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Minutes of 1st Meeting of English Department 2014 The first meeting of English Department 2014 was held in mini

Conference Room in the staff room on 09th January, 2014. 1. Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 11.30 a.m. 2. Attendance and Apologies Mr. Fung Kok Chau, Mdm Hie Yuk Moi; Ms Mak Wing Teng, Mdm Chong Shui Fong, Mdm Tan Yuon Bick, Mdm Tan Wei Bick, Mr. Liew Ming Hen; Mdm Daisy Tsen, Ms Danica and Mdm Naanthiney were present. 3. Confirmation of the Minutes of Last Meeting Nil 4. Principals Speech The school is trying to arrange with the British Council to have IELTS Centre at our school in order to make it convenient for Sandakan candidates. 5. Mdm Hiews Speech There will be remedial classes for Junior 1 to Junior 3 students once a week from 3.30 5pm. 6. Head of English Departments Speech 6.1. Mdm Tan Yuon Bick and Ms Mak Wing Teng had bought some new reference books from KL and Singapore. 6.2. These set of new books will be kept at Mdm Chong Shui Fongs office. 6.3. Teacher who is using these new set of book was reminded that not to lose the answer sheets as they were not attached to the books. 6.4. Teachers are requested to display students composition or any relevant articles on the bulletin board once a month. 6.5. Next Thursday, all teachers will have to attend a meeting to discuss what kind of composition is to be taught in Junior 1 to Senior 3. 6.6. Mdm Tan Yuon Bick and Ms Mak Wing Teng will be giving students in Senior 2 and Senior 3 10% bonus marks for students who have written opinions or suggestions based on 4 newspaper articles. 6.7. Teachers are reminded that photocopied PBS test from reference books are not allowed. 6.8. Teachers are advised to refer to SAT, IELTS, or MUET reference books to prepare students for UEC (Senior Section) exam. 6.9. Teachers who are teaching Junior 3 this year are reminded that students need to be tested on PBS. 6.10. Teacher who is teaching S1 W&G is reminded to inform the Senior 1 students that the Grammar Builder 4 will also be need for next year (senior 2) and that they should keep it. 7. Discussion 7.1. 2014 Lesson Plan 7.1.1. Mr. Liew Ming Hen S1 W&G 7.1.2. Mdm Tan Yuon Bick S2 W&G

7.1.3. 7.1.4. 7.1.5. 7.1.6. 7.1.7. 7.1.8.

Mdm Chong Shui Fong S3 W&G Mdm Naanthiney J2 W&G Ms Danica J1 W&G Ms Mak Wing Teng S3 R&V Mdm Tan Wei Bick S1 R&V Mdm Daisy Tsen J2 R&V

8. Any Other Business 8.1. Mr Liew Ming Hen pointed out that this year Senior 1 students are having problem understanding the lesson especially explaining the grammatical terms. 8.1.1. Specific terms or difficult phrases can be explained in other languages. 8.2. Mdm Chong Shui Fong attended the marking of UEC (Senior Section) during the previous holiday. 8.2.1. Most students could attempt the paper 1 & 2. 8.2.2. Paper 2 consisted of Summary (15%) and Composition (35%). 8.2.3. The students were mostly given 12% - 13% in composition. The highest mark given to students in composition is 21%-22%. If 24% was to be given, the teacher needed to justify. 8.2.4. UEC (Senior Section) composition is tested on Argumentative Essay Cause and Effect Essay Compare and Contrast Essay Expository Essay Persuasive Essay 8.2.5. Students are advised to look for 10 points in Summary Writing. Contents 10% Language 5% Lifting 1-2% Change & replace 2-3% 9. Adjournment There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:25 noon.

Recorded by __________________ (Mak Wing Teng)