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The Dothraki Language Dictionary (ver 3.

Written by Lajaki (Richard Littauer) www.dothraki.org December 11th , 2013

This is the rst available Dothraki dictionary. Dothraki is the language for the Dothraki people, a nomadic war-mongering race that ride the aptly-named Dothraki Sea steppes in George R.R. Martins series, A Song of Ice and Fire. It was created by David Peterson, of the Language Creation Society, for the HBO adaptation of the series: all copyright belongs to HBO and the LCS. This is a dictionary only of publicly made information, from posts on the LCS blog, the original books, David Petersons blog and personal emails. Words which have been created by David Peterson are listed as DP. Words created from the original book are listed as M. For more information, go to dothraki.org. As the main thrust of the vocabulary development is now on the wiki on Dothraki.org, an attempt is being made to keep these versions in sync. This dictionary is being maintained as it is more portable and searchable than the wiki. In the future, it can also better handle translations into other languages. Bold indicates a Dothraki word. Italics indicate the English denition. There are now separate, numbered entries for each word that has different denitions for different parts of speech (root words are generally excluded from this practice). Plain text indicates grammatical categorization: parentheses indicate extra information. The IPA indicates the correct pronunciation, and should now be fully up-to-date. Some transcriptions may have allomorphs, as in [qoj] or [qh oj]. Transitivity for verbs is marked if known: vtr., for transitive verbs, and vin. for intransitive verbs; words marked v. are either unattested or ambitransitive, or their transitivity is unable to be deduced. Noun animacy is marked na. for animate nouns, and ni. for inanimate nouns. Nouns marked simply n. are at this time unattested for animacy. A capital letter following a noun part of speech indicates whether a noun is type A or Type B. Type B nouns generally take an epenthetic /e/ when they are shortened to stems, type A do not. Note that the type A/B apparently applies to verbs as well. Since the lexical form of Dothraki nouns and verbs are inected forms, you will not see stems in this dictionary, except in a few rare cases. An attempt is being made to indicate the stems now, and it is hoped that eventually, all words with a questionable stem form will show the correct stem. Stress markings have been removed, as the stress is fairly predictable, and will be more completely addressed in a future version of this dictionary. Numbers are also listed here where David Peterson specically attested one-word terms for them. There is also now a numbers section in the appendices. The words herein should include all publicly known words. But if you nd more words elsewhere, spot any errors or inconsistencies, or have any comments, please let me know on the forum. Thanks. This dictionary is updated to match the Wiki edit of 11 December 2013, 08:03z. 1

TEST MODE: Changes were recently made to the underlying code that drives the dictionary to remove a means of checking updates for accuracy, etc. ofine. So, updates need to be checked online. If you see the word test following the version number, that means that the version is being actively updated, and is not considered released for general use. Use test updates at your own risk. In general, the dictionary is in test mode for only an hour or so, every 7-10 days. Come back in an hour or so, and the dictionary should be back in general release state. Many praises and thanks go to Lajaki and Ingsve, who originally compiled this, and Tuiq, who originally put the coding online. Thanks also goes out to the folks at learnnavi.org, who now host the backend server and database (as well as our website), that generates this dictionary. Much of the maintenance of this dictionary is now being done by Hrakkar.

The Dictionary
> acchakat: [attSakat ] DP vtr. to silence > achra: [ atSRa] DP adj. smelly > achrakh: [atSRax] DP ni. stink > achralat: [atSRal at ] DP v. to be smelly, to give off a smell adakhat: [ad axat ] DP v. to eat adakhilat: [ad axil at ] DP v. to feed (specically, to feed on or feast on) addakhat: [ad d axat ] DP vtr. to feed > addo ajjalani: [ad d o addZal an i] DP n. midnight addothralat: [ad d oTRal at ] DP vtr. to convey, to transport someone addrekat: [ad d Rekat ] DP vtr. to cause to spill, to spill addrivat: [ad d Rivat ] DP vtr. to kill (chiey when done intentionally by a person) ador: [ad or] DP ni. chair adra: [ad Ra] DP na. turtle aena: [aen a] DP n. morning afazh: [afaZ] DP adj. hot afazhi: [afaZi] DP adj. warm affa: [affa] DP intj. shh, sound used to calm a horse or child affazhat: [affaZat ] DP vtr. to warm, to give warmth to, to make hot affazolat: [affazol at ] DP vtr. to replace affesat: [affesat ] DP vtr. to make someone itch afn: [affin ] DP adv. when afsat: [affisat ] DP vtr. to clean, to wash as: [afis] DP n. y aggendat: [aggen d at ] DP vtr. to rip something, to tear something ahesh: [aheS] DP ni. snow aheshke: [aheSke] DP ni. winter ahhaqat: [ahhaqAt ] DP vtr. to frustrate ahhasat: [ahhasat ] DP vtr. to sharpen ahhaz: [ahhaz] DP adv. then (in close or immediate future) cf. arrek ai: [ai] M intj. yes, obedient response > ajjalan: [addZal an ] DP adv. tonight > ajjin: [addZin ] DP adv. now akat: [akat ] DP num. two akatak: [akat ak] DP na. second (ordinal, use genitive form if modifying a noun.) akataki: [akat aki] adj. second

akatken: [akat ken ] DP num. two hundred akatthi: [akat Ti] DP num. twelve akka: [akka] DP adv. also, as well, even, reakkate: [akkat e] DP adv. alike, the same way akkelenak: [akkel en ak] DP na. leader akkelenat: [akkel en at ] DP v. to decide, to judge akko!: [akko] DP intj. stand up! (short for akkovaras, for commanding animals) akkovarat: [akkovaRat ] DP v. to stand (something) up ale: [al e] DP adj. some alegra: [al egRa] DP ni. duck alikh: [al ix] DP ni. more allayafat: [al l ajafat ] DP vtr. to please alle: [al l e] DP adv. farther, further alloshat: [alloSat ] DP vtr. to pledge ammasat: [ammasat ] DP v. to decorate ammattelat: [ammat  tel at ] DP v. to hobble a person ammemat: [ammemat ] DP v. to play a musical instrument ammenat: [ammen at ] DP vtr. to empty something ammithrat: [ammiTRat ] DP vtr. to rest anat (1): [an at ] DP v. to jog anat (2): [an at ] DP vtr. to gen. to jog beside anha: [an ha] DP pn. I anna: [an n a] DP pn. me annakhat: [an n axat ] DP v. to stop (someone or something) annakholat: [an n axol at ] DP vtr. to put an end to, to nish annese: [an n ese] DP ni. announcement annevalat: [an n eval at ] DP vtr. to sit something, to leave something alone anni: [an n i] DP pn. of mine annithat: [an n iTat ] DP v. to cause pain, to hurt annithilat: [an n iTil at ] DP v. to encourage, to invigorate, to entice ao (1): [ao] DP adj. deep ao (2): [ao] DP adv. dark (of color) aqqisat: [aqqesat ] DP vtr. to keep near arakh: [aRax] M,DP ni. curved sword aranat: [aRan at ] DP vtr. to drop (something) aranikh: [aRan ix] DP ni. subject, topic, theme 3

arannat: [aRan n at ] DP v. to be neglected aresak: [aResak] DP na. coward arraggat: [aRaggat ] DP v. to choke arranat: [aRan at ] DP vtr. to shame, to cause to be merciful arrane: [aRan e] DP n. shaming, a public dressing down arrek: [aRek] DP adv. then (not in the immediate future) cf. ahhaz arrissat: [aRissat ] DP v. to x arrokhat: [aroxat ] DP vtr. to frighten arthasat: [aRTasat ] DP v. to fall arthasolat: [aRTasol at ] DP v. to fall asavva: [asavva] DP na. sky ase: [ase] DP ni. word, command asfavirzeth: [asfaviRzeT] DP ni. cranberry ashefa: [aSefa] DP na. river asqoyi: [asqOji] DP ni. oath, vow assamvat: [assamvat ] DP vtr. to break (something) asshekh (1): [aSSex] DP adv. today asshekh (2): [aSSex] DP ni. today asshekh (3): [aSSex] DP na. day asshekhqoyi: [aSSexqOji] DP ni. birthday asshie: [aSSie] DP n. introduction asshilat: [aSSil at ] DP v. to introduce, to present assikhqoyi: [assixqOji] DP ni. sign, omen assikhqoyisir: [assixqOjisir] DP na. prophecy assilat (1): [assil at ] DP v. to signal assilat (2): [assil at ] DP vtr. to defeat assilat (3): [assil at ] DP vtr. to all. to signal to assokh: [assox] DP ni. mesage, instructions assolat: [assol at ] DP v. to command astat: [ast at ] DP v. to say astilat (1): [ast il at ] DP v. to joke astilat (2): [ast il at ] DP vtr. to gen. to joke about asto: [ast o] DP n. saying, prayer astolat (1): [ast ol at ] DP v. to speak astolat (2): [ast ol at ] DP vtr. to gen. to speak of at: [at ] DP num. one atak: [at ak] DP na. rst (ordinal, use genitive form if modifying a noun.) ataki: [at aki] DP adj. rst ath: [aT] DP adj. dry athaddrivar: [aTad d Rivar] DP ni. fatality athahhaqar: [aTahhaqAr] DP ni. frustration athaozar: [aTaozar] DP ni. depths, deep athasar: [aTasar] DP na. wasteland 4

