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Eddie A. Maalouf

By all accounts Deuterium should not exist in the universe, it is manufactured but also consumed inside stars. Without it, Helium would not form and therefore neither would heavier elements. The existence of the twenty or so heavy elements crucial for life such as Lithium, Beryllium8, Cabron12 and Oxygen16 depends on a series of unbelievable circumstances. All these atoms are compiled inside stars. All must meet stringent energy states to bond, without them, life as we know it would not have formed.

All life forms on Earth (and most probably on other planets) utilize various forms of Carbon. In order for Carbon12 to form, Beryllium8 has to bond with a Helium4 atom via a fusion process inside stars. In order to bond, the total energy level of both atoms (prior to joining) must equal the total energy level of Carbon12, not more, not less. If all Beryllium8 and Helium4 atom levels met the Carbon12 requirement, then, only Carbon12 would be created. Laden with Carbon, the star's life would end abruptly. The fast conversion would unleash massive amounts of bound energy causing the star to self destruct. This would generate an excess supply of Carbon in the cosmos and would rule out the creation of further heavy elements essential for life such as Calcium, Magnesium and Iron. It's clear that somehow, nature mandates that specific Beryllium8 and Helium4 energy states can produce the required energy level of 7.65 MeV (Mega electron Volts), nature also mandates that Beryllium8 is short lived, unstable and only a certain number is able to attain the needed energy state to merge with a Helium4 atom. The rest of the Beryllium8 atoms either decay or are converted into alternate atoms. Due to the rapid decay of Beryllium; via random trial and error, nature devised a mechanism which mandates (within the hellish, chaotic conditions that exists in the core of stars) that more Beryllium8 atoms be manufactured than decayed. The mandate stipulates further that only some of those atoms are allowed to attain a preset energy state to merge with a Helium4 atom to form Carbon12.

During its life cycle inside a red star, a Carbon12 atom is bound to be struck and joined by another Helium-4 atom which converts it into an Oxygen16 atom. If the conversion takes place every time, the universe's supply of Carbon-12 would be depleted. That would leave a deficient supply of Carbon12 atoms which will prevent the formation of life. Here nature intervened once more. A delicate balance was devised and implemented to maintain an abundant supply of both elements (Carbon12 and Oxygen16). In order to form, Oxygen16 needs to comply with a specific energy state that is equal to Cabron-12 plus Helium4 atoms or the process does not take place. The combined energy level of Carbon12 and Helium4 equals to 7.1616 MeV. The total energy level of Oxygen16 is 7.1187 MeV, close but slightly less. In this case, both Carbon12 and Helium4 atoms must slow their energy levels down slightly in order to bond. Not an easy task inside a star. Nevertheless, a natural order was established to help this process take place, the order further mandates that only select few atoms meet the requirement but not all. Had energy levels been met at all times, all Carbon12 and Helium4 atoms would be converted into Oxygen16 therefore, again, preventing life from forming in the cosmos. Life is possible because nature, fine tuned and mandated specific properties for life sustaining atoms to form, otherwise, we would not be here to ponder it. It seems that the universe is geared for the emergence of life. It does so by relying on an unrestricted process of trial and error.

According to the Standard Model, prior to the "Big Bang", the universe was the size of a particle. In that state, the universe would have had to comply with the laws of Quantum Mechanics. One of the laws describe particles having wave characteristics also. This essay postulates that the particle/wave duality representing the universe split apart during the Big Bang and formed an unknown number of additional universes. A second law of Quantum Mechanics describes "entanglement" states between particles. This process has been proven empirically and describes twin particles forming the ability to "communicate" eachother' states despite being vast distances apart. Our physical laws therefore exist due to a necessary, unknown number of alternate universes that must exist but, through a chaotic process of trial and error end up forming alternate physical laws. Quantum entanglement fosters "information exchange" states between those universe consequently helping (in this case) our universe learn and evolve life.

The latest Cosmic Microwave Background survey (Planck satellite) revealed anomalies in the CMB brightness. Anomalies that point towards multi-state distribution of energies. Amongst other theories, these distributions point to possible alternate universes that formed at the same time as ours. Multi-verses.

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