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Textile industry is one of the biggest industry of the country and contribute nearly twenty percent of the total industrial production. Now it is growing well that it is also known for its finer textile export. However advent of British Raj in ndia !ade a dead blow on our textile and clothing industry with the results that for the past few years" ndia has established distinct presence in the world clothing !arket. ndia gar!ents have now reached all the leading !arket in world like#T $hirts % Tracksuits !ade of cotton synthetic on blended yarn. However old age perception is undergoing as sea change not only in ndia !arket but also all over the world. &nitwear raw !aterials includes all sorts of outer gar!ents" shirts etc.


About NAHAR Group of Companies

$pinning a web of pure enchant!ent see!s to be the ai! and objective of N)H)R $* NN N+" reckoned to be the blue#chip in the N)H)R fir!a!ent. $tarting out as a tiny worsted spinning % hosiery unit in ,udhiana" it was incorporated as *rivate ,i!ited co!pany in -ece!ber './0 % beca!e a *ublic ,i!ited co!pany in './1. The steady growth in !anufacture % export of woolen2cotton hosiery" knitwears % woolen textiles enabled the co!pany to earn the recognition as an 34xport House5 followed by a 3Recogni6ed Trading House5 by the +overn!ent of ndia in a short span of / years. ts turbo#charged perfor!ance brought the! a host of fresh laurels7 they include the 3National 4xport Trophy5 by the )pparel 4xport *ro!otion 8ouncil. The latest is the prestigious $tatus of 3+olden Trading House5 in recognition of its continuously outstanding perfor!ance accorded by the +overn!ent of ndia. n '..(" as a !easure of backward integration" the co!pany diversified into the $pinning ndustry. Today it has an installed spindlage of

119000 spindles. $i!ultaneously the co!pany also established an ultra !odern facility to !anufacture '(.9 :illion pieces of Hosiery +ar!ents. Today Nahar $pinnings T#shirts are being exported to reputed international brands such as +)*" )rrow" ;ld Navy" *ierre 8ardin" *hilips <an Heusen" 6od" =uicksilver" *rice 8ostco7 )s a !easure of further value addition Nahar $pinning has put up a plant for the !anufacture of fine count !erceri6ed yarn % fabrics catering to both" the do!estic hosiery gar!ent !arket as well as export !arkets.

To !ake use of the e!erging opportunities on the +lobal Textile $cenario and also to have a focused business approach" the co!pany went in for the $che!e of de!erger and arrange!ent to restructure its businesses. The $che!e has already been approved by the Honble *unjab % Haryana High 8ourt vide its ;rder dt. ('st -ece!ber" (00>. )s per the sche!e" co!panys nvest!ent )ctivities stand de!erged and transferred to Nahar 8apital and ?inancial $ervices ,i!ited. This has drawn a visible line between two seg!ent i.e." ;ne ndustrial @TextileA business and $econdly nvest!ent and ?inancial )ctivities. ?urther as per the sche!e 3Textiles Business5 of Nahar 4xports ,i!ited stand de!erged and transferred to the co!pany @post de!erger of invest!ent businessA in accordance with the ter!s of the sche!e. Thus upon i!ple!entation of the $che!e the spindlage capacity of the co!pany stand increased to 1.19 ,acs spindles.

Chairman`s Perspective

)s we step in to the threshold of the new !illenniu!" its ti!e to look back" to !ove forward. Take stock of the past" scrutini6e our present before charting our agenda for the future. +lobali6ation and liberali6ation have opened up a brave new world for us" offering new challenges along with new opportunities. )t Nahar" keeping pace with the changing environ!ent is our forte since the world is our !arket and the spirit of excellence" our enduring credo. *ropelled by new technologies and inspired by our exalted goal to explore new frontiers" our !arch towards bla6ing new trails to span new hori6ons takes on a new di!ension setting the tone for a new !illenniu!. Ja ahar !a" Os a" Chairman #"os a"$o mnahar%com

&ana'ement (tren'th

<ision is the key. Cithout vision there can be no !ission" no agenda to road !ap the future. <ision provides the vital differential between the ordinary % extra ordinary" defining the cutting edge that powers organi6ations way above % beyond co!petition. No progressive group can ignore this vital input. )ama" Os a" *ama"$o mnahar%com


G"oba" Thin*in'










rewarding opportunities only if you are sharply attuned to the ground realities pertaining to business and industry. )t the end of the day" words re!ain words. 4xplanations re!ain explanations. *ro!ises re!ain pro!ises. ;nly perfor!ance speaks. Dinesh Os a" +inesh$o mnahar%com

)t Nahar" each co!pany continues to practice good 8orporate +overnance. The +roup fir!ly believes that good 8orporate +overnance is the key to success in business. The +roups corporate philosophy envisages creation and !axi!i6ation of $hareholders2$take holderEs wealth while observing the highest levels of transparency and accountability.

Co+e of Con+uct for -oar+ &embers an+ (enior &ana'ement )t Nahar" each co!pany is co!!itted to conduct its business in accordance with the applicable laws" rules and regulations and the highest standards of transparency. The herein !entioned code of conduct" applies to all the -irectors and $enior :anagers of the 8o!pany and sets forth specific guidelines for the perfor!ance of their professional duties2responsibilities.

