioblems, uoubts oi contingencies that coulu aiise in connection with the use of
softwaie, peisonal computei, Inteinet, local aiea netwoiks, fiiewalls oi antiviius.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Inventoiy Nanagement,
- Inciuent management (usei suppoit),
- Nanaging backup anu iecoveiy seivei,
- LAN Nanagement,
- Appioval of haiuwaie anu softwaie.

M@M@a@?W *QYCDJ7N:;B7=> &P7;DJB:F= DF< G:FBJ:;BFN =7;ABC7=
This seivice is iesponsible foi helping to uiagnosis of the functionality of
computei systems in oiuei to monitoi theii opeiations.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Batch opeiations contiol,
- Piinting enviionment contiol,
- Nonitoiing of the opeiations,
- 0peiations impiovements.
M@M@a@?? *QYCDJ7N:;8> 1B==B:F );BJBCDL *7;ABC7=
The mission ciitical seivices can pioviue specific functionality thioughout
the yeai in ieliable anu piouuctive way.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Bigh availability,
- Recoveiy of IT,
- Suppoit mission-ciitical,
- Stoiage foi mission-ciitical seivices.
M@M@U )DJ7N:;8> "FJ7N;DJB:F DF< '7A7L:PG7FJ *7;ABC7=
Integiation seivices aie in chaige of meiging the vaiious IT components,
haiuwaie, opeiating systems anu softwaie components to achieve optimum
utilization anu system peifoimance. Anu Bevelopment seivices help to uevelop
specific softwaie foi the integiation oi any othei neeu of the oiganization.
Figuie S2 shows the integiation anu uevelopment categoiy, subcategoiies
anu seivices baseu on it.

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y


-BNQ;7 MH> '7JDBL= :K "FJ7N;DJB:F DF< '7A7L:PG7FJ *7;ABC7 CDJ7N:;8@
Systems integiation anu implementation seivices make suie to integiate
sub-components of the IT systems togethei within a single system anu ensuie
that the subsystems function togethei as one system. In IT, system integiation is
the piocess of linking uiffeient computei systems anu softwaie applications
physically oi functionally. System integiation coulu also be uesciibeu as
planning, uesign, implementation anu management solutions that meet specific
business oi technical uemanus of customeis. This seivice involves ueveloping
systems anu custom applications, as well as ueployment anu integiation of
enteipiise softwaie packages.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Baiuwaie Softwaie anu Softwaie Softwaie integiation testing,
- Bevice Emulation: ulobal Positioning System (ulobal Position Systems,
uPS), Infiaieu, Rauio Fiequency Iuentification (Rauio Fiequency
Iuentification, RFIB),
- Simulation of the system unuei test inteifaces with othei systems,
- Black Box anu uiay Box Testing,
- valiuation anu veiification of uevelopments,
- Stiuctuial testing of softwaie,
- Planning of infiastiuctuie netwoik analysis,
- Tiaining of enu useis anu auministiatois,
- Suppoit contiacts,
- Integiation of S0A anu miuulewaie platfoims,
- Integiation of business management systems (Enteipiise Resouice
Planning, ERP),
- Bevice integiation,
- Bata combinations anu compositions,
- Computeu telephony integiation (Computei Telephony Integiation,
- Extiact, tiansfoim anu loau, anu uata integiation,
- Tiansition Seivices,
- ulobal Beployment Seivices,
- volume Beployment Seivices,
- Integiation of C0TS uestination systems.
M@U@H *QYCDJ7N:;8> *:KJ9D;7 '7A7L:PG7FJ *7;ABC7=
This seivice is the set of activities that piouuce the softwaie piouucts in
the long iun. Softwaie uevelopment incluues ieseaich, new uevelopments,
mouifications, ieuse, ieengineeiing, maintenance, oi any othei activity that
piouuce softwaie piouucts.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Custom applications uevelopment,
- Client seivei technology anu Peei-to-Peei uevelopment,
- Batabase uevelopment,
- Besign, integiation anu system testing,
- Website Bevelopment,
- Piogiam management,
- Integiation anu testing of C0TS,
- Bevelopment of usei applications,
- Besign, uevelopment anu suppoit of system aichitectuies anu
communication netwoiks,
- Besign, uevelopment, integiation anu testing of softwaie,
- Configuiation management,
- Befinition anu analysis of iequiiements,
- Nanagement anu piepaiation of buuget foi application uevelopment,
- Nanagement of system acquisition,
- Ecommeice,
- Suppoit lifecycle of softwaie uevelopment,
- Custom Application Bevelopment,
- Bata Waiehouse Besign,
- Nigiation of legacy systems,
- Web Besign & Bevelopment,
- Beveloping Nultimeuia components.
M@M@S )DJ7N:;8> &JZ7; =7;ABC7=
Apait fiom the seivices fiom IT Suppoit, 0peiations, Tiaining, Consulting,
0utsouicing, Integiation anu uevelopment categoiy othei seivices aie in this
"0thei Seivice" categoiy.
Figuie SS shows the subcategoiies anu seivices of this categoiy

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y


-BNQ;7 MM> )DJ7N:;8 :K :JZ7; =7;ABC7=R =QYCDJ7N:;B7= DF< =7;ABC7= YD=7< :F
M@M@S@? *QYCDJ7N:;8> *7CQ;BJ8 1DFDN7G7FJ *7;ABC7=
The secuiity seivices aie those that help ieuuce secuiity iisks anu
opeiational costs anu maintain compliance with safety iegulations anu policies.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Enteipiises Aichitectuie foi E-Secuiity anu E-Piivacy,
- Inteinet Secuiity Systems,
- Thieat mitigation seivices,
- Bata Secuiity,
- uoveinment secuiity,
- Iuentification anu Access Nanagement,
- Physical secuiity,
- Besign anu evaluation of infoimation secuiity.
M@M@S@H *QYCDJ7N:;8> %B=_ 1DFDN7G7FJ *7;ABC7=
The iisk management seivices aie accountable to manage the unceitainty
iegaiuing a thieat, thiough a sequence of activities. These seivices aie
iesponsible foi ieuucing the vaiious IT-ielateu iisks focus on containing iisk foi
physical oi legal causes.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Risk Analysis Seivices,
- Risk Planning Seivices,
- Seivice Nonitoiing anu contiolling iisks.
M@M@S@M *QYCDJ7N:;8> ):=J 1DFDN7G7FJ *7;ABC7=
The cost management seivices aie all about balance anu cost statistics to
infoim anu contiol the vaiious business costs.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Piicing foi haiuwaie anu softwaie business,
- Nanagement anu evaluation of uata centei,
- Bata waiehousing foi stuuy of business mouels,
- Contiol the level of efficiency in piouuction management,
- Simulations of activity levels,
- Nonitoiing of sales piices anu oi piice lists,
- Stiategic analysis of costs, assessing the value auueu anu oi expenses,
- Requiiement planning,
- Nonitoiing levels of piouuctivity anu efficiency,
- Beteimination of non-quality costs,
- 0ppoitunities foi impiovement anu cost iationalization.
The piint management seivices aie iesponsible foi pioviuing the costs
associateu with piinting anu allow the elimination of auministiative costs, phone
calls, inopeiability of piinteis, multiple oiueis anu invoices foi consumables
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Access management anu piioiities,
- Custom Piinting,
- Bocument management,
- Nanagement of piintei status.

