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Generally, lawyers are not permitted to advertise because the lawyers profession is not a business Solicitation of cases is unethical

either directly or indirectly Corporations cannot practice law

Exempted to take MCLE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Pres, VP Justices, judges Senators, congressmen OSG Ombudsman Law professors Those not in the law practice whether private or public Those that are retired

Canon 6 Lawyers in the government service are covered by the CPR. They are even subjected to more regulations other than the CPR. Government lawyers may engage in private practice depending on pertinent law. If allowed by the constitution, that he can practice law concurrently then he is allowed. However he must see to it that his private practice must not interfere with his public duties or use his public duties to promote and advance his private interest.

Canon 7 The lawyer owes in to the legal profession to safeguard the legal profession A lawyer has a duty to uphold the integrity of the legal profession and support the activities of the integrated bar. Answerable for knowingly making false statement or suppressing a material fact in his admission to bar Shall not support application in the bar of someone known to him to be unqualified in respect to character, education or other relevant attribute

Shall not engage in conduct that adversely affects on his fitness to practice law, nor shall he, whether in public or private life, behave in scandalous manner to the discredit of the legal profession.

Misrepresentation and concealment are not the same (6.01) The mere fact that you have concealed is an indication of lack of good moral character

Role of IBP Assists in disbarment cases Public services Conduct MCLE

Regulatory power of the SC Canon 8 Using respectful language is not only applicable in oral arguments, it also applies to pleadings. A lawyer shall conduct himself with courtesy, fairness and candor toward his professional colleagues and shall avoid harassing tactics against opposing counsel (Canon 8) A lawyer shall not, in his professional dealings, use language which is abusive, offensive or otherwise improper. Lawyer shall not, directly or indirectly, encroach upon the professional employment of another lawyer; however it is the right of any lawyer, without fear or favor, to give proper advice and assistance to those seeking relief against unfaithful or neglectful counsel.

Canon 9 A lawyer cannot assist, directly or indirectly, in the unauthorized practice of law A lawyer cannot delegate to any unqualified person the performance of any task which by law may only be performed by a member of the bar in good standing Lawyer shall not divide or stipulate to divide a fee for legal services with persons not licensed to practice law, except: Unqualified to practice law: suspended, disbarred lawyers; nonLawyers If there is an arrangement that they get a lawyers fee, it may lead to an arrangement that they also need to contribute to legal work.

Unauthorized person who practice law are not under the supervision of SC, thus the SC cannot protect the public in case they are defrauded by these unlicensed people Canon 10 A clients first duty is to the courts because they are first officers of the courts. The interest of the lawyers and his clients are only secondary. The presumption is that the one who used or benefited from the use of falsified document is considered the falsifier thereof. 10.01 A lawyer shall not do any falsehood nor consent to the doing of any in court; nor shall he mislead nor allow the court to be mislead by any artifice. 10.02 A lawyer shall not knowingly misquote or misrepresent the contents of a paper, the language or the argument of the opposing counsel, or a text of a decision or authority, or knowingly cite as law, a provision already rendered inoperative by repeal or amendment 10.03 A lawyer shall observe the rules of procedure and shall not misuse them to defeat the ends of justice Lawyer should not create their own rules. Decisions should be cited verbatim