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Aplikasi di Ubuntu yang sering di install

ACCESORIES tilda : terminal emulator with first person shooter console likeness gdesklets : Architecture for desktop applets screenlets : Widget-like mini-applications for GNOME xvk d : !oftware virtual ke" oard for #$$ kvk d : %irtual ke" oard for &'E cairo-clock : An analog clock drawn with vector-graphics (uicks"nerg" : G)* for eas" configuration of !"nerg" kalarm : &'E alarm message+ command and email scheduler cmatrix : ,onsole Matrix simulates the displa" from -.he Matrixdrapes : a desktop wallpaper management application for the GNOME desktop workrave : /epetitive !train *n0ur" 1/!*2 prevention tool xournal : G.&3 Application for note taking gnome-commander : nice and fast file manager for the GNOME desktop gprename : ,omplete atch renamer for 4inux p"renamer : mass file renamer written in 5"G.& GAMES gweled fro6en- u wormux gnugo pokerth

: A -'iamond Mine- pu66le game le : 5op out the u les7 : funn" fight game on 8' maps : pla" the game of Go : .exas hold9em game

GRAPHICS inkscape al umshaper scri us dia xaralx INTERNET we httrack tsclient gwget thunder ird ethereal xchat xchat-gnome

: vector- ased drawing program : 5hoto al um creator and photo manipulator : Open !ource 'esktop 5age 4a"out : 'iagram editor : :eav"weight vector graphics+ illustration and '.5 5rogram : ,op" we sites to "our computer+ httrack with a We interface : front-end for viewing of remote desktops in GNOME : GNOME front-end for wget : mail;news client with /!! and integrated spam filter support : dumm" upgrade package for ethereal -< wireshark : */, client for # similar to Am*/, : a new frontend to the popular #-,hat */, client

sun ird finch iptraf empath" go " gftp OFFICE pdfedit gnochm stardict gnucash

: !un ird stand-alone ,alendar : text ase d instant messenging : *nteractive ,olorful *5 4AN Monitor : :igh-level li rar" and user-interface for .elepath" : colla orative text editor : #;G.&3 =.5 client

: Editor for manipulating 5'= documents : ,:M file viewer for GNOME : *nternational dictionar" : A personal finance tracking program

PROGRAMMING luefish : advanced Gtk3 :.M4 editor kompare : a &'E G)* for viewing differences etween files rapidsvn : A G)* client for su version net eans : *ntegrated 'evelopment Environment nvu : .ransition package for Nvu --< &ompo>er fork 1macromedia dreamweaver like2 gean" : A fast and lightweight *'E SOUN ! "I EO mpla"er : .he )ltimate Movie 5la"er =or 4inux - Medi untu package gnome-mpla"er : GNOME M5la"er is a simple G)* for M5la"er smpla"er : A great front-end for M5la"er elisa : media center solution - runtime executa les audacious : small and fast audio pla"er which supports lots of formats totem-xine : A simple media pla"er for the Gnome desktop ased on xine gtk-recordm"desktop : Graphical frontend for recordm"desktop wink : .utorial and 5resentation ,reating !oftware audacit" : A fast+ cross-platform audio editor h"drogren : !imple drum machine;step se(uencer ffmpeg : multimedia pla"er+ server and encoder istan ul : 'esktop session recorder producing Ogg .heora video amarok : versatile and eas" to use audio pla"er for &'E devede : program to create video '%'s k? : A sophisticated &'E ,' urning application @anshee : audio pla"er+ can encode;decode various formats and s"nchroni6e music with Apple i5ods mpg$8? : M5EG la"er $;8;? audio pla"er