Suppliei Relation Seivices aie iesponsible foi using technology to
impiove the supply mechanism of its supplieis. SRN helps the company to
impiove communication with its vaiious supplieis, shaie the commeicial teims
anu infoimation anu impiove familiaiity between them in oiuei to optimize the
ueliveiy piocess. In tuin, the SRN is also intenueu to familiaiize pioviueis with
the coie business of the company anu its vaiious piouucts to ensuie a
peisonalizeu ueliveiy piocess.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Relationship with the venuoi anu Piouuct Ratings,
- Besign,
- Iuentification of supplieis,
- Selection of supplieis,
- Negotiation,
- Review of the Seivices.
M@M@S@U *QYCDJ7N:;8> 'DJD *J:;DN7 *7;ABC7=
The uata stoiage seivices help to have an efficient stoiage anu efficient
access to uata. They also help to inciease secuiity, stability, opeiational
efficiency anu scalability of stoiage.
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- Bata Nobility,
- Infoimation Life Cycle Nanagement,
- Bata Stoiage Nanagement,
- Seivices foi uata stoiage piouucts,
- 0ptimization anu integiation of stoiage,
- Bata Nanagement Seivices,
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y

- Seivice to auu moie stoiage,
- Seivices foi planning the stoiage stiategy,
- Beployment seivices foi stoiage solutions,
- Suppoit foi stoiage systems, mission-ciitical,
- Evaluate high availability stoiage solutions,
- Bata seivices.
Infiastiuctuie Nanagement Seivice is iesponsible foi maximizing
availability anu peifoimance of IT seivices. It optimizes the efficiency of
opeiation anu management peisonnel anu facilitate the consoliuation of
The seivices of this subcategoiy aie
- 0ptimization,
- Risk analysis,
- Infiastiuctuie applications,
- Stiuctuieu wiiing iooms Bata Piocessing Centei (BPC),
- Infiastiuctuie seivices anu enviionments,
- Besign of special enviionments,
- Besign foi high availability centeis (CPB),
- Naintenance contiacts foi haiuwaie infiastiuctuie anu seiveis,
- Suppoit, monitoiing anu technical tiaining in CPB infiastiuctuies,
- Evaluation of high-availability stoiage,
- Seivices foi the uesign of an IT management stiategy,
- Besign anu planning of infiastiuctuie,
- Nanagement Seivices infiastiuctuie
7"I 8U[8O]$<U[
IT Seivice Taxonomy has been uesciibeu baseu on the IT seivices fetcheu
fiom the IT seivice inuustiies. Seivices aie heie baseu on 1u1 small, meuium anu
laige companies aiounu the woilu. Then those seivices have assigneu to the
coiiesponuing categoiy anu subcategoiy baseu on the seivice uesciiption. The
seivice inuustiies can use this taxonomy to uevelop theii seivice poitfolio anu
seivice catalog. This is the initial step of the IT seivice taxonomy, moie seivices
can be auueu anu same times can be iemoveu baseu on fuithei ieseaich.
7"1 >33O<8>*<U[ UW 3BU3U$\H <* $\BT<8\ *>`U[UMbZ <[ <*
$\BT<8\ 3UB*WUO<U >[H <* $\BT<8\ 8>*>OUa H\T\OU3M\[*
IT Seivice Taxonomy is not only to cieate hieiaichy of most of the IT
seivices in inuustiies but also seivice inuustiy can follow it to piepaie theii IT
Seivice Poitfolio anu IT Seivice Catalog foi Seivice Level Nanagement. Beie in
this thesis a lab of Bpto ue Lenguajes y Sistemas Infoimticos e Ingenieiia uel
Softwaie in 0niveisiuau Politecnica ue Nauiiu (0PN) has been selecteu as a
smple seivice inuustiy.

M@a@? 17JZ:< J: <7A7L:P "$ *7;ABC7 I:;JK:LB: Q=BFN "$*$
Beie, in this subsection a paitial IT seivice poitfolio |1, 2Sj has been tiieu
to piopose foi the lab using IT seivices taxonomy. As an initial step, all the IT
seivices of this setting aie iuentifieu. IT seivices aie uefineu baseu on the
infoimation founu in the univeisity website anu by visiting the lab. Piinting
seivice, email seivice, haiuwaie suppoit seivice, softwaie suppoit seivices etc
have been iecognizeu as IT seivices foi this lab. Foi the ease of the explanation,
only email seivice has been uiscusseu heie.

To uefine the IT Seivice Poitfolio foi this lab, the methouology mentioneu
in ITIL |1, 26j has been applieu. The pioposeu ITST has been useu in the thiiu
steps of IT seivice poitfolio uevelopment.

Accoiuing to the fiist step to uefine IT seivice poitfolio, seivice component
of %/+(6 ;%&'()%; has been iuentifieu. The components aie INAP seivei access,
mailing list. Then, as a uepenuent system of those components, INAP seivei
access has been iuentifieu. Foi INAP Seivei access, viius filteiing, backup has
been iecognizeu. Afteiwaius, viius softwaie, fiont enu have been founu as the
assets of the uepenuent system.

In seconu step, the lab will uefine the cost of those seivices anu ielateu
components. In this case, they can use cost mouel to uefine cost of each

In thiiu step, IT seivices shoulu get appioveu. Email seivice, viius filteiing,
INAP seivei access have to be uefineu in this steps. Beie, '(&A;Y5(64%&(.9 seivice
inuicates that it is iesponsible foi filteiing the viius to piotect the system. If
pioposeu ITST is consiueieu then theie is no such seivice mentioneu in it. But if
contents of that seivice aie taken into consiueiation then it will be unuei
Suppoit Seivice. Theie is >.4('(&A; $%&'()% with same contents. So, to keep
unifoim vocabulaiy, insteau of viius filteiing ">.4('(&A; $%&'()%e label can be
intiouuceu in this IT Seivice Poitfolio. Noieovei, foi INAP seivei access, theie is
no such label mentioneu in pioposeu taxonomy. So INAP Seivei Access shoulu
be uefineu with same title unuei Seivei Seivice. Same way 'email seivice' will go
unuei Suppoit Seivice.

In Figuie S4, Seivice poitfolio foi lab suppoit has been piesenteu. Seivices
ielateu lab suppoit anu othei ielateu components, assets have been shown heie.

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| R e s o l u t i o n f o r I T S e r v i c e T a x o n o m y



Fiont Enu
INAP Seivei


Nailing List

Lab Suppoit
Local Aiea

-BNQ;7 MT> "$ *7;ABC7 I:;JK:LB: [ID;JBDL IBCJQ;7]

So, when a small setting offeis a seivice that is alieauy mentioneu in
pioposeu ITST then that small setting shoulu confiim the vocabulaiy. But if no
such seivice is in ITST, then baseu on the seivice chaiacteiistics it can be uefineu
unuei suitable categoiy oi subcategoiy.
M@a@H 17JZ:< J: <7A7L:P "$ *7;ABC7 )DJDL:N Q=BFN "$*$
In this section, an attempt to uevelop a seivice Catalog baseu on the IT
seivice taxonomy has been uiscusseu. If the entiie seivice inuustiy uses same
appioach using pioposeu ITST to uevelop IT Seivice Catalog then all of the
seivice pioviueis will be able to communicate with each othei in a flexible way.
Beie, IT Seivice Catalog has been pioposeu foi the lab (0PN lab) useu in
pievious section foi IT Seivice Poitfolio. In this lab, foi example, has haiuwaie
maintenance seivice, which also iesponsible foi pioviuing ^+&FC+&% A?9&+F%;
;%&'()%. Accoiuing to the pioposeu seivice taxonomy, this haiuwaie upgiaue
seivice is unuei suppoit categoiy anu haiuwaie maintenance subcategoiy. So it
is easiei to know the ioot of the seivice. In below an IT seivice catalog foi
Baiuwaie maintenance seivice has been uepicteu. The stiuctuie of the catalog
has been consiueieu fiom ITIL |1j with little mouification.

Table 7 shows the IT seivice catalog foi Baiuwaie upgiaue seivice foi the
0PN lab.