athastokhdeveshizar: [aTast oxd eveSizar] DP ni. nonsense athayozar: [aThajozar] DP ni. waiting > athchilar: [aTtSil ar] DP ni. limit, lay, extreme > athchomar: [aTtSomar] DP ni. respect, reverence > > athchomar chomakea: [aTtSomar tSomakea] DP phrase respect to those that are respectful (A greeting said to a group) athdarinar: [aTd aRin ar] DP ni. lameness athdavrazar: [aTd avRazar] DP ni. usefullness (also means good or excellent when used as an exclamation.) athdikar: [aTd ikar] DP ni. speed athdisizar: [aTd isizar] DP ni. comfort, simplicity athdrivar: [aTd Rivar] DP ni. death athdrivar shekhi: [aTd RivaR Sexi] DP ni. sunset athdrivarido: [aTd RivaRid o] DP ni. nightmare athessazar: [aTessazar] DP ni. return athezar: [aTezar] DP ni. departure athezhirar: [aTeZiRar] DP ni. dancing athezar: [aTfiezar] DP ni. love (between siblings or friends) athgoshar: [aTgoSar] DP ni. certainty athhilezar: [aThil ezar] DP ni. sex > athijezar: [aTidZezar] DP ni. woman-on-top sex > athjahakar: [aTdZahakar] DP ni. pride, prowess > athjerizar: [aTdZeRizar] DP ni discussion > athjilar: [aTdZil ar] DP ni. correct (when used as an exclamation, lit. rightness) athkemar: [aTkemar] DP ni. marrige athlanar: [aTl an ar] DP ni. running athlaqar: [aTl aqAr] DP ni. wailing athmanimvenar: [aTman imven ar] DP ni. anxiousness athmithrar: [aTmiTRar] DP ni. rest athmovezar: [aTmovezar] DP ni. magic athniqar: [aTn iqAr] DP ni. rigidity athnithar: [aTn iTar] DP ni. pain athnithmenar: [aTn iTmen ar] DP ni. painlessness athohharar: [aTohhaRar] DP ni. collapse, defeat atholat: [aTol at ] DP v. to dry athostar: [aTost ar] DP ni. fury athrokhar: [aTRoxar] DP ni. fear athtihar: [aTt ihar] DP ni. vision, look athvezhvenar: [aTveZven ar] DP ni. greatness, excellent (when used as an exclamation) > athvilajerar: [aTvil adZeRar] DP ni. war

athvillar: [aTvil l ar] DP ni. wisdom (gained from experience or learned) athyolar: [aTjol ar] DP ni. birth athzalar: [aTzal ar] DP ni. hope athzhikhar: [aTZixar] DP ni. sickness athzhilar: [aTZil ar] DP ni. love (romantic or sexual love; a private word) athzhokwazar: [aTZokwazar] DP ni. size athzhowakar: [aTZowakar] DP ni. danger ato: [at o] DP ni. one, something atte: [at  te] DP adv. rst, rstly atthar: [aTTar] DP ni. duty atthasat: [aTTasat ] DP v. to make someone/something fall, to defeat, to destroy (insulting) atthdrivar shekhi: [aTHd Rivar Sexi] DP ni. sunset atthi: [aTTi] DP num. eleven atthirar: [aTTiRar] DP ni. life atthirarido: [aTThiRaRid o] DP ni. dream attihat: [at  tihat ] DP vtr. to show ave: [ave] DP na. father C
> chaf: [tSaf] DP na. wind > chafak: [tSafak] DP na. mercenary, turncloak, traitor > chafasar: [tSafasar] DP na. climate > chafka: [tsafka] DP ni. autumn > chak: [tSak] DP adj. silent > chakat (1): [tSakat ] DP num. twenty > chakat (2): [tSakat ] DP vin. to be silent > chal: [tSal ] DP ni. bean (general use) > challeya: [tSal l eja] DP ni. bean (when used as food) > charat (1): [tSaRat ] DP vtr. to hear > charat (2): [tSaRat ] DP vtr. to abl. to hear some of > charat (3): [tSaRat ] DP vtr. to gen. to hear about > chare: [tSaRe] DP ni. ear > charolat: [tSaRol at ] DP v. to listen > che: [tSe] DP det. either, or > chek: [tSek] DP adv. well > chelsian: [tSel sian ] DP na. locust > cheno: [tSen o] DP ni. liver > chetira: [tSet iRa] DP ni. a distance of about a half mile which can be cantered in one leshitof > chetirat (1): [tSet iRat ] DP v. to canter

avvemolat: [avvemol at ] DP v. to make something to kneel avvirsalat: [avviRsal at ] DP vtr. to burn something avvitisherat: [avvit iSeRat ] DP vtr. to grow something avvos: [avvos] DP adv. never awazak: [awazak] DP na. screamer awazat: [awazat ] DP v. to scream ayena: [ajen a] DP ni. bell ayolat: [ajol at ] DP vin. to wait ayyey: [ajjej] DP adv. always az: [az] DP ni. blade azhasavva: [aZasavva] DP ni. blessing azhat: [aZat ] DP vtr. to give (something to someone) Recipient is in allative case azho: [aZo] DP ni. gift azzafrok: [azzafRok] DP na. slaver azzafrolat: [azzafRol at ] DP vtr. to enslave azzisat: [azzisat ] DP vtr. to harm someone azzohat: [azzohat ] DP vtr. to put something down

> chetirat (2): [tSet iRat ] DP vtr. to gen. to canter beside > cheyao: [tSejao] DP na. dark bay horse > ] DP adj. dark brown skincheyaoven: [tSejaoven ned > chifekh: [tSifex] DP num. seventy > chifti: [tSifji] DP na. cricket > chiftik: [tSift ik] DP na. cricket man (used as an insult) > chiftikh: [tSift ix] DP ni. weak hit, glancing blow (with sword) > chilat: [tSil at ] DP v. to lie down > chilay: [tSil aj] DP adj. lying, supine > chimek: [tSimek] DP num. fty > chiori: [tSioRi] DP na. woman > chiorikem: [tSioRikem] DP ni. wife > chiqazat: [tSiqAzat ] DP num. ninety > chir: [tSir] DP v.aux. almost, nearly > ] DP num. thirty chisen: [tSisen > chitor: [tSit or] DP num. forty > chiva: [tSiva] DP ni. horn > chizhinda: [tSiZin d a] DP num. sixty > chomak: [tSomak] DP na. one who is respectful

(insulting when used for a fellow Dothraki) > ] DP v. to be respectul chomat (1): [tSomat > chomat (2): [tSomat ] DP vtr. to all. to respect > chomokh: [tSomox] DP ni. honor > chongat: [tSon gat ] DP v. to be hard > chongolat: [tSon gol at ] DP v. to solidify > choo: [tSoo] DP na. pika D daeni: [d aen i] DP ni. leaf dahaan: [d ahaan ] DP adj. green dahana: [d ahan a] DP ni. type of grass daki: [d aki] DP ni. pomegranate dalen: [d al en ] DP num. thousand dalfe: [d al fe] DP ni. cow, beef dan: [d an ] DP ni. ford (of a river), gem dana: [d an a] DP ni. clearing in a forest darif: [d aRif] DP ni. saddle darin: [d aRin ] DP adj. lame, limp dave (1): [d ave] DP na. rosemary bush dave (2): [d ave] DP adj. pungent davra: [d avRa] DP adj. good, useful davrakh: [d avRax] DP ni. useful thing, app davralat (1): [d avRal at ] DP vin. to be useful davralat (2): [d avRal at ] DP vtr. to all. to be useful to davveya: [d avveja] DP ni. rosemary > dech: [d etS] DP ni. cheek (on the face) dei (1): [d ei] DP adj. shallow dei (2): [d ei] DP adv. light (of color) devesh: [d eveS] DP ni. fog devolat: [d evol at ] DP vtr. to know how, to be able to diaf: [d aif] DP ni. skull dik: [d ik] DP adj. fast dili: [d il i] DP ni. ash, sparkle dirgat: [d iRgat ] DP v. to think dirge: [d iRge] DP ni. thought, idea dis: [d is] DP adj. simple, plain dishah: [d iSah] DP ni. bark disisse: [d isisse] DP adj. very simple disse: [d isse] DP adv. only, just diwe: [d iwe] DP adj. wet diwelat: [d iwel at ] DP vin. to be wet

> chori: [tSoRi] DP num. eighty > chorkat: [tSoRkat ] DP v. to roll > chosh: [tSoS] DP adj. fresh > chot: [tSot ] DP ni. beet > chotteya: [tSot  teja] DP ni. beet paste > choyo: [tSojo] DP ni. joke word for someones behind

dogat (1): [d ogat ] DP vin. to suffer dogat (2): [d ogat ] DP vtr. to abl. to suffer from donat (1): [d on at ] DP v. to shout donat (2): [d on at ] DP vtr. to gen. to shout about dorvi: [d oRvi] DP ni. goat dorvof: [d oRvof] DP ni. ibex dosh: [d oS] DP n. council dothrak: [d oTRak] DP na. rider dothrakh: [d oTRax] DP ni. ride dothrakhqoyi: [d oTRaxqOji] DP ni. bloodrider dothralat (1): [d oTRal at ] DP v. to ride (With horse, steed, or my horse, my steed as the subject) dothralat (2): [d oTRal at ] DP vtr. to gen. to ride alongside dothralat (3): [d oTRal at ] DP v. to have an erection dozgikh: [d ozgix] DP ni. animal carcass dozgo: [d ozgo] DP ni, na. enemy (used as na. when referring to a specic enemy) dozgosor: [d ozgosor] DP na. enemy horde, slang for ones own khalasar drane: [d Ran e] DP na. mother who is breastfeeding her child dranekh: [d Ran ex] DP ni. mothers milk (human milk) drekat: [d Rekat ] DP vin. to spill (non volitional e.g. the milk spilled) drekolat: [d Rekol at ] DP vtr. to come to spill, to tip over and spill driv: [d Riv] DP adj. dead drivat: [d Rivat ] DP vin. to be dead drivolat (1): [d Rivol at ] DP vin. to die drivolat (2): [d Rivol at ] DP vtr. to abl. to die from drogat: [d Rogat ] DP vtr. to drive (animals) drogikh: [d Rogix] DP ni. herd drozhat: [d RoZat ] DP vtr. to slay, to kill (done by inanimate object, animals, or unawares)