music$8? : A command-line shell for sound-file pla"ers exaile : flexi le audio pla"er+ similar to Amarok+ ut written in G.&3 acidrip : ripping and encoding '%' tool using mpla"er and mencoder xawtv : .% application for #$$A !upports videoBlinux p"vnc8swf : screen recording tool to !W= movie soundkonverter : audio converter frontend for &'E winff : graphical video and audio atch converter using ffmpeg hipo : i5od Management .ool furiusisomount : An *!O+ *MG+ @*N+ M'= and N/G image management utilit" autorunBlinuxcd : Menu for 'e ian 4ive under Windows S#STEM TOO$S htop : interactive processes viewer nfs-common : N=! support files common to client and server ntfs-config : tools for doing neat things in N.=! partitions from 4inux ntfsprogs : tools for doing neat things in N.=! partitions from 4inux "akuake : a Cuake-st"le terminal emulator ased on &'E &onsole technolog" virtual ox : xDE virtuali6ation solution wine : Microsoft Windows ,ompati ilit" 4a"er 1@inar" Emulator and 4i rar"2 mondo : powerful disaster recover" suite chntpw : N. !AM password recover" utilit" powertop : linux tool to find out what is using power on a laptop nautilus-open-terminal : nautilus plugin for opening terminals in ar itrar" local paths nautilus-wallpaper : Nautilus extensionA Add a -set as wallpaper- entr" in context menu nautilus-image-converter : nautilus extension to mass resi6e or rotate images nautilus-script-audio-convert : A nautilus audio converter script nautilus-gksu : privilege granting extension for nautilus using gksu nautilus-script-manager : A simple management tool for nautilus scripts 0igdo : G.&3 download manager 1 eta version2 0igdo-file : 'ownload 'e ian ,' images from an" 'e ian mirror preload : adaptive readahead daemon tree : displa"s director" tree+ in color grs"nc : G.&3 frontend for rs"nc S#STEM PREFERENCES emerald : 'ecorator for compi6-fusion compi6 : OpenG4 window and compositing manager ink : tool for checking the ink level of "our local printer screenlets : Widget like mini applications for GNOME gtweakui : A collection of simple dialogs as a front end to G,onf

avant-window-navigator : A MacO! # like panel for GNOME compi6config-settings-manager : ,ompi6 configuration settings manager s"stem-config-sam a : G)* for managing sam a shares and users gnome-splashscreen-manager : manage "our GNOME splash screen images simple-ccsm : !imple ,ompi6config settings manager startupmanager : Gru and !plash screen configuration lshw-gtk : graphical information a out hardware configuration S#STEM A MINISTRATION uild-essential : informational list of uild-essential packages rar : Archiver for Arar files unrar : )narchiver for Arar files 1non-free version2 unrar-free : )narchiver for Arar files nmap : .he Network Mapper hwinfo : :ardware identification s"stem wavemon : Wireless 'evice Monitoring Application sam a : a 4anManager-like file and printer server for )nix gparted : GNOME partition editor aptoncd : *nstallation disc creator for packages downloaded via A5. ntfs-config : Ena le;disa le write support for an" N.=! devices ntfsprogs : tools for doing neat things in N.=! partitions from 4inux hardinfo : G)* information hardware pessulus : a graphical lockdown editor has een included to ease the task of disa ling desktop settingsA p"vnc8swf : screen recording tool to !W= movie s"stem-config-sam a : graphical setting sam a share p"sdm : Graphical !torage 'evice Manager (gru editor : graphical editor for G/)@ oot manager settings 1onl" hard"2 kgru editor : graphical editor for G/)@ oot manager settings us -creator : ) untu )!@ desktop image creator ootchart : oot se(uence auditing and chart generator sa a"on : s"stem administration tool to manage GNOME desktop settings xcompmgr : # composition manager hot- a e : A G.&- ased monitoring app knemo : network interfaces monitor for &'E9s s"stra" filelight : show where "our diskspace is eing used grandr : gtk interface to xrandr dpkg-repack : puts an unpacked Ade file ack together dpkg-www : We ased 'e ian package rowser saidar F curses: ased program which displa"s live s"stem statistics

!um er : http:;;wwwAface ookAcom;profileAphpGidH$I?J?D8K8ILvH oxM?LrefHprofileN7;notes;andriandion-p;data- ase-applications-on-linux-u untu;?KO$EDOBEEOI