Comp"iance ith !a s. Ru"es an+ Re'u"ations )ll -irectors and $enior :anage!ent *ersonnel shall act in the interest of the co!pany and shall co!ply with all the applicable laws" rules and regulations of the relevant regulatory and other authorities as !ay be applicable to such -irectors and $enior :anage!ent *ersonnel in their individual capacities. Conf"ict of Interest No -irector or $enior :anage!ent *ersonnel shall engage in any business or activity or enter into any relationship which !ight result in conflict of interest with that of the co!pany unless he2she !akes full disclosure of all the facts and circu!stances to the )udit 8o!!ittee and obtains written approval of 8hair!an or :anaging -irector of the co!pany. (ecurit/ Transactions0Confi+entia" Information )ll -irectors and $enior :anage!ent *ersonnel shall safeguard the confidentiality of all the infor!ation that they beco!e privy to in connection with the co!panys business and shall not derive any benefit or assist others to derive any benefit fro! such confidential infor!ation which is not in the public do!ain and thus" continues to be 3insiderF infor!ation. Protectin' compan/1s assets )ll -irectors and $enior :anage!ent2*ersonnel shall protect the co!panys assets and ensure their efficient use for the conduct of 8o!panys business.

Disc"osures )ll -irectors and $enior :anage!ent *ersonnel shall disclose all the financial2co!!ercial transactions in which they !ight be or dee!ed to be involved or interested either hi!self2herself or through their relatives as defined in the )ct.


Nahar +roup of industries was established in './/. Before '.// these industries were a part ;swal +roup.;swal was established in '.B0 by threre brothers na!ed as $h ,aksh!an -ass",a a $agar and ,ala Ratan 8hand.;swal Collen :ill was their first enterprise.


Then in '.// $h. Gawaharlal ;swal established N)H)R +R;H* ;? N-H$TR 4$.


-OARD O3 DIR2CTOR( $h. Gawahar ,al ;swal @8hair!an $h. -inesh ;swal @:anaging -irectorA $h. &a!al ;swal $h. -inesh +onga $h. <ijay +upta

&AR)2TING D2PART&2NT $ohinder $ingh

&AR)2TING &ANAG2R Rajnesh $abharwal

&)T% O33IC2R &)T% O33IC2R &)T% O33IC2R &)T% O33IC2R $andeep &alra -inesh Rakesh $har!a $upriyo @-yed IarnA @+rey IarnA @:erceri6ing IarnA @,alru IarnA




N 4, is a vertically#integrated textile !anufacture" with operations ranging fro! spinning" weaving and processing through to finished ready#!ade woven gar!ents.

'9."B0/ spindles and >1(0 rotors to produce different counts of yarn. Ceaving capacity with B(> loo!s. :odern processing plant with capacity of '"'9"000 !trs. 2day. :odern dyeing house with a capacity > tonnes yarn2 day. +ar!ent facilities for !anufacture (0"00"000 *cs. per annu!. '90 Retail outlets for selling ready!ade gar!ent under5 8otton 8ounty5 Brand.

(900 T8-s $ugar :ill.



N)H)R N-H$TR ), 4NT4R*R $4$ , : T4-

;$C), C;;,4N : ,,$ , : T4- @;C:A

N)H)R $* NN N+ : ,,$ , : T4-

N)H)R N<4$T:4NT$ )N- H;,- N+ , : T4N)H)R 4J*;RT$ ,T-. N)H)R $H+)R % ),, 4- N-. ,T-. N)H)R 3I-2R !I&IT2D N)H)R N-. N?R)$TRH8THR4" 8;R*. , : T4N)H)R ? BR4$ ;$C), 8;TT;N : ,,$ ,T-.



O(5A! 5OO!!2N &I!!( 6O%5%&%7 ;swal Coolen :ills @;.C.:A The ;.C.: was established in '.B.

for spinning of worsted yarn" la!b wool ya!" knitted yarn" blankets" lohis shawls" greige dyed and finished fabrics" woollen and knitted. ;C: enjoyed the honour of beco!ing the first ndian exporter of woollen gar!ents to Russia. n '.D( the co!pany set up its own wool co!bing unit. The well#known brands :;NT48)R,; and 8)T4RBHRI are product of ;.C.: .The co!pany is powered by an infrastructure base of > factories !anned by 1000 dedicated workers" value#addition and range for the custo!er. The ;.C.: is larger exporter of cotton and wollen +ar!ents and blended yarn and fabrics in. 8% NAHAR (PINING &I!!( !TD% t started out as a tiny worsted spinning and hosiery unit in ,udhiana" it was incoraported as a private li!ited co!pany in -ece!ber './0 and beco!e a public li!ited co!pany in './1 n '..' the co!pany diversified into the spinning industry $i!ultaneously the co!pany also established an ultra !odern facility to !anufacturer .0 lacs pieces of hosiery +ar!ents ?urther" Nahar $pinning put up a plant for the !anufacture of !ercerised yarn and fabrics catering to both" the do!estic hosiery gar!ent !arket as well as export !arkets The ;$#.00( co!pany" Nahar $pinning has9 plants" a range of products "over >0K of which is ai!ed at export !arkets. The co!pany is !anufacturing cotton"