E edavrasa: [ed avRasa] DP adj. useless, of poor quality efat: [efat ] DP v. to squeeze efe: [efe] DP ni. shackle efesalat: [efesal at ] DP vtr. to uproot, to scratch ei: [ei] DP det. all, every > ejakh: [edZax] DP ni. bank (of a body of water) > ejervalat: [edZeRval at ] DP v. to remove ekhogaralat: [exogaRal at ] DP v. to undress elain: [el ain ] DP n. seed, sperm elainat: [el ain at ] DP v. to plant elat (1): [el at ] DP v. to go elat (2): [el at ] DP vtr. to gen. to go along with eleisosakh: [el eisosax] DP ni. point on a route, via point elme: [el me] DP ni. shoulder elzat: [el zat ] DP v. to respond elzikh: [el zix] DP ni. response emat (1): [emat ] DP vin. to smile emat (2): [emat ] DP vtr. to all. to smile at, to approve of eme: [eme] DP ni. smile emesh: [emeS] DP ni. smiley emmalat: [emmal at ] DP vtr. to make something enter (from emralat) emmat: [emmat ] DP vtr. to amuse emrakh: [emRax] DP ni. gate emralat: [emRal at ] DP v. to enter enossho: [en oSSo] DP ni. mule enta: [en  ta] DP n. baby, infant eqorasalat: [eqORasal at ] DP vtr. to let go of erin: [eRin ] DP adj. kind, good erinak: [eRin ak] DP na. lady, kind one erinat: [eRin at ] DP v. to be kind, to be good ershe: [eRSe] DP adj. old es: [es] DP adj. smooth esazhalat: [esaZal at ] DP v. to take something back F fakat (1): [fakat ] DP vtr. to kick fakat (2): [fakat ] DP vtr. to all. to kick at fansa: [fan sa] DP n. dappled horse faqqi: [faqqe] DP na. corn bunting (a bird) fas: [fas] DP n. cloud fasqoyi: [fasqOji] DP ni. destiny 7 fatat (1): [fat at ] DP vtr. to slap fatat (2): [fat at ] DP vtr. to all. to slap at fatilat (1): [fat il at ] DP vtr. to insult fatilat (2): [fat il at ] DP vtr. to all. to throw an insult at > fejat: [fedZat ] DP v. to hate esemrasakh: [esemRasax] DP ni. exit esemrasalat: [esemRasal at ] DP v. to exit, to leave eshina: [esSin a] DP n. sh eshna: [eSn a] DP adv. another, other esina: [esin a] DP adj. different esinakh: [esin ax] DP ni. a different thing esinalat: [esin al at ] DP vin. to be different esinasolat: [esin asol at ] DP vin. to change esittesak: [esit  tesak] DP na. braggart, blowhard esittesalat: [esit  tesal at ] DP v. to brag, to exaggerate essalat: [essal at ] DP vin. to return essheya: [eSSeja] DP ni. roof, top part, top eth: [eT] DP v.aux. must, have to evat: [evat ] DP vtr. to start doing something (used with a verb) eve: [eve] DP n. tail eveth: [eveT] DP ni. water evethiz: [eveTiz] DP ni. poison water evolat: [evol at ] DP vin. to start evvat: [evvat ] DP vtr. to start something ewe: [ewe] DP n. olive ewekh: [ewex] DP ni. olive oil ewweya: [ewweja] DP ni. olive pit eyak: [ejak] DP pn. everyone eyel: [ejel ] DP ni. rain eyelat: [ejel at ] DP vtr. to move something eyeli: [ejel i] DP adj. spotted (e.g. the status of having spots) eyelilat: [ejel il at ] DP vin. to be spotted (e.g. the state or status of having spots) eyelke: [ejel ke] DP ni. spring ezat: [ezat ] DP v. to nd ezhirat: [eZiRat ] DP vin. to dance ezhiray: [eZiRaj] DP adj. dancing ezok: [ezok] DP na. learner ezolat: [ezol at ] DP v. to learn ezzolat: [ezzol at ] DP v. to teach

fekh: [fex] DP num. seven fekhak: [fexak] DP na. seventh (ordinal, use genitive form if modifying a noun.) fekhken: [fexken ] DP num. seven hundred fekhthi: [fexTi] DP num. seventeen felde: [fel d e] DP n. wing feldekh: [fel d ex] DP ni. feather fenat: [fen at ] DP vtr. to attach ferri: [feri] DP ni. hemp feshith: [feSiT] DP n. tree feso: [feso] DP ni. carrot fevelat (1): [fevel at ] DP vin. to thirst fevelat (2): [fevel at ] DP vtr. to abl. to thirst for > chat: [fitSat ] DP vtr. to take, to bring, to fetch ez: [fiez] DP n. rope h: [fih] DP ni. smoke lkak: [fil kak] DP na. coward lkat: [fil kat ] DP vin. to move like a caterpillar lki: [fil ki] DP ni. caterpillar lla: [fil l a] DP ni. dried plum n (1): [fin ] DP pn. what (question word, when speaking of an animate object) n (2): [fin ] DP pn. relative pronoun that introduces relative clause, when speaking of an animalte object ni (1): [fin i] DP pn. what (question word, when speaking of an inanimate object) ni (2): [fin i] DP pn. relative pronoun that introduces relative clause, when speaking of an inanimate object nne: [fin n e] DP pn. where r: [fir] DP adj. round G
> gachat: [gatSat ] DP v. to gure out, to solve > gache: [gatSe] DP ni. place, environs gadim: [gad im] DP ni. lungs gaezo: [gaezo] DP n. brother gale: [gal e] DP n. egg gamiz: [gamiz] DP ni. rice ganat: [gan at ] DP v. to lean gango: [gan go] DP ni. belly gango awazat: [gan go awazat ] DP v. to feel anxious/excited gaoli: [gaol i] DP n. intestines garfoth: [gaRfoT] DP n. root garvolat (1): [gaRvol at ] DP vin. to grow hungry garvolat (2): [gaRvol at ] DP vtr. to abl. to hunger

re: [fiRe] DP ni. ring resof: [fiResof] DP ni. year ri: [fiRi] DP n. ball rikh: [fiRix] DP ni. ring rikhnharen: [fiRixn haRen ] DP ni. crown sh: [fiS] DP adj. cold tte: [fit  te] DP adj. short tteya: [fit  teja] DP ni. an unnoticed and uncalled-for erection as: [fl as] DP ni. a lm on top of a soup, cream asikh: [fl asix] DP ni. update > ech: [fl etS] DP adj. dull fonak: [fon ak] DP na. hunter fonakasar: [fon akasar] DP na. hunting party > fonas chek: [fon as tSek] DP phrase said at parting lit. hunt well fonat: [fon at ] DP v. to hunt fonolat: [fon ol at ] DP vtr. to track, to seek fotha: [foTa] DP ni. throat foz: [foz] DP adj. old fozaki: [fozaki] DP na. elders frakhat (1): [fRaxat ] DP vtr. to touch frakhat (2): [fRaxat ] DP vtr. to all. to reach to touch frakholat: [fRaxol at ] DP vtr. to feel fredri: [fRed Ri] DP n. sound of horses hooves on dirt fredrik: [fRed Rik] DP na. chatterbox, one who sounds like horses hooves fredrilat: [fRed Ril at ] DP vin. to run (with horses as subject)

for gavat: [gavat ] DP ni. meat gendat: [gen d at ] DP vin. to be ripped, to be torn gende (1): [gen d e] DP n. rip gende (2): [gen d e] DP adj. ripped gendolat: [gen d ol at ] DP vin. to become ripped, to rip gerat: [geRat ] DP vtr. to abl. to lack gerikh: [geRix] DP ni. lack geve: [geve] DP na. mole gezri: [gezRi] DP na. snake gezrikh: [gezRix] DP ni. a feint or decoy strike (with sword) gidat: [gid at ] DP v. to push 8

gillo: [gil l o] DP n. breeze gillosor: [gil l osor] DP na. weather gimi: [gimi] DP n. mouse giz: [giz] DP n. bee gizikh: [gizix] DP ni. honey gizikhven: [gizixven ] DP adj. sweet glas: [gl as] DP n. onion glen: [gl en ] DP n. louse gomma: [gomma] DP n. mouth of a human H h: [h] DP prep. elided version of ha ha (1): [ha] DP prep. to abl. from ha (2): [ha] DP prep. to all. for hadaen: [had aen ] DP ni. food hador: [had or] DP n. gust of wind haesh: [haeS] M ni. spawn haf: [haf] DP adj. soft, quiet > haj: [hadZ] M adj. strong > haje: [hadZe] DP adj. right (direction) > hajekh: [hadZex] DP ni. right side > haji (1): [hadZi] DP prep. to abl. because of, on account of > haji (2): [hadZi] DP prep. Default preposition for foreign words thet do not decline > hajinaan: [hadZin aan ] DP conj. because (followed by prex me-) > hajolat: [hadZol at ] DP v. to grow strong hake: [hake] DP na. name hakelat: [hakel at ] DP v. to name something hakeso: [hakeso] DP adj. famous halah: [hal ah] DP na. ower halahi: [hal ahi] DP ni. tree that can blossom hale: [hal e] DP intj. hey! (exclamation) hammi: [hammi] DP n. yak hanna: [han n a] DP ni. rose haqat: [haqAt ] DP v. to be tired haqe: [haqE] DP adj. tired haqeqqe: [haqEqqE] DP adj. exhausted haqolat: [haqOl at ] DP v. to grow tired has: [has] DP adj. sharp hash (1): [haS] DP conj. if...then, when...then hash (2): [haS] DP conj. do (question word) hash yer ray nesi: [haS jer raj n esi] DP phrase did you know? hatif (1): [hat if] DP n. face hatif (2): [hat if] DP prep. to gen. in front of, before 9

gorat: [goRat ] DP v. to charge goshat: [goSat ] DP v. to be certain, to be sure govak: [govak] DP na. fucker (insult) govat: [govat ] DP vtr. to mate with (of animals) graddakh (1): [gRad d ax] DP ni. waste, refuse graddakh (2): [gRad d ax] DP intj. shit (generic undirected profanity) gref: [gRef] DP n. wall gwe: [gwe] DP intj. Here!, Lets go!, Go!

