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Subject Code: 12MBAFM425

Kiran Kumar K V VVCE 12/1/2013


(Subject Code: 12MBAMM417; 4th Semester; Elective-2; Marketing Management Specialization) Course Objectives After studying this subject student should be able to:

Apply the key terms, definitions, and concepts used in integrated marketing communications. Conduct and evaluate marketing research and apply these findings to develop competitive and positioning strategies and to select the target audience(s) for the IMC campaign plan. Examine how integrated marketing communications help to build brand identity and brand relationship, and create brand equity through brand synergy. Choose a marketing communications mix to achieve the communications and behavioural objectives of the IMC campaign plan. Develop an integrated cross-media strategy and creative message and concept to reach the target audience and deliver the brand promise through an IMC campaign. Structure an integrated marketing communications campaign plan based on the application of marketing concepts, principles, and practices within an organization. Measure and critically evaluate the communications effects and results of an IMC campaign to determine its success.

Course Outcomes

Students will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the basic concepts of integrated marketing communications as well as to display knowledge of key marketing communications components. Students will have fundamental understanding of what it takes to work in Marketing Communication and include integrated marketing communication as part of the management function.
Module-wise Objectives and Learning Outcomes Module 1 Integrated Marketing Communications Objective Learning Outcome

Student is able to apply the To introduce the concept of IMC and model of IMC planning process consider how it has evolved and examine the steps in developing a marketing 1

communications Programme Student is able to appreciate the To understand how companies roles and functions of specialized organize for advertising and other marketing communications aspects of IMC organisations Student is able to differentiate To recognize the importance and and formulate sales and value of setting specific objectives communications objectives and and various methods of budget manage the theoretical issues in setting budget setting Student is able to create a media To learn key terms used in media and plan and strategy and also process of media planning and familiar with sources of media strategy information To know the strategies and tactics Student is able to formulate involved in direct marketing; examine sales promotion programs; to the objectives and coordination of demonstrate the use of direct sales promotion; recognize the roles marketing media; to evaluate of public relations, publicity and public relation strategies corporate advertising To understand the reasons for Student is able to decide measuring and measures used in between alternative methods of assessing effectiveness of measuring effectiveness of promotional programs promotional programs To review the various factors in the Student is able to examine international environment and how various decision areas of they influence advertising and international, internet and promotion decisions industrial advertising To learn the purposes and designing Student is able to plan, direct, dimensions of events as an IMC organise and control an event ingredient

2 Advertising Agency 3 Advertising Objectives and Budgeting 4 Media Planning, Media Strategy

5 Direct Marketing, Promotion, Public Relation 6 Monitoring, Evaluation and Control 7 International, Internet and Industrial Advertising 8 Event Management

Internal Assessment Pattern Assessment Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Final IA Viva Voce Assignments Seminars Marks 50 50 50 Average of best of two, reduced to 25 05 15 05

Syllabus Completion Plan Sl. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Module Integrated Marketing Communications Advertising Agencies Advertising Objectives and Budgeting Media Planning and Media Strategy Direct Marketing, Promotions and Public Relations Monitoring, Evaluation and Control International, internet and industrial advertising Event Management Teaching Hours 4 6 12 12 5 4 5 10
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