acrylic and blended yarn" knitted fabrics and gar!ents with '00K 4J*;RT ;R 4NT4- HN T @4.;.HA.The total nu!bers of spindles are .9000. Cith turnover of Rs. 11D( !illion and net profit of Rs. (>/ !illion" Nahar $pinning surges ahead !oving fro! strength to strength. 9% NAHAR 2:PORT( !TD% Nahar 4xport was established in '.// as !anufacturers and exporters of cotton hosiery gar!ents and knitwear Cithin the span of six years its production increased !anifolds Their ai! for volu!es were !atched with their relentless co!!it!ent to Luality aptly reflected in their being honoured with the perfor!ance '..D t was a!alga!ated with +roup 8o!pany nahar ?ibres to reap the benefits of a profitable !erger. )n $; .00( co!pany" Nahar 4xports established in '.// has 9 plants with a spindlage capacity of 'B9000 spindles !anufacturing a wide range of pre!iu! speciality % value added yarns" !anned by a dedicated workforce of over 9000 e!ployee and exporting to foreign countries. ; NAHAR 3I-2R !TD Nahar ?iber ,td Cas established in ;ct './. Now the co!pany has ;$#.00( certificate The co!pany is !anufacturing '00K acrylic" !elange and '00K cotton yarn with '00K 4 0 H.



NAHAR INT2RNATIONA! !TD Nahar nternational ,td Cas established in june'.D0 and ca!e

under the !anage!ent of ;C: +roup in './0. +iven its present na!e in '..B" Nahar nternational ,i!ited has three !anufacturing units. '. *unjab 8on#8ast $teelsM ,ocated at ,udhiana. :anufactures various grades of )lloy $teel" $pring $teel in $" - N" 4N $eries. (. )rha! $pinning :illsM ,ocated at Bhiwadi" Rajasthan.

:anufacturers cotton and blended yarn with installed capacity of >>(>B spindles. 1. )rha! $pinning :ills '00K 4.;.H. ,ocated at -istt. *atiala" *unjab. :anufacturers 8otton2Blened yarn with a capacity of (9(00 spindles. The co!pany has $;#.00( certificate. Total nu!bers of spindles are (9(00. =% NAHAR INDU(TRIA! 2NT2RPRI(2( 4stablished in './1 under the na!e of ;$C), ?)T$ % ; ,$ ,T-." it under went a total change over to beco!e Nahar ndustrial 4nterprises a decade letter in '..B the co!pany has divisions" na!ely. '. ;il and $oap -ivisionM it includes two units" na!ely" fatty acid unit and the soap unit. (. Textile -ivisionM t has two units and a weaving Hnit. ;ne of the $pinning Hnits is '00K 4;H unit.


The co!pany is !anufacturing edible oils" glycerin" oxygen gas" solvent extracted rice and toiled soap" fatty acids and vanaspati. The co!pany has turnover of Rs. (D9 crores. The work places are at ,udhiana" ,alru near 8handigarh" village Galaldiwali near Rajkot. >% NAHAR (UGAR ? A!!I2D INDU(TRI2( !TD@ The co!pany was established in ?eb '..1 and !anufacturing white crystal sugar !olasses and bagasse. The co!pany has turnover of Rs .90 crores. The installed capacity of the !ill is (900 T8-s. The co!pany has a !odern $ugar :ill powered with the lastest state Nof Nthe art eLuip!ent at district ?atehgarh $ahib" *unjab for producing all types and grades of sugar and allied products.M A% NAHAR 3I-R2( !TD% The co!pany was established in july './(. Now co!pany is !anufacturing cotton2polyester fabrics" satin for bedspreads" twifls" and fine poplin for shirting The co!pany has a turnover of Rs.>0 crores. B% NAHAR INDU(TRIA! IN3RA(TRUCTUR2 !TD%@ The co!pany was established in )ug.'./(.lt has joint venture with *unjab +ovt. pro!oting an industrial *ark at ,alru. 4C% O(5A! COTTON &I!!( !TD% The co!pany was established in.'....Now the co!pany is used !ainly for process and finishing house for cotton % cotton brend fabrics for use in shirting and botto! wear.


T2:TI!2(@ ,ARN@ Iarn division !anufactures both co!bed and carded yarn besides polyster cotton and *<) yarn. Iarn division has developed a significant presence in the export !arket with its Luality products. They are produced in the count range of N4 '0 to B0 for application in knitting and weaving." which includeM COTTON ,ARN(@ '00K cotton yarn N both carded and co!bed Blended yarn N acrylic2cotton"polyster2cotton % cotton2viscose :Olange yarn

N polyster2cotton"cotton2v i scose % cotton2acrylic '00K acrylic yarns N both fro! wet and dry spun acrylic fibres P ndustrial yarn N tyre cord and carpet#T?; !ultifold ply P Corsted yarns N worsted woolen" woolen and acrylic brands. D,2D ,ARN(@ 8o!pany is also !anufacturing dyed yarn N fiber dyed and -yed yarn cotton" acrylic cotton and polyster cotton. 3ANC, ,ARN(@ They are !ostly in pre!iu! products. t is costlier than basic yarn. is

usethin three different yarns. ;ne is for is for base" one is for effect and the other for binding. &2RC2RID2D ,ARN(@ The co!pany also !anufactures !erceri6ed yarns. 3A-RIC@ '. (. 1. +rey dyedM '00K cotton and polyster cotton knitted N rib" fleece" *& sheeting weaving N plain woven twills" drill satin poplin and !ats.

