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Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Evaluation Final Product Evidence

Final Product Links # 1 Description Keynote presentation converted into both mp4 and Vimeo 2 QuickTime interviews and screen recording tutorials of the websites. 3 4 Blogger website Google form platform for student issues 4 Survey 800 x 600 SurveyMonkey 800 x 600 800 x 600 thevoicesofqa.blogspot.com Google Form Size 9 slides 6:14 mins 4:22 mins Part of the Keynote presentation. Link https://vimeo.com/83921584

Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014 5 Petition A4

Social Media (Twitter)

1024 x 768


Evaluation of the Product The problem was that QA students were facing several problems in their daily school life. Unfortunately, as students, they don't have a say for the decisions that are made for them. The students, the major body of the school, are the most affected and they never have the opportunities to share ideas and thoughts. My product is the solution to this issue because I have created a platform for students to express their issues and also to gather support in numbers, rather than just complaining without a solution provided. These problems can affect a students performance in school and with the people around them; they dont have an option to say what they feel comfortably. In my perspective, I felt some pressure in the amount of homework given and when PSE class was used as study hall, it definitely helped me to improve my work by spending more time wisely. The website itself has also helped me to bring out any personal issues I feel anonymously, created a better and more comfortable platform than expressing to another person. Others may also agree with me in this new change of platform website and would also like to use this PSE classes to address different issues that we actually face physically and socially. Testing Methods

Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Checklist Design Specification Does my social media Twitter have at least 20 followers or views? Do my websites have 20 views using the blogger view counter? Do my surveys and petitions have at least 20 to 30 responses? Does my presentation have at least 5 important images? Including a logo? Does my presentation use auditory elements like music or voiceover? Does my presentation have evidence like interviews and student responses? Does my presentation have statistical data like graphs and charts? Is my presentation under 6 minutes? Meeting Design Specifications My product has met almost all of the design specifications. As listed below, I have definitely over-achieved my specifications, making the blended technology system more successful than originally planned. I have also added more specifications while getting rid of useless ones. I have over 90 followers on Twitter (ClassPse) and 200 followers combined (SpeakUp_QA). Yes No

Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014 My website has 284 page views, using the Blogger page view counter. My petition received 80 signatures combined. My overall presentation is visually attractive and unique. It has voiceover with informative speeches that are short and not dull. I also have implemented transitions and recorded the slideshow presentation to keep the flow and making it more professional. I have also made a logo, which students were curious to find out about. I have evidence of student and teacher responses to make the presentation and the cause much more persuasive in the opinions of the school body instead of just the number of supporters online. However, I did not make a graph to show my overall statistical data because the viewers would assume that only 9th graders would sign because they were working on the same technology project. I also did not keep the presentation at exactly under 6 minutes because of the transitions and voiceovers, making it 15 seconds longer. Another reason for the presentation being long was because of the interviews was recorded much longer than the presumed time.

Survey (8 Students) 1. Is my presentations vocabulary understandable? Does it display a more formal approach to the issue? Strongly Agree 6 2 Agree Uncertain Disagree Strongly Disagree

Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2. Does the presentation have a sequence of events that flows easily? Is it easy to move around the website without too much trouble? Strongly Agree 8 Agree Uncertain Disagree Strongly Disagree

3. Is the evidence in the presentation such as the student responses; interviews and data create a positive change in your point of view?

Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Strongly Agree 1 7 Agree Uncertain Disagree Strongly Disagree

4. Overall, do you agree or believe in the evidence given in the presentation? Is it presented in a persuasive manner using its information? Strongly Agree 7 1 Agree Uncertain Disagree Strongly Disagree

Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Improvements I think that I could improve my product in several ways. I could start by using more social media like Facebook, though I would have to do extra research since I dont have an account. Social media is a very important tool because it is the connection between your projects to everyone else. I could also make an online petition so all my elements of the blended system would use technology. I also think the presentation would be more effective if it was made on IMovie, so there could be more features than Keynote.

Evaluation of Performance Investigation The investigation was a very extensive stage at the beginning of the process. I was not sure what issue I could choose about the school community, since there were so many options. After a couple of weeks, I eventually had to change my topic of segregating the school because the school has already implemented the decision for the next few school years. After narrowing the topics down and having discussions with other

Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014 students, the topic that stood out the most was the issue where students do not have a say in the schools decision made for them like my previous issue of segregating the school by gender. I decided to take a more specific approach through PSE (Personal and Social Education) classes. I thought it was a good idea because the classes were already implemented in the IB system and the classes were obviously meant for the students and their purposes and issues. Choosing the platforms to create my blended technology system was simple as I already had some planned in mind like Keynote, Blogger and so on because I had strengths and previous experiences and knowledge about those elements. Research and analysis was a helpful, but still confusing stage for me. When I researched different campaigns online, I got many ideas on how to promote my cause in unique ways. However, I could not explain that in my investigation. The design specifications were the easy part because I already know what is important in making a good presentation. Finally, I made a survey as my main testing method for the evaluation. Later in the evaluation, I changed it to an online survey for more accurate results and with a graph as evidence.