hatif (3): [hat if] DP prep. to all. to front of, to before hatif (4): [hat if] DP prep. to abl. from front of, from before havazh: [havaZ] DP n. sea havolat: [havol at ] DP v. to move weakly havzi: [havzi] DP n. cat havziven: [havziven ] DP adj. lazy haz (1): [haz] DP det. that (when speaking of an object present and directly indicated) haz (2): [haz] pn. that (when speaking of an animate object present and directly indicated) hazi: [hazi] DP pn. that (when speaking of an inanimate object present and directly indicated) hazze: [hazze] DP adv. there heffof: [heffof] DP ni. jug hem: [hem] DP ni. fur heme: [heme] DP adj. furry hemelat: [hemel at ] DP v. to have fur hemikh: [hemix] DP ni. pelt heshahat: [heSahat ] DP vin. to ride hesk: [hesk] DP adj. southern heske: [heske] DP ni. south heth: [heT] DP ni. rim, lips (of a person) hethkat: [heTkat ] DP v. tight; ready, prepared hethke: [heTke] DP adj. tight; ready, prepared hezhah: [heZah] DP adv. far hezhahat: [heZahat ] DP v. to navigate hilelat: [hil el at ] DP vtr. to dig, to have sex, to hit (score with someone sexually) himat: [himat ] DP vin. to clench himo: [himo] DP n. st, clenched thing hiri!: [hiRi] DP intj. watch! (short for vitihiras, for commanding animals) hlaka: [hl aka] DP ni. glove

hlizif: [hl izif] DP na. bear hlizikh: [hl izifix] DP ni. a wild but powerful sword strike hlofa: [hl ofa] DP ni. wrist, ankle holat: [hol at ] DP v. to blow hosh: [hoS] DP intj. giddyup! hoshor: [hoSor] DP adj. golden hoska: [hoska] DP n. mouth of an animal hoyalat: [hojal at ] DP v. to sing I iddelat: [id d el at ] DP vtr. to welcome, to make someone drink idiro: [id iRo] DP na. owl idirolat: [id iRol at ] DP v. to suddenly turn completely around (as if by surprise), make a "Uturn" ido: [id o] DP adj. wooden, fake idrik: [id Rik] DP na. leader of the hunt or host idrilat: [id Ril at ] DP vtr. to guide ifak: [ifak] DP na. foreigner ifat (1): [ifat ] DP vin. to walk ifat (2): [ifat ] DP vtr. to gen. to walk beside ifeqevron: [ifeqEvRon ] DP n. species of forest spider iffat: [iffat ] DP vtr. to make someone walk if: [iffi] DP n. victory igge: [igge] DP n. bucket > ijelat: [idZel at ] DP v. to swallow, to practice woman-on-top sex ikh: [ix] DP ni. ashes ildat: [il d at ] DP v. to strike ildo: [il d o] DP ni. sword strike ilek: [il ek] DP n. skin imesh: [imeS] DP adj. young imo: [imo] DP ni. belt inavva: [in avva] DP n. sister indelat: [in d el at ] DP v. to drink J
> jadat: [dZad at ] DP v. to come > jadilat: [dZad il at ] DP vtr. to approach, to come up to > jadolat: [dZad ol at ] DP v. to arrive > jadro: [dZad Ro] DP ni. vulture > jahak: [dZahak] DP na. Dothraki hair-braid, lions mane, hairstyle

hoyali: [hojal i] DP ni. song hrakkar: [hRakkar] M na. white lion hrakkarikh: [hRakkaRix] DP ni. a quick, powerful, accurate sword strike hranna: [hRan n a] M ni. a type of grass, any grasslike ground cover hrazef: [hRazef] DP ni. horse hrazefeser: [hRazefeser] DP na. herd of wild horses, trafc

inte: [in  te] DP ni. beetle irge (1): [iRge] DP n. back irge (2): [iRge] DP prep. to gen. after irge (3): [iRge] DP prep. to all. to behind irge (4): [iRge] DP prep. to abl. from behind irra: [ira] DP n. trout irvosa: [iRvosa] DP ni. a distance of approximately one fourth mile irvosat: [iRvosat ] DP v. to trot ish: [iS] DP v.aux. might ishish: [iSiS] DP adv. maybe iste: [iste] DP adj. well proven, well tested ita: [it a] DP adj. suitably warm ithkoil: [iTkoil ] DP adj. brittle ittelat: [it  tel at ] DP vtr. to make something wellproven, to test in action ivezh: [iveZ] DP adj. wild ivezho: [iveZo] DP n. beast ivezholat: [iveZol at ] DP vin. to grow erce ivisat: [ivisat ] DP vin. to melt ivvisat: [ivvisat ] DP v. to melt something iz: [iz] DP n. poison izat: [izat ] DP vin. to be poisonous, to be venomous izven: [izven ] DP adj. forbidden izzat: [izzat ] DP vtr. to poison

> jahakmen: [dZahakmen ] DP adj. braidless > jalan: [dZal an ] DP na. moon > jalan qoyi: [dZal an  qOji] DP n. harvest moon > jalanqoyi: [dZal an qOji] DP ni. total lunar eclipse > janha: [dZan ha] DP n. blanket > janise: [dZan ise] DP na. niece > jano: [dZan o] DP ni. dog


> jaqqa: [dZaqqA] DP n. executioner, someone responsible for someones death > jaqqa rhan: [dZaqqA Rhan ] M n. mercy men (not literal translation) > jasat: [dZasat ] DP v. to laugh > javrath: [dZavRaT] DP n. reins > javrathat: [dZaRaTat ] DP vtr. to rein (broad usage) > jazat: [dZazat ] DP v. to block > jazo: [dZazo] DP ni. block, an instance of blocking > jedda: [dZed d a] DP ni. pony > jela: [dZel a] DP ni. lemon > jelaven: [dZel aven ] DP adj. sour > jelli: [dZel l i] DP ni. cheese > jerakasar: [dZeRakasar] DP na. traders guild, "company" > jerat: [dZeRat ] DP v. to trade > jerriya: [dZeriya] DP ni. discussion > jervat: [dZeRvat ] DP v. to imprison > jesat: [dZesat ] DP v. to pull > jeser: [dZeser] DP n. market > jesh: [dZeS] DP ni. ice > jesho: [dZeSo] DP adj. frozen > jesholat: [dZeSol at ] DP v. freeze

> jeshoy: [dZeSoj] DP adj. freezing > jeshven: [dZeSven ] DP adj. icy > jezat: [dZezat ] DP v. to block (a strike) > jif: [dZif] DP v.aux. should > jil: [dZil ] DP adj. right, rightful > jilat: [dZil at ] DP v. to be right, to be correct > jim: [dZim] DP adj. western > jimma: [dZimma] DP ni. west > jin (1): [dZin ] DP det. this > jin (2): [dZin ] DP na. female goat > jin (3): [dZin ] DP pn. this (when speaking of an animate object) > jini: [dZin i] DP pn. this (when speaking of an inanimate object) > jinne: [dZin n e] DP adv. here > jith: [dZiT] DP na. fox > jiz: [dZiz] DP na. chicken > jolinat: [dZol in at ] DP v. to cook > jolinikh: [dZol in ix] DP ni. prepared food > jolino: [dZol in o] DP ni. cooking pot > joma: [dZoma] DP ni. salmon > jon: [dZon ] DP adj. closed, shut, sealed > joro: [dZoRo] DP ni. idol, icon > jorok: [dZoRok] DP ni/na. corn

K k: [k] DP prep. elided version of ki kadat: [kad at ] DP v. to capture, to wrangle, to corral kade: [kad e] DP ni. net kadikh: [k ad ix] DP ni. untamed captured animal kafat: [kafat ] DP v. to smash kafe: [kafe] DP n. pestle kaffat: [kaffat ] DP v. to crush kane: [kan e] DP na. lark karlina: [kaRl in a] DP ni. mile, distance traveled in one leshitof karlina Valeri: [kaRl in a val eRi] DP ni. kilometer (measure) karlinat (1): [kaRl in at ] DP v. to gallop karlinat (2): [kaRl in at ] DP vtr. to gen. to gallop beside karlinqoyi: [kaRl in qOji] DP ni. to gallop fast enough to kill a horse, if prolonged kartat: [kaRt at ] DP vtr. to pull with both hands kartolat: [kaRt ol at ] DP vtr. to pull with other means than with arms (can be used of inanimate subjects) kash: [kaS] DP conj., adv. while, when, until, during, then kashat: [kaSat ] DP v. to last > kathjilari: [kaTdZil aRi] DP adv. rightfully, right kathqoyi: [kaTqOji] DP ni. weighted net kazga: [kazga] DP adj. black kelen: [kel en ] DP adj. patterned, orderly kem: [kem] DP adj. conjoined, married kemak: [kemak] DP na. spouse kemat: [kemat ] DP vtr. to conjoin, to marry (someone to someone else) (the latter is preceeded by the preposition ma) kemik: [kemik] DP na. ally kemis: [kemis] DP n. dried g kemisolat: [kemisol at ] DP vtr. to ally with someone (Use with the preposition ma.) kemolat: [kemol at ] DP v. to marry (someone) precede that someone with the preposition ma ken: [ken ] DP num. hundred


kenak: [ken ak] DP num. hundredth kendra: [ken d Ra] DP ni. opal kerikh: [keRix] DP ni. stick kesselat: [kessel at ] DP v. to carry kha: [xha] DP na. a personal bodyguard khado: [xad o] DP na. body khadokh: [xad ox] DP ni. corpse khal: [xal ] M na. Title used for the leader of a Dothraki horde, king khalakka: [xal akka] M na. prince, son of a khal khalakki: [xal akki] DP na. princess, daughter of a khal khalasar: [xal asar] M na. a horde loyal to a single khal khaleesi: [xal eesi] M na. queen, wife of a khal khaleessiya: [xal eessija] DP ni. handmaid khaor: [xaor] DP ni. waist khas: [xas] M na. short for khasar khasar: [xasar] M na. small group of protectors, bloodriders, generals khefat: [xefat ] DP v. to sneeze kher: [xer] DP ni. esh, skin of an animal kherikh: [xeRix] DP ni. leather khewo: [xewo] DP ni. worm khezhat: [xeZat ] DP v. to be sad khiro: [xiRo] DP ni. ag khizra: [xizRa] DP ni. marsh khogar: [xogar] DP ni. word for ones apparel, clothes khogari: [xogaRi] DP ni. box, trunk, chest, cask khogorat: [xogoRat ] DP v. to dress ki (1): [ki] DP prep. to gen. by, because of, of ki (2): [ki] DP prep. thus, that (when preceeding quoted speech) L lain: [ain l ] DP adj. beautiful (used for inanimate nouns) lainat: [ain l at ] DP vin. to be beautiful (used for inanimate nouns) > lajak: [a l dZak] DP na. ghter, warrior > lajasar: [a l dZasar] DP na. army > lajat: [a l dZat ] DP v. to ght > lajilat: [a l dZil at ] DP v. to spar, to train, to play, to compete (introduce the game to play with ki ) lakkhat: [axxat l ] DP v. to chew lame: [ame l ] DP n. mare