GAR&2NT(M aA CoolenM they are !anufacturing renowned Q!onte carlo and

Q8)NT4BHRI range of woolen knit wears i.e. pullovers" lady cardigans and all types of woolen gar!ents. bA 8ottonM shirts" t#shirts" paja!as" jogging suits" sweat shirts for internationally known brands. (T22!@ )lloys @roundA and stainless steel @round" sLuare and flatA E2G2TA-!2 OI! 4dible oil" soaps" fatty acids" gycerine" oxygen gas" solvents extracted" rice bran oil and vanaspati. (UGAR $ugar !olasses and bag gas.


n the !anufacturing process firstly Iarn is !ade in the spinning unit. n first stage" yarn is !ade fro! pure cotton or with !ixing of fibres @8ottonlviscose" 8otton2*olyester" etc.A )fter spinning this yarn is winded on the cones. This yarn is in the natural colour i.e in the grey colour. ?or different coloured yarn these cones are dyed in the prescribed colour. n dyeing unit" the !ain process involved in the cone dyeing areM # '. (. 1. B 9. >. D. 'A +rey winding ,oading :achine process Hydro R2? dryer or Rapid dryer -yed winding *acking +ray Cinding n this section +rey yarn is wound on spring cheese cones fro! paper cones. ) soft package is prepared for dyeing purposes. Two types of !achines are currently being used# Raviraj # (A Texraj.

,oading Two press !achines are used for loading purposes. ;ne is used for stafi


!achines % other is used for dalal !achines. 1A :achine process The !achine process of dyeing process co!prises of # # # # # # # # # # ,oading $courning add colour )dd $alt )dd hel $oaping )dd )cetic )cid ?ixer $oftRer ;ut n cone winding section only cotton is dyed % !ainly reactive dyes are used. nreactive dyes !olecules of the dye react with inter!olecular of fibre in )ikaline condition. BA Hydro 4xtractor Hydro extractor is used to re!ove B0K of water of dyed !aterial. The cones are dryed in the hydro for about (9 !inutes % about '19 cones can be dryed in the hydro at a ti!e 9A -ryer n thise section two types of dryer are used # Rapid dryer

Radio freLuency -ryer n rapid dryer the yarn is diyed by stea!. n this type of dryer the

ti!e consu!ed is > hours for one lot. Chile" in radio freLuency dryer the yarn is dried by the process of vibration. <ibration produces energy. >A -yed Cinding -yed yarn is again transferred fro! spring cheese cones to paper cones for dispatch. DA *acking# n this section !aterial is packed for the !arket. Two types of packing are used for local % export !arket. 8artons are used for packing # # -o!estic distribution carton weights B/kg gross 4xport !arket carton weights >(kg gross



Nahar today is fa!ous for its Luality. This is due to better technology used by the co!pany. Nahar has latest !achines acLuired fro! worlds leading textile !achinery !anufacturers. Nahar also acts as a pioneer in launching new products" adding to its i!age. The Pro+uct@ Before going into the depth of the project first of all it is necessity to know is a yarn. ) yarn is the outco!e of spinning of fibres % is used in knitting a cloth. ) yarn is of different types like cotton" acrylic" !erceri6ed" hand knitting % blends. ) cotton yarn is of two typesM # # +rey Iarn -yedIarn +rey yarn is in its natural colour. t is directly !ade fro! the fibre without !aking any change in it. ;n the other hand dyed yarn is grey yarn dyed in different colours. $o cotton dyed yarn as the na!e suggest be the cotton grey yarn dyed in different colours. Now this cotton dyed yarn is again divided into different types on the basis of their !anufacturing process. They areM# '. Hank -yed Iarn# t is dyed in the for! of hank. t is !ore or less like cone dyeing but the difference is that the cone is dyed in the for! of hank.



?iber -yed Iarn#?irst fiber is dyed in reLuired colour and then the yarn is !ade. n this case dyeing is said to be of higher Luality so it is expensive. t is preferred in larger lot si6es.


8one -yed Iarn#Iarn is wrapped around the cone % then the dyeing process is perfor!ed on it. t is not considered to be of vary higher Luality but it is preferred in s!all lot si6es.

&erceriFe+ ,arn@ t is the largest % finest Luality of yarn. n this process the yarn is processed through so!e !achines % che!icles. )fter this processing all shrinkage is re!oved % so!e brightness is there in cotton like polyster .$o this yarn is !ost cost'y yarn. The dyed yarn is produced in different shades. These shades in technical language are known as Q-epths .)'' the colours are divided into different depths % the prices are fixed accordingly.