Design In the design stage, I had to produce three designs, which had different elements in the systems. However, I did not vary the designs too much outside my comfort zone and it did not use other new sites. I wanted to take a different approach to my cause with animations, but ended up not using the design. I also wanted to use an IMovie in the beginning but then changed it to a Keynote with almost the same elements because the IMovie required a lot of footage that would take a long time for good quality. In the end, my final product was a result of all the designs combined along with extra elements and teamwork with another classmate. I also choose this design particularly because it follows all the

Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014 design specifications. I made this decision because Keynote uses all the best features and also has the capability of adding more features, unlike the iMovie. All the technologies were also linked to each other like for instance, my website had a link to my Twitter and my surveys were posted on my social media. This design was also be flexible and able to add more features such as animations and other video types and files. My initial idea was to make the product for the PSE teacher and the counselor as they are much closer to us in understanding what the students want in school. I believed that it was the better option than going straight to head because I should gather evidence to persuade them that the rest of the school agrees with this opinion, rather than one person.

Plan The plan was the most useful of the Design Cycle process, in my opinion, during this project especially. I organized all my elements of the system in order, including the sizes, descriptions and the extra details and cautions. Using all these elements also required extra equipment and software. I explain both hardware, which was used in the process like a phone, professional camera and SD converter and also the specific software and version used like Keynote, IMovie, Blogger and so on. The most extensive part was the list of instructions, which I divided into sections. I made extra caution to details and important features, which I used to its benefit. My instructions were very logical and detailed. I believe that other students could feasibly make my product by using the calendar where I set the dates thoughtfully. My time estimates were also reasonable and realistic. I predicted that I had enough time to complete the blended technologies system and submit on time during school lessons. Along with the create stage, I kept a record of the changes I made with the plan, though I kept it to the end to make sure my decisions were concrete and realistic.

Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Create The create process was a stressful stage for several reasons. Even when following my time estimates, the results all depended on the peoples support. For example, I could not use my online petition because people did not answer it, even though I posted continuously on my social media. It was also difficult for other elements to work out, which is the reason for making a hard copy of the petition. Other than that, my project was a success. The main reason for the project being stressful was because I was over-achieving my expectations when I gained 200 followers combined on Twitter and 285 page views of my Blogger. It was a complete success, even with the other teachers and students. They fully supported my cause and were ready with implementing the system in PSE classes. Towards the end of the project, I teamed up back with Amal after working on the projects individually. We combined both our petition results and our twitter followers. Since her project was Speak Up QA and my project was Improving PSE Classes, we made a common name The Voices of QA. I made a logo for my project. I used comments from my Twitter account @ClassPse as evidence that students want some type of change where students can have their opinions heard. I also used QuickTime for screen recordings of my website like a small tutorial on how to use the website to its extent. I also used Google features to make a form, which is linked to the website, where students can submit any issues that are occurring to them. It is anonymous and also has the option to use your name as well. The Keynote itself has changed slightly. I wanted to keep the audience interested so I decided to use bullet points on the slides and to voice record my speeches. I had to write out my speech and then record in one go. I also used timed transitions between the slides to keep the flow of the presentation going. The most important part was presenting to Dr. Chute, which was also a success. We presented our project and he agreed with the idea. He also

Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014 asked us to send our presentation to him, which is a good sign. He also particularly liked the idea where students do not have a say or opinion on any of the decisions made in the school, even though they are the ones who are affected by the consequences. He also mentioned the point where other students who are presenting their issues could use our website to make a change. My project was a success and I want to continue working on the project to its full potential and hopefully using the product in the future school years.

Attitudes in Technology My attitude in technology was definitely very positive and efficient. I worked very hard in making this project mainly because I wanted it to be a success and hoped it would be implemented in the future years. My previous knowledge has also helped to make this project more successful and helped me to look on the brighter side when problems arose and found solutions in times of problems and difficulties. I was also good at making my elements work even under pressure and under a time limit. I was also reflective because I recorded all my progress and improvements in the process journal towards the end. The process of finding my mistakes and finding better options has helped me to become a better learner in technology because I can now use better tools in the future.

Goal Setting for the Future Analyzing and explaining deeper in It will help when making decisions the planning stage Recording the time for each step on whether which tool is the better option. It will help when evaluating the

Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014 effectiveness of the plan and also keeping a record of time will keep you on track of time. Researching more to solve technical issues It will help to improve the overall product and will also help to increase your knowledge of these tools and how to use them to its full potential.

Impact on Society My project was intentionally created specifically for the society of the school. Unfortunately, as students, we don't have a say for the solution to our own problems. We are the people in which decisions are most affected by and we never have the opportunities to share our ideas and thoughts. The biggest problem is that in PSE classes, many real issues that students face are not being implemented in the classes, such as issues about cyber bullying, self-harm, anxiety and many other problems. These problems can affect a students performance in school and in a negative way if they dont have an option to say what they feel comfortably. Others also agree with me in this new change of PSE class and would also like to use this time to address different issues that we actually face physically and socially using my product. Students, teachers and even Dr. Chute agree that my product can be used for all issues in the school community, which is a huge plus for my product being implemented. My product was approached in a positive way. Impact on the Environment My project can eventually impact the natural environment negatively. With the wide and long use of technology, we are harming the environment

Farzin Sadeq Information Technology 9B Tuesday, January 14, 2014 with carbon emissions, global warming and many other environmental issues. However, with todays advances in technology, we are able to create lighter, less toxic and efficient products to view my elements of technology. I think that once my product is used in the PSE classes of the school system, it will evolve into a smaller version like a smartphone version, which students can easily access. It will make the product more popular and persuade other students to use the idea. In the social environment of the school, I think my product is a complete success, since I have already gained lots of support from the school and others even. This will persuade other students and their friends to join the cause, in which the school board will have to take notice of. Finally, it could even possibly work on a education system level basis, where other schools might notice a unique and successful product being useful as a connection between students, teachers and the school head.