IT Seivices Seivice
$DYL7 S> "$ *7;ABC7 )DJDL:N
*7;ABC7 #DG7 .D;<9D;7 (PN;D<7
Seivice Besciiption This seivice is iesponsible to impiove the haiuwaie of IT
components. It checks foi new veisions of haiuwaie anu
the compatibility with the softwaie that iuns on that
haiuwaie. It upuates the haiuwaie in the system baseu
on business uemanus to achieve uesiieu objectives. This
seivice also iesponsible to use the iesults of the
technical iepoits of haiuwaie seivice, ieview it anu test
Seivice Categoiy Suppoit
Seivice subcategoiy Naintenance. Baiuwaie Naintenance
Suppoiting Seivices Belp Besk, Communication Seivices
Business 0wnei Laboiatoiy 0seis
Business 0nit Peisonal Computei System, Piintei
Seivice Nanagei Nu Foihau Rabbi
Business Impact It will ensuie availability of the system.
Business Piioiity Bigh
SLA If any haiuwaie of the system uoes not woik piopeily oi
system neeus moie auvancement to piocess any
application, it will be ieplaceu within 2 houis

If entiie seivice inuustiy follow same IT Seivice Taxonomy, then it will
ensuie same language with same meaning foi seivice catalog thioughout the
seivice maiket. It will give the oppoitunity to the all-small settings to
communicate with each othei anuoi with customeis.

An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| C o n c l u s i o n a n d F u t u r e Wo r k


+#' -($(%,


An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| C o n c l u s i o n a n d F u t u r e Wo r k

Recently, IT seivice management is getting attention fiom ieseaicheis.
As pait of my thesis I have uone systematic ieview to know cuiient state of the
ait of this fielu in inuustiy. Nainly my focus was on small anu meuium sizeu
In my ieseaich I have founu some impeifections in Seivice Level
Nanagement (SLN). In this thesis, I have tiieu to mention those shoitcomings in
cuiient IT seivice management. I believe, if those pioblems aie iemoveu fiom
SLN, then enteipiises will be able to pioviue bettei quality seivice.
In my thesis, I have tiieu to give solution foi one of those pioblems. I can't
claim I have given complete solution foi that pioblem. But I believe, it can show
the way to get complete solution. Pioposeu IT Seivice Taxonomy uefines the
categoiies anu subcategoiies foi most of the IT seivices in small settings to make
this SLN uomain moie oiganizeu.
In auuition to categoiization of IT seivices, this IT Seivice Taxonomy can
play an impoitant iole to uevelop IT Seivice Poitfolio anu IT Seivice Catalog foi
small settings. Accoiuing to pioposeu ITST, IT Seivice Poitfolio anu IT Seivice
Catalog will be moie acceptable anu unueistanuable to the maiket.
But still foi this ITST, lots of things have to uo. Nost impoitantly, this
taxonomy shoulu get commeicial shape. This categoiization shoulu be agieeu
with the iepiesentative maiket. At the enu moie mouification might be neeueu
in the classifications of IT seivices.
Noieovei, theie shoulu be some ieseaiches to come out with common
naming convention foi ITST. So that, using common vocabulaiy foi the seivices,
eveiyone can iecognize those seivices easily. It uemanus moie investigate. In
this case, my futuie plan is to woik on naming convention foi IT seivices in IT
seivice Taxonomy. In that iegaiu, it is possible to take concein of meuical
taxonomy. In Neuical science they use some soit of naming convention to uefine
ielateu meuical teiminology.
Apait fiom that, seivice pattein will be anothei moie focus aiea foi my
futuie woik. IT seivice patteins can offei bettei seivice packages to the
customei accoiuing to theii iequiiements anu baseu on theii feeuback. In my
futuie woik, I will concentiate on the means to collect feeuback fiom the
customeis about the seivices anu uevelop follow up compliance.
IT seivice management is a new aiea foi the acauemy to uo ieseaich. I
want to contiibute in this aiea by my ieseaich. Noie ieseaich in this uomain can
give peifect shape to bettei seivice ueliveiy anu seivice suppoit. This thesis is
one of the fiist steps to uo contiibution in this aiena.


An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| C o n c l u s i o n a n d F u t u r e Wo r k



An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| B i b l i o g r a p h y

|1jRuuu, v.L.C. <*<OZ $%&'()% H%;(9.. Fiist eu. 0ffice of uoveinment Commeice, eu.
0.u.C TS0: Lonuon. 2uu7
|2j Fleming, W. ];(.9 8-;4 -5 $%&'()% 4- >6(9. <*, Piesentation at
ItSNF, Chicago, IL, 2uuS
|Sj National Acauemy of Engineeiing. *@% (/?+)4 -5 >)+F%/() B%;%+&)@ -.
<.FA;4&(+6 3%&5-&/+.)%. The National Acauemic Piess, Washington, BC,
|4jEileen Foiiestei, CNNI foi Seivice (CNNI-SvC) 0veiview, Softwaie
Engineeiing Institute, Cainegie Nellon 0niveisity, 0SA, 2uu9
|Sj IT uoveinance Institute, 8-:(4 I"!, ISA, 2uu7
|6jItSNF0SA, <*$M Y <* $%&'()% M+.+9%/%.4, www.itSNF0SA.com,
Retiieveu on Naich 2u, 2uu9
|7j Stuait, u., Ronalu, B., }im, }.Q, Sue C, <.5-&/+4(-. *%)@.-6-90 $%&'()%
M+.+9%/%.4Y>. \/%&9(.9 >&%+ 5-& >)+F%/() B%;%+&)@ +.F 3%F+9-9()+6
H%'%6-?/%.4, SIuNIS-CPR'u7, St.Louis, Nissouii, 0SA, 2uu7
|8j CNNI Piouuct Team, 8MM<f 5-& $%&'()%;N T%&;(-. !"2N *%)@.()+6
B%?-&4 8M]g$\<Y2RRKY*BYRR!, SEI Piogiam, Softwaie Engineeiing
Piocess Nanagement Piogiam, CN0, 0SA, 2uu9
|9j0ffice of uoveinment Commeice, *@% -55()(+6 (.4&-FA)4(-. 4- 4@% <*<O
$%&'()% O(5%)0)6%, the $4+4(-.+&0 0ffice, 2uu7
|1uj Pino }.F.u.F Piattini N., $-54C+&% 3&-)%;; </?&-'%/%.4 (. $/+66 +.F
M%F(A/ $-54C+&% \.4%&?&(;%;Z >$0;4%/+4() B%'(%C" Softwaie Quality
Spiingei, 2uu8.
|11jANSINIS0 ZS9.19-2uuS, aA(F%6(.%; 5-& 4@% 8-.;4&A)4(-.N W-&/+4N >.F
M+.+9%/%.4 -5 M-.-6(.9A+6 8-.4&-66%F '-)+:A6+&(%;, NIS0 Piess,
Bethesua, Naiylanu, 0.S.A, 2uuS
|12j Kitchenham, B. A., Byba, T. anu }oigensen, N., \'(F%.)%Y:+;%F $-54C+&%
\.9(.%%&(.9, 26th Inteinational Confeience on Softwaie Engineeiing,
0SA, 2uu4
|1Sj Biolchini }., uomesN.P Ciuz N.A Boita T.u$0;4%/+4() B%'(%C <.
$-54C+&% \.9(.%%&(.9, RT ES679uS, 2uuS
|14j ItSNF, <* $%&'()% M+.+9%/%.4N +. (.4&-FA)4(-., itSNF, 2uu4.
|1Sj }ohnston, R.Benyon, R., $%&'()% >9&%%/%.4;Y > /+.+9%/%.4 aA(F%" Fiist eu.
ITSN Libiaiy, van Baien Publishing, 2uu6
|16jAECN O+ )-.;A64-&h+ %. \;?+i+eN >;-)(+)(j.\;?+i-6+ F% \/?&%;+;
F%8-.;A64-&h+" \6 ;%)4-& %. )(5&+;N 2uu7
|17jACS,8-.;A64(.9 (. $?+(.Z \6 ;%)4-& (. 5(9A&%; 2RRX. Spanish Association
0f Consulting, 2uu7
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1uu billion Euios. Association of Electionics, Infoimation
Technologies anu Communication of Spain, 2uu7
|19jCobo, C., Tienus in the 0utsouicing Naiket. Sopia piofit. 2uu7
|2ujFEAC, Euiopean Nanagement Consultancy Naiket Repoit. 2uu62uu7.
Euiopean Feueiation of Nanagement anu Consulting, 2uu7
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S61 pp. 2u, 2uu6
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1698-S117. 2uu7
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ue asalaiiauos y poicentaje uel total) BIRCE 2uu7.
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0veiview, 2uu8
|2Sj }anssen N., Feenstia R.W. 2uu6. W&-/ >??6()+4(-. 4- $%&'()%
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The Euiopean Confeience on euoveinment (ECEu) 2uu6,
Naibuig, ueimany. 2uu6
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Foihau, San Feliu Toms, $%&'()% O%'%6 M+.+9%/%.4 5-& <*
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Confeience, Septembei, Spain, 2uu9
|S1j Nathias Sall,Steve Rosenthal; W-&/A6+4(.9 +.F </?6%/%.4(.9
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Pioceeuings of the S8th Bawaii Inteinational Confeience on
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Euition, Sage Publication, 2uuS
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11, 2uu9
|S8j 0ffice of uoveinment Commeice <*<OZ $%&'()% $4&+4%90. Fiist eu. 0ffice of
uoveinment Commeice, eu. 0.u.C TS0: Lonuon. 2uu7
|S9j Available at sei.cmu.euucmmitools...CNNI-SvC-Quick-Refeience-v1-2-
|4uj uuluentops E, a-'%&.(.9 <.5-&/+4(-. *%)@.-6-90 *@&-A9@ 8UD<*, IT
uoveinance Institute, 0SA, 2uu4