kindirgi: [kifin d iRgi] DP adv. why kinosi: [kifin osi] DP adv. how > kijinosi: [kidZin osi] DP adv. thus, in this way kim (1): [kim] DP na. ancestor kim (2): [kim] DP adj. original kimikh: [kimix] DP ni. date (fruit of a date palm) kimisir: [kimisir] DP na. ancestry kirekhdirgi: [kiRexd iRgi] DP adv. relative conjunction; why kirekosi: [kiRekosi] DP adv. relative conjunction; how kis: [kis] DP v.aux. to try to kisha: [kiSa] DP pn. we ko: [ko] M na. bodyguard koala: [koal a] DP ni-A. medicine koalak: [koal ak] DP na. healer (chiey a male healer) koalakeesi: [koal akeesi] DP na. female healer koalakhtihan: [koal axt ihan ] DP ni. eye healer koalat: [koal at ] DP vin. to be of help koge: [koge] DP ni. nick, blemish, imperfection, aw kogmen: [kogmen ] DP adj. awless kohol: [kohol ] DP ni. bow kolat: [kol at ] DP v. to cure, to heal kolver: [kol ver] DP na. eagle kolverikh: [kol veRix] DP ni. a straight sword thrust kovarat: [kovaRat ] DP v. to stand > krazaaj: [kRazaadZ] DP ni. mountain krista: [kRist a] DP na. female relative kristasof: [kRist asof] DP ni. grandmother

lamekh: [amex l ] DP ni. mares milk (plain or fermented) lamekh ohazho: [amex l ohaZo] DP ni. fermented mares milk lanat (1): [an l at ] DP v. to run lanat (2): [an l at ] DP v. to gen. to run beside lanlekhi: [an l exi l ] DP ni. eating spree for a special taste lanqoyi: [an l qOji] DP ni. killing spree laqat: [aqAt l ] DP v. to cry, to weep laqikh: [aqex l ] DP n. tear, tears lavakh: [avax l ] DP adj. loud


lavakhat: [avaxat l ] DP v. to be loud layafat: [ajafat l ] DP vin. to be happy laz (1): [az l ] DP v.aux. could (assigns past tense) laz (2): [az l ] DP v.aux. can (assigns present tense) lei (1): [ei l ] DP na. ghost, adult whose body was not burned lei (2): [ei l ] DP adj. lost lekh (1): [ex l ] DP na. language lekh (2): [ex l ] DP ni. tongue lekh dothraki: [lex d oTRaki] DP np. Dothraki (language) lekhaan: [exaan l ] DP n. enough lekhi: [exi l ] DP ni. taste lekhilat: [exil l at ] DP v. to taste lekhmove: [exmove l ] DP ni. constructed language lenta: [en l  ta] DP n. neck, stem leqse: [eqse l ] DP ni rat leshitat: [eSit l at ] DP v. to breathe leshitof: [eSit l of] DP ni. time period of approximately 2 minutes M m (1): [m] DP prep. elided version of ma m (2): [m] DP prex elided version of me- a complementizer used to introduce subordinate clauses > mach: [matS] DP intj. hi (a shortened version of mathchomaroon) math: [maT] DP intj. hi > mathchomaroon: [maTtSomaRoon] DP phrase with respect (said in greeting) ma (1): [ma] DP conj. and ma (2): [ma] DP prep. to abl. with madat: [mad at ] DP v. to sew mae: [mae] DP pn. him, her, it, his, her/hers, its (both third person and possessive forms) maegi: [maegi] M ni. wise, sorceress, witch mafo: [mafo] DP na. young goat, kid mahrazh: [mahRaZ] DP na. man mahrazhkem: [mahRaZkem] DP ni. husband mai: [mai] DP na. mother > majin: [madZin ] DP conj. and then, then, so, and so, consequently manimven: [man imven ] DP adj. anxious manin: [man in ] DP n. young male horse

lir: [ir l ] DP ni. tattoo lirak: [iRak l ] DP na. tattoo artist lirat: [iRat l ] DP vtr. to tattoo lirikh: [iRix l ] DP ni. An image or symbol depicted on a tattoo lirisir: [iRisir l ] DP ni. tattoos (irregular plural) lirisirazo: [iRisiRazo l ] DP ni. bladed writing liwalat: [iwal l at ] DP v. to tie > lojat (1): [o l dZat ] DP vtr. to hit > lojat (2): [o l dZat ] DP vtr. to all. to hit at lommat: [ommat l ] DP v. to bathe loqam: [oqAm l ] DP n. arrow lorat: [oRat l ] DP v. to wink lorrat: [orat l ] DP v. to blink loshak: [oSak l ] DP na. guard loshat: [oSat l ] DP v. to carry (in a cart, sack, child in the womb), to contain lost: [ost l ] DP adj. disappointed lostat: [ost l at ] DP v. to disappoint, to miss (fail to see or recognize) loy (1): [oj l ] DP ni. puddle loy (2): [oj l ] DP det. to gen. some, few, any, a bit of

marilat: [maRil at ] DP v. to construct marriya: [marija] DP ni-A. tool mas: [mas] DP n. valuable mattek: [mat  tek] DP na. limper (insult) mattelat: [mat  tel at ] DP v. to limp mawizzi: [mawizzi] DP ni. rabbit me: [me] DP pn. he, she, it me orzo!: [me oRzo] DP phrase its a trap! mehas: [mehas] DP pn. pronominal version of preposition ha mek: [mek] DP num. ve mekak: [mekak] DP na. fth (ordinal, use genitive form if modifying a noun.) mekis: [mehis] DP pn. pronominal version of preposition ki mekken: [mekken ] DP num. ve hundred mekthi: [mekTi] DP num. fteen mel: [mel ] DP adj. bad, evil melat: [mel at ] DP vin. to be evil melikh: [mel ix] DP ni. occurrence melikheya: [mel ixeja] DP ni. the patients half of the act (grammatical, not medical meaning) cf. tikkheya


mem: [mem] DP n. sound memas: [memas] DP pn. pronominal version of preposition ma memras: [memRas] DP pn. pronominal version of preposition mra memziri: [memziRi] DP ni. bird call, tweet menat (1): [men at ] DP vin. to be empty menat (2): [men at ] DP vtr. to abl. to be empty (of something) mesat: [mesat ] DP vin. to be swollen meshes: [meSes] DP pn. pronominal version of preposition she mesilat: [mesil at ] DP vin. to be pregnant mesina: [mesin a] DP ni. soup meso: [meso] DP n. muscle mesolat: [mesol at ] DP v. to swell messhih: [meSSih] DP n. perlino horse messhihven: [meSSihven ] DP adj. pale skinned metorgas: [met oRgas] DP pn. pronominal version of preposition torga mevis: [mevis] DP pn. pronominal version of preposition vi mezahe: [mezahe] DP adj. sexy mezahhe: [mezahhe] DP adj. hot, really sexy N
> najah: [n adZah] DP adj. victorious > najahak: [n adZahak] DP na. winner > najahat: [n adZahat ] DP vin. to be victorious > najaheya: [n adZaheja] DP ni. victory (in battle) nakhat: [n axat ] DP v. to stop nakho: [n axo] DP ni. end, stop nakhok: [naxok] DP adj. the last (functions like an ordinal number) nakholat: [n axol at ] DP vin. to end naqis: [n aqes] DP adj. small naqisat: [n aqesat ] DP vin. to be small navat: [n avat ] DP v. to urinate navik: [n avik] DP na. beginner navilat: [n avil at ] DP v. to take a little pee navvirzethay: [n avviRzeTaj] DP adj. ashamed nayat: [n ajat ] DP ni. girl neak: [n eak] DP adj. long negwin: [n egwin ] DP adj. stone nem: [n em] DP v.aux. passive particle nemo: [n emo] DP v.aux. reexive particle nerro: [n ero] DP ni. foal nesat: [n esat ] DP v. to know (information)

mezhah: [mezhah] DP n. whore mhar: [mhar] M adj. sore mhari: [mhaRi] DP ni. headache mihe: [mihe] DP ni-B. thorn mirges: [miRges] DP pn. pronominal version of preposition irge mithrat: [miTRat ] DP v. to rest mithri: [miTRi] DP n. rest molethas: [mol eTas] DP prep. pronominal version of preposition oleth mori: [moRi] DP pn. they moska: [moska] DP n. sack, pack moskat: [moskat ] DP v. to load, to pack movek: [movek] DP na. warlock, magician movekkhat: [movexxat ] DP vtr. to be intended for, to be for movelat: [movel at ] DP v. to make by hand, to create mr: [mR] DP prep. elided version of mra mra (1): [mRa] DP prep. to nom. within mra (2): [mRa] DP prep. to all. into mra (3): [mRa] DP prep. to abl. out of mredi: [mRed i] DP n. garlic

