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Does the dog pregnancy want much to living a puppy for a long time?

Dog Yun's expecting is 61-63 days Pregnant nursing !irst is feed on aspect"Demand of Yun dog to food's measuring will o#viously increase$ #ut sometimes ta%e a meal will have the appetite poor phenomenon$ this is very normal"&he growth that expects along with the Yun$ the #itch #eing pregnant oppresses a stomach department #ecause of #elly inflation$ so each time ta%e a meal 'uantity will reduce"(n order to promise to enough ta%e a meal$ the host should will feed on to twice change to many meals little food every day and feed some cream cheeses$ egg and meat at the same time in addition the vet open of vitamin$ mineral is with the demand that satisfies Yun dog and #a#y"&he host should also ma%e the food delicious as far as possi#le$ such as fill with some meats and soups for coo%ing in the dog food$ the words of necessity can while coo%ing meat a little amount add some salts to increase flavor")nly promising to enough ta%e a meal can ma%e #itch #e as healthy as puppy"*ertainly$ you don't forget$ water also wants to provide more to #e some" &he second also wants to have an attention in the living living"Dog sleep of the pregnancy will o#viously increase$ the host should provide 'uiet environment to promise that he+she sleeps 'uality"&he weight of #itch has the increment of very great degree in the Yun regular meeting$ her activity will also therefore and rather vivid #efore$ you shoulded avoid it ,umping down from the eminence as far as possi#le or *uan more stum#ling #loc%$ so as not to result in danger"-oreover the #itch Peng #ig #elly clean up outside private parts and lifted a leg to come to .ao Yang to result in #y herself for her trou#lesome$ these can #e given a lot of care #y the host to deal with it"&here is also a small matter$ appetite and water of #itch measure to increase$ the num#er of times having a #owel movement will also increase$ and you are ta%ing her more to go out several times$ doing not give/ the #a#y to suppress to #rea% down every day" &he third$ at and the feelings communication of dog should pay attention to more"&he dog is pregnant #ehind the personality will have a little #it a change and #ecome irasci#ility$ fidgety$ depend on host more$ she usually #ecause the food isn't tasty$ drive noisy come to or #e not valued #ut don't stop to #ar%"0t this time$ please give conciliation to her$ don't loudly the 1un scold$ otherwise can not not only stop her to ma%e trou#le without a cause$ #ut also will influence feelings of of person's dog"(n your spare time go along with more Yun dog$ give to caress and consolation with relieve her of fidgety"Particularly what to want to mention 23$ the Yun dog envies heart the strongest$ if she sees her host is fondling other puppies$ she will try very hard to #lunt come over to #loc% #etween the host and the foreign dog"(n case of occurrence the dog fight$ the result is so terri#le we dares not thin%s a#out it".o at your period of pregnancy of love dog your #est to her feeling have a cloc% only" &he fourth carries on prenatal period chec% and preparation"&he dog should periodically go to hospital to carry on a prenatal period chec% after #eing pregnant"&he doctor can chec% the circumstance of #itch and puppy$ can also give the host some suggestions and ensure that the dog mother and child is peaceful"*hec% me not to suggest to carry on to the prenatal period 1 line$ #ecause the 1 line may influence the #a#y's growth" &he prenatal period prepares to #e count for much$ ( want to remind everyone here$ the Yun of dog expects to actually is 63 days$ however puppy may early or the night #e #orn for 4 days$

never #e #een long #y us to say of cat three 5 dogs influence #ut mista%en for for four months"0t prenatal period three wee%s should produce a 6i #ox to ready to and ma%e the #itch ac'uaint with and li%e it"Don't wait the last minute then ta%e the #itch to inside in an unfamiliar #ox" (f you can cut the hair of long hair dog mammary glands surroundings$ the new-#orn puppy will more easily find out nipple".imilarly$ for avoid long hair #itch production ma%e too in great disorder$ can shear the hair of Yin door surroundings with the scissors" )n the last several wee%s in pregnancy$ the #ody temperature of Yun dog has to #e more slightly low than normal 37 degreeses$ may decline to a#out 36 degrees in 85 hours #efore producings"&he development of #reast is also different$ some Yun dogs may #efore producing a month already the canned mil% is ample$ #ut have of then would not/ until the postnatal period is after a day have canned mil%$ at this can #e with the #ottle feeding puppy"-a,ority of Yun dogs refuse to ta%e a meal in 85 hours #efore producing$ or the food that pic% ,ot to love to eat$ some then will a little #it vomit #efore producing" 2ecause the placenta starts separation$ the 83 hours inside usually suddenly secretes #efore producing green stic%y li'uid$ this is the normal phenomenon$ please an unimportant piece" .ource 1inchang egg incu#ator www"incu#atorforegg"com