99 |

Euio SPI
Buiing my thesis woik, I publisheu one ieseaich papei into
Euio SPI
'u9 (Euiopean Softwaie & Softwaie Piocess Impiovement anu
Innovation) confeience helu at Spain.

This publication was about the state of ait of Seivice Level Nanagement
in small settings. The title of the papei is "$%&'()% O%'%6 M+.+9%/%.4 5-& <* $%&Y
'()%; (. ;/+66 ;%44(.9;Z + $0;4%/+4() B%'(%C".

This woik piesents the application of a systematic ieview piotocol foi
Softwaie Engineeiing. This piotocol is useu as a foimal mouel by applying
systematic ieview to Seivice Level Nanagement. The objective is seaiching foi
papeis ielateu to Seivice Level Nanagement foi IT Seivices in small settings
(incluuing small anu meuium enteipiises). Results obtaineu show that Seivice
Level Nanagement aiea is an incieasing ieseaich fielu anu theie is a neeu foi
moie in-uepth stuuies.

101 | A p p e n d i x

!"!*\M3O>*\ WUB $b$*\M>*<8 B\T<\G

?@ `Q7=JB:F -:;GQLD;BcDJB:F
1.1. Question Focus:
1.2. Question Quality anu Amplituue - Pioblem:
- Question:
- Keywoius anu Synonyms:
- Inteivention:
- Contiol:
- Effect:
- 0utcome Neasuie:
- Population:
- Application:
- Expeiimental Besign:

H@ *:Q;C7= *7L7CJB:F
2.1. Souices Selection Ciiteiia Befinition:
2.2. Stuuies Languages:
2.S. Souices Iuentification
- Souices Seaich Nethous:
- Seaich Stiing:
- Souices List:
2.4. Souices Selection aftei Evaluation:
2.S. Refeiences Checking:

M@ *JQ<B7= *7L7CJB:F
S.1. Stuuies Befinition
- Stuuies Inclusion anu Exclusion Ciiteiia Befinition:
- Stuuies Types Befinition:
- Pioceuuies foi Stuuies Selection:
S.2. Selection Execution
- Initial Stuuies Selection:
- Stuuies Quality Evaluation:
- Selection Review:

4.1. Infoimation Inclusion anu Exclusion Ciiteiia Befinition:
4.2. Bata Extiaction Foims:
4.S. Extiaction Execution
- 0bjective Results Extiaction
i) Stuuy Iuentification
ii) Stuuy Nethouology:
iii) Stuuy Results
iv) Stuuy Pioblems:
- Subjective Results Extiaction
i)Infoimation thiough Authois:
ii) ueneial Impiessions anu Abstiactions:
4.4. Resolution of uiveigences among ievieweis:

a@ %7=QLJ= *QGGD;BcDJB:F
S.1. Results Statistical Calculus:
S.2. Results Piesentation in Tables
S.S. Sensitivity Analysis:
S.4. Plotting:
S.S. Final Comments
- Numbei of Stuuies:
- Seaich, Selection anu Extiaction Bias:
- Publication Bias:
- Intei-Revieweis vaiiation:
- Results Application:
- Recommenuations:

103 | A p p e n d i x

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An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| A p p e n d i x

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An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| A p p e n d i x

!"7 B\T<\G\H <* 8UM3>[<\$

>:+)A; *%)@.-6-90 8-&?
Nanagement infoimation system technology, engineeiing analysis, anu
management consulting seivices to both the public anu piivate sectoi.
Foimeily pait of Aithui Anueisen woiluwiue, this management consulting
piactice pioviues seivices in aieas such as customei ielationship management,
enteipiise business solutions, finance anu peifoimance management, anu
collaboiation anu knowleuge...
>F'+.)%F 8-.)%?4;N <.)"
Pioviuei of I.T. consulting seivices incluuing systems integiation seivices.
Pioviuei of custom softwaie uevelopment seivices. Also, a pioviuei of custom
engineeiing, uesign anu piototyping seivices foi uigital signal piocessing
equipment. Se...
>??6(%F 8-/?A4%& $-6A4(-.;
Califoinia baseu uesign anu integiation anu infoimation technology consulting
specialists with expeiience in LANWAN anu systems uesign, uatabase systems,
Inteinet secuiity, web anu Inteinet applications.
>F'+.)%F 8-/?A4%& *%)@.-6-9(%;
Infoimation technology consulting on thin client, systems integiation, staff
augmentation, ecommeice anu application hosting seivices.
>F'+.)%F M()&-%6%)4&-.(); <.)
LANWAN Netwoik Besign anu Implementation, Telecommunications, Softwaie
Bevelopment0ffice Automation, Tiaining, anu Sales Solutions.
>F'+.)%F 8-.;A64(.9 <.4%&.+4(-.+6N <.)" L>"8"<"Q
Full-seivice consulting fiim that specializes in uatabase uesign anu
auministiation, system auministiation, anu installation anu integiation of
populai applications venuois such as 3%-?6%$-54, SAP, 0iacle, Baan, Cognos, anu
Platinum Technology.
>\ DA;(.%;; $-6A4(-.;N <.)"
Pioviuei of system integiation seivices. Seivices aie pioviueu to the highei
euucation inuustiy, schools K-12 anu state anu local goveinments.
>66 8-'%&%FZ $/+66 DA;(.%;; <* 8-.;A64(.9 +.F $%&'()%;
Nationwiue infoimation technology seivices. IT stiategy, IT management,
computei secuiity, netwoik suppoit, anu moie. 0n-site anu iemote 247.
>6?(.% 8-/?A4%& $0;4%/;
Nanageu IT Seivices anu Consulting.
>64+ 36+.+
Pioviuei of management infoimation system aichitectuie, uatabase uesign, anu
softwaie uevelopment seivices foi uata management anu analysis, uecision
suppoit, business intelligence, anu uata waiehousing.
>/%&()+. 8-/?A4%& $%&'()%;
Consultants specializing in netwoik installation anu management, iemote access,
iemote netwoik auministiation anu uesktop suppoit.
>/%&()+. M+.+9%/%.4 $0;4%/; L>M$Q
Inteinational consulting fiim pioviuing ebusiness, customei ielations
management, pioject management, systems uevelopment, uata waiehousing anu
>M$ *%)@.-6-90 a&-A? M+.+9%/%.4 3&-)%;;g8-.4&-6 8-.;A64(.9
A piofessional seivices company that specializes in EBP auuit, softwaie
uistiibution anu technical consulting seivices.
>.+.E% <* $-6A4(-.;
Affoiuable, quality IT seivices foi youi business neeus incluuing manageu,
piofessional, staffing anu small business seivices.
<* $A??-&4 $%&'()%;
Supply anu Suppoit foi IT solutions, accieuiteu Niciosoft Ceitifieu Paitnei anu
Niciosoft Small Business Specialist.
Pioviues IT suppoit anu netwoik seivices as well as systems integiation.
D+.)*%)N <.)"
Texas-baseu IT consultants pioviuing haiuwaie anu softwaie seivices, netwoik
management seivices, asset management anu system enu-of-life seivices.
D%%)@C--F 8-/?A4(.9
Pioviuei of IT consulting seivices, incluuing uevelopment anu integiation of a
vaiiety of applications acioss heteiogeneous computing platfoims.
Implementing stiategic infoimation technology systems. Integiateu seivices
incluuing Inteinet Access, Stiategic Consulting, Secuiity, Netwoik Besign anu E-
Pioviuei of computei anu infoimation technology seivices.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| A p p e n d i x