nesikh: [n esix] DP ni. information nesolat: [n esol at ] DP v. to learn nevak: [n evak] DP na. guest nevakh: [n evax] DP ni. sitting-spot nevalat: [n eval at ] DP v. to sit nevasolat: [n evasol at ] DP v. to sit down nhare: [n haRe] DP na. head (of a human) nhizo: [n hizo] DP na. raven nhomi: [nhomi] DP na. female dog nindi: [n in d i] DP ni. sausage ninthqoyi: [n in TqOji] DP ni. blood sausage niqe: [n iqE] DP adj. rigid niqikkheya: [n iqexxeja] DP ni. orgasm nirat (1): [n iRat ] DP vin. to be full nirat (2): [n iRat ] DP vtr. to abl. to be full of (something) nirrat: [n irat ] DP vtr. to ll nith: [n iT] DP adj. painful nithat (1): [n iTat ] DP vin. to feel pain nithat (2): [n iTat ] DP vtr. to abl. to feel pain from a specic source


nithilat: [n iTil at ] DP vin. to feel encouraged, to noreth: [n oReT] DP ni. hair feel invigorated notat: [n ot at ] DP v. to turn nithmen: [n iTmen ] DP adj. painless nozho: [n oZo] DP n. chestnut horse nivat: [n ivat ] DP v. to frown nozhoven: [n oZoven ] DP adj. brown, brown niyanqoy: [n ijanqOj] DP adv. together skinned nizhat: [n iZat ] DP vin. to be tough nris: [n Ris] DP adj. straight noah: [n oah] DP na. bull > nroj: [n RodZ] DP adj. thick, complex nolat: [n ofil at ] DP v. to wipe > nrojat: [n RodZat ] DP vin. to be thick, complex nokittat: [nokit  tat ] DP v. to trample O oakah: [oakah] DP ni. a persons worth or ability, mettle, soul > ocha: [otSa] DP n. dun horse > ochaven: [otSaven ] DP adj. light skinned odaya: [od aja] DP n. breast oeta: [oet a] DP ni. yam ogat: [ogat ] DP vtr. to slaughter, to kill brutally oggo: [oggo] DP na. head (of an animal) ohara: [ohaRa] DP ni. daughter oharat: [ohaRat ] DP v. to fall ohazh: [ohaZ] DP adj. heavy ohazhat: [ohaZat ] DP vin. to become heavy ohazho: [ohaZo] DP adj. fermented ohazholat: [ohaZol at ] DP v. to become heavy, to ferment ohharat: [ohhaRat ] DP vtr. to make something fall, to tear down oholat: [ohol at ] DP vin. to be still oiro: [oiRo] DP adj. fat > ojil: [odZil ] DP adj. wrong, incorrect > ojilat: [odZil at ] DP v. to be wrong, to be incorrect okeo: [okeo] DP na. friend, trustee okhat: [oxat ] DP v. to ring okkat: [okkat ] DP vtr. to choose okre: [okRe] DP n. tent okrenegwin: [okRen egwin ] DP ni. stone house oldat: [ol d at ] DP v. to rub oleth: [ol eT] DP prep. to gen. over, above olta: [ol t a] DP ni. hill oma: [oma] DP prep. to abl. without ondelat: [on d el at ] DP vtr. to wear onqotha: [on qOTa] DP ni. a distance of approximately 1/8 mile onqothat: [on qOTat ] DP v. to walk oqet: [oqEt ] DP ni. sheep (singular) oqo: [oqO] DP ni. beat, rythmic noise oqolat: [oqOl at ] DP v. to beat, to sound rythmically oqooqo: [oqOoqO] DP ni. heartbeat ori: [oRi] DP num. eight orik: [oRik] DP na. eighth (ordinal, use genitive form if modifying a noun.) oriken: [oRiken ] DP num. eight hundred oritthi: [oRit Ti] DP num. eighteen orvik: [oRvik] DP n. whip orzi: [oRzi] DP ni. shoe orzo: [oRzo] DP ni. trap os: [os] DP ni. path, road osr: [osfir] DP ni. round road, roundabout oshat: [oSat ] DP v. to suck oskikh: [oskix] DP adv. yesterday osoleth: [osol eT] DP ni. bridge ostat: [ost at ] DP vtr. to bite osto: [ost o] DP n. bite ovah: [ovah] DP adj. wide, fat ovethat: [oveTat ] DP v. to y ovrakh: [ovRax] DP ni. opening, opportunity, vulnerability ovray: [ovRaj] DP adj. loose, moveable, portable ovvethat: [ovveTat ] DP vtr. to throw, to shoot (with bow) ovvethikh: [ovveTix] DP ni. goal, destination ozzir: [ozzir] DP n. ruby ozzirven: [ozziRven ] DP adj. rey, ashing


Q qaf: [qAf] DP ni. question qafat: [qAfat ] DP vtr. to ask qahlan: [qAhl an ] DP n. palimino horse qahlanven: [qAhl an ven ] DP adj. light brown skinned qamay: [qAmaj] DP adj. wailing qana: [qAn a] DP n. black stork, stork (of any kind) qayelat: [qAjel at ] DP v. to oat qazat: [qAzat ] DP num. nine qazatak: [qAzat ak] DP na. ninth (ordinal, use genitive form if modifying a noun.) qazathi: [qAzaTi] DP num. nineteen qazatken: [qAzat ken ] DP num. nine hundred qazer: [qAzer] DP ni. apple qemmemmo: [qEmmemmo] DP adj. mysterions, strange qemmo: [qEmmo] DP na. cover qemmolat: [qEmmol at ] DP v. to cover qemmosor: [qEmmosor] DP na. clothes qemmotihan: [qEmmot ihan ] DP ni. eyelid qeshah: [qESah] DP ni. sand qeso: [qEso] DP ni-A. basket qevir: [qEvir] DP n. forest qiaseh: [qeaseh] DP na. deer (archaic) R
> rachel: [ratSel ] DP na. tiger raggat: [raggat ] DP vin. to choke (on something) rai: [rai] DP intj. a yell of encouragement, a cheer, hurrah rakh: [rax] M n. boy, lamb rakhi: [raxi] DP n. boy (insult) ramasar: [ramasar] DP na. plain(s) ray (1): [raj] DP adv. already ray (2): [raj] DP v.aux. to have (perfect tense introduction) rayan: [rajan ] DP ni. summit, top, plateau rea: [rea] DP na. organ (internal body part) reaven: [reaven ] DP adj. purple redda: [red d a] DP adj. thin, sleek reddi: [red d i] DP adj. skinny rek (1): [rek] DP det. that (when speaking of an object not present or indirectly indicated) rek (2): [rek] DP pn. that (when speaking of an animate object not present or indirectly in-

qifo: [qefo] DP ni. boar, pig, pork qile: [qel e] DP n. island qisi (1): [qesi] DP prep. to nom. about, concerning qisi (2): [qesi] DP adv. hereabouts, near qiya: [qeja] M adj. bleeding qiyalat: [qejal at ] DP vin. to bleed qora: [qORa] DP na. hand, arm qoralat: [qORal at ] DP vtr. to sieze, to hold qorasokh: [qORasox] DP ni. prize, spoils qorasolat: [qORasol at ] DP vtr. to rape, to take qorraya: [qOraja] DP ni forearm, foot (measure) qosar: [qOsar] DP n. spider qosarven: [qOsaRven ] DP adj. deceptive qosarvenikh: [qOsaRven ix] DP ni. lie, trap, deception qoth: [qOT] DP adj. repetitive qothat: [qOTat ] vin. to be loyal, to be repetitive qov: [qOv] DP adj. trembling qovat: [qOvat ] DP vin. to tremble qovvolat: [qOvvol at ] DP v. to shed qoy: [qOj] DP ni. blood qoy qoyi: [qOj qOji] DP phrase blood of my blood qwehat: [qwehat ] DP v. to vomit

dicated) reki: [reki] DP pn. that (when speaking of an inanimate object not present or indirectly indicated) rekke: [rekke] DP ni. there, that place (acc.) remek: [remek] DP adj. asleep remekat: [remekat ] DP v. to sleep renrenoh: [ren Ren oh] DP adj. hollow reri!: [reRi] DP intj. stay! (short for vikoveras, for commanding animals) rhae: [Rhae] M n. foot, leg rhae mhar: [Rhae mhar] M n. sore-foot rhaek: [Rhaek] DP na. athlete, stud rhaesh: [RhaeS] M na. land, country rhaesheser: [RhaeSeser] DP na. world rhaesof: [Rhaesof] DP ni. stride, yard (measure) rhaesof Valiri: [Rhaesof val iRi] DP ni. meter (measure)


rhaggat: [Rhaggat ] M ni. cart rhaggat eveth: [Rhaggat  eveT] DP n. ship rhanat: [Rhan at ] DP v. to be merciful rhelat: [Rhel at ] DP vtr. to help rhellaya: [Rhel l aja] DP ni. help rhiko: [Rhiko] DP ni. help rhoa: [Rhoa] DP n. animal, beast > rhojosor: [RhodZosor] DP na. family > rich: [ritS] DP ni. bubble, swelling rigwa: [rigwa] DP n. raisin S sh: [S] DP v.aux. elided version of ish > saccheya: [sactSeja] DP ni. category, part, piece > sachat: [satSat ] DP v. to split, to divide > sachi: [satSi] DP ni. half > sajak: [sadZak] DP na. rider > sajat: [sadZat ] DP vtr. to mount > sajo: [sadZo] DP na. steed samva: [samva] DP adj. broken samven: [samven ] DP adj. numerous samvenolat: [samven ol at ] DP vtr. to surpass samvolat: [samvol at ] DP vin. to break (when something is breakable) san (1): [san ] DP ni. heap, pile san (2): [san ] DP det. to gen. much, many sandi: [san d i] DP adj. safe sanneyalat: [san n ejal at ] DP v. to count saqoyalat: [saqOjal at ] DP vin. to be covered in blood sathoma: [saToma] DP adj. juicy sathomakh: [saTomax] DP ni. orange save: [save] DP adv. again, back savidosalat: [savid osal at ] DP v. to be protected sek: [sek] DP intj. yes sekke: [sekke] DP adv. very, really, so sekosshi: [sekoSSi] DP adv. surely, certainly sen: [sen ] DP num. three senak: [sen ak] DP na. third (ordinal, use genitive form if modifying a noun.) senken: [sen ken ] DP num. three hundred senthi: [sen Ti] DP num. thirteen seris: [seRis] DP adj. free > serja: [seRdZa] DP ni. vest sewaf: [sewaf] DP n. grape sewakh: [sewafix] DP ni. wine shafka: [Safka] DP pn. you (respectful) sharat: [SaRat ] DP vin. to be healthy