&i"estones in our histor/

Our Achievements nstalled 8apacity of .1B0/ spindles S $;#.00( certified S +olden Trading House Ne 2Gpansions :erceri6ing plant # (0B0 :T S +ar!ents # .0 lakh pieces licensed capacity 4BAC ncorporated as a *rivate ,i!ited 8o!pany 4BA; Recogni6ed as an 4xport House by +ovt. of ndia 4BA< Raises funds through !aiden *ublic ssue to finance !odernisation % expansion 4BAA Recogni6ed as a Trading House by +ovt. of ndia 4BB4HB8


Turnover crosses the Rs.'00 crore !ark 4BB8 -ecides to set up a $pinning Hnit with 90B00 spindles. Raises capital through a Rights ssue. 4BB; -ecides to raise the spindlage by another (9000 spindles 4BB<HB= Turnover crosses the Rs. (00 crore !ark 4BB= Receives $;#.00( certification 4BB=HB> Turnover crosses the Rs. 100 crore !ark 4BBB )ccorded +olden Trading House $tatus by +overn!ent of ndia 4BBBH8CCC :erceri6ing#cu!#dyeing plant and a '00K 4;H $pinning Hnit with (/((B spindles under i!ple!entation 8CC9H8CC; The 8otton Textile 4xport *ro!otion 8ouncil awarded T4J*R;8 , $ ,<4R TR;*HI to the co!pany for its outstanding 4xport perfor!ance in yarns.



aA To !aintain sensitivity towards changing custo!ers reLuire!ent and !atching those accordingly by providing appropriate feedback to the group co!panies. bA cA dA eA To have close interaction with group co!panies in !eeting their dyed cotton yarn depart!ents. To i!ple!ent and !aintain a Luality !anage!ent syste! as pre the reLuire!ent of $2 $;#.00'M (000. To know the satisfaction level of the custo!ers about the dyed cotton yarn. To know the position of the Nahar as co!pared to its co!petitor.


!I(T O3 CU(TO&2R(






2Gport &ar*et of Nahar Group

(. 1. B. 9. >. D. /. .. '0. ''. '(. '1. 'B. '9. '>. 'D. '/. '.. (0.

)rgentina Bra6il 8hina 8olu!bia 8hile 86ech Republic srael ,ebanon ,ithuania *oland *ortugal *eru and Turkey Hnited $tates of )!erica Hnited &ingdo! +er!any )ustralia $ingapore -ubai 8anada Bangladesh.



The first week was utili6ed to get the overview of the co!pany. )nd the next ti!e was spend on understanding the trend @past and futureA of dyed yarn in the !arket. Then the research design was prepared. -uring !y project" the !ethodology adopted by !e includesM ?irstly understanding of the co!pany and the products it !anufactures 8ontinuously interacting with the personnel in the division to !ore insight about the co!pany $tudy of past projects t understand the ele!ents involved

+etting involved with a few ongoing projects to get first hand practical experience 8onducting !arket survey and seeking responses fro! different exporters through personal interviews


Definin' Research Ob#ectives@ ?irst % fore!ost step is to define the research objectives of the study t is done to give a particular seLuence to actions of researcher to attain a particular goal. Definin' information nee+s@ The infor!ation was gathered fro! the following sources# '. (. 1. B. :anufacturing plant of cotton dyed yarn -iscussion with e!ployees of Nahar related to the product. nfor!ation given by project guide fro! ti!e to ti!e. visiting various export houses who are clients to nahar. nfor!ation helped a lot during research for preparing the Luestionnaire for the pilot survey. :ore infor!ation was expected by the survey. Con+uctin' Pre"iminar/ Research@ *reli!inary Research vas reLuired to understand the various aspects to be covered in study % to ensure that no i!portant point was left in Luestionnaire. n this research pilot survey was conducted % various dealers were contacted then on the basis of their responses % conversation with the! a new % final Luestionnaire is fra!ed. This new Luestionnaire covered all aspects of research.


Conc"usive Research@ The final step was of conducting the conclusive research by visiting the !arket. n this step the universe % sa!ple si6e ws chosen. The cotton dyed yarn is not a consu!er product % is supplied to the knitters. These knitters are basically the export houses. The parties were first contacted on telephone % appoint!ents were taken. (amp"in' p"an of the pro#ect as as un+er@ $a!pling HnitM -ealers of Nahar at ,udhiana region $a!pling $i6eM (9 8usto!ers $a!ple -esignM $elected in accordance with the list provided by the co!pany. $a!ple :ediaM *ersonal nterview % =uestionnaire :ethod Type of $a!plingM 8onvenience $a!pling




(tren'ths '. (. 1. B. 9. +ood brand Luality :oderni6ed !achinery Huge production base 4ngaged in export business. 4ngaged in all processes fro! yarn to final external dependence on raw !aterial is 6ero. >. D. Hnderstanding of international as well as do!estic trends of the !arket. ;wn research and -evelop!ent -epart!ent.

5ea*nesses '. (. 1. B. ,ess pro!otional activities. *oor after sales service. 8o!paratively high price. -ifferent !anage!ent and different fa!ily !e!bers look upon the group. ,ack of professionalis!#is there it has no co#operative entity and the sa!e condition is prevailing in at the units. 9. nefficient co!plaint handling.

Opportunities '. )s Luality is good and prices are co!paratively high" Nahar can always easily liLuidate stock pressure by slight reduction in prices.


