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I Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to: a. use a single word adjective in describing their selves and their classmate b. explain why their views about themselves may be different from how others view them c. identify a descriptive adjective in a sentence II Subject Matter: Quarter 2 Lesson 1: How Others See Me Grammar: Use single words adjective correctly References: Learning package for Grade 7, pp. 1-2 Teaching Guide for Grade 7, pp. 1-3 English Grammar Plus The Grammar Book pp. 12-33 Materials: LP & TG for Grade 7, Cartolina Strips & Manila Paper Value focus: Knowing/Accepting Oneself III Procedure: A. Preparation a. Prayer b. Checking of attendance c. Review B. Motivation Who wants to go with me on a journey? Do you have money? Dont you worry for this kind of journey doesnt need money. So, lets begin our journey. C. Presentation Overview of the lesson (How Others See Me) The states the objectives of the topic/lesson Task 1 & Task 2 will be presented Task 1: How I View Myself? On a half sheet of paper, complete the visual organizer below by writing at 5 traits which you believe you have.

What I Think of Myself

Task 2: How Others View Me For this task, you will need a piece of paper and some tape. Write your name at the center of this paper. It is advisable to encircle your name. Once your teacher has finished giving you instructions, move around the classroom, look for your classmates and write only one word on each of their respective papers. That word must be an adjective which you think best describes that classmate. After 5 minutes, take the piece of paper from your back and look at how your classmates described you. D. Discussion What have you observed about the descriptions that your classmates wrote for you? And those you wrote for yourself? How similar are they? How different are they? Construct a sentence using the descriptive words found in your two outputs

E. Generalization What do you call the words that describe a noun or pronoun? Where are they usually located/place in a sentence? What is an adjective or single word objective?

Grammar Points An adjective is a Word which modifies a noun or pronoun Word which describes, identifies or qualifies a noun or pronoun


Word that describes or clarifies a noun or pronoun.

Shes a talented girl. The popular artist is here. Baltog was a strong and brave hero.

F. Application: (Group Activity) Directions: Underline the descriptive adjectives in the following sentences. 1. He went to the muddy place to wait for his enemy. 2. The ferocious beast destroyed the crops and killed the people on earth. 3. In the course of time, Ibalon became prosperous and peaceful. 4. Baltog, a mighty warrior of Batavara came by chance upon the lust and virginal beauty of Ibalon. 5. The Tandayag was a monstrous wild boar. 6. He became very sorrowful and cried out. 7. Alas, how pitiful and dreadful in this devastation. 8. Watching the intricate design was an endless joy. 9. Lam-ang was furious when he heard what had happened to his father. 10. My sister was the meanest creature I know. IV Evaluation: Directions: Pick out the descriptive words in the following sentences and write them on your sheet of paper. 1. She had a weak heart. 2. He gave a rude answer. 3. The baby has a soft skin. 4. The opposition stays calm despite political pressure during election. 5. The crime scene was too horrible to describe. V Assignment: Read the selection The Centipede by Ronie V. Diaz, learning package pp. 2-5. In your notebook write 5 sentences about the selection that you want to be answered during class discussion.