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There is a strong musical life at Christs School, with opportunities abounding for a broad range of music making at all levels. The state-of-the-art facilities were opened by Sir Tim Rice ten years ago, and the present Director of Music, Mr. Philip Wilson, has been at Christs for nine years years, a period which has seen expansion in all areas, the development of new schemes of work, consistently good GCSE results, increasing numbers learning instruments, more extra-curricular opportunities and more music events. With an expanding department within an expanding school, the department now requires two teachers, which will in time generate many new opportunities for development. The Curriculum Lower School classes Year 7 has 100 minutes, year 8 75 minutes Year 9 have 50 minutes of music every week; in these lessons musical ideas, techniques and styles are covered in a practically-based course which includes plenty of performance (keyboards, singing, xylophones and percussion) and composition. Students often get to work in groups, perform to the class and have their work recorded onto computer or video. There are also activities which aim to develop the students listening skills. Each of the three years has an overarching theme: Year 7 The Elements of Music Year 8 Music of Other Cultures Year 9 The Roots of Modern Popular Music Most years, the entire Year 7 cohort gets together to perform a cantata. Past projects have included Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo and Jonah Man Jazz which has included performances in front of pupils from local primary schools; this year the pupils will be performing The Daniel Jazz in our autumn 2013 concert. The Lower School music curriculum is constantly under review, and has for example recently used elements of the Musical Futures programme. Every project is designed to focus on all three of the music attainment targets performing, composing and listening/appraising. GCSE. Students can opt to take GCSE in Year 10 and 11. They would then have three classes per week, and be expected to demonstrate a firm commitment to develop as composers and performers, as well as developing a more technical and theoretical knowledge. Listening is also organized into three strands of learning: The th st Western Classical Tradition, World Music and Popular Music of the 20 /21 centuries. These musical areas are studied from the point of view of musical elements/techniques such as melody, harmony, texture, timbre, structure etc. etc. The GCSE course is practically based, with plenty of scope for the students to create their own music in a wide variety of styles. Sixth Form. A Level music and A Level music technology are possible pathways that students in our new sixth form which opens in Sepatember 2014. There will be expanded facilities within our purpose-built music centre. Both courses are those offered by Edexcel. After Christs Advice is given on the requirements post-16 of various music courses; many of Christs past students have gone on to study AS and A level, or gone on to specialist colleges such as the Brit School, and part of our remit within the music department is to ensure that students are fully prepared and briefed for their sixth form studies; these considerations place Christs music department in a strong position to develop sixth form music in the coming year, and to be able to advise students on career possibilities related to music and the arts, university entrance and music college requirements.

Music Lessons Christs School Music hires independent tutors offering high-quality tuition in the full range of instruments, including voice. Numbers in all areas continue to expand. The department is flexible and will aim to provide tuition in areas not previously covered if there is a need. Tuition is currently offered in piano, guitar (classical/jazz/rock/bass gutiar), drums, flute, oboe, clarinet/saxophone, brass, singing, violin/viola and cello/double-bass. A possible future area of development is individual tuition in the field of music technology. Flute Clarinet/saxophone Oboe Violin/viola Cello/Double Bass Drums/percussion Guitar (all styles) Piano Singing Trumpet/trombone French Horn Extra-curricular music Plenty of opportunities exist at Christs for extra-curricular music. We generally host two major concerts each year, which give the chance for singers and instrumentalists to exercise their skills on the public stage. In recent years there has been considerable investment in sound and lighting equipment by the school, which has made a big difference to the presentation of major events. A concert at Christs will typically contain: instrumental solos (classical, jazz, popular); vocal solos in a range of styles; the school choir; a band or orchestra; a variety of ensembles, large and small; rock groups; music technology; dance. The department has established a schedule which results in a major music/drama production alternating with a choral and orchestral concert in the summer term. The department has an open-door policy at lunchtimes and after school, where students can come in and practise. Typically during most lunchtimes all available spaces in the department are being used by students, if they are not in use by visiting teachers and the department is a vibrant place. Musically gifted pupils will be strongly encouraged to join external youth music organizations to supplement what can be achieved in school. A number of students have joined local youth orchestras (such as Ealing, Thames or Stoneleigh Youth Orchestras and the London Schools Symphony Orchestra) and have been encouraged to attend the junior departments of the main London music colleges such as the Royal College of Music. Music Technology Christs has excellent music technology facilities 7 professional workstations with Cubase4 software, Sibelius Notation software, Reason and Edirol Audio/MIDI interfaces. It has a good selection of high quality microphones for various purposes. It has a hard disc recorder, a cassette multitrack and a PA system in the school hall for productions/concerts. Music Technology has been fully integrated into the Lower School Ms Siu Peasgood Ms Tara Martin; Mr. Gary Lewars Mr. Mark Radcliffe Ms Siu Peasgood Ms Amy Sims Mr. Laurence Clack Mr. Martin Hoj Ms Joanna Craven; Mr. Mark Radcliffe Ms Corinne Hart Mr. Jonathan Spencer Ms Corinne Hart

curriculum, is a major feature of GCSE work and there is also a Music Technology after school club. Students often use the equipment in the lunch hour and after school, learning to record their own music, as well as using the technology as a tool for composition. Through taking responsibility for sound, lighting and stage management for musical and other events at school, pupils can, under the guidance of the Director of Music, develop invaluable skills in the technical side of productions. Events Recent events have included: December 2013. An adaptation of Dickens A Christmas Carol, largely a straight drama, but including plenty of singing and some instrumental playing on stage. Autumn Concert 2013, featuring solos and ensembles of all kinds, as well as a performance of the jazz cantata the Daniel Jazz by around 80 year 7 pupils October 2013 an At Home informal concert in the music centre largely featuring solo performances Performance by Christs pupils as part of a PTA event held in September 2013 Jazz concert in collaboration with pianist Ben Wetherfield, presented at our first ever combined Arts Evening in July 2013 A large-scale choral and orchestral concert, part of the schools tercentenary celebrations, featuring Vivaldis Gloria for large choir and orchestra, and concerto performances with orchestra by two of our most advanced instrumentalists (Otto Sterner: Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto; Jasper Rose: Ferdinand David: Trombone Concerto). This highly successful and ambitious concert was presented at St. Mary Magdalene church in Richmond and open to the general public. An evening of Flamenco and other Spanish music by professional guitarists, Isabel Maria Martinez and Francesco Scelzo the first of a fledgling Arts Society at the school A major contribution by our school choir at Christs Tercentenary service in May 2013. Christs annual Carol Service at Holy Trinity church, December 2012 Autumn Concert, November 2012 solos, ensembles, choirs, orchestra, bands, etc. A series of At Homes: informal small-scale concerts designed for the playing and singing of solos and small ensembles in the more intimate environment of Christs Music Centre Worldwide school premiere of the Gipsy Kings and John Camerons Zorro the Musical in June 2012 Two major concerts in 2010-2011 and two in 2011-2012. major music/drama production of Oliver in 2010 Christs Annual Carol Service (performances by various choirs and the school orchestra) School choir perform at O2 Many smaller informal music events in school Performances by school bands at public venues Participation in London-wide PIXL choir by Christs students last year Performance by three of our musically gifted students at Ronnie Scotts jazz club in London as part of the Big Band in a Day initiative