rikh: [rix] DP adj. rotten rikholat: [rixol at ] DP vin. to rot rissat (1): [rissat ] DP vtr. to cut (slice) rissat (2): [rissat ] DP vtr. to abl. to cut into riv: [riv] DP n. nose, tip rivvat: [rivvat ] DP vtr. to smell, to sniff rivve: [rivve] DP ni. sniff rizh: [riZ] DP na. son rof: [rof] DP adj. shriveled rokhat: [roxat ] DP v. to fear

she (1): [Se] DP prep. to nom. on, upon, in she (2): [Se] DP prep. to abl. off of she (3): [Se] DP prep. to all. onto shekh: [Sex] DP ni. sun shekh drivo: [Sex d Rivo] DP ni. setting sun shekhikh: [Sexix] DP ni. light shekhqoyi: [SexqOji] DP ni. total solar eclipse shierak: [SieRak] M na. star shierak qiya : [SieRak qeja ] M n. comet shilak: [Sil ak] DP na. gossip. busybody shilat: [Sil at ] DP v. to know (a person), to be familiar with shillat: [Sil l at ] DP v. to trust shilolat: [Sil ol at ] DP vtr. to meet, to get to know shim: [Sim] DP adj. tame shin: [Sin ] DP n. sound of re going out shinat: [Sin at ] DP v. to burn out, zzle out shiqeth: [SiqET] DP adj. gray shiqethi: [SiqETi] DP ni. iron shirane: [SiRan e] DP ni. beard shiro: [SiRo] DP na. scorpion shokat: [Sokat ] DP v. to jump over sholat: [Sol at ] DP v. to mark shor: [Sor] DP na. dress, garment worn primarily by women shor tawakof: [Sor  tawakof] DP na. armor (lit. steel dress) shoven: [Soven ] DP adj. marked, smudged siera: [sieRa] DP na. nephew sikhtelat: [sixt el at ] DP vtr. to spit silak: [sil ak] DP na. follower, subject silat: [sil at ] DP v. to ash, to gleam silokh: [sil ox] DP adv. tomorrow simon: [simon ] DP na. male relative simonof: [simon of] DP na. grandfather sindarine: [sin d aRin e] DP adv. left


sindarinekh: [sin d aRin ex] DP ni. left side sisi: [sisi] DP na. lightning som (1): [som] DP num. zero som (2): [som] DP adj. absent, missing sondra: [son d Ra] DP ni-B. dragon glass (obsidian) soqat: [soqAt ] DP v. to weave soqwi: [soqwi] DP ni. plum T th: [T] DP v.aux. elided version of eth taso: [ taso] DP n. silkworm tasokh: [ tasox] DP ni. silk tat: [ tat ] DP vtr. to do tavat: [ tavat ] DP v. chop tawak: [ tawak] DP ni. metal, real, authentic, legitimate tehin: [ tehin ] DP n. breed of horse with reddish or brown coat temme: [ temme] DP na. thunder thagwa: [Tagwa] DP ni. yogurt thagwash: [TagwaS] DP ni. a dessert made from thagwa and eaten with dried fruit thash: [TaS] DP adj. soft thelis: [Tel is] DP adj. blue theya: [Teja] DP n. nipple (on a teat) theyaven: [Tejaven ] DP adj. pink thi: [Ti] DP num. ten thif: [Tif] DP adj. narrow thik: [Tik] DP na. tenth (ordinal, use genitive form if modifying a noun.) thikh: [Tix] DP ni-A task thir: [Tir] DP adj. alive thirat: [TiRat ] DP v. to live thirat atthiraride: [TiRat  aTTiRaRid e] DP v. to dream (lit. to live a wooden life) thirolat: [TiRol at ] DP v. to survive thom: [Tom] DP ni. juice tif: [tif] DP n. nut (woody seed) V vadakherat: [vad axeRat ] DP v. to feed vado: [vad o] DP ni. turnip, lly vaes: [vaes] M ni. city vaesilat: [vaesil at ] DP v. to clog va: [vafi] DP ni. lamb (female) vak: [vafik] DP na. lamb girl

soqwof: [soqwof] DP ni. plum tree sorf: [soRf] DP adj. dirty sorfo: [soRfo] DP ni. dirt sorfosor: [soRfosor] DP na. earth (world) sorohis: [soRohis] DP intj. halt (when referring to a horse) sovi: [sovi] DP n. pear sovikh: [sovix] DP ni. pear brandy

tih: [ tih] DP na. eye tihat: [ tihat ] DP vtr. to look, to see tihikh: [ tihix] DP ni. view tihikhziri: [ tihixziRi] DP ni. overview tihilat: [ tihil at ] DP v. to look at, to glance at tiholat: [ tihol at ] DP v. to understand tikh: [ tix] DP ni. deed, act tikkheya: [ tixxeja] DP ni. verb, the instigators half of the act (Grammatical sense) cf. melikheya tim: [ tim] DP ni. boot timvir: [ timvir] DP n. book tir: [ tir] DP ni. nger tirat: [ tiRat ] DP v. to point tirikh: [ tiRix] DP ni. nail tith: [ tiT] DP adj. eastern titha: [ tiTa] DP ni. east toki: [ toki] DP adj. dumb tokik: [ tokik] DP na. fool tolorro: [ tol oro] M ni. bone tor: [ tor] DP num. four torak: [ toRak] DP na. fourth (ordinal, use genitive form if modifying a noun.) torga (1): [ toRga] DP ni. stomach torga (2): [ toRga] DP prep. to gen. under torken: [ toRken ] DP num. four hundred torthi: [ toRTi] DP num. fourteen tozara: [ tozaRa] DP na. lake

vakh: [vafix] DP ni. wool valsh: [val S] DP adj. northern valshe: [val Se] DP ni. north valshek: [val Sek] DP na. northerner valshtithak: [val St iTak] DP na. northeasterner vash: [vaS] DP n. stampede 18

vash hrazefmen: [vaS hRazefmen ] DP n. earthquake vasterat: [vast eRat ] DP vtr. to speak with, to converse vatterat: [vat  teRat ] DP v. to continue vaz: [vaz] DP n. storm vazyol: [vazjol ] DP ni. stormborn vefenarat: [vefen aRat ] DP v. to pry something off of something else vekhat: [vexat ] DP vin. to be present, to exist (assigns the subject to the genitive) vekhikh (1): [vexix] DP ni. object, thing vekhikh (2): [vexix] DP na. noun vekhikh asavva: [vexix asavva] DP n. animate noun vekhikh hranna: [vexix hRan n a] DP n. inanimate noun velainerat: [vel ain eRat ] DP v. to sow veltor: [vel t or] DP adj. yellow velzerat: [vel zeRat ] DP v. to stall, to procrastinate velzerikh: [vel zeRix] DP ni. reason why vem: [vem] DP n. knee, elbow vemish: [vemiS] DP ni. heel of the hand or foot vemishikh: [vemiSix] DP ni. heel of a boot ven: [ven ] DP conj. like, as venat: [ven at ] DP vtr. to be like, to be similar to veneser: [ven eser] DP na. class, category venikh: [ven ix] DP ni. semblance ver: [ver] DP n. wolf verak: [veRak] DP na. traveler verakasar: [veRakasar] DP na. cavern verat: [veRat ] DP v. to travel verikh: [veRix] DP ni. a defensive strike (with a sword) verven: [veRven ] DP adj. violent vezh: [veZ] DP na. stallion vezhak: [veZak] DP na. horse lord vezhven: [veZven ] DP adj. great vi: [vi] DP prep. to all. through, along > vichiterat: [vitSit eRat] DP vin. to shiver > vichomer: [vitSomer] DP adj. respectful, respectable > vichomerak: [vitSomeRak] DP na. respectful one > ] DP vin. to be respectvichomerat: [vitSomeRat ful vidrogerat: [vid RogeRat ] DP v. to ride vigererat: [vigeReRat ] DP vtr. to abl. to miss someone > vijazerat: [vidZazeRat ] DP vtr. to protect

> at ] DP vtr. to save, to revijazerolat: [vidZazeRol scue vik: [vik] DP ni. chin vikeesi: [vikeesi] DP n. slang for an annoying woman vikovarerat: [vikovaReRat ] DP v. to stay vil: [vil ] DP v.aux. to manage to > vilajero: [vil adZeRo] DP ni. battle > vilajerosh: [vil adZeRoS] DP ni. game villat: [vil l at ] DP vin. to be wise ville: [vil l e] DP adj. wise vimatterat: [vimat  teRat ] DP v. to limp vimithrerat: [vimiTReRat ] DP v. to rest, to camp vindelat (1): [vin d el at ] DP vtr. to stab vindelat (2): [vin d el at ] DP vtr. to all. to stab at vineserat: [vin eseRat ] DP vtr. to remember vinte: [vin  te] DP ni. portion of meat viqaferat: [viqAfeRat ] DP v. to beg, to plead virsalat: [viRsal at ] DP vin. to burn virzeth: [viRzeT] DP adj. red virzetha: [viRzeTa] DP ni. red wine vish: [viS] DP n. forehead vishaferat: [viSafeRat ] DP vtr. to break a horse, to domesticate a beast of burden, to get ones rst kill with a new weapon vishiya: [viSSiya] DP ni. color vithalat: [viTal at ] DP v. to ow vitiherat: [vit iheRat ] DP v. to look upon, to stare at, to examine, to ponder vitihirak: [vit ihiRak] DP na. watch, guard vitihirat: [vit ihiRat ] DP v. to watch, to observe vitisherat: [vit iSeRat ] DP vin. to grow vitteya: [vit  teja] DP ni. feast, gathering with a feast vitteyqoyi: [vit  tejqOji] DP ni. feast day vizhadi: [viZad i] DP ni. silver vo: [vo] adv. not, no; a shortened variant of vos, that may be used when the next word starts with a consonant. vod: [vod ] DP ni. dust > voj: [vodZ] DP na. person > vojjor: [voddZor] DP ni. deity, god vorsa: [voRsa] DP na. re vorsakh: [voRsax] DP ni. ame vorsaska: [voRsaska] DP ni. summer vorsqoyi: [voRsqOji] DP ni. funeral pyre vorto: [voRt o] DP ni. tooth vos: [vos] DP adv. not, no (negator)