There is a good brand eLuity and production base. $o Nahar can go for direct dealing with custo!ers and it can increase its clientele.


Nahar can extend its product line and product range because of its huge production capacity and thus can enjoy the benefit of econo!ies of scale.

Threats '. $!aler players in the !arket are using Nahars prices as a shield o push their products at lower prices and by producing substitute of Nahars products. (. 1. 8o!panies fro! south are entering into ,udhiana !arket. Nu!ber of players in !arket and their perspective !arket share.




'. The ti!e span of > weeks is not sufficient to bring out the detailed investigation. (. The sa!ple si6e of the survey was not big as co!pany asks to take a sa!ple of (9" which is not !uch to bring out the whole scene o the !arket. 1. The dealers asked by the co!pany to cover in the survey were not responding properly which keeps certain infor!ation in the dark. B. 9. ,ack of awareness of the clients in regard to their product. 4ven though the people who are engaged in the business fro! !any years .are not professional" and doesnt take any interest in responding to any Luestion.



'. (. The :arket share of Nahar at ,udhiana region is B0K. ;n the basis of !arket share Nahar is leading in co!parison to its other co!petitors i.e <ardhrnan % others. 1. The -elivery of the goods to the clients arc not being !ade on the ti!e which also shows dissatisfaction level of the clients against the co!pany. B Nahar has one dyeing unit at -handari &alan @,udhianaA. ;verall" Nahar has an edge over its co!petitors in Luality" aspects but it has !ade its presence in world !arket. 9. )ttitude toward custo!ers should be positive in case of any co!plaints they should be i!!ediately re!oved. > D. The credit policy of the co!pany is not flexible. Nahar charges a bit high prices for its products which results into losing its custo!ers to the local suppliers.





In hich business /ou are +ea"in'J B0K 90K '0K

Textile +ar!ents Coolen


Textile Garments Woollen 40%


Interpretation@ t i!plies that !ost of the !ajority of the custo!ers i.e. 90K are in gar!ent business" B0K are in textile business and '0K are in woolen business.



3rom ho man/ /ears /ou are in this businessJ >0K '9K '9K '0K

' T B years B T > years > T '0 years :ore than '0 years

1 4 years


4 6 years 6 10 years More than 10 years


60% 15%

Interpretation@ )ccording to this Luestion !ost of the custo!ers i.e. >0K are in this business fro! !ore than '0 years" '9K in >#'0 years and '9K in B#> years.


I%9% 5hich t/pe of /arn /ou are usin'J +rey yarn -yed yarn :erceri6ing yarn Blended yarn ?ancy yarn 19K 19K 9K (0K 9K

Grey yarn Dyed yarn

5% 20% 35%

Mercerizin yarn !lended yarn "ancy yarn



Interpretation@ 19K of the custo!ers are using -yed yarn and 19K are using +rey Iarn and (0K of the custo!ers are using Blended yarn" 9K are using ?ancy yarn and 9K are using :erceri6ing yarn.



3rom ho man/ /ears /ou are usin' D/e+ /arnJ 0K '0K 10K >0K

( T B years B T > years > T '0 years :ore than '0 years



2 4 years 4 6 years 6 10 years More than 10 years

30% 60%

Interpretation@ This i!plies that >0K of the custo!ers are using -yed yarn fro! !ore than '0 years" 10K are using fro! >#'0 years and '0K are using fro! B#> years.



3rom hich manufacturer /ou are purchasin' D/e+ /arnJ 99K 10K '0K 9K

Nahar <ardh!an :alwa )ny other @please specifyA

#ahar $ardhman Mal%a &ny other '(lease s(eci)y*

5% 10%

55% 30%

Interpretation@ The above ?igure shows that 99K of the custo!ers are purchasing -yed yarn fro! Nahar" 10K fro! <ardh!an" '0K fro! :alwa and 9K fro! other co!panies.



Ho much Kua"it/ /ou are purchasin' month"/J .0K '0K 0K 0K

'0#(0 tonnes (0#B0 tonnes B0 T >0 tonnes :ore than '00 tonnes

0% 10% 0% 10,20 tonnes 20,40 tonnes 40 60 tonnes More than 100 tonnes


Interpretation@ n this .0K of the custo!er are purchasing !ore than '0#(0 tonnes" '0K are purchasing (0#B0 tonnes !onthly.



5hich counts are most"/ use+ b/ /ou in the D/e+ /arnJ D0K 10K

$ingle -ouble

.in le Do/0le



Interpretation@ This i!plies that D0K of the custo!er are using single count of the -yed yarn and 10K are using double count of the -yed yarn.



5hat +o /ou thin* about the Kua"it/ of NaharJ (0K >0K (0K 0K

<ery good +ood )verage Bad

0% 20% 20%

$ery ood Good &1era e !ad


Interpretation@ This i!plies that >0K of the custo!er thinks the Luality of the Nahar is good" (0K thinks the Luality of the Nahar is average and (0K thinks the Luality of Nahar is very good.



