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Net Responsibility Manifesto v0.

1 (1/19/2014) from "The Net Responsibility Group" *Telling you ahead of time, this document is due for many, many rewrites* TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Introduction to the NRG What is the Internet? Deriving Maximum Benefit Everyman's Concerns The Practical Angle: What You Can Do For Your Reference Closing Changelog

1.Introduction Greetings, We are a group of volunteers working to bring a new, more conscious approach to the vast digital network we call the internet. Our goal is promote the freedom of information, media, communication, and to provide the public the information they need to ensure their own safety and privacy in this modern age. 2. What Is The Internet? (laying the ground) This may seem obvious to many of you, but it's an important point to keep in mind. The internet is a powerful tool that has become a stable in practically every sphere of human endeavour. Family and friends can keep in contact though email and the ever-expanding social media sites, the hobbyist can discover new and exciting techniques to apply to his craft, and the student can find whatever he needs for his assignment at the click of a button. No doubt you can relate for youself how the internet has been a valuable tool in your search for enrichment. What we hope to deliver is a new way of seeing and approaching this vast library, and deriving maximum benefit from one of the greatest tools this world has ever seen. 3. Deriving Maximum Benefit (first half of the new approach) The first concept we must outline to understand how to truly use the internet to it's full potential is to understadn the difference between information and knowledge. It is common for people to treat the terms as synonymous. Information is essentially content derived from an external source for the purpose of practical applications. Where knowledge is based from proven expirence. It's true an expert can share his knowledge with you and you in turn can make a well-informed choice,

but you will never have his depth of understanding about the subject, you are using the information provided by the expert to your benefit. So now you understand that the internet is for all intents and purposes, a sea of information and services. Let's begin to consider the ways in which we can navigate and interact with this network in the most beneficial way. A most important point to consider here is what I'll term Purposeful Interaction, meaning you go into the web knowing exactly what it is you want, and getting it. It's simple enough to know what you want, then comes the point of figuring out it is what you need. Say you're looking into photo editing software, you have to go and search out for what photo-editing software best fits your needs. So you take stock of your needs and begin to search around town, say you need an open source software that's not particular to any one operating system, as you prefer that sort of thing. So now you know what you need. Assessing you needs is the first and important step to having more purposeful interaction on the internet. You can identify this as a simpler way to go about fulfilling desires, and to be honest that is true. But what follows relates to what should be the concerns of every citizen in this age of constant barragements from numberous sources of info who wish to buy your time. Let's get to that. 4. Everyman's Concerns (concerns of manipulation and falsities) You may have heard of terms such as "misinformation", "sliding" and of course the big one "propaganda". Propaganda is any material published for the purpose of propgoating any one system of beleifs and ideals. While one may think propaganda is particular only to the political scene, understand that this is not the case. I would like to take you on a small diversion, you may be familiar with the concept of memes, not neccesarily their academic origin, but memes as you've seen them. Funny images or videos than can amuse people, make them feel, or even band together and form a whole new social group based around the identity brought by the meme. The keyword here is "identification", memes spread through emotional identification. If a meme has enough members then it becomes a society of sorts, eventually even subgroups can form or even become entirely new branches. Reeling back, it is important to understand that emotion is an expression of desire. Even intellectual concepts cannot be adopted unless the individual finds it in themselves the desire to learn about and make use of them. Understanding that memes are uphelp by emotional relation, it's then important to consider the very real fact that emotions can be manipulated, and have been since the dawn of human history. A child does not stomp on the ground in fear of his parents punishment, a ransom is paid because a family fears for their loved ones safety. Manipulation is quite simply taking advantage of anothers desire and shortcomings. While it is possible to use manipulation for a mutually benefecial outcome, as it's commonly practiced this is not the case.

You understand that the media propogates all sorts of ideas about how you should think and apporach life, but understand they are selling you these dreams and you buy with with your money, time, and effort. These dreams and portential outcomes appeal to your many desires of wealth, happiness, fulfillment and adventure. But it can be said you are largely ignorant of how to fulfill these desires in truth. So you begin to search outward, and encounter many different ideas, beleifs - memes along the way, eventually coming to something you identify with and fulfills your emotional desires for as long as time permits. What's important to consider here, is where your memes, your conceptions of the world, come from and what effects do they have in your life. Theres no doubt we've all adopted conceptions of the world from the media we consume; the news, music, movies, our teachers and parents, everything. Always is someone trying to tell us something, about what we want or should want and how to get that thing. A simple question to ask yourself, how many ideas about yourself and the world have derived from your own expirences? How much of it has been "heard somewhere" and just carried down the track? Understanding yourself and where your conceptions come from is all too important in this world of ever expanding networks and massive streams of information. 4. The Practial Angle: What You Can Do No doubt this informaton gives rise to that natural fear of selfpreservation. It's all too important to have in these uncertain times. From a personal angle what you can do has largely been covered. Be aware of where your information and ideas come from, study the effects of these ideas on the playing field of life to discover their true validity, all while searching for the knowledge to better help yourselves and the people you care about. From a more physical angle. There is software available than can help protect you from the lingering forces that threaten to disrupt the internet. More information on this will be provided in the section "For Your Reference" 5. For your Reference Here we can have links pertaining to the governments attempts at controlling the media, as well as the following. 1. Consolidation of the media 2. Methods of disinformation as demonstrated by MSM news reporters live and on the web 3. Information pertaining to spotting disinformation agents 4. Other sources pertaining to truthful world knews, life-supportive values and other practical things pertaining to freeing ourselves from the "grid". 6. Closing

It is our hope you will use this information to help yourselves and those around you in these times of uncertaintly and distrust. It has become clear we can no longer allow any sort of authority figure to make all of our decisions. The time has come for us to be independant units of the whole that is society and in turn the world. For in dependance there is no strength, and there is only darkness and vulnerability. Only the naive or most sinister of beings would make it so another is dependant on them by design. It is time we've claimed our own power and stop choosing to be fed whatever is salivated for us by the mainstream media, the governments and corporations and spiritual leaders. We know what we need to survive and prosper, now is time to secure them for the now and the future. Best wishes to you all. -The Net Responsibility Group. 7. Changelog 1/19/2013 - Document started 1/20/2013 - Skeleton Draft competed