> vosecchi: [vosettSi] DP adv. emphatic negative, of course not vosi: [vosi] DP ni. nothing vosm: [vosm] DP conj. elided version of vosma

vosma: [vosma] DP conj. but vov: [vov] DP na. weapon vrelat: [vRel at ] DP v. to leap vroz: [vRoz] DP adj. slow

Y yalli: [jal l i] DP na. child yamori: [jamoRi] DP na. youth yanqokh: [jan qOx] DP ni. collection yanqolat (1): [jan qOl at ] DP vtr. to collect, to gather yanqolat (2): [jan qOl at ] DP vtr. to abl. to gather (some of something) yath: [jaT] DP adj. high yathokh: [jaTox] DP ni. ramp yatholat: [jaTol at ] DP v. to rise yeni: [jen i] DP ni. failure yer: [jeR] DP pn. you yeri: [jeRi] DP pn. you (plural), your (singular) Z zafra: [zafRa] DP ni. slave > zajjat: [zaddZat ] DP vtr. to refuse to zalat: [zal at ] DP vtr. to hope for, to want zande: [zan d e] DP n. satchel, sack zanisshi: [zan iSSi] DP ni. shade zasqa: [zasqA] DP adj. white zerqolat: [zeRqOl at ] DP v. to swim zhalia: [Zal ia] DP ni. buttery zhani: [Zan i] DP ni. spear zhaqe: [ZaqE] DP n. bass sh zhav: [Zav] DP n. lizard zhavorsa: [ZavoRsa] DP ni. dragon zhavvorsa: [ZavvoRsa] DP ni. dragon (alternate pronunciation of zhavorsa) zheana: [Zean a] DP adj. beautiful (for animate nouns) zheanalat: [Zean al at ] vin. to be beautiful (used for animate nouns) zhey: [Zej] DP part. vocative marker zhif: [Zif] DP ni. salt zhikh: [Zifix] DP ni. dried salted meat zhifven: [Zifven ] DP adj. salty zhikhat: [Zixat ] DP v. to be sick zhilat: [Zil at ] DP vtr. to love someone zhille: [Zil l e] DP det. any zhilli: [Zil l i] DP adj. general zhillie: [Zil l ie] DP ni. advice zhinda: [Zin d a] DP num. six zhindak: [Zin d ak] DP na. sixth (ordinal, use genitive form if modifying a noun.) zhindaken: [Zin d aken ] DP num. six hundred zhinthi: [Zin Ti] DP num. sixteen zhokakkwa: [Zokakkwa] DP adj. enormous zhokwa: [Zokwa] DP adj. big zhokwalat: [Zokwal at ] DP vin. to be large zhor (1): [Zor] DP na. heart zhor (2): [Zor] DP n. pit of a fruit, meat of a nut zhorre: [Zore] DP adj. own zhorrof: [Zorof] DP ni. g (fresh fruit of a g tree) zhowak: [Zowak] DP adj. dangerous > zichome: [zitSome] DP adj. disrespectful > zichelat: [zifitSel at ] DP v. to steal ziganelat: [zigan el at ] DP v. to burden ziganesolat: [zigan esol at ] DP vtr. to defy, to oppose zigere: [zigeRe] DP adj. required, requisite zigerelat: [zigeRel at ] DP vtr. to abl. to require, to need zimemelat: [zimemel at ] DP vtr. to distract zin: [zin ] DP v.aux. still (particle for continuation) yetto: [jet  to] DP ni. frog yo: [jofi] DP adj. mad, crazy yol: [jol ] DP adj. born yolat: [jol at ] DP vin. to be born yom: [jom] DP ni. crossing yomat: [jomat ] DP vtr. to cross yomme (1): [jomme] DP prep. to nom. across yomme (2): [jomme] DP prep. to abl. in spite of yor: [jor] DP num. million yorosor: [joRosor] DP num. an extremely large number yot: [jot ] DP ni. fruit yothnhare: [joTn haRe] DP ni. brain (human)


zinay: [zin aj] DP adj. remaining ziqwehelat: [ziqwEhel at ] DP v. to retch zir: [zir] DP n. bird zireyeselat: [ziRejesel at ] DP vtr. to offend, to bug, to jostle zirisselat: [ziRissel at ] DP vtr. to cut off, to remove ziroqoselat: [ziRoqOsel at ] DP v. to ache zirqoyi: [ziRqOji] DP ni. bird of prey, raptor zisat: [zisat ] DP v. to be harmed ziso: [ziso] DP ni. wound

zisosh: [zisoS] DP ni. scratch ziyenelat: [zijen el at ] DP v. to fail someone zoh: [zoh] DP adj. low zohhe: [zohhe] DP adv. down zolat: [zol at ] DP vin. to be exceptionally small zolle: [zol l e] DP adv. slightly, not much, just a bit zoqwa: [zoqwa] DP n. kiss zoqwat: [zoqwat ] DP v. to kiss zorat: [zoRat ] DP v. to roar


Dothraki Numbers

These are the Dothraki numbers. This is a work in progress! Expect more notes as I learn how to better format this section. Common numbers 100 1000 ken akatken senken torken mekken zhindaken fekhken oriken qazatken dalen akat dalen sen dalen tor dalen mek dalen zhinda dalen fekh dalen ori dalen qazat dalen

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

0 som at akat sen tor mek zhinda fekh ori qazat

teens thi (10) atthi akatthi senthi torthi mekthi zhinthi fekhthi oritthi qazatthi

10 thi chakat chisen chitor chimek chizhinda chifekh chori chiqazat



million yor

Numbers above 20 are composed of (at least) two words, using the connector ma. Ma can contract for the last digit of the number. For example, 21 is chakat ma at, or chakat mat and 2,431 is akat dalen ma torken ma chisen ma at, or akat dalen ma torken ma chisen mat. Ordinal number end with the sufx -ak, and are considered animate nouns. mekak, for instance, should be thought of as the fth one. However, if the ordinal is modifying a noun, use the genitive form of the number instead. For instance, hrazef mekaki, the fth horse. Much more information about numbers can be found at David Petersons blog entry on numbers.

Proper Nouns
> > Jeser Jim: [dZeser dZim] DP prop.n. Western Market > Jeser Tith: [dZeser  tiT] DP prop.n. Eastern Market Rhaesh Andahli: [RhaeS an d ahl i] M prop.n. Land of the Andals, Westeros > Rhaeshi Ajjalani: [RhaeSi addZal an i] DP prop.n. Night Lands Senthisir: [senTisir] DP prop.n. The Thirteen Vaes Dothrak: [vaes d oTRak] M prop.n. Lit. City of the Dothraki Vaes Seris: [vaes seRis] M,DP prop.n. Free Cities Vaes Tolorro: [vaes  tol oro] M prop.n. City of Bones > Vilajerosh Adori: [vil adZeRoS ad oRi] DP prop.n. Game of Thrones

These are Dothraki proper nouns. Dosh Khaleen: [d oS xal een ] M prop.n. Council of crones, group of widowed khaleesi Dothraki: [d oTRaki] M prop.n. men who ride, the Dothraki people Emrakh Hrazef: [emRax hRazef] DP prop.n. Horse Gate Haesh Rakhi: [haeS raxi] M prop.n. Lamb Men, Lhazareen Lit. spawn of lambs Halahisir: [hal ahisir] DP prop.n. The Arbor Havazh Dothraki: [havaZ d oTRaki] DP prop.n. Dothraki Sea Havazzhi Kazga: [havaZZifi kazga] DP prop.n. Black Salt Sea > Hoyali Jeshi ma Vorsasi: [hojal i dZeSi ma voRsasi] DP prop.n. A Song of Ice and Fire


The Changelog
3.065 Added chir almost, nearly, frakholat to feel. Edited adakhilat, qazer. 3.066 Added lirak tattoo artist, lirat to tattoo, lirikh an image or symbol depicted on a tattoo, lirisir tattoos, tif nut (woody seed), zhor (2) pit of a fruit, meat of a nut. Edited lir, zhor. 3.067 Added athostar, fury, chosh fresh. Edited shilat. 3.068 Added atholat to dry, hethkat tight; ready, prepared, hethke tight; ready, prepared, marriya tool. Edited memziri. Added some details about type A and B words. 3.069 Added havziven lazy, shokat to jump over, thikh task. Edited marriya 3.070 Added addrekat to cause to spill, to spill, athdrivarido nightmare, athdrivar sheki sunset, atthirarido dream, drekat to spill (non-volitional), drekolat to come to spill, to tip over and spill, hale hey!, rhojosor family (this has been missing from the dictionary for a very long time!), shekh drivo setting sun. Edited ganat. 3.071 Added temme thunder. 3.072 Added ithkoil brittle, rivve sniff, timvir book. 3.073 Added arrokhat to frighten, lla dried plum, gerikh lack, jadilat to approach, to come up to, kimisir ancestry, melat to be evil, shillat to trust, soqwi plum, soqwof plum tree, vitisherat to grow, zhille advice. Edited yalli. 3.074 Added fredri sound of horses hooves on dirt, fredrilat to run (with horses as subject), fredrik chatterbox, one who sounds like horses hooves. 3.080 Added some additional information about numbers, as well as a usage note on the ordinal numbers. Added addakhat to feed, athzhikhar sickness, efe shackle, ifeqevron species of forest spider, izven forbidden, leqse rat, mezhah whore, qamay wailing, qovvolat to shed, sisi lightning. Edited ato. 3.081 Added chafasar climate, chal bean (general use), challeya bean (when used as food), gillo breeze, gillosor weather. 3.082 Added joro idol, icon, lekh dothraki Dothraki (language. 3.083 Added shirane beard. Edited az.