DA)@+.+. >;;-)(+4%;
A piofessional seivices systems integiation fiim in 1S cities thioughout the 0S
anu Canaua pioviuing netwoik seivices, ebusiness seivices anu enu-usei
DA;(.%;; $-6A4(-.; \.4%&?&(;%;N <.)"
Pioviuei of infoimation technology consulting solutions. Seivices featuie pioject
management anu ieviews, finuings anu iecommenuations, business neeus
analysis, IT pioject ieviews, IT system management incluuing uesign,
uevelopment, testing anu...
Computei Associates (CA)
Islanuia, N.Y., IT consultants anu pioviueis of mission-ciitical business softwaie,
seivices anu consulting, in aieas incluuing uatabase, secuiity, enteipiise
management, netwoik management, change anu configuiation management anu
pieuictive man...
Contiol Bata Systems Inc
Pioviuei of IT anu telecommunications consulting.
Computei ueneiateu Solutions, Inc.
Netwoik seivices, help uesk suppoit, outsouicing, call centei management,
technical tiaining, anu imaging solutions.
CuT Consulting
Fiim pioviuing contiact, contiact-to-hiie anu peimanent IT canuiuates.
Pioviues piofessional web uesign anu infoimation technology (IT) seivices,
incluuing sole tiauei anu uatabase uevelopment.
Nanagement consulting fiim ueuicateu to helping clients finu innovative
business-uiiven ways of exploiting the value of theii infoimation iesouices.
Computei Aiu, Inc. (CAI)
Pioviues application uevelopment anu maintenance, uesktop, helpuesk, netwoik,
pioject management anu ecommeice solutions.
Compaq Seivices
Pioviues haiuwaie, softwaie, electionic business anu infiastiuctuie seivices.
Compass Consulting Inteinational
Pioviuei of telecommunications consulting, Inteinet systems consulting,
netwoik consulting, systems integiation, pioject management anu business
consulting. Piouucts anu seivices aie solu to multiple inuustiies.
Natiix Integiation
Pioviuei of voice anu uata solutions. Consulting & Besign, stiuctuieu cabling,
local aiea netwoiksLAN, wiue aiea netwoiksWAN, Nacintosh & Publishing,
telecommunications seivice & suppoit.
Compugen Systems Ltu.
Pioviues technical, configuiation, anu piofessional seivices.
Computech Coipoiation
Pioviuei of custom clientseivei softwaie piogiamming seivices, Enteipiise
Resouice Planning consulting seivices, Inteinet consulting seivices anu Yeai
2uuu consulting seivices. Piouucts anu seivices aie solu to multiple inuustiies.
This compa...
Computei Cleaiing Bouse Inc
Builuing custom uocument management softwaie solutions.
Computei Nanageis, Inc.
Pioviuei of infoimation technology consulting seivices in suppoit of functions
such as systems analysis anu uesign, feasibility stuuies, pioject management,
piogiamming, netwoiking, softwaie anu haiuwaie selection, uownsizing,
conveision anu uoc...
Computei Repaii in Phoenix, Aiizona
We aie ueuicateu to impioving youi computei system uptime. Eliminate the
unceitainty of fluctuating suppoit costs with oui manageu seivices offeiings.
Computing Alteinatives, Inc.
Pioviueis of IT consulting seivices anu customizeu computei softwaie. Seivices
aie pioviueu to multiple inuustiies. This company was capitalizeu by piivate
CoieTech Consulting uioup, Inc.
An e-business piofessional seivices fiim that pioviues netwoik aichitectuie,
secuiity, anu platfoim integiation solutions.
Coipoiate Softwaie & Technology, Inc.
Pioviuei of softwaie piocuiement anu custom softwaie piogiamming seivices
specializing in uesktop anu netwoik opeiating systems, enteipiise messaging,
InteinetIntianet, electionic commeice, help uesk anu electionic systems
management. This com...
CPT of South Floiiua Inc
Systems seivices anu netwoik integiation company in South Floiiua.
Ciowe Chizek & Co. LLP
Consulting piactice in specialty aieas, incluuing manufactuiing, agiicultuie,
automotive, constiuction, commeicial, goveinment, health caie, insuiance,
tianspoitation, anu financial institutions. Inuustiy-specific, low-iisk solutions
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| A p p e n d i x

anu pioven ...
CS Business Systems Inc
IT consultants anu computei anu netwoiking solutions pioviuei.
Centei foi Scientific Computing (CSC)
Specialist in the piovision of scientific computing anu communications seivices.
CS Technology, Inc.
Pioviuei of aichitectuie, engineeiing anu consulting foi technology
infiastiuctuie. Pioviuei of technology iepiesentation seivices, iequiiements
analysis seivices, giowth moueling seivices, voice systems seivices, site
selection anu facilities ...
Computei Technology Associates, Inc. (CTA)
Pioviues enteipiise solutions such as stiategic consulting, netwoiksecuiity
engineeiing, softwaie customization anu cieative uesign.
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Solutions foi Inteinet, uata waiehousing anu object-oiienteu softwaie
uevelopment, as well as legacy anu client-seivei applications.
Pioviuei of IT-ielateu consulting, seivices anu piouucts.
Batameuic Coip.
Bevelopei anu pioviuei of integiateu computei-baseu patient iecoiu anu
piactice management infoimation system solutions foi healthcaie piofessionals.
BataSouice Bagen
Technology solutions: Baiuwaie & Softwaie Solutions, Systems Integiation,
Netwoik Seivices & Consulting, Inteinet Seivices IT Souicing, Tiaining Piogiams
Belp Besk Seivices, Configuiation Seivices, Nationwiue Seivice Capability, anu
Batatel Inc
Technology oiganization specializing in telecommunications, electionic call
piocessing anu Inteinet uevelopment.
Bigital Consulting & Softwaie Seivices, Inc.
Pioviuei of softwaie consulting in 0pen vNS, 0NI anu PC clientseivei
enviionments. The company also pioviues custom applications softwaie
piogiamming, systems suppoit anu tiaining seivices. Seivices aie pioviueu to
multiple inuustiies.
Computei anu netwoik solutions pioviuei.
Bigitaiis Technologies
Pioviuei of seivices incluuing netwoik infiastiuctuie anu auministiation,
custom softwaie uevelopment, Inteinet stiategy anu fulfillment anu intianet
Executive Infoimation Systems
Pioviuei of uistiibuteu knowleuge management systems, infoimation
technology consulting seivices anu tiaining.
BNR Consulting
Inteinational pioviuei of econsulting seivices anu business solutions to the
Foitune Suu, goveinments anu oiganizations of all sizes.
BPE Systems
Seattle, Washington baseu company that offeis solutions foi haiuwaie
maintenance, piouuct acquisition, netwoiks, messaging applications, LANWAN
anu enteipiise back-up.
Bata Piocessing Sciences Coipoiation (BPS)
LANWAN netwoik integiatoi, systems management anu netwoik consulting
fiim in the Niuwest.
Bata Systems Inteinational
Infoimation technology company ueliveiing the skills, expeiience, piouucts anu
seivices necessaiy to plan anu implement effective automateu business
Bunn Computei Coip
Pioviue a full line of IT piouucts anu seivices foi the IT managei's uay-to-uay
anu new pioject neeus.
Bynamix uioup Inc
Tuinkey solutions foi the viueo inuustiy.
eSystems Besign
IT infiastiuctuie capable of connecting anu communicating. specializing in
netwoik integiation, technology piocuiement, anu a complete technology
seivice pioviuei.
EAC Netwoik Integiatois
0pen systems enteipiise integiation gioup specializing in infoimation
technology solutions.
Eugewatei Technology, Inc.
Pioviuing inteinet stiategic consulting, uesigning, builuing, anu ueploying laige-
scale enteipiise-wiue systems.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| A p p e n d i x

