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The Prayer , The Zakaat, The Fasting and Hajj ,according to The Quran only

At 24:41..we will see that everybody in heavens and earth knows their salaat(contact prayer)instinctively...INCLUDING PEOPLE , INCLUDING YOU AND ME... God system in the Qur'an, when God give specific orders "is always unified"...which means that <<orders are given in one verse or in pounded verses>>..perhaps sometimes may be repeats, but the basic order is in unified verse or pounded verses... example , the ablution(in one verse, 5:6) , meat that allowed(one verse 5:3), fasting 2:183 ,2:184 ,2:185..hajj from 2:196 till 2:203..but in 2:158 it is not an obligation order, is voluntary, different testaments fot humans..each one , in one or pounded verses , like..2:240-241 , 4:11, 4:12, 5:106-107-108 ...etc so the times of praying , from the language that God use in the Quran is DIRECTLY AN UNIFIED IN ONE ORE POUNDED VERSES... verse 11:114 gives three times of prayer..and verse 17:78 is not clear in current Arabic...arabs don't use today the word lidulooki in their daily communication...maybe it means the moment when sun rub with other planet(moon , komet..ect)and then , after that ,become darkness(murk) ..but MAYBE REMAINS "MAYBE", and we must accept as divine order and follow that informations that we see wiith our eyes and mind(it is order to do that 17:36) it is not necessary to "steal arguments", because the arguments are in "directly form" in the Quran..God make Quran in a easy language for people 54:17 so the coclusion is that there are three prayers(if i am not wrong), the two ends of the day , and the near part of night ...some says that in arabic it means also the "near parts" of night(two prayers)..mabye..and maybe remains maybe.the first impression for an Arabic speaker is for three prayers in 11:114 .. then if you ask him: can this meaning express two prayers, he will say:you can see and in this mindest if you want.... but the Lord has spoken in most easily way in the Quran,..in the most easly understanding way for the people , in that understanding that is for us "most easy" to understand, for the verse 17:78 i think that we need to implement verse 7:3(... this Book (the Quran) containing the verses that have a clear meaning they are the core of the Book and other verses the meanings of which are indistinct; those in whose hearts is deviation pursue the verses having indistinct meanings,....) in our instick salaat we most involve bowing and prostration(is order 22:77), medium voice in the language that we have the best expression of our inside (feeling-language"..ect ect... Zakaat = whatever is surplus (2:219). And we do so whenever we earn any income (6:141). and God knows whatever we give(2:3, and 2:215) The 2.5 percent annual mandatory charity is a non-Quranic

Sadaqaat = Charity or alms is meant only for the interim period whenever and wherever the Divinely Prescribed System of Life is not yet in place. [2:215] They ask you what they should spend; say, Whatever you spend for good, is for parents and near relatives and orphans and the needy and the traveller; and whatever good you do, indeed Allah knows it. if a beggar give zakat 2.5% of 5 dollars that he wins for a day..and than he go for social assistance, because he can not fills his belly...then ,what is the meaning of ZAKAT? no sense... The sacred months are not sacred, but months with some stops(the meaning in arabic of 9:5) and these months are not ordered for us , but for that time that the verses 9:1 till 9:5 were announced(it is easy to understand when you read 9:1 till 9:5..because the book(Quran) is for that time and for this time(6:19) , but some verses sometimes refer to an "specifically time",.. you can see this happens much times along the Quran...like the womens of prophet ect ect ...so anybody can apply hajj and umrah anytime ...hajj and umra is the the same thing(2:196)...hajj is when you need to migrate from one place that is far..umrah is to visit....it is same understanding way like zakat and sadaka above ect

I do not know arabic , i am albanian,... but be sure that ...THAT VERSES THAT ARE PROBLEM TO UNDERSTAND FOR US , ARE ALSO PROBLEM FOR ARABIC SPEAKERS, i have verified this by myself If it is God's will , He can make you a way for understanding verses and you can be sure for that meaning ...even if you don't know arabic however , i always have my ears open for better understanding Peace