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Ringaskiddy NS Music Plan 2011-12 Juniors and Seniors Term One We will introduce the junior infants to the

music curriculum through singing and playing percussion instruments, a short class on literacy will be given. This term we will prepare the children for the school concert, the play to be decided by teacher and songs and actions taught by music teacher, with rehearsals being performed daily by the class teacher. Performance: The performance aspect of this term will include singing and acting out topical songs (Halloween & Christmas) as well as the school concert performance which will take place early in December. Elements: Examining what makes us nervous; when teaching the songs Old Mrs Witch and There was an Old Woman All Skin and Bones the children will be allowed to discuss things which make them nervous, e.g. the dark, loud noises, monsters etc. An emphasis is put on self expression in this term along with building language and vocabulary in order to efficiently express thoughts. Musical expression will be touched upon using the musical instruments. Literacy; the first introduction to musical literacy will begin in this term. Crotchets, minims and quavers will be taught (the method used is the walk, slowly and running respectively). Term Two Continuing on with literacy and reinforcing those aspects which have already been taught. The children will develop the rhythm complexities throughout the rest of the year with some time allocated to allow them to draw the notes themselves on the whiteboard, ensuring a comprehension of the requirements of each note, e.g. a crotchet needs to be coloured in etc. More topical songs of Spring and the natural world around us. Listening to sounds: There will be an emphasis on helping the children to listen more carefully during this term through listening exercises and games which require listening skills (e.g. If you're listening). We will also explore action songs (Two and Move your arms by Eileen Diamond). Performance: Songs such as the above mentioned along with It's a Hap hap happy day will allow the children to perform songs with actions. Playing percussion instruments while reading the rhythms will be part of this terms work. We'll all Play Together with percussion instruments. Listening: Through the use of the keyboard, orchestral instruments will be introduced. Using the visual aid on the white board the children will get a mental picture of the instrument along with the aural picture. Elements: Combining movement with singing and percussion playing will help to develop concentration and co-ordination. Listening skills will develop through games and exercises. Awareness of the world around us and particularly the natural world will combine with the science aspect of school life. Language will develop through the use of new vocabulaly expressed through action. Term Three Summer term will see continued work in performance with songs such as The Sun Has got His Hat On, Sun Sun Sunny Day and others. The introduction of the orchestral instruments will be continued through orchestral pieces such as Peter and the Wolf by Prokofievand Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens. Preparation for the end of school year mass will become part of this terms music class to continue the school's ongoing tradition of participation in school. More work with percussion instruments with a view to giving a longterm understanding of the basic rhythmic elements introduced during the year. Performance: Performance will be through singing and percussion. Listening and Literacy: As the children have become more accustomed to the notation introduced in term one we will be in a position to ensure a good understanding of it. The

listening games will continue throughout the children's experience in school and is by now a part of daily lives enhancing the musical experience of all students in the school.