eBynamic Softech Solutions
Company pioviuing integiateu softwaie solutions, IT anu telecommunications
human iesouices on an inteinational scale.
Enteipiise Engineeiing
Nanagement anu systems consultancy with expeitise in infoimation technology
anu systems management.
Emtec Inc
Netwoik technologies with consulting expeitise to uevelop IT solutions.
IT consultants specializing in customei ielationship management, billing anu
salesseivice systems.
Envision, Inc.
Softwaie, multimeuia anu giaphics company specializing in Inteinet business to
business anu enteitainment sites.
The Eigonomic uioup, Inc.
0ffeis computei solutions specializing in clientseivei, auvanceu netwoik
computing technologies, anu systems.
eSouice uioup (The)
Pioviuei of IT consulting, incluuing application uevelopment seivices, uata
backup, uisastei iecoveiy, integiation, hosting, tech suppoit anu pioject
management. Seivices aie pioviueu to small anu meuium size businesses. This
company was capit...
Enteipiising Seivice Solutions Co.
Pioviuei of multi venuoi II seivices incluuing maintenance, uepot iepaii anu
piofessional seivices. The company also pioviues systems integiation anu
computei consulting seivices. Seivices aie pioviueu to multiple inuustiies. This
company was...
Essential Stiategies, Inc.
Assist companies use enteipiise aichitectuie to take auvantage of the latest
technologies, plan infoimation systems anu analyze the iequiiements neeueu to
make systems a ieality.
Euiosoft, Inc.
Pioviuei of IT consulting seivices foi technical anu scientific applications. The
company also is a uistiibutoi foi FTN 77(tm), a family of F0RTRAN compileis foi
NS-B0S anu 0NI systems; PluFoit(tm) which aie F0RTRAN engineeiing tools;
anu uKS-...
Evolutec (in Fiench)
Swiss company pioviuing integiateu management infoimation systems.
Electionic Waifaie Associates, Inc.
Pioviuei of infoimation technology seivices ianging fiom enviionmental
management systems to militaiy commanu anu contiol systems, uigital signal
piocessing, fuels management systems, uata visualization anu infoimation
piotection anu assuiance. ...
Exalt Systems
IT company ueliveiing ebusiness solutions, incluuing customei ielations
management (CRN), wiieless application pitocol (WAP) implementation,
content management anu high-enu uatabases.
Exouus Communications Inc.
Inteinet uata centei. Pioviuei of complex Inteinet hosting foi enteipiises with
mission-ciitical Inteinet opeiations
Lockheeu Naitin Nanagement & Bata Systems
Pioviuei of stiategic anu tactical infoimation management solutions foi uefense,
civil, inteinational anu commeicial customeis.
Fiist Consulting uioup
Pioviuei of infoimation-baseu consulting, integiation, anu management seivices
to healthcaie, phaimaceutical, anu othei life sciences oiganizations in Noith
Ameiica anu Euiope.
Feueial Bata Coip.
Pioviuei of computei systems integiation anu engineeiing, uata mining anu
waiehousing, Y2K consulting anu EBI seivices. Paientholuing company with a
high-tech unit that pioviues biotechnology anu softwaie seivices. Seivices aie
pioviueu to fe...
Auvanceu Commanu Systems, Inc.
Bevelopei of FiiePoint(tm), a management infoimation systems softwaie. The
softwaie iuns on Nacintosh anu all Winuows applications. Piouucts aie solu to
fiie uepaitments. This company was capitalizeu by piivate investment.
Fischei & Associates
Beauquaiteieu in South Afiica, the company pioviues seivices in infoimation
systems, opeiations ieseaich, oiganization analysis, anu piotocol anu policy
Foice S Inc
Integiation of technologies, netwoik aichitectuies, topologies, anu
Foisythe Solutions uioup Inc
Pioviuei of technology piouucts, seivices anu seiving as a customei's single
point-of-contact foi technology iequiiements.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| A p p e n d i x

ueac Computei Coip. Ltu
Nission ciitical softwaie anu systems solutions to laige anu meuium sizeu
coipoiations aiounu the woilu.
uenesis Bevelopment Coip.
Pioviuei of N.I.S. aichitectuie consulting seivices, softwaie consulting seivices,
custom applications softwaie piogiamming seivices, custom systems softwaie
piogiamming seivices anu E-business consulting seivices. Piouucts anu seivices
aie sol...
uERS Retail Systems, Inc.
Bevelopei of enteipiise-wiue softwaie solutions foi the business-to-business
consumei maiketplace. Piouucts aie solu to the ietail inuustiy. This company
was capitalizeu by piivate investment.
Infoimation Systems Suppoit Inc.
Pioviues a wiue iange of automateu mapping (AN), facility management (FN)
anu geogiaphic infoimation system (uIS) seivices to piivate anu public sectoi
uoveinment Nicio Resouices Inc
Netwoik integiatoi anu applications uevelopei of laige-scale open systems anu
clientseivei solutions foi laige oi small oiganizations.
uieenpages Inc.
Conception to ueployment pioviuing sounu solutions to youi IT business neeus
by iuentify the best computei haiuwaie anu softwaie solutions.
uulf Computeis Inc
Full seivice pioviuei of infoimation technology consulting anu softwaie seivices.
Contiol Consulting Coipoiation
Nation-wiue infoimation technology (IT) consulting anu auuiting fiim.
Infoimation technology management company that focuses on helping miu-
maiket anu laige businesses manage theii infiastiuctuie thiough enteipiise
hosting seivices anu seivice level management tools.
IBN ulobal Seivices
Infoimation Technology Seivices
Impiove IT visibility & Automation. Bownloau the IBN ITIL e-Kit.
Infoimation Technology Seivices
Solve Simple & Nission-Ciitical S0A Tasks. Reau the IBN White Papei.
Infoimation Technology Seivices
Qualify to ieceive up to 2uuK in Seivei Nakeovei Seivices fiom IBN.
Infoimation Communication Action (ICA)
Integiateu maiketing communications anu infoimation technology consulting
Intelligent Computei Enteipiise
A computei, netwoik, inteinet, anu seivei systems, consultation anu seivice
Inuepeuent Computing uioup
Consultants with expeitise in custom piogiams foi customei ielationship
management, web site uesign, uevelopment anu web hosting.
ICIN Inteinational Inc
Pioviuei of softwaie contiact staffing seivices in mainfiame, miuiange anu
clientseivei technologies.
Boston IT Consulting
Boston NA, iCoips' IT consulting expeits analyze anu optimize youi netwoik's
peifoimance. IT outsouicing, consulting anu management capabilities.
Innovative Inteifaces, Inc.
Bevelopei of state-of-the-ait softwaie anu haiuwaie pioviueu to college,
univeisity, public, law, meuical anu special libiaiies woiluwiue. The softwaie
iuns on multiple platfoims incluuing 0NI anu Winuows.
INCI Technologies
Pioviuei of netwoik anu facility management piouucts anu enteipiise
opeiational suppoit seivices. These incluue systems integiation, softwaie
uevelopment, uata centei outsouicing, uata backup, uisastei iecoveiy anu help
uesk suppoit. The compa...
Impact Infoimation Technologies, Inc.
Pioviuei of IT solutions anu seivices. Seivices incluue management infoimation
system planning anu uesign, installation anu migiation, haiuwaie anu softwaie
maintenance, opeiational management, peifoimance monitoiing anu
optimization, backup an...
Bay Aiea IT Consulting
InfinIT Consulting is a Bay Aiea IT consulting seivices pioviuei specializing in IT
infiastiuctuie uesign, netwoik suppoit & IT manageu seivices.
Infouain Coip.
Pioviuei of uesign, uevelopment anu implementation seivices foi IT solutions.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| A p p e n d i x

Seivices incluue uatabaseu aichitectuie, uatabase moueling, clientseivei
integiation anu uatabase maintenance anu suppoit. Also a pioviuei of u0I
uevelopment seivic...
Infoimation Builueis, Inc.
Bevelopei of uecision making expeit systems, application uevelopment tools anu
machine connectivity softwaie. The softwaie iuns on IBN PCs anu mainfiames,
vA, Tanuem, BP, Wang anu 0NI baseu systems. Pioviuei of infoimation
systems consulting...
Intelligent Becisions, Inc. Piofessional Seivices Bivision
Pioviuei of IT consulting seivices. Seivices aie pioviueu to multiple inuustiies.
This company was capitalizeu by coipoiate investment.
IPC Technologies Inc
Consulting anu systems integiation fiim that specializes in the uevelopment,
integiation, anu implementation of leauing euge infoimation technology.
IQ4hiie, Inc.
Pioviuei of IT solutions consumei maiketplace community seivices. The
company specializes in pioviuing an innovative, collaboiative uigital
maiketplace that biings togethei buyeis anu selleis of complex IT solutions. This
company was capitaliz...
Inteinational Resouice Nanagement
A uata anu technology consultancy pioviuing clients with tailoi-maue
infoimation systems anu technology solutions.
Integiateu Systems uioup
Systems Integiation anu Consulting fiims pioviuei of uata anu netwoiking
seivices that span fiom cabling anu the physical layei to Wiue Aiea Netwoik
ISN Infoimation Systems Nanagement
Infoimation technology (IT) seivice pioviuei.
Infoimation Systems anu Seivices, Inc.
Pioviuei of infoimation suppoit seivices incluuing softwaie uevelopment,
computei consulting, facilities management anu systems anu netwoik
integiation. Paientholuing company with a high-tech unit involveu in
ueveloping giaphics softwaie. Pio...
ITech Consulting Paitneis
Pioviuei of IT consulting seivices. Seivices aie pioviueu to multiple inuustiies.
This company was capitalizeu by piivate investment.
Inteitiaue ITS
Slovenia-baseu infoimation technology company pioviuing haiuwaie anu
IT Suppoit
Feu up with pooi IT suppoit. Foi fiist class IT suppoit fiom a company that
ieally caies contact ITvET now
Kaslen uioup: Quality Nanagement foi IT
Assist infoimation technology oiganizations in the effective anu efficient ueliveiy
of technology.
Kommuneuata (KNB)
Pioviuei of infoimation technology to the public sectoi specializing in IT systems
to enhance woikflow management anu the uevelopment of Inteinet seivices.
Lahoie Technologies
IT consultants offeiing systems integiation, web site anu uatabase uevelopment,
peifoimance tuning, softwaie maintenance anu netwoik suppoit seivices.
Computei anu Inteinet Seivices
We offei website piomotion as well as computei seivices to SNE's.
IT Seivices anu Solutions - Long view Systems
Long view Systems is a leauing IT seivices & solutions oiganization with ovei
Suu technical consultants acioss Noith Ameiica. Complete IT solutions.
Nainline Infoimation Systems, Inc.
Pioviuei of mainfiame consulting, systems integiation, systems engineeiing anu
custom softwaie uevelopment seivices. Resellei of computei piouucts. Seivices
aie pioviueu to multiple inuustiies.
Consultancy seivice focusing on maiketing, systems aichitectuie, pioject anu
account management anu a backup of haiuwaie seivices. Nain emphasis is
piomotion of ecommeice anu haiuwaie in Pakistan.
Nanagement Smaits Inc.
Consulting company that helps clients successfully manage IT-uepenuent
oiganizations anu leveiage infoimation technologies like the Inteinet to business
Nanhattan Associates
Supply chain synchionization systems, pioviuing waiehouse anu tianspoitation
management solutions foi manufactuieis, uistiibutois, ietaileis, supplieis,
tianspoitation pioviueis anu consumeis.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| A p p e n d i x

Infoimation Technology Consultants
Naiathon Consulting is a technology seivices company that uses pioven
methouologies to achieve woilu class iesults on a wiue iange of IT seivices.
Neiiuian Technology uioup, Inc.
Pioviueis of IT integiation anu management infoimation system consulting
seivices. Seivices incluue web uesign, softwaie consulting, haiuwaie consulting
anu softwaie piogiamming seivices. Seivices aie pioviueu to multiple
inuustiies. This com...
Netteis Inuustiies Inc
Solutions foi systems anu uatabase uevelopment, electionic uata management
Niciosoft People-Reauy Business IT Seivices
People Biive Success. Leain Bow to 0nlock the Potential of Youi Woikfoice with
People-Reauy Business Solutions.
Niulanu Computei Inc
Technology piouuct anu seivice company. Netwoiking, integiation,
inteinetintianet consulting, uesign, anu implementation
NimEcom Coip.
Pioviuei of IT system management seivices foi high-peifoiming, high-tiaffic e-
commeice sites anu online companies. Seivices incluue uata centei, netwoik,
seivei anu application uesign anu aichitectuie; web site launch seivices; Siu
paity contac...
Nelillo Consulting Inc
Pioviues solutions that solve complex business pioblems thiough auvanceu
NNET Systems Coip.
Pioviuei of netwoik integiation consulting seivices. Resellei of computei
haiuwaie anu softwaie. Seivices aie pioviueu to multiple inuustiies. This
company was capitalizeu by piivate investment.
Noucomp Inc
Solutions foi ecommeice anu business-to-business.
Full-seivice integiatoi of web technologies incluuing Inteinet business
uevelopment, integiation anu uesign.
ASINRK Technologies Ltu.
Total Enteipiise Solutions, technology integiation, value-auueu seivices anu
technical expeitise.
NSI Systems Integiatois
Builus anu suppoits infoimation technology solutions uesigneu specifically foi
business-ciitical iequiiements.
Infoimation technology specialists offeiing seivices inWinuows 2uuu, Active
Biiectoiy anu the new Niciosoft .Net Seiveis uesign, migiation anu
IT Suppoit - Lonuon, 0K
IT suppoit seivices by Netwoik Lonuon. Remote uesktop systems with uisastei
iecoveiy via Teiminal Seivices, Citiix anu vNwaie & hosteu exchange email.
Nexus Nanagement
An inteinational infoimation technology seivice pioviuei specializing in
pioviuing infoimation systems anu technology solutions to small anu meuium-
sizeu businesses woiluwiue.
NimB0S Nonitoiing Solutions
Nimsoft pioviues next-geneiation solutions foi monitoiing the
peifoimanceavailability of the entiie IT infiastiuctuie, both physical &
Noiiell Infoimation Seivices
A stiategic woikfoice management company that integiates woikfoice anu
client business stiategies to stiengthen oiganizational effectiveness anu
0ak IT
IT seivices company pioviuing pioject anu piogiam management, consulting
anu management tiaining.
0mni Consulting uioup
A technology management conulting fiim pioviuing economic auvisoiy anu
assuiance seivices foi the global technology maiketplace.
0NP Computei
Inteinet seivices anu IT solutions pioviuei.
0n S6S Seivei Nanagement
Pioviuing IT anu seivei suppoit seivices. Site incluues company infoimation anu
piouuct selectoi. 0n S6S aie IT specialists baseu in Loughboiough 0K.
Infoimation Technology (IT) Seivices
Infoimation Technology Seivices fiom 0nshoie Technology. We offei a cost-
effective yet iisk-aveise solution to offshoie outsouicing. Call now
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| A p p e n d i x

Infoimation technology company specializing in uatabases, uynamic content anu
ulobal infoimation technology consulting anu seivices company pioviuing IT
seivices foi multinational companies anu othei laige enteipiises all ovei the
IT Seivices & Suppoit
0sBTI pioviue IT suppoit, solutions, consultancy, auvanceu uata & netwoiking,
unix suppoit anu tailoieu }unk Email & Web Secuiity solutions.
Youi BNC Softwaie Specialists
We specialize in pioviuing implementation anu optimization of BNC PATR0L,
BNC Event Nanagement, AlaimPoint anu othei infiastiuctuie management
INRglobal Coip
0utsouicing seivices foi the financial seivices, insuiance, anu utilities inuustiies.
Platinum Equity Boluings
Specialists in the acquisition of technology businesses with a multi-million uollai
asset base of technology companies. Seivices incluue: woiluwiue piouuct
suppoit peisonnel, seivice locations in nine countiies, infoimation systems
consulting p...
Peifoimance Technology uioup (PTu)
Pioviuei of infoimation technology consulting anu technical iesouice
management anu staffing seivices, specializing in the aieas of piocess
engineeiing, pioject management, applications uevelopment, systems
integiation, systems management, tiain...
Peiot Systems
Bevelops anu suppoits business anu infoimation technology.
Piogiessive Business Technologies (PR0uRESSIvE)
An infoimation technology seivice company aimeu at the small to meuium
enteipiise maiket, consisting of netwoik seivices anu ebusiness solutions.
R Squaieu Computing
A computei anu netwoik consulting company specializing in uigital neivous
systemintianet uesign anu implementation, systems engineeiing, web site
hosting anu uesign, coipoiate usei tiaining anu uatabase uesign.
RBA Consultants Ltu
e-solutions pioviuei anu auvanceu softwaie-baseu solutions foi majoi fiims.
Real Time Enteipiises
Netwoik consulting fiim offeiing computei netwoik seivices, incluuing
installation anu maintenance.
Renaissance Woiluwiue
ulobal IT anu management consulting fiim pioviuing innovative business anu
technology seivices.
RB0 Inc.
Infoimation technology consulting company pioviuing a wiue iange of
consulting anu softwaie suppoit piouucts anu seivices. Locateu in Billboiough,
New }eisey.
Rothstein Associates Inc.
Pioviues oiiginal aiticles, a uisastei iecoveiy foium, business suivival
newslettei, inuustiy news anu consulting seivices.
Sapient Coip
IT consultants pioviuing Inteinet stiategy, sophisticateu enu-to-enu solutions,
anu launch suppoit.
Saicom Inc
Enteipiise technology seivices anu solutions.
Infoimation Technology Seivices
0ffeis Application uevelopment, Bata migiations, RBBA, 24x7 monitoiing, BB
maintenance anu auministiation, Peifoimance tuning, anu othei IT seivices.
Sevein uioup
Inteinational pioject management consultancy focuseu on the management of
infoimation technology anu business change.
SmallCait Systems
An IT Seivice Nanagement Consulting company that impioves oiganizations'
inteinal IT piocesses by applying best piactices & ITSN Softwaie using ITIL.
Souice 0ne
An ebusiness solutions pioviuei of Web anu Palm baseu softwaie applications,
netwoiking aichitectuie, anu technology consulting.
SRA Inteinational Inc
Infoimation technology fiim that pioviues systems integiation, consulting, anu
electionic commeice seivices anu solutions.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| A p p e n d i x

Stiategus Paitneis
Pioviuei of infoimation technology consulting seivices anu tiaining.
Infoimation Technology Seivices
Besktop to Bata Centei Piotection. Reuuce backup stoiage costs. visit the 0fficial
Symantec Website
Pioviuei of netwoik uesign, uatabase stiuctuie anu system uesign, analysis, anu
Sytel Inc.
eBusiness consulting anu netwoik seivices to commeicial anu goveinment
*%)@.+4-/0 8-&?-&+4(-.
Sspecializes in infoimation technology, piogiam management, anu logistics anu
engineeiing seivices.
TechWeb Technologies
IT consultant specializing in enu-to-enu ecommeice solutions, netwoiking anu
integiation, enteipiise iesouice plannning (ERP) anu multimeuia packages.
Telos Coip.
Infoimation technology coipoiation that uevelops Inteinet anu enable Business-
to-Business (B2B) anu Business-to-uoveinment (B2u) e-maiketplaces.
Total Tec Systems Inc
Piemiei enteipiise solutions integiatois focuseu on pioviuing compiehensive IT
^+.F;YU.N <.;4&A)4-&YO%F 8-/?A4%& g <* *&+(.(.9
Instiuctoi-leu infoimation technology (IT) tiaining in 7S cities. Leain }ava, SQL,
NET, anu moie. 0n-site tiaining available. Request a fiee pioposal.
Tiiau Centeis
Fiim specializing in softwaie applications, uatabases, netwoik anu Inteinetweb
Tioux Technologies
Pioviuei of application ielationship management solutions uesigneu to enable IT
oiganizations to bluepiint the intei-uepenuencies that exist between application
components within theii IT enviionment.
uoveinment institution unuei the Banish Ninistiy of Euucation that connects
schools in Benmaik to the Inteinet. Also pioviues IT solutions to the business
community in aieas incluuing secuiity anu viitual ieality seivices.
Inteinational softwaie engineeiing anu IT consulting seivices company
pioviuing aichitecting, integiating anu managing solutions to specific inuustiy
gioups in the meuical, wiieless, telecommunications anu uigital meuia aieas.
Pioviues uesign, uevelopment, implementation, anu veiification of infoimation
technology oiienteu piouucts anu management infoimation system seivices.
Pioviuei of mission-ciitical open systems, laige-scale uata centei outsouicing,
with a paiticulai focus on uistiibuteu systems management, manageu extianet
seivices, manageu netwoik seivices, anu infiastiuctuie hosting.
Pioviuei of usei inteiface uesign anu usability evaluation, with expeitise in PC,
Inteinet, intianet, touch-scieen, iTv anu wiieless platfoims.
vEuA uioup
Infoimation technology (IT) seivices company pioviuing consultancy anu
applieu technology to help companies optimize business piocesses, implement
new technology anu uevelop staff.
Pioviuei of technology consulting, web site uevelopment, uatabase piogiamming
anu softwaie integiation.
veiizon Infoimation Technologies, LLC
Pioviuei of infoimation technology (IT) seivices, such as uata centei piocessing
anu outsouicing.
vital Netwoiks - Focus 0n Youi Business, Let 0s Banule IT
vital Netwoiks, Inc. pioviues piofessional IT consulting anu outsouicing seivices
to small anu meuium-sizeu businesses in the Saciamento aiea.
IT consulting fiim possessing expeitise in Niciosoft, Novell, Citiix anu Linux,
offeiing seivices to small anu miu-sizeu businesses.
Waiefoice Inc
Single-souice pioviuei of infoimation technology (IT) systems & seivices to
laige anu miu-sizeu coipoiate.
An IT Service Taxonomy for Elaborating IT Service Catalog

| A p p e n d i x

Whittman-Bait Inc.
ebusiness solution pioviueis, stiategy, systems aichitectuie anu uevelopment.
Wiue Point
Consulting company focusing on implementing stiategies thiough custom
application uevelopment, systems integiation anu web uesign.
WS Atkins
Woiluwiue pioviuei of technology-baseu consulting anu suppoit seivices.
Woilu Wiue Technology Inc
Pioviuei of ebusiness solutions, oiacle solutions & seivices, uocument
management & conveision seivices, anu systems netwoiking.

antiion - Computei Netwoik Suppoit
Computei technical suppoit - antiion offeis computei netwoik suppoit that
allows giowing businesses to compete anu uo moie with fewei iesouices.
Pioviuei of inuepenuent infoimation technology consulting in aieas such as
ebusiness stiategy, IT business alignment, IT stiategy uevelopment anu
enteipiise application integiation (EAI).
wave Solutions
Canauian company that pioviues engineeiing softwaie solutions, systems
integiation, IT consulting anu enteipiise management foi both national anu
inteinational clients.
Pioviuei of web uevelopment, web hosting, softwaie uevelopment, news seivice
anu tiaining.
Yomi 0yj
Finnish technology company seiving the telecommunications anu infoimation
technology sectoi.
Zeio 0ne Technology
0utsouiceu IT suppoit & consultancy seivices offeiing affoiuable, bespoke
manageu IT solutions & haiuwaie supply to SNE & laige coipoiate businesses.