5hat +o /ou thin* about the price offere+ b/ NaharJ >0K B0K 0K

High :ediu! ,ow

0% 2i h Medi/m 3o%



Interpretation@ The above figures shows that >0K of the custo!er thinks the price offered by Nahar is high" B0K think the price offered by Nahar is !ediu!.


I%4C 5hat +o /ou thin* about the supp"/ of 'oo+s b/ the NaharJ ?ast ;k $low <ery slow 0K >0K 10K '0K


"ast 45 .lo% $ery slo%

30% 60%

Interpretation@ This i!plies that >0K of the custo!er thinks that the supply of the goods by Nahar is ;&" 10K thinks the supply of the goods by Nahar is slow and '0K thinks very slow.


I%44 Are /ou satisfie+ ith the +ea"in' of NaharJ Ies No .9K 9K


6es #o


Interpretation@ This figure shows that .9K of the custo!er are satisfied in the dealing of Nahar and 9K are not satisfied.


I%48 Accor+in' to /ou hich is the main feature of NaharJ =uality *rice $upply 8usto!er co!plaint handling syste! .0K 9K 9K 0K

5% 5% 0%



9/stomer com(laint handlin system


Interpretation@ This i!plies that .0K custo!er thinks Luality is the !ain feature of Nahar and 9K custo!er thinks price is the !ain feature and 9K thinks supply is the !ain feature. I%49 Accor+in' to /ou hich is the main ea*ness of NaharJ


=uality +ood )verage Bad

.0K '0K 0K 0K

0% 10% 0%

7/ality Good &1era e !ad


Interpretation@ The above figure shows that .0K of the custo!er thinks supply is the !ain weakness of Nahar and '0K price is the !ain weakness of Nahar.


I%4; Accor+in' to /ou hat i"" be the future +eman+ of D/e+ /arnJ ncrease -ecrease Re!ain constant /0K 9K '9K

15% 5%

;ncrease Decrease <emain constant


Interpretation This i!plies that /0K of the custo!er thinks that the future de!and of -yed yarn will increase and 9K thinks it will decrease and 90K thinks it will re!ain constant.



Things that ca!e out fro! the survey are as followsM '. (. 1. B. 9. :ajority of the custo!er are satisfied with the dealing of Nahar. :ost of the custo!er are purchasing dyed cotton yarn fro! the Nahar >0K of the people thinks Luality of Nahar is good. >0K of the people thinks the price offered by Nahar is high. .0K of the people thinks supply is the !ain weakness of Nahar i.e. supply of the dyed cotton yarn is very slow by Nahar. >. n future the de!and of dyed cotton yarn will increase. ;verall respondents see! to be satisfied with the Luality of dyed cotton yarn.



R2CO&&2NDATION( AND (UGG2(TION( '. There is !onopolistic co!petition in the !arket. the nu!ber of suppliers is less than nu!ber of buyers. the key to capture the !arket is efficient supply of dyed yarn" the reason is that !ost o its suppliers are export houses. (. 4!ergency orders should be entertained first. t increases the faith with custo!ers. 1. The relation with custo!ers should be increased. The e!ployees should carry a positive attitude while dealing with its custo!ers. B. The credit policy of the co!pany should be !ade flexible. The co!pany should also take s!all orders fro! s!all suppliers. 9. The co!pany reLuires to put !uch stress to i!prove its various 8hannels of delivering goods its clients on ti!e. )s !ostly all the clients were providing the facts co!pany delivery of goods to the!. >. The co!pany should try to interact !ore its clients in order to sort of their proble!s and also to know about the co!panies % co!petitors perfor!anceU position in the !arket. D. The co!pany should arrange ti!e to ti!e short ter! training for its custo!ers in order to !ake the! aware of the new things % the new usage of the old products.




:arketing :anage!ent @The :illeniu! 4dition.A :arketing :anage!ent Research :ethodology www.google.co! www. ow!nahar.co! ;xford -ictionary

# # #

*hillip &otar 8.N. $ontakki 8.R. &othari



&AR)2T POT2NTIA! O3 GR2, COTTON ,ARN IN !UDHIANA &AR)2T IU2(TIONAIR2 NA&2 ADDR2(( CONTACT NU&-2R 3IR&( NA&2 =M'. @aA @bA @cA =M(. @aA @bA @cA @dA =M1. @aA @bA @cA @dA @eA =MB. @aA @bA @cA @dA =M9. @aA @bA @cA @dA @ @ @ @ LLLLLLLLL%% LLLLLLLLL%% LLLLLLLLL%% LLLLLLLLL%%

n which business you are dealing V Textile +ar!ents Coolen @ @ @ A A A

?ro! how !any years you are in this business V ' # B years B # > years > # '0 years :ore than '0 years @ @ @ @ A A A A

Chich type of yarn you are using V +rey yarn -yed yarn :erceri6ing yarn Blended yarn ?ancy yarn @ @ @ @ @ A A A A A

?ro! how !any years you are using grey yarn V ( # B years B # > years > # '0 years :ore than '0 years @ @ @ @ A A A A

?ro! which !anufacturer you are purchasing +rey yarn V Nahar <ardh!an :alwa )ny other @pl6 specifyA @ A @ A @ A 77777777..


=M>. @aA @bA @cA @dA =MD. @aA @bA =M/. @aA @bA @cA @dA =M.. @aA @bA @cA

How !uch Luantity you are purchasing !onthly V '0 # (0 (0 # B0 B0 # '00 !ore than '00 tonnes tonnes tonnes tonnes @ @ @ @ A A A A

Chich counts are !ostly used by you in the +rey yarn V single double @ @ A A

Chat do you think about the Luality of Nahar V very good good average bad @ @ @ @ A A A A

Chat do you think about the price offered by Nahar V high !ediu! low @ @ @ A A A

=M'0. Chat do you think about the supply of goods by the Nahar V @aA @bA @cA @dA fast ok slow very slow @ @ @ @ A A A A

=M''. )re you satisfied with the dealing of Nahar V @aA @bA yes no @ @ A A

=M'(. )ccording to you which is the !ain feature of Nahar V @aA @bA @cA @dA Luality price supply custo!er co!plaint handling syste! @ @ @ @ A A A A


=M'1. )ccording to you which is the !ain weakness of Nahar V @aA @bA @cA @dA Luality price supply custo!er co!plaint handling syste! @ @ @ @ A A A A

=M'B. How will you assign rank to Nahar against its co!petitors V @out of ' # BA 777777777777777777777777777. 777777777777777777777777777. =M'9. )ccording to you what will be the future de!and of +rey yarnV @aA @bA @cA increase decrease re!ain constant @ @ @ A A A

=M'>. Iour views and suggestions for Nahar spinning !ills ltd V 777777777777777777777777777 777777777777777777777777777 777777777777777777777777777




A PROJ2CT R2PORT (ubmitte+ b/@ -HUEN2(H )APANIA >C;A884<<= In partia" fu"fi""ment of reKuirement for the +e'ree of &A(T2R O3 -U(IN2(( AD&INI(TRATION 6(U&&2R TRAINING7




hereby declare that the work" which is being presented in the project report M&AR)2T POT2NTIA! O3 D,2D IN !UDHIANA &AR)2TN for the partial fulfill!ent of the reLuire!ent for the degree of :aster of Business )d!inistration sub!itted in +ujaranwala +uru Nanak nstitute of :anage!ent and Technology" ,udhiana of *unjab Technical Hniversity" Galandhar is record of !y own work and is carried out under the guidance of :r. Rajnesh $abarwal @:arketing :anagerA % :r. *arvinder $ingh.

Bhuvnesh &apania -atedM WWWWWWWWWWWWWW

This is to certify that the above state!ent !ade by the candidate is correct to the best of knowledge.

Rajnesh $abarwal :arketing :anager


:y project entitled 3:)R&4T *;T4NT ), ;? -I48;TT;N I)RN N ,H-H )N) :)R&4T5 has been an ordeal which de!anded a lot of untiring hardwork and unabated patience. :any scholars writes well wishers ca!e !y way and they helped !e out to co!e out successful in this enterprise. would like to acknowledge a sincere thanks to :r. *arvinder $ingh @++N :T" ,udhianaA for allowing !e to undergo !y surveying in the organi6ation. a! thankful to :r. $ohinder $ingh <ice#*resident of @:arketing % $ales -epart!entA" :r. Rajnesh $abarwal" :r. Rakesh $har!a" $andeep &alia for giving all necessary help in co!pleting !y project as an when reLuired. also thankful to the respondents for spending their valuable ti!e with !e and helping in co!pleting the survey.

Bhuvnesh &apania @:arketing" :B)A -ateM WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


-uring !y study for :B) with the assign!ent 2 project entitled 3:arket *otential of -yed 8otton Iarn in ,udhiana :arket at Nahar $pinning :ill" ,udhiana @$u!!er TrainingA5 !y endeavourer has been !ainly to stress what the dealer response on the product of the co!pany i.e. -yed 8otton Iarn and if any proble! can be that finded sorted out so that the co!pany as well as the dealer can be benefited. -uring the initial stage of study" !ethodology. have used the reLuired research

have used appropriate research design involving descriptive and

!ethods. have not spared any atte!pts in !aking data collection broad based % factual by doing experience survey. ?or this purpose have had used the techniLue of personal interview % used Luestionnaire which are being filled by various custo!ers of Nahar to collect the useful infor!ation. :y findings !ay be at variance with what the dealers thing about the co!pany and if these findings are given due consideration and i!ple!ented properly they !ay prove useful in getting the objective of study !ateriali6ed.


(% No% '. Topics ntroduction of Textile ntroduction of Nahar ?acilities +roup of co!panies *roduct range of group Ti!e *rocess 8otton -yed Iarn ;ur )chieve!ents ;bjective ,ist of 8usto!ers 4xport :arket Research :ethodology $C;T )nalysis ,i!itations of $tudy ?indings )nalysis and nterpretation 8onclusion of $tudy $uggestion and Reco!!endation Bibliography )nnexure Pa'e No% ' (#'B '9 '>#(0 ('#(1 (B#(> (D#(/ (.#1' 1(#11 1B#1D 1/ 1.#B( B1#B9 B>#BD B/#B. 90#>B >9#>> >D#>/ >.#D0 D'#D(

(. 1. B. 9. >. D. /. .. '0. ''. '